Weed Resin: Facts, Uses, Tips, and Myths


To smoke or not to smoke? That is the resin. Many don’t like to admit it, but almost every pot smoker has smoked weed resin before. You know the deal. Your dude is out of bud (or you’re out of money),  and you’re super bored, so you finally decide to break down and smoke some resin. It’s okay. We’ve all been there, but have you ever thought about what exactly resin is and what it does to you? Let’s break it down.

Does Resin Contain THC / Get You High?

Resin contains much less THC than actual buds. Much of the THC will combust when you light the herb. With that said, I know from personal experience that it will get you high. But, it’s going to take a lot more resin to get the same high as the real stuff. So yes, it is possible to feel high after smoking weed resin.

I do wonder how much of the high feeling is attributed to THC, as opposed to a lightheadedness from asphyxiation. That is, if you’re breathing in tar instead of oxygen for long enough it will make you feel ‘different’. That’s for sure.

I wouldn’t get too excited about resin just yet. Consider a few more points before you spark some up.

Is Smoking Resin Bad for You?

In short? Yes. Resin is bad for your health.

Smoking, in general, is bad for your respiratory system. I don’t know anyone who would argue that statement. Resin; however, can be far more harmful than your typical buds. Let’s talk about what it consists of. It’s mostly tar. Yep, tar. There is also ash and carbon mixed in there. Smoking tar is bad for you. No doubt about it. If anyone thinks smoking tar is harmless, please leave a comment below.

This doesn’t mean that occasionally smoking resin is going to cause some major problem. All I’m trying to say is smoking resin over time will most likely cause greater problems than smoking bud over the same amount of time.

How do You Scrape Pipe Resin?

You scrape pipe resin by any means necessary. Each pipe is slightly different so sometimes you have to get creative. Please note, this is going to get messy. Avoid contact with skin and clothes as much as possible. For real, resin is a royal pain to clean. Here are a few tools that will come in handy when scraping the resin from your bowl.

  • Bobby Pin or Paperclip – You’re going to need something that you can bend into shape. This will let you scrape around curves with the greatest of ease.
  • Lighter – try dry hitting the piece a few times. This will warm up the resin and make it easier to scrape.
  • Wax Paper Parchment Paper – This may be a bit overkill, but it is nice to have a disposable non-stick surface when you need somewhere to put your resin. (shout out to the commenter who helped me correct this.)
  • Smoker’s Multi-tool– You can pick up a little smoker’s multi-tool which is great for scraping out bowls. This isn’t necessary, but they’re pretty cool to have around. 

Only scrape glass or hard metal pipes. Plastic pipes break down over time. You will inevitably end up smoking bits of plastic. Smoking plastic is bad mmmmk.

You can also boil a pipe to get the resin out, but I’m not a huge fan of this method. It stinks up the house. It also saturates the resin so you have to wait for it to dry. This method will work though.

What is the Best Way to Smoke Resin?

Okay, you accept that resin is bad for you and doesn’t contain much THC, but you want to smoke some anyways. I’m not here to judge. Here are a few recommendations for lighting up some resin.

  • Joint – Not a great method. Resin burns much slower than bud. It is also compact, so air can’t flow properly through the joint. You could manage to get a bit of smoke, but all in all, it’s not going to go very well. All of this goes for blunts as well.
  • Vaporizer – I wouldn’t try this method either. Getting the taste of resin out of your vaporizer would be a nightmare. Resin burns at a higher temperature than THC so you have to crank up the heat. It may work a bit, but is it really worth ruining a vaporizer over?
  • Pipe – This is the method of choice! Bonus points if you use something with water filtration like a bubbler or bong. This will cut down on the harshness of the smoke. You can mold and roll your resin into a ball and smoke away. If your bowl has a lot of resin build up you can simply dry hit the bowl without ever having to scrape anything. Just act like there is weed in the bowl and smoke it as usual. You can also try lighting it from the carb to get to some hidden pockets of resin nastiness.
  • Tea – Some people have claimed to have made a resin tea that got them really high. They also talk about wanting to throw up for about ten minutes. For this reason, I have never tried to make resin tea, and would not recommend it to anyone. It’s just gross in my opinion.


I could never endorse resin. It’s unhealthy, tastes and smells gross, and contains very small amounts of THC. Personally, I would just wait until I could get my hands on the real deal, but like I’ve said all along – no judgments here.

What do you think about resin? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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  • Crop Killa says:

    Very true. I’ve been working on a method to refine resin better. So far I’ve found that after an alcohol extraction and tripple coffee filter, I let it set out over night and found a lot of the carbon and ash to settle at the bottom of the solution and then proceed to make wax. However since its composition has changed some left over tar remains at a minimal level. But this method is found to be far cleaner than scrap and smoke straight.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Very interesting. Thank’s for sharing.

      • Cray says:

        What it you put ur resin,including the liquid type stuff, on a rolling paper and smoked it from like a bowl? Gonna be harsh but it would work right?

        • Mary Jane says:

          It would probably work, but then your inhaling extra paper too. I works best if you let it dry out.

        • Anonymous says:


        • Beth says:

          As far as scraping goes and the mess that comes with it. I accidentally discovered that freezing is the BEST and EASIEST way to clean (at least for silicone) Leave your piece in the freezer for an hour or so, the resin will freeze solid and can be scraped with minimal effort and mess! I’ve ONLY tried this on SILICONE but quality glass pieces should be fine in the freezer.

      • FireD says:

        You really have to be desperate to be smoking resin. Been there done that

        • Brenda says:

          Lol yea you’d have to be desperate to smoke resin but I agree with the chick who wrote the article..or guy….I’d rather wait to get some real goodies then ruin my overall health like an idiot that I was before.

          • Victoria says:

            Look as interesting as this article is I ran by it because I was looking for other ways to make use of all this resin.. Yeah to be fair I don’t love smoking it, it means I’m out of bud and can’t do shit about it, but I mean who hasn’t been desperate? I’ve never had loads of money to spend on weed and to be honest there are drugs I have done that are a lot cheaper and way more bang and even though its not easy staying clean I know for a fact it would be better for me to have resin laying around, than have money and no pot around. Now I have a card but still I just feel you overlooked the fact that people are smoking to get high and I know I’ll get something else to get high on if I can because I have no pot. Its not about addicts nor about people with a lot of anxiety or stress but with out anything I’m physically shaky and upset. I can’t get help from a Dr because i know they don’t really help, I’ve tried. Other comments mentioned how people cured cancer with resin so I was Hoping however they do that would be helpful to me as well. This isn’t the first article I read but not one has said anything about the useful properties. I do use herds, for magical properties so I’m sure this has some I can’t tell what tho…. Idk if I should just sallow it in a capsule or drink in tea. I really do respect your opinion, I do see it says dairy, it would be nice to see something with charts and evidence of people ingesting resin vs people who don’t. I’m interested with what its made up of, do the plants emit syrup or any other resin types I should know about. I’m just saying I’d read that…

            • Lance says:

              I use it to quit. I quit for a year about every 5 years. The resin is gross, but it helps with the withdraws like insomnia, loss of appetite and other things. Also, the lower THC tapers you off easier I think than going cold turkey.

            • Elliot Faulk says:

              maam you’re stupid as hell the plants have kief and this is what causes that resin. Educate yourself.

              • A says:

                Keith sweat ? Or….

              • Eurich Hunt says:

                You sir are the stupid one. Plants do not “have kief” kief is the stuff at the bottom of your grinder. The trichomes on the plant can be considered resinous, because they are very sticky. Kief does not cause resin. Pipe resin is a black tar substance formed by combustion of organic materials is what causes resin. Educate yourself.

              • AJ says:

                It’s good article learn the vocabulary before you talk that

          • Hopefully “being out” will be a thing of the past soon. Resin is for the hardcore pothead. If they could instead get some bud, the positive health effects could be amazing.

          • Anonymous says:

            When times are tough… You gotta smoke the black stuff

        • Ash says:

          You lot are all mental saying resin is a bad smoke u obviously are getting the wrong resin, I get Zs of 10/10 pukka haze bud all the time but I also buy a 8th of resin to smoke along the bud mix both together nice smoke.

          • Madi says:

            I think you are getting kief and Rex confused… you buy an 8th of Rez? The black tar inside the pipe? Are you insane

            • Shanks says:

              Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is manufactured using a technique that takes freshly harvested cannabis and freezes it to subcritical temperatures prior to and throughout the extraction process. Where these methods differ from other extraction processes is in the amount of time harvested cannabis plants are allowed to dry and cure before the extraction.

              • Nick says:

                That’s fucking ROSIN not RESIN *FACEPALM*. That’s just sad.

                • Yourmom says:

                  Actually no, you god d— dummy. What he described is LIVE RESIN. Rosin is a solventless thats made by squishing bud between two heated plates.

                  Know your concentrates before commenting or you look like a complete fool.

                • Fred says:

                  No, I think the original commenter was confused but there is a product called Live Resin which is different from regular “resin”. This is the difference between rosin and live resin, “While Live Resin is made using frozen plant material, Rosin involves using extra-high heat to extract the resin and THC from the rest of the plant.”

