What’s A Zip of Weed? Ounce, O, and other Slang

A zip is slang for an ounce of weed.

The origin of the word zip is up for debate. Some people claim the term zip comes from the idea that an ounce of weed fits well in a standard Ziploc bag. Others say it comes from abbreviating ounce to oz then using the letter z to make zip.

I think the Ziploc bag story is more fun and makes for a better stoner legend but the true origin may never be known.

There are lots of other slang terms for ounce. Many people simply call it an O. You’ll often hear people use random words that start with o like onion.

You’ll hear the term zip much more often on the streets than you will in a dispensary. The slang was developed because of weed being illegal. In places where weed is legal, there isn’t really a need to use slang or code words. In a dispensary, you’ll pretty much always hear it called an ounce.

How Many Grams Are in a Zip?

There are 28 grams in an ounce. I know – a lot of you are screaming at me right now because an ounce is 28.3495, but that’s not how it works in the world of cannabis. A zip will always be rounded to 28 grams.

Cannabis isn’t the only industry that made up its own weight for an ounce. Precious metals are sold in troy ounces, which weigh 31.1035 ounces.

Many other weed measurements are built off of the ounce. For instance, when you hear someone talk about a quarter of weed, they are referring to ¼ of an ounce, which is 7 grams. A half (14 grams) and an eighth (3.5 grams) work the same way.

Cost of a Zip

The price of an ounce of weed is going to vary greatly depending on where you are and the quality of the product.

An ounce of good weed could cost anywhere between $150-$250. Of course, there is cheaper and more expensive stuff but at some point, you’re probably just getting ripped off.

I know people who buy $300+ ounces of special reserve stuff and honestly I’ve never been overly impressed by an overly expensive batch of weed. To each their own though.

If you want more info on prices check out this article I wrote. More importantly, check out the comment section. There are hundreds of comments from people all over the world who share local prices.

The legality of a Zip

An ounce of weed brings up several interesting legal considerations.

For example, in many legal states, an ounce is the maximum amount allowed for an individual to possess. In some states where cannabis is illegal an ounce is an amount that changes the offense from a misdemeanor to a felony.

It’s highly encouraged that everyone researches the laws that govern your area and knows what the repercussions are for different amounts of weed.

How Long Will a Zip Last?

The amount of time a zip or ounce of weed lasts is going to vary greatly between individuals. If you only take a few hits every now and then it’s going to last you a really long time. If you’re smoking a few blunts a day then it’s not going to be around for too long.

Let’s break it down. A blunt is about a gram so you would get 28 blunts. A typical joint is around .5 so expect about 56 joints. Bowls vary greatly but let’s say a typical bowl holds around .25 grams. That’s 112 bowls.

It also depends on how much you’re smoking with friends versus smoking alone. Adding a bunch of heads on the weed will certainly take its toll on the stash.

Me personally? I get about two weeks out of an ounce.

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