What’s a Pinner Joint / Blunt?


pinner joint


pinner – noun pin·ner \ˈpi-nər\ – a cannabis joint or blunt that is unusually thin. (see photo above for example)

A pinner is typically rolled when someone has limited access to weed, or because they only need a small amount to get high and don’t want to bother with a half-burnt joint.

Where Did the Term Pinner Come From?

Slang is often difficult to trace back to its origins and often times people disagree. This is no exception. I’ve heard two main arguments for the origin of the word Pinner:

  1. because its thin like a sewing pin.
  2. it comes from being locked up in the pen (jail). So, maybe it should be spelled penner? Because it’s difficult to get weed in jail they roll extra small joints to make it last.

Which one is right? Where did the term come from? Honestly, I have no idea. I think the jail explanation makes for a better story so I go with that, but if you have any solid information let me know in the comment section below.

What Else Does Pinner Mean?

Most often the word is going to mean a small joint or blunt, but there are a few other meanings you may want to be aware of. I doubt you’ll actually hear anyone using these other definitions, but here a few less common definitions for the word pinner:

  • Oskar Blues has a beer called Pinner. It has a lower alcohol content hence the name Pinner. 
  • 17th & 18th-century cap worn by women.
  • A person that pins. I guess someone who uses Pinterest might fit the bill. This was a little bit odd for a definition.
  • Small apron attached with pins.

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  • alex says:

    Ngl that joint is about as good as trump being elected as president

  • Spice says:

    ha! ..this is usually the size of our joints in Barbados.. (unless you’re a country person who grows herb & could afford to roll king kongs).. kinda sad yea i know..

  • Stycki Ycki says:

    Definition of a pinner: waste of time.

    Kidding! But when we used to smoke in groups when I was younger, we always used the term pinner to refer to a joint or blunt that was just too damn small. Meaning, there wasn’t enough weed there for 4-5 people to pass it around and really get high. Usually the term was used in a derogatory manner toward whoever rolled it, as in “man, stop being stingy and roll a proper L instead of these pinners”.

    The opposite of a pinner we called a Goddie, short for Godfather. A Godfather is a big, fat blunt or joint that will get a group of smokers really, really high when shared. The epitome of the Goddie was created thus: take a cheap cigar that you would use to get a wrap for a blunt, like a Philly or a Garcia y Vega. Normally you would crack the cigar open laterally, empty out all the tobacco, tear off the rounded end, and then use it like a roll paper and roll up a quantity of weed inside. But, there is another way to do it if you want to have a helluva good time. Instead of cracking the cigar open to get the blunt out, use a longish, pointy object like a screwdriver to gently loosen the tobacco inside the tube from the cut end. Keep doing this until you have an empty cigar tube, that is still the original shape in came in. Now, take broken-up weed and start packing it into the empty tube. Put some weed in, pack it down with a pencil or other such object, put more weed in, pack it down more. The idea is to fill the tube up with tightly-packed weed. You end up with a “blunt” that can have as much as a half-ounce of weed inside. Share one of those Godfathers between a group of friends and prepare to have your wig deep-fried Colonel Sanders-style. If you are really in the mood to trash a large number of brain cells, smoke one of those by yourself. Warning: be prepared to be utterly useless for a really long time. When you smoke that much weed that quickly, it almost doesn’t matter anymore what your personal tolerance level is. You WILL be higher than a Sherpa on Mt. Everest for quite some time.

  • Onwardthruthefog says:

    I always thought the size of the joint equaled the size of the person rolling it. Also pinners are quick and easy so someone could roll up 4 or 5 so everyone could have their own instead of rolling one big fatty.

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