          • Jon says:

            Bro ur hella dope add me on facebook will blaze my name Jon ables

          • stephen ewing says:

            You mean For Dabbing correct?

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s rosin smh

      • B rad says:

        Resin is about 12% THC/thca that would be about mid lvl bud for most of the US. The potency of the bud doesn’t effect the potency of the hash just the speed of the build up.

        • Blaze says:

          For starters I agree that any smoke isn’t good for you, and yes last resort if you couldn’t wait. I mean, I don’t ever remember thinking ” Man, can’t wait to get home and scrape out my pipe!”, especially if I had bud to smoke!! lol However, I’ve been smokin’ for almost 30 years, so there has been many times I’ve smoked resin. Not surprisingly, I happen to be smoking some now, hence why I found this post after a google search! Anyway, unless you happen to be someone who smokes all day long, it probably isn’t going to hurt you to smoke some resin out of your pipe every now and then. I don’t really smoke a lot these days. Sometimes go a week or so without, sometimes once or twice a day for a stretch. Then might have enough resin built up in a month or two to get a bowl worth out of it. Like I said though, only if I was out and just needed to get high. Best thing to do, when you’ve got less then a bowl’s worth of weed, maybe some shake in the corner of a bag. Save it and mix it with your resin, or in a pinch, mix a little tobacco in it. Feather flame it too, keep the lighter lit, and just bump the resin with it to get it to smoke but not crackle! Years ago we’d do ” Hot Butter knives. With an electric stove set one butter knive through the burner and put resin on the other. When the knife hot, rub the resin in between the two knives and inhale the smoke. I remember that being a totally different high then smoking resin out of a pipe. So yeah, either ditch the resin, or smoke it somehow, up to you!!

          • Herb says:

            What is feather flaming? Never heard of that..

            • AL-B says:

              If you paid attention to what he said he explained what feather flaming is in the exact same sentence he mentioned it in.

          • Drake says:

            Funny…I torched some scrapings myself last night and decided to Google it…and here we are.

          • Anonymous says:

            Funny totally doing the same right now.Out of pot so tossed a resin ball in some shake and smoked it. We totally did the hot knives back in the day. Very weird high.

            • Daniel Holcombe says:

              Great article, nice one! Nice to know I’m not the only person skanky enough to smoke this shit!
              Here goes nothing

            • oz says:

              2x trowels & bin bag taped to 5ltr square bottle does best hotknives

            • bits says:

              ha that’s how we all ended up here

            • Anonymous says:

              The reason it was a weird high is probably because when you “hot knife” a lot of times you are also inhaling the chemicals burning off the metal, hence why dabbing nails are made of titanium. So unless you’ve got titanium cutlery I’d check yourself lol

          • ashblashta says:

            um hey, surfed here for the same reason. but THANKS for the suggestion on tossing a little ball of resin around in an old bag to stick to any crystals and flaky bits. pro tip!

            also, if anyone needs to know, acetone like nail polish remover, cleans resin up quick. i pour on a baby wipe and then rub it all off my hands. then wash with neutrogena orange clear bar soap, which also breaks down chemicals. (women use it for taking off long wear makeup, like lipsense) but that soap stinks so then you have to wash with another handsoap after, or risk smelling like your grandpa all day.

            • Evan says:

              You dont need acetone. Old school trick = olive oil + dish soap and a sponge or rag to scrub. comes off quick. You always want to use another oil based product when trying to remove another oil. Resin is the byproduct of marijuana and is a oil based substance. Same applies for something like motor oil on a carpet. you want to put something thinner and lighter than the oil but also a oil based product, use paint thinner, its an oil based product and will thin, lift and dilute the oil faster than anything else where it can be scrubber,removed and cleaned afterwards. Olive oil is thinner and lighter than a thick sticky ball of resin, thus giving your hands the same result as motor oil on carpet

          • Bob says:

            Old knives trick I remember that, I vape before I smoke now so I collect “honey” instead of resin, obviously still get resin don’t really smoke it anymore… if anyone had a good idea into incorporating it into a decent edible that would be cool. Kinda hard to do I’d imagine it tastes like bitter shit… maybe a resin craft beer?

          • Amy Carter says:

            Lol yeah, i remember doin the hot knife thing. Snort it straight up the nose!

          • Anonymous says:

            I agree I’m cheifing some now haha

          • Thaddilac says:

            Been smoking it for years when I run outta bud…. And it’s 2020 and I’m just now googling it….. Currently hitting a few tar balls now..✌️

      • Greenbuddha says:

        We’re I’m from in aus we put it under the grill to dry it out to smoke it. and it’s not to bad, however we get ours from a bong not a pipe. And not to brag but I have family who have done this since the sixties. Just wondering if it’s a poor people thing like moonshine or chewing tobacco.?

      • James Ruddell says:

        I have used 180 proof hard alcohol to extract the oils and evaporated it for edibles and it works quit well that way

      • Adam says:

        My theory over years of smoking. Most of the high you get from resin is from little bud crumbs and keef getting stuck in the resin as it builds up. Who hasn’t sucked a little green into a pipe while inhaling before. Best part of resin is just regular bud crumbs in there

        • Anonymous says:

          funny , im here cause now that pots legal,, i have so much resin.
          im thinking of dropping a ball of it mixxed with shake into a pint of rum

      • Z says:

        Love this, thanks for posting. I’ve smoked plenty of resin (on occasion) in my day and this was exactly whatI was looking for. Not a page telling me if I smoke it I’ll die. It’s hard, cause I can go a day or two waiting for bud but inevitably I’ll get real bored and check for resin ‍♂️

    • carter says:

      Smoking bud does the same thing to your lungs that it does to the pipe so smoking resin is no more harmful than smoking the bud,my father is a doctor and has been studying me for the bodily effects of pot for years.if you smoke resin then all your doing is the same as when you smoke bud period,if you don’t wanna believe me then go smoke bud and resin with a cigarette tar remover and see for yourself

      • Mary Jane says:

        Hey Carter,
        This is a excellent point! The difference between smoking bud and resin is that you get MUCH more THC out of MUCH less bud. So, two hits off bud is going to give a greater effect than, say, 5 hits of resin. In the end, it would probably be best for our health if we just vaped, but we only live once, right? Thanks for the great comment! I hope to see you around the blog again.

        • TheBirdIsTheWord says:

          Good to see someone be open to other people’s opinions. Too often do I see bloggers getting crabby when presented with a contrary comment. Keep up the good vibes and open mindedness <3

        • Anonymous says:

          Dude I’m so high reading this I just had to know

      • Anonymous says:

        I think if i got a joint of resin like goey but dried out resin and a joint of bud the resin wouldnt even be able to be smoked and if it was itd get clogged as fuck from the tarbar, but yet i know resin gets me baked af for a while so whatever

      • Anonymous says:

        I wish my dad was your dad lol

      • Caitlyn says:

        Smoking a bud or whatever helps cancer patients with pain and discomfort. Ask your dad about that.

        • Juls1975 says:

          Cancer patients are prescribed marijuana to help the symptoms of nausea and when they are going thru chemo they don’t have an appetite so they use marijuana to make them want to eat. Aka munchies. Also is prescribed for pain.

          • Coltrain2112 says:

            I think 99% of people who smoke weed KNOW that Sherlock! What are you gonna say next, that THC gets you high?

        • Anonymous says:

          Thats feco i have a friend who worked in the medical field feco is a bit different than resin because it is ingested and is far far more pure

      • Bjorn says:

        You are dumb (period)

      • Larry Sparx says:

        We poor folk smoke resin all the time. knocks the edge off . The THC level depends on the weed it came from, the resin in the 90 on the bowl is going to be better than what in the mouth piece, the way I look at it is, a resin buzz is better than no buzz!

      • AcousticNugs says:

        I was literally going to say the same thing. I first tried this when I bought a pack of those tar filters for my cigarettes and was wondering the same about weed. Believe it or not the tar from resin was actually a little less. It was spottier and tasted horrible but nonetheless it was basically the same.

      • Amy Carter says:

        That may be true, but your body cleans some of it out. And over time, well we all know the plethora of things that can happen. I really would hate to see my lungs!

    • Anonymous says:

      A good thing to clean metal or glass bowls out is D limonene. If you get 100% it will evaporate cleanly and it’s 100% food safe in general. Also good for cleaning the house too 🙂

      But just dip an ear swab in it and use it to clean out the surfaces of your pipe.

      DON’T use limonene on non HPDE plastics. It will melt into a goo that will stick to your fingers horribly and the only way to get it off is to wash it with more limonene and hot water a few times. I learned this the hard way by accidentally spilling some on the counter and it touched a plastic measuring spoon that began disolving.

      • ZEMTEK says:

        Use hand sanitizer to clean things with tar on them. It works awesome. And if you are cleaning a bong get crushed ice about a cup worth and put in like 2 good size table spoons of salt and then add rubbing alcohol. Swirl around inside the bong empty then rinse and then your good to smoke right away no waiting. Alcohol evaporates so fast.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can always do some good ole resin knife hits a good way to share your resin with your pals who are also dry

    • Amadeus Kearney-Davis says:

      In nz we roll resin into little balls and smoke with red hot butter knives. And with or without hooter;
      A rolled up card or plastic funnel
      It only takes three decent spots to get high 2-3mm. In diameter.
      This form of smoking is called spots, dots. Smoking bud spots gets you blazed fast.

    • Kelby says:

      Butane man, also I have these things, it’s like cheese cloth but like Teflon-non-stick. Anyway I filter it through those, mason jars with the lids that come apart into a ring and a seal are also handy. Wand-hash is real.

    • PallMallson says:

      One of my nicknames is Resin (in local language, of course, Karsta, as in soot, tar, what stick in to smokepipes.. etc.). Started smoking bong resin a long time ago, almost as soon as i started smoking. Never smoke pipe resin as it is horrible, ashy, dry.. I’ve made and designed bongs for years and one thing i noticed early on was how a good bong (i do one hitters only) collected very strong and sticky resin. Since it is my design, it let’s little bit of the weed drop thru to the first chamber, it’s worth while compromise to loose just a bit to give the air as little as possible of resistance where it burns, hot burns much pure, less contaminants, poorly, too cold burning plant material gives you the worst kind of poisons you can have so it’s either: don’t burn weed at all (vape it) or burn it fast. Thus, one hitter.

      First thing is to get ALL the water out of the black resin muck. It has to be dry as possible. Water content while smoking makes it smolder and gives out the most awful smell and taste. Good resin can be identified that it never crumbles when it’s totally avoid of water, it stays sticky for months. Oven at 80C-120C is good for drying it up, more heat at this point does not change anything, our THC is alreay decarboxylated at this point anyway.

      It is also much too strong to smoke raw, i toast tobacco to get rid of nicotine (starts breaking up at 80C) and i add that powder before and while drying it until it can be handled without it sticking to your fingers. Repeat until the resin is crumbling a bit. Then jam it thru a sieve, a metal mesh to make small pieces that are not in ball form but uneven, unregular bits that have huge surface area.. Then mix with with dry(ish) tobacco and smoke with one hitter. Start small.

      Gravity bong with good bong resin can knock you out, it’s mostly asphyxiation but it can get you super duper fucked out, cold sweats and shaking, “never again” moments, it definitely is NOT the same stuff as you get from buds. Much shorter effect, one can easily describe it as “cheap knockoff”, wouldn’t be surprised if Spice did not have same feeling (i have never tried synth cannabis, and never will..) It’s ok stuff for insomnia, it doesn’t have that cerebral high, nor is it very good for inspiration or creativity.. Watching TV seems to work best with it, it does not couch lock you but does remove motivation. And you are not proud of yourself but that is mostly because you know you are smoking shit.

      Good old soap gets the sticky resin off from hands, dapple with baby powder and add more soap to get a paste, that seems to take most of it off but prepare to spend hours digging it out under your fingernails… And it tastes HORRIBLE, just in case some was left under those nail and you have a habit of biting your nails…. If you have some latex gloves, not at all bad idea to use em.

      At the moment, haven’t smoked it ages (3 room hydro, harvest every 2-3 weeks, i never run out now..) but old habits of collecting it and a bong that is designed to gather good stuff, so i have about a baseball worth of it.. Gonna try water wash and alcohol rinse with triple coffee filter filtration, and evaporate.. Large ratio of it is actually bud/weed/tobacco mix i smoke, dropped thru screen.. I now wash the worst piece, the long tube with warm water as that seems to be the absolute worst taste. What gathers in the inside of the bottle (i use 0,5l plastic bottles, disposable and one can cut them open, to get the resin out..) above waterline is the best by a long shot. The worst is usually closest to the hot end, thus i have that one chamber that has rapid expansion rate, it cools down before it accelerates thru hat thinner tube. Took a bit of fluid dynamics to get it right but i actually learned a useful skill there…

      So.. yeah, know a thing or two about bong resin 😉

      • Alex420 says:

        Thanks for taking the time to write this comment. I learned a good bit and you definitely know what you’re talking about!

      • Ev says:

        You can “DE-NICOTINE” tobacco???!!!!! Whoa. Might have to go back to spliffs; but this time “nicotine-free” spliffs! ❤️ Yes, thanks for the plethora of information!

        • nd says:

          They sell plenty of nicotine free wraps now. If you’re into organics or you’re vegan, High Hemp sells an organic vegan hemp wrap haha Im pretty sure thats the kind of wraps my head shop sells… I’m planning on checking them out towards the end of the week. anyways, hope this is helpful! it’s a bit latezzzZZZZZ

    • Jerry budds says:

      Tools: paper clip or Bobby pin/coffee filter./cup/microwave. I hardly do this but if I’m dry for a while and want to toke this method works best for me. Run hot water through the instrument for a few seconds to warm up the tar then scrape for a few minutes run warm water through the instrument (only a little bit) agitate then pour out the contents into a cup. Do this till the cup is full ( mostly water and resin) then slowly pour the mixture on the coffee filter that’s held in your palm, remember to pour slowly! Once complete carefully place the filter on a plate and place it into the microwave. Set for 30seconds or until filter is dry. Be careful taking the plate out because it might be hot. Once cooled fold the filter in half and hold over the plate, roll it back and fourth and you will see crumbles of dried resin fall onto the plate. Enjoy

    • Sara Warburton says:

      I know a man who cured himself or cancer taking resin and has got a letter from the hospital saying this man has actually cured himself from cancer with resin!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Something that also helps is burning it on an old knife or something until it nearly stops bubbling, then once it cools after a minute its rock hard. this takes away the gooeyness so that it won’t just melt and pull through whatever you’re smoking it out of.

    • Anonymous says:

      Little tip for the clean up process, once you have all the resin you want but your hands are coated in the tar goo, just use some rubbing alcohol, I mean like put a bit on your palm and just lather all over, hydrogen peroxide works as well if you have any cuts you want to avoid, but it’s not as, well they’re both effective but I mean with rubbing alcohol this stuff just flies off

    • Anonymous says:

      I usally scrap then leave it out for few weeks for it to dry up then SMOKE it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea out of curiosity I loaded up my wax/dabs pen with resin and what changes know it actually works pretty good and I like resin for a knock out system cuz after smoking resin your knocked tha F÷:k out plus smoking anything way is like your mouth/body becomes an extension of the pipe and whatever the inside of the pipe looks like is how your mouth would look had you never washed it lol its silly to think that the smoke stopped leaving a resin trail after it passes human lips

    • Jessie says:

      What if your a ignorant cave-man dweller??

    • Jessie says:


    • Zozz says:

      Brah, you can use a bong to smoke rez. Also you can just smoke the rez after natural (best) or artificial drying. My fav is juts the rez, nicer feeling than if you mix it with rez, but some rez wont burn right without it 🙁

    • Judda says:

      Make sure you dry your rezzy hard before smoking it will get you as high even high then the normal stuff especially if you have smoked different strands in the vessel tea bags usually do the trick (empty the tea herbs out of the bag) push down on it till you get most of the moisture out of it and Chuck it in a bong and blaze away

    • Anonymous says:

      i actually have a bong with with a slide that has a small hole in the bottom so when i kick bowls into it catches the new res inside and never gets wet this makes thick potent res nuggets i’m curious to see if my doing this will get you higher then your saying it does since theirs purely so much more have about 3 bowls worth also i leave some res in the slide when smoking so smoke is going through it so more THC goes through it. also i feel putting it against a grinder screen taking a paper clip and just scraping the res on it takes a lot of tar and ash out of it. i feel there is no way to clearly support an argument since thier are just so different kinds of res with different strains one could be stemyer than the next making shitting res then with really dense bud making the res beautiful. its all in the way you make the res in my opinion

    • Easy mac says:

      For sure. I have been working on the same for the past 2 years. I’m not sure if you have tried this yet, but wax makes killer edibles. I’ve found that resin extractions test high in cbd. Higher than the strands that were initially smoked. So it’s a good after supper brownie.

    • Parker says:

      Thanks! Great read. I totally agree.

    • TheDocTur says:

      I’ve been refining resin as well. Been doing the exact same thing. Doing an alcohol soak and then i filter it in a coffee filter. Boil off the alcohol and left with something quite different. Once all the alcohol is gone and it’s cooled down the consistency is so different it actually fogs up if you breath on it. And it stretches when you pull is apart. then you can see that it’s actually a dark amber color. I’ve been wanting to try it in an oil rig but do not have one. It is the same method to make hash oil. I have been wanting to try to due a little more refinement, i.e. wanting to to a possible water soak to pull out the water solubles. Then do an alcohol extraction. I think it would yield an even purer product that is closer to hash oil.

    • Ryan says:

      I would love to know the procedure on how to do his.

    • Big Pimpin says:

      Honestly the best way to smoke resin is put it under a coal on a hookah, gets you trippy blazed no joke

    • Adavis88 says:

      I just have a tidbit to throw in, resin joints are very possible and do get you high as hell. Take your resin, mold it lightly around a tube like object(toothpick). This method works best when you let your resin dry out a bit. Slowly pull out the toothpick when you finish molding your resin. Roll the resin in either a flavored blunt wrap or 3 joint papers, then smoke it up fellas.

    • Daniel says:

      Naild brother right on point but one thang you left out its a lot more compounding on your lungs and could cost your lungs to collapse thats never happend but I’m quite sure after from smoking it a great while it could possbley be true..

    • Ryland Alphonse says:

      Hey man I use a rolling paper to put my resin on because you can burn the paper too. I used to collect mine and put it in a paper spread it abit and fold the paper in half long way not like rolling a joint. It works best. Just a side note, but thanks for the info

    • Anonymous says:

      Knife hits work very well too. Get two knives red hot on the tip like 3 inces from the point.

    • Top Bud says:

      Can you please go into more detail about this procedure?

    • Prufessa says:

      I’m trying something similar. I thought about using some type of filter but my first time around I’m just letting all the alcohol evaporate and then I’ll add the ball to my 1 hitter.

    • Shayka says:

      Smoking resin? I love my marijuana hobby but It won’t make me a junkie.

    • Amy Carter says:

      What is your whole process, if youndont mind sharing? Ive got some chunks of resin, some of it i scraped months and months ago. Trying to figure out whatbto do with it. Thanks.

    • Shorty says:

      Does weed resin make a crackle and popping sound when you smoke it in a pipe

    • Nina says:

      Wow that was very interesting to read and have to say sounds so neat!

    • James says:

      Have u ever tried heating up a knive and putting resin on a pin then smoke it off the knife we call it spotting in New Zealand

    • Antonio says:

      this one is actually a great idea, thank you

    • Michael Stath says:

      I call it black gold or man’s best friend when I’m out of mary. It’s not pleasant to smoke but does the trick in desperate times, especially if you smoke dank nugs out of the pipe you scrape. Gotta lov the dirty REZ…

    • Ben Mansell says:

      Your post as helped us out in need.. i.e not long since smoked a pipe wi pipe resin, got a bit left.. Totally agree… 33 now, done this probaly 4 times in me life, smoked bud for 10 years, first time in searched such a subject.

      If you’ve searched this … and is able to do so…. Do it…….that bein said.. DON’T make a habbit of it

      My opinion is a stronger high, but for a shorter period, plus its Defenitley bad for you !!

    • Michael Lloyd Wallace says:

      Smoking marijuana has little or no effect against killing cancer cells by apoptosis. We must ingest decarboxylated thc to be able to eradicate cancers from our bodies. Marijuana pipe resin is the only way for the homeless to produce decarboxylated thc to fight & prevent cancers.

    • mrsbelfy says:

      Super thanks! Exactly the info I needed. As an aside: very succinctly written but with a style that is both authentic and available. Well done.

    • Patricia Bialahur says:

      I really liked your article ,but I what i need to know is if resin in your bong water affects filtratiin?Should a bong be cleaned out religiously if you want to protect your lungs ,or does it make no difference?

    • Deadhead says:

      I mean I can’t really complain when I’m broke tbh

    • smokeyb says:

      dude i straight just scrape my chillum when it gets filled w resin n pack it in my bowl hold the flame for a hot minute and hold in every hit. i’m a heavy weight but two bowls of resin knock me on my ass.

    • Trey says:

      I use a gravity bong to smoke my resin. It works pretty well. I don’t do it often. If you put a screen in the socket or thing of your choice it really works. The screen can make less resin drip down the bowl. It turns liquid sometimes.

    • mjp says:

      scrape the resin out of pipe and put into bowl and then microwave it in short zaps with a mix once or twice!!! Dry it out in a minute to make it to be able mix with bit of spin and smoke it! Seems to do a good job

    • cubu says:

      If you use alcohol whipes or running alcohol and something to whipe with, resin comes up super easy. You can use it on big blobs too no need to scrape. Bigger blobs means more rubbing but it’ll come up after a few whipes push semi hard too.

    • Obediah Robinson says:

      Thanks, this was very helpful.

    • Anonymous says:

      we used to put weed into a chamber and let the weed get resonated by smoking you know other weed through the bong that’s where the chamber bong is or a chamber bowl it holds weed so you can resonate the weed and of course we’ve scraped resin out of pipes and smoked it put it in joints put it on papers whatever we know how to do all that stuff anybody can figure that s*** out

    • Adam Paul says:

      I have smoked resin recently and back in the day as a teen I would do it often, even when I know I shouldn’t. Every time my eyes get irritated and my sinuses get seriously out of hand with running and constant sneezing. I am never smoking it ever again, it is horrible and not worth the repercussions.

  • Aly Kabeer says:

    Really jane is that u who wrote this all shit abt resin n drugs? Gosh I luv u 😀 only if u could give me some way to extract pure resin out of drugs(typically called charas and gardaa here in pakistan where I live).. here they bloody mix I dont know wat to make the quantity look huge.. email me some chemical process to extract resin at home plxxxxxx

    • Mary Jane says:

      Hey Aly,
      You’re referring to hash which is much different than the resin that I wrote about. For easy hash, do a google search for ‘how to make bubble hash’. There are other ways to make it, but this is one of the easier ways.

      Best of luck!

    • Dr. Greenthumb says:

      I scrape with a rounded-edged blade so I dont get metal shavings, then I cook the fuck out of it so it has no moisture in it.

    • John Dope says:

      With Pakistan being a dry country, Im not sure how you could extract pure resin. That being said, if you have access to isoprapyl alcohol. Or rubbing alcohol. You would proceed in the following method.

      Soak your stash in the alcohol.for several days. Unfortunately, I do not have a ratio. Luckily, it’s a process of common sense.

      Once you’ve soaked your stash, wait until the alcohol has turned green. Dark green. I normally wait about 72 hours.

      Now that you alcohol is green strain your mixture. Thoroughly.

      Here’s where the fun begins. You now have “Green Dragon” or tincture. Use, and I emphasize this, a coke can for the next part. Specifically the concave bottom.

      Pour your mixture into the bottom of your can. When the dent is full, set it a blaze.

      Warning: this will produce a flame that is several centimeters high. Trying this method in something like a cooking pit, will result in a very large flame.

      When the flame extinguishes you’ll notice the formation of a light brown skin. This process is monotonous, but keep repeating it. Abd you’ll find the skin becomes thicker and thicker, until you have a crude hash.

      Bible hash requires a set of semi expensive equipment, and butane gas. If done improperly, you essentially create a pipe bomb. Notadvised until you become more familiar with the process. General doddering knowledge, and a clear understanding of how gas and alcohol work when exposed to flame, while in an enclosed radius.

    • Big Pimpin says:

      Get a bud and a peice of parchment paper put the bud in the paper and put it in a hair straightener but make sure it’s not too hot and squeeze it or step on it and you can get some really good rosin is what a lot of people where I live call it but it honestly is really nice and gives you a really nice high

  • jaymie says:

    I learned the if you roll res in a blunt then wrap it in a rolling paper it burns nicely. I recomend it for weed to.

  • beto says:

    Resin is bad, no doubt about that and it does contain minimal thc ,but sometimes there’s no way to get buds even if you have the money , when I have no bud i smoke resin, That’s why when i do have some I stuff my pipe on a container that i specifically use to store my weed,during the course of the weeks i sweep the crystals and small particles that fall , when i have collected a decent amount I usally sprinkle it on the resin when i clean my pipes and i find it gets me high not as high as when I smoke bud but its enough to get me by while my weed man reups.

    • Mary Jane says:

      I would be lying if I told you I never touch the stuff. Adding the crystals and small pieces of bud is a nice touch. I think we all fall victim to the lure of resin from time to time, but I also don’t think many of us have any disillusions about the harmful nature of resin. Great comment! Thanks for checking out the blog.

  • stoner steve says:

    I’ve been smoking for about 18 yes, and have always smoked the resin after beach bag. I can tell you that is has and does get me a little high, but the trade of is the damage to the lungs I can feel now. Resin burns hotter, yes, and this increased heat probably does some amount of damage. I do worry about lung cancer from the tar in it. I wish I could say I don’t smoke resin anymore, but I’d be lying. I can’t grow where I live or it would not be an issue. Thank you and God bless!

  • Henny Bogan says:

    The resin from my vaporizer is actually pretty darn amazing. The resin isn’t dirty like you get from a pipe – its clean, almost like hash and it will frick you up.

    Great blog MJ.

  • hunter says:

    How much is minimal can you give a rough estimate

    • Mary Jane says:

      Hey Hunter,
      Great question. According to one study it is less than 2% THC. Here is a link to the study: http://mcrlabs.com/blog/resin-results/. It doesn’t give the 2% but it says resin contained 15% cannabinoids, and of that 11.9% was THC. I did the math and it comes out to about 1.8%. This study only used one test sample so it’s not the greatest data set, but it does help provide a little insight. I hope this helps. Thank you for checking out the blog.

      • DocGee says:

        Mary Jane, I think you misread that article. There’s no multiplication for you to do: it says straight out that Total THC was just over 12%. (Maybe something unclear or misleading was edited out of the article since you commented.)

        Roughly what you get from mediocre weed, not insignificant at all.

        • Mary Jane says:

          Hey DocGee,
          I just reread the article, and it appears you are correct. I read this as 12% of the found cannabinoids was THC instead of 12% of the total. Honestly, this makes me question the article I linked to because I just cant believe that resin has that high of a content. If it’s true then it’s a bit mind blowing. Good looking out, and thanks for the comment 🙂

  • kamikazemelon says:

    I use resin when I’m dry, like tonight. I can tell you right now, if you’ve got some 20+ percent bud, the resin will definitely work for you. I specifically don’t clean the bowl out of my bong, and I use a bobby pin to scrape it out on these occasions, I managed to get almost an entire bowl of resin, which smells awful, stains your fingers, takes a much longer time to get properly lit, and tastes bad, but it works. I have no doubt we all have done it, for good reason. I can’t imagine there is someone out there who prefers resin to bud simply because how else are you going to get resin? “Hey dude can I pick up a quarter of resin? “Ya dude $20” Well I guess a quarter of res would be a lot less volume than an equal weight of bud huh?
    I’m rambling now but that just shows it works! Thanks for the article.

  • harley says:

    Any non-polar solvent will work excellent for cleaning(literally dissolving) marijuana resin off of anything. The most widely used and available is Isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol), which is also very convenient due to it’s fast vaporization. The resin that is collected via this method can then be smoked(if desired) by light heating to remove excess alcohol and/or water.

  • Evil Ian says:

    One thing we can all agree on; that first bowl of real bud is sooooooo good after you have to resort to smoking resin. I smoke resin once maybe every 4 or 5 months, only out of desperation. I do feel somewhat a little high when I smoke it but its a different kind of high than when you smoke the real deal, and nowhere near as enjoyable. Even if there were a higher THC content to be garnered from resin, the awful taste alone is enough to turn me off, but you know how it goes…desperate times, desperate measures.

    • Mary Jane says:

      “One thing we can all agree on; that first bowl of real bud is sooooooo good after you have to resort to smoking resin.” So true – it’s like the first sip from a freshly opened Dr. Pepper.

      • Juls1975 says:

        That first bowl of real bud after smoking resin a few days is almost like smoking your first bowl ever. I always get so high on that first good bud bowl!

    • B says:

      Iv always appreciated a pipe that gives a little back of whats i’v put into it. I never even thought to feel Shame in doing so, with the exception of buying treats later realizing I had resin fingers. Iv been cleaning the same 2 foot glass bong for 17 years with Hot water and a paperclip. Pull out female slide and rubber, hot hot water run over outside for a min. then fill half the ball shake vigorously then pour threw two litter . Cut off bottom make a funnel, burn holes threw the Cap with hot Papperclip so it can drain.Repeat as needed, I always end up with a cap sized plug I end up giving right back. When it’s clean enough, get a new toilet Brush trim down with scissors for snug fit and finish cleaning the tube and bubbler with dawn. Coil smaller clip around a nail put in bowl to keep the (dry)resin from clogging or draining into stem . Happy bong hits friends

      • Anonymous says:

        Yea but theres also a difference between being reccomended from a doctor. Compared to smoking wees recreational. I have mental health issues and some other ones. And marijuana is the only thing that works for me. Screw the pills. I mean i will take if need to.. but i need to smoke everyday. And right now especially i am in the process of social security. Anyways a little off topic my opinion is only mine. But i know there are times i dont have money or have enough for a full jar. Or whatever. SO YES. I RESORT TO SMOKING RES. No its not good for you.. but look at life this way yall breath in crap every single day that destroys our body. So if you need to scrape a bowl or bong. My gosh!! Scrape it then!!!!

  • brian thomas says:

    this is a fucking awesome article.

    YEAH, i smoke resin, thats why i was looking it up. I am the master, and kind of resin smoking i think, after reading this. However, i too feel it a bit in my lungs it seems from yesterday.

    I smoke an ouhce of bud at a time through a 1.5 inch water bong. I only use about a quarter inch depth of water, to grab ash and hard carbon mostly. I put more water in there for resin sometimes.

    use a nail, ground down to size, to clean out your metal chambers. use a tool to push the nail through. use a pocket knife from there.

    i take a huge unsmokeable stem, break it to about 1/2 inch, bend it, put it in my big 1/2 inch alum. bowl on my bong. i take a resin scrape about two pencil erasers airy on the top. then i take the torch and heat up the bowl and top of stem from the outside until i see smoke, then i start to hit very slowly, as i quint my eyes to protect, then hit slowly until that resin ball gets red hot inside and i feel not much new smoke, then its done. one HUGE FULL HIT, hold it in, let it out. TRY to do one more after recovery for a couple minutes.

    Now you will be VERY stoned, because ,yes, this was 20%THC resin, and YES, that THC DOES get trapped int he resin nicely. Are you crazy? Yes it does, and the High lasts for hours.

    DO i hate it? YES, i fucking hate it. But its the MOST AWESOME thing in the world when you dont have weed. So therefore i also love it.

    It’s a love and hate relationship, that resin!

    • Mary Jane says:

      Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed that article. I think the grade of bud you smoke certainly makes a big difference. Your 20% would certainly be better than someone who isnt able to get top shelf. I really appreciate you sharing!

  • kots says:

    I have smoked resin for years and found many ways to refine it. infact in most cases the resin is stronger. It all depends in what type and were you get the resin. Eg. Pipe or bong, this also diturmens how best to smoke it- bong or pipe is best, bong is safest. Scrape the pipes and the iner of the bong -after emptying water ofcorse. Once you have all the resin get a heap of toilet paper and squez it until all the liqurd is dtaind then putvin paper and squeeze it againe- squeeze it hard, then unwrap it break it up into small peces and roll into balls. All done. Recomend a half bong size and not to Mitch it will bloke your pipe/bong. Many their is less THC but you do get high. That being said, unless anyone has the professional qualifications or proff then its all myth. My prosses will prove it. Also it’s eqaly as bad as weed itself. 5-7 grams or 2-3 in bags threw a bong will be aficint for a small batch.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Thanks for sharing. I don’t know that I agree with the statement: “infact in most cases the resin is stronger”. How could you smoke herb and have the byproduct higher in THC? I appreciate you joining the discussion, and I hope to hear more from you on the blog.

      • ANONYMOUS says:

        Because you must realize the underlying fact that the ‘resin high’ is a different high, it isn’t “stronger” or lesser, it is completely changed including its composition. (the fact that it takes longer to smoke). The resin is no longer marijuana it is the byproduct of marijuana. With this being said, I can agree that resin effects can sometimes feel stronger or different as your mind adjusts to smoking it.

  • matthew says:

    ok so heres the question. I have vaped resin many times, but when its done I usually have all the resin still there except its hard as a rock and crumbles. so I was wondering if there was a way to extract the thc or oils from it. I also noticed that it sweats when slightly warm. so do you think that if I lather some resin onto a flat piece of metal then bent to a half circle standing up. put the resin on the upper bowed area and heat it up and keep the bottom half like maybe room temp or colder. but yeah heat the top not enough to vaped but enough to make it sweat a whole bunch. think the sweat would run down cool and harden. then the resin would be crust and you’d have a bunch or not a bunch of hardened oil or like a puddy. (sorry for misspellings and bad punctuation

    • Mary Jane says:

      Hey Matthew,
      Extracting thc from resin seems to be a pretty popular idea, but unfortunately I don’t know anything about it. I’m wondering if it might be some kind of alcohol extraction. I’m going to look into this some more and see what I can figure out. Thanks for visiting the blog!

  • logen says:

    Ive dabbed a few times with res. Its like buckleys cough medicine. Tastes awful but it works

  • Dolores Hazed says:

    If you’re desperate enough, I think anyone would rely on resin. Personally, I’ve done it. Am I proud of it? No…

    I think this really makes you think, is MJ actually addicting? (We all know this blog is, but that’s not what I’m talking about)..

    The simple answer is that anything can be addicting, really. And if we could amount to ruining our physical health over a mental high, than we must really learn to put down the bowl, and let our brain naturally produce dope amine.

    This also leads me to another topic, are we really satisfied when we get high after having such an outstanding tolerance lever? Or are we just finally able to feel like we can have a good time?

    We should use weed in moderation. We should never feel obliged to scrape out our bowl. We should take a break, and when the weed comes, I promise you that you will feel better about yourself, and feel better in general. I went for a weed purge for about a month, and it was just what I needed to put weed ABUSE into perspective. I’m not saying you’re wrong for living life the way you want to live it; I’m just saying that one must learn to resist this urge.

    Thanks for the wonderful post MJ.


    • Mary Jane says:

      Thank you so much for sharing. You’re absolutely right that anything could become addictive from a mental standpoint. I wrote an post a little while ago about tolerance breaks that I think is relevant.

      Thanks again. I really appreciate your kind words.

    • dustin 4:20 says:

      I feel what your saying smoking weed as a moderation however indulgence is key factor life! Is a giant indulgence while death is a great abstinence you got to learn to embrace being a stoner the kief resin dabs wax shatter & dank resin it all comes from the plant we love the plant that will revolutionize the word if made legal I hope this had opened insight for smokers every where resin yeah it taste like shit but it gets you high when your outta bud does it not? Every ones got to have a voice it is what keeps people human man…..

  • liz says:

    He MJ, i love your article. I have only smoked resin 3-4 times. And it was with my stepson. If im desperate enough, ill smoke it. But im usually not. The taste of it makes me sick to my stomach. But like i said, i have smoked it before. That being said, i got some white rhino a while back for my birthday last year. (My husband is awesome) And when i finally ran out of it, i smoked the resin. That was the first time i have ever smoked it. And it was fricken amazing! I had gotten some other stuff as well so it was 2 different resins in there. And the combination was mind blowing. But i still wont smoke it unless im desperate. Anyhoo, have a good day, and smoke on!

  • Resin King says:

    True it’s not safe however….. I wonder how many people take any great length to make Resin into a super fancy treat.

    Poking holes in it after it’s been packed. small holes with a paperclip, tooth pick Et. Cetera . adds air

    Consider using resin as a vaporizing disk- higher vapor in smoke. Although resin burns, I have found it more or less smolders.
    1.packing some in your bowl just covering the hole.
    2.then adding leftover box weed… the weed crumbs in your weed box/bag/tin/thing- stems flakes, leaves, bud hairs. Note box weed can contain Dust, small amounts of Wood splinters, micro metal shavings, et cetera. Best yet a tiny Nickel bag will do. and if possible the trichoms (dust) in the bottom chamber of a screened three part grinders.
    3. pack resin on top of Marijuana matter.
    4. light and snuff out
    5. poke a small (small) hole in center
    6. light top. toke.

    Caution: feel for bowl temp. if to hot let bowl cool slowly to room temp.
    note: one resin session of the above method may last up to two hours.

  • Franko says:

    im a weed smoker and a tobacco smoker. was wondering if there is a good way to smoke resin thru a bong mixing with tobacco? I usually smoke a weed and tobacco mix so im used to tobacco without a filter.

    • Mary Jane says:

      I’ve smoked it out of a bong before, but I didn’t mix it with anything. The bong does help as it adds water filtration. Thanks for checking out the blog.

  • Franko says:

    what I do now is I roll the resin in ciggarette ash and it starts to break up abit into balls. I pack abit of tobacco in the cone on the bong then shove the resin in on top. I light it up and $uck slowly then the resin starts crackling. for some reason it seems the tobacco and the coating of ash makes the resin itself taste much better. Thanks to this blog this is what ima do from now on whenever I cant get the real stuff. thanks everyone who posted

    • Mary Jane says:

      I second that notion. Thank you all for contributing! That includes you, Franko. I have several posts where the comments have providing more insight than the actual article. I love it!

  • Aimin says:

    I’ve smoked weed for 25 years in over 40 countries and if you think you can’t get high from smoking pipe resin then quite frankly my friend you’re an idiot and you have no idea what you’re on about. Typical web expert. Black gold mate. Been ripped on it tonnes of times you weenie.

    • Mary Jane says:

      I’ll be the first to admit that in times of desperation it gets used, but it’s pretty bad for you and it tastes terrible. If you smoke enough it’ll get you high, but it’s not worth it to me. I’de rather take a t-break and wait until I can get the real stuff. To each their own.

  • Yes ma'am says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about I just cleaned the bowl on my perc, smoked about a third of it and hit my one hitter. I’m so !#&\/= baked.

    • Mary Jane says:

      I agree that it gets you high, just not nearly as well as the real stuff. It takes and lot more and tastes kinda gross. With that said, we all have dry times and have to resort to resin.

      You brought up a good point so I went ahead and make a small adjustment to the article to make sure I’m not misunderstood. Thank you for you comment and for checking out the blog!

  • everlong0304 says:

    i had a question that has to do with resin somewhat… ill go to my brother’s house down the street and offer to use my pipe to smoke and he says that he doesn’t like it because i scrape too often. He says this because i scrape after every bag, so, on average (depending on funds, if i aint broke) prolly once a week, give or take. He complains about sucking through on my pipe. Is he just being whiny or IS there such a thing as too much scraping?

    • Mary Jane says:

      If you let resin build up in the pipe it will help keep you from sucking ash through. You could always use a screen. I really hate the metal screens and don’t recommend them. You could also buy a glass screen, but they charge a couple of bucks, and you usually end up losing it. Here’s my favorite trick: Put a glass bottle in a bag and shatter it. You can use a piece of the glass similar to a regular glass screen without having to worry about losing a 2 or 3 dollar screen. I hope this helps.

  • k says:

    Wax paper — no good, who wants actual candle wax on the mary jane wax. Try parchment cooking paper ( preferably unbleached).

  • Robert Palmer says:

    Since I choose to medicate with both flower in a glass bowl and an herbal vape, I acquire quite a bit of both tar and vaped plant material. When times are tough, I will form the tar into as many little pieces as possible. This is to increase their surface area, allowing them to burn at a much faster rate. I then use a ratio of about 2/3 vaped flower to 1/3 tar. I crumble the flower into a power, roll the tar in the power so it won’t be sticky, fill the bowl and add flame. It still taste horrible, but it will get me through this hard time. Also, it helps so much to use a non-stick mat; because, tar is extremely sticky; it sticks to everything.

  • Arekay says:

    I usually fill a dime with trichomes from the bottom part of a 3 staged screened grinder, put the resin in with it and mix it around.until it’s a ball and no res is left on the bag. I then use a jet lighter to smoke the ball.

  • stoners says:

    My dude and I just smoked and was wondering if resin was bad for u and realized tar is bad for ur health hahahaha

    • Mary Jane says:

      It’s pretty bad for you over the long run, but it shouldn’t hurt you too bad if you don’t make too much of a habit out of it. Thanks for checking out the blog.

  • shrap says:

    Ultimate method of smoking resin without horrible taste or aftereffects that will get you high!
    I saw similar posts above but thee best way to smoke it is the following:

    1) glass bong (one and a half foot preferred or larger but not more than 3 feet)
    2)small glass tube hitter or onie style stem pipe. just big enough for a small one hit ball of bud
    3)crushed ice in the bong (your choice to add water) I usually don’t add water and ass the ice melts it becomes watered down on its own after several hits from the crushed ice melting while smoking. I strongly suggest no water, just crushed ice to start
    4)mix resin with small amount of leftover shake or trim (before you run low and start fiending and resort to your resin stash) any mixture will work, up to your preference, but a small amount of bud will give the resin structure you it doesn’t just suck down the pipe.
    5)Now the real trick is to roll each piece of resin into a small ball and stretch it out into a cylinder and then twist it
    6)place twisted small one hit piece of resin in your hitter (pipe).
    7)Now before lighting the resin, light your lighter and heat up the pipe about half way down the tube, literally hold the flame against the glass and heat that piece of glass up super hot. heat it up right below the part where the resin sits but not where the resin sits or the resin will melt. Now once you have the glass really heated up there, right before the resin melts, hit the resin really hard until the bong is filled with thick smoke.
    8)stop and exhale all the way, and then rip all that smoke out of the bong. It will be the biggest hit and knock you on your socks and get you high. I do this when I’m not even dry sometimes 😛

    Other altrenative is hot knife it with 2 butter knifes but I hate doing it. I feel dirty 😛

  • Anonymous says:

    Smoking res while reading this and yikes

  • Mitch mum says:

    My first time with resin it’s got a punch to it, anything is better than nothing.

  • MJrolla says:

    You can smoke it by taking knife hits to…. its my preference when it comes to needing to smoke it….

  • NoveD says:

    I thought resin was no worse then bud (health wise) untill I took a hit of resin and exhaled through a napkin. Huge difference then doing with bud. (If you take about the same size hit)

  • Rolandsfunnyface says:

    I accidentally broke off a wood match in my glass bowl trying to unclog it and it made everything I smoked taste like wood, so I had to give my bowl a thorough cleaning. I now have a ping-pong ball sized ball of resin – honestly – it’s that big! Plus I found that stupid piece of match stick lol Anyway, I jumped on Google to see what’s the best way to smoke this stuff. I’ve smoked a little in desperate times, but I always get a headache. My bong stem is broken, so I have papers, a glass bowl (the one I just scraped lol) and a metal bowl that I think tastes funny anyway, I think I will try to mix some of this resin with some of our mid quality weed and smoke it in the metal pipe since it tastes funny anyway. Wish me luck! Thanks for a great article – will be returning to your blog now on a regular basis!

    Stay lifted!

  • Rolandsfunnyface says:

    OK so check it out – I read ALL the comments, then I took the glass bowl I just scraped and put some weed in the bowl, then some crumbled resin, then some more weed on top, and took a nice gentle hit (because the bowl is the cleanest it’s been since we purchased it) and WOW! One hit and I’m blazed and it didn’t taste bad or harsh like smoking pure resin usually does!

    Love this diary, maryjane, and now that I’m feeling good, I’m gonna read some more. Peace and high dreams to ya!

  • soli says:

    So this post and the comments are really interesting. I actually just got done smoking res and I was like why isn’t this something thats talked about, like where’s the stoner meme of tar covered fingertips tips hahaha? I’ve always smoked the res from my bowls usually when I’m dry and jonesin but if it’s time to clean the pipes I’ll collect the res and smoke it or save it for a rainy day, otherwise I feel like I’m being wasteful, probably becauae in my hay-day I was dry a lot, and a broke jit and relied a lot on res to get me by. I get pretty pleasantly high off it and although it’s a gooey mess and the harshest hit of your life, I don’t think it’s the worse thing. Even if I had an endless supply of the doest dope I’ve ever smoked, I’d probably still hit the gunk. Usually a glass pipe works best for me, I have a deep one hitter that has kind of become my res bowl. I’ll also put a res ball at the tip of a joint or cigarette (not that I recommend smoking) and it works. I’m glad to see I’m not the only res fan lol

  • DocGee says:

    I can say the stuff that clogs the metal downpipe from my bowl into my bong is much gooier than what I hear others describing. I’ve always thought there must be a lot of genuine resin vapor condensing for it to be so gooey. And when I pull out a glob of this stuff and redeposit it in the bowl to smoke, it works just fine. Not nearly as pleasant tasting as a top shelf haze or some nice hash, of course.

    In any event, even if you do smoke the resin from a bong (or pipe), in total you’re breathing in less total junk than when you smoke a joint.

    • Mary Jane says:

      I don’t know if I understand how resin contains less junk than a joint. Can you elaborate?

      • Roger says:

        The chlorophyll the plant The fibrous material stuff thatThe plant matter That has been burned alreadyNow it would be your carbon residueThat would be the bad tasting stuffSo resin can beMore intoxicatingLike Having your roaches save your roachesAnd then make a joint out of your roaches And then that would be a first generation Roach joint Then you save The road from that joint And add them upThen you can make second generation Roach jointSave those Roach joints and you can make third-generation roads joinedEach one getting more intoxicating than the last

  • Bradley says:

    Once resin is frozen it’s easy to get in your pipe

  • Chris says:

    So I smoke for stomache pains. Used to be on pain meds for years. I get so much relief from smoking so when that dealers out you bet I’m going to the resin. I think the trade off is worth it. I know it’s mostly the BHO that helps but how much is in resin? Sorry if the question has been answered before.

  • Tim Lagos says:

    I find my resin experience quite different. I use a medium sized glass spoon with no screen for 95% of my smoking. I consume roughly 6 grams a week and scrape every 3 to 4 weeks which results in 1 full bowl of a resin, weed, and ash mix. From my research I have concluded that 15% of this mixture is cannabinoids and with roughly 12% being THC. I find the high extremely enjoyable. It takes maybe 8 to 10 minutes instead of the usual 30 seconds to 90 seconds. It is never intense or feels like I had a little too much. It lasts for hours and I feel great but I also feel like I can act/look normal. Maybe its the mix I get from my personal use but I love it.

  • Blazing Bailey says:

    So I collected the resin from all 3 of my bowls rolled it into a little ball and then rolled the ball around the kief that collects in the bottom of my grinder will the added kief enhance the high? Or did I just waste some kief?

  • Jerrik Blind says:

    lol I’m reading this while smoking a bunch of resin but, I’ve noticed some adverse health affects to smoking it altogether as well. This is the first time I’ve actually tried to look up what it was so I assumed it was just as harmless as bud, I was looking for what created the resin inside of the pipe/bong/vaporizer but found this and read it. Your very insightful and you speak your opinion well. What is it that makes the resin inside the pipe/bong/vaporizer can I ask?

    • Mary Jane says:

      It mostly just carbon build up. All parts of the burnt plant are combusted into resin. I hope this makes sense. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this very well. Thanks for checking out the blog 🙂

  • Jerrik Blind says:

    I’ve noticed that dabs kind of have a different high than bud itself also, I smoked some of that the other day and it was quite a different feeling; nevertheless it wasn’t too bad but, it kinda made me feel more dumb than anything. Anyways I was talking about that because my bong got all waxy after I smoked the dabs out of it and I was wondering if that’s the same concept or is it like, more dabs to smoke and if it’s safe to scrape and flame?

    • Mary Jane says:

      With dabs it’s called reclaim instead of resin. Reclaim is actually awesome to smoke. It has close to the same potency as the original wax although it won’t be as stable so it’ll be really goopy.

  • cody says:

    A way easier way to get your resin if you happen to have 99% iso rubbing alcohol 91% will also work but the 99% is just better anyways you fill your pipe with the alcohol and shake vigorously until the liquid is solid black then you pour into a Pyrex container and let all of the alcohol evaporate away ( note.) If your using this method and a white milky substance is in the Pyrex after evaporating for a bit its OKAY YOU DID NOTHING WRONG this is just the water that the iso leaves behind and of course 91% will leave more than the 99% would the left over 9% or 1% in the alcohol is just water from them diluting the alcohol but when you see this white milky substance (water) just keep evaporating until its all gone (note) if you have a fan and hot plate this will cut evaporation time in half but when all liquids have evaporated only resin will stay behind take a razor and scrape it up and your good I know it sounds like a lot but it takes away the mess factor and it really doesn’t take as long as scraping the pipe and on a happy note it makes your pipe brand spanking new again no funny taste next time you smoke your buds

  • Weeziea says:

    I would say this I’ve never felt less high off of resin or the real deal, I take two hits of either and it’s buss on. Plus if you get a grape sized resin ball (like I did today) it lasts forever… first it’s wet and you have to stick it to the top part of a dry pipe and light it to flame and keep hitting it like you would bud. A grape sized blob of resin is nice if you break a pipe you get all the leftovers. And if you smoke constant medical grade like I do a grape sized blog will last a while… but over sometime it would eventually it will get hard on the outside and soft in the middle you have to mix it up and then it’ll smoke again but you cannot put the ball of resin in the whole of the pipe or you will suck it through but I don’t disagree with this guy’s theory or whatever he thinks it is smoking resin is badass like taking a lot of time after you smoked a carton of cigarettes and smoking that to get nicotine a large percentage of it is in your body when you smoke it like pure cigarette or weed resin is the leftovers but you can still get really f****** stoned off it.

  • Weeziea says:

    And i meant the hole not whole.

  • Archon says:

    I find that resin seems to be more potent, personally, but not due to THC levels. I’ve seen a chemical analysis or two and I find no reason for it to have this effect on me. Though, the high is much different. It puts my body into a very relaxed state. I sometimes get a headache, but no pain with it, simply a dull throbbing sensation. I feel more focused and less tired, but also less active. It makes my pains dull and mentally, it puts me in a more analytical state. Generally I cough more, feeling the full effects of the tar, yet despite the physical pain it causes my lungs, I enjoy it highly. The pain is very short lived, and I feel it helps me breath better after I’ve ripped through a pack of smokes. I prefer a pipe and dry crumbly resin, or a meth pipe and fluid-like resin… alike to the consistency of oil (not wax, though) or e-juice. No, I don’t do meth.
    Overall, it seems that the high only lasts an hour. Usually with bud, it lasts 2+ hours. I’m not much of a fan of the smell, but it grew on me. I also enjoy molding sculptures from it before drying and smoking it. Call me crazy, but I quite enjoy it, as much as I enjoy smoking the bud, itself.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Hmmm, that’s interesting. I wonder what makes the high seem different from resin than bud. I love the idea of molding sculptures before smoking – LOL!

  • Rich says:

    We used to smoke it all the time in college when we ran out of the real stuff. We’d make a mixture I called “Devil’s Blend.” Combine resin scrapings, the inside of part of seeds (the soft white stuff inside the shells) (who even has seeds nowadays?), residue drained from our bongwater, pot dust found in empty canisters or record albums (that’s where you would clean your weed back in the day, kids), and maybe a pinch of ground-up tobacco to help it burn better. Mix it up and, voila! Not the best buzz, but enough to get you thru those rough patches.

  • Joel says:

    If it’s on the walls of the pipe and not all over the pot you cram into the chamber you’ll have to be smart and clean the chamber right before you run out to get resin all over the pot, the way people smoke resin because it’s obvious. You put a ball of resin in a bowl of bud and it hits for a really long time, yeah.. My question is why resin is being dried out instead of you just getting it hot. That’s like waiting to not wait, what? You are waiting to dry out resin instead of accumulating either money or your brain cells. That’s really not stoner smart that’s gotta be some 4:19 shit.

  • Joel says:

    Drying out resin is a step beyond normal practice, but I see it is important to you.

    You must have considered calling me to press your sticky resin between my thinger and thumb instead of waiting for your mother to do the work of removing those h20 molecules. Resin is ash for a reesin. It’s a limbo, the ash absorbs the resin that is mobilized by heating yet destroyed by combustion. You want a bed of ash and high thc yet hydrated resin to initially be absorbed to make a pot coal. Test no further. I know that resin high is different than asphyxia because of time tests. And some work has been done identify the compounds after I suppose flash oxidation of weed thc into CBD. That is outright beyond my research capabilities. But the evidence is congruent that resin is extremely high in a thc lesser compound. It’s not thrilling but very much a depressant. If you truly use marijuana for your health you’ll certainly lean towards resin in the long term because it is quite simply put superior to bud for some health benefits. The nature of tar and smoke will never improve. That is the obvious dead end. Nobody will test really how high CBD is in resin.

    Thanks for showing support for the resin art, all of you.

  • Joel says:

    A resin nation would have defeated the cannabis plant into int’s finest form and slathered victory on our shores. Yet the halo was heavy with extacy, resin was too humble for the world.

    They spoke of better after life’s, ours was at hand. Resin land.

  • kristen says:

    Excellent article. A few months ago because i need something easy to store and transport and since i really only smoke small amounts over the day i retired my bongs and purchased a one piece glass bubbler that in the end has turned out tobe a huge pia to clean. I dont need it to be squeeky clean but i do like to change the water every day.now that the bowl and tube are resinous(sp) enought that im not pulling my nicely crushed up bud into the water before it lights im left with murkey disqusting water with little resin bits that clog the very tiny carb hole when i try to empty it that way and its too clogged to pour it out the mouthpiece. Long story short i hate to lose the resin in there, you never know when hard times may hit. So its either smash it and scrape the resin or soak it in solvent and get a few more months out of itbefore i have to clean it again. After reading the comments i would not feel comfortable smoking the resin using rubbing alcohol so im wondering if anyones used vodka or gin, and does it dissolve the resin as effectively as rubbing alcohol?

  • nick says:

    How dangerous is the tar in resin compared to the tar in cigarettes?
    If i already smoke cigarettes would it make much of a difference for me to smoke resin too?

    • Mary Jane says:

      Cigarettes are probably more harmful, and without getting high. I still think smoking resin would provide additional harm regardless of whether or not you smoke cigarettes.

  • Jonny Lan says:

    when I’m out of bud i grow more. Never use res NEVER!

    its easy to grow email me if u want tips

  • Jay says:


    -It is not hard to light or keep lit
    -You do not need to smoke 5x the amount of resin than you would have smoked in bud to get the same high as OP and others suggest
    -I smoke everyday, no I’m not a lightweight, and I’ve smoked for years

    Also imo it’s a ‘different’ high, like a cheap high you’d get from black hash.

    Maybe it’s because I’m 160-170 lbs , I’m 5’11 .. I don’t know what other factors would come into play.
    Generally I smoke between 1/2 an OZ to an OZ in a 14 day period

    But 2-3 small bowls of resin get me riiiiiipped for a good 1-2 hours

  • J.T. says:

    I have a question and I am usual very quick with finding a product online, one thing first, allot of marijuana sites won’t even let me leave a comment so I’m taking a shot in the dark here, but I am a lifetime smoker and supporter and I can’t seem to locate, online anyways… a metal stick that has a piece of glass on one end to pack a bowl down with and the stick end is made to clear a stem in a water pipe out or a one hitter out by poking it, like to save from using toothpicks and pollute the environment even more, it’s like the handiest thing ever and I want to get a friend one, but no burnt finger or random poking objects laying around… If anyone has a link that’d be great, P.S. @Kristen, it’s possible, but I would use a higher grain alcohol to burn it to make it smokable, like everclear possibly, I have heard of a friend doing this before, personally though I don’t waste my time with a resin headache, I just put it down till I got some more and then it’s sunshine and rainbows again, I really don’t think it’s worth breaking a bowl though, just for resin

  • Anonymous says:

    Resin is a good way to stop bleeding if you cut your self on accident like a small cut

  • Brian Penny says:

    Just to throw it out there, a bong doesn’t actually filter the tar out of resin, so you’re not making it any healthier that way. In fact, you’re actually reducing the THC levels.

  • Rambo says:

    Where I live weed is expensive and still not tolerated much by the local authorities. So, we have dry spells, some that last for weeks. Needless to say I have my own method of saving and smoking resin. First I usually only save resin from a one-hitter/dugout I use regularly ( it’s very useful to conserve and to help keep me from overdoing it ), it comes out really gooey and a dark brown unlike pipe resin that is usually black. I save my one-hitter ash too, just to give it a little something soak into when it melts. I take my little bubbler and always fill it with fresh cold water before each bowl ( so it’s not as harsh ), put a clean screen in it, then I put some of the herb ash on the screen and a ball of resin in the ash. I just smoke it like that and kind of stir it up when it starts to melt and bubble. It works for me and I usually get a good buzz, but still smells and tastes like ass. When I resort to it I call it the “resin ball blues” because nobody really wants to do it, you feel ashamed for it, and straight herb is just so much better.

  • Ross says:

    What i usually do when it comes to resin is if I have to scrape it all i use is a paperclip you know typical method but I completely skip that part. usually i use a propane torch to slowly heat up my bowl (if to fast it shatters) until it starts to smoke and then I just hit it from there but u’ll want to filter it as it can be harsh. but if I scrape it I put the resin on tinfoil and just smoke it with a straw. Easiest and cleanest way I’m my opinion.

  • Wooblah says:

    “Black Death”
    Haha, I find when cleaning your utensils put said dark matter into a few paper towels and fold up tight into a neat little parcel chuck it in a zip lock sandwich bag for the smell and or just stash outside until crispy then chop with sissors add a small portion of tobacco to help with the burning process, pack small and breathe out quick to avoid too much taste (through water) allow for additional heat in the initial burn. Haha alternatively i do remember years ago a friend prepared semi wet black death using a coke can for example flipped upside down with the top cut off and modified to make somewhat table legs out of the can, light a small candle and put underneath the can being sure that the table legs allow for sufficient oxygen to get in to keep the candle ignited after about 15 mins or so it will be solid to prepare, Then you can smoke your little heart out and start making plans to never get in this position again and tell your self that this wouldn’t be happening unless it was completely necessary.
    And yes i did just have some lol

    • Mary Jane says:

      I love how casually you refer to resin as black death throughout the post. Lol!

    • PhillinStoned says:


      Right on man, i just smoked some as well. Matter of fact, the reason I even googled the subject at stake is because I was wondering if anyone had ever tired my method. (I posted my method in the comments. Feel free to read). Anyway, just wanted to say great name man, Wooblah, good one man.

  • ANON says:

    This is stupid……. 1st) Show me evidence that there is minimal thc in resin. 2nd) have some one put you in a headlock until you are just about to pass out ( lack of oxygen) and tell me if it feels the same as smoking resin. and 3rd) to try and disprove you with facts, I suggest you copy and paste this link and read the article.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Hey Anon,
      It appears we’re talking about two different resins. The article you posted was testing reclaim from concentrates, which is VERY different from the resin that is scraped from a pipe. Reclaim is still very potent (even more potent than high quality herb). Great article though – thanks for sharing. I hope you’re having an awesome day.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know the inside of a bong? The resin built up in there? Can you possibly smoke that, or is that a terrible idea?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not the stem, but the literal inside of the bong, or is all that just tar?

      • Mary Jane says:

        All resin contains tar, but the bong resin should be pretty close to resin scraped from the stem. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    • Mary Jane says:

      You can, but it’s likely going to be wet and need to be dried out. This is only true as long as your bong is not acrylic. Never smoke resin scraped from acrylic because you’re likely to get bits of plastic mixed in.

  • stoner says:

    Just a heads up if you have wipes like baby wipes it works wonders getting the resin off your fingers it’s just rubs right off.

  • BigRed says:

    I dunno man. Everything I see on the internet says resin has less thc, but for some reason, if I smoke resin, I get stupid high. The stuff burns forever and you get like 10 times the hits you would if it was bud. I dunno, if my pieces need cleaned why not smoke it?

    • Mary Jane says:

      No doubt it’ll get you high, it just takes more of it. To each their own 🙂

    • JJmagnificent says:

      I agree, I thought everyone smoked resin when the situation calls for it lol like its normal. It gets me super lifted and burns a long time I haven’t noticed much of a difference at all I enjoy it

  • PhillinStoned says:

    You can also take a torch to your metal bowl and just heat the whole pipe up, then take one of those metal slurpy straws, put it up to any whole in the pipe and inhale. (I recommend taking the torch away from the pipe wile inhaling)

  • Kittynapz says:

    I’ve dry hit my bowl in desperate times. The first time I was super shocked at the buzz I got. Not my favorite thing to do. But desperate times call for desperate measures

  • Nellman says:

    Just saying this is great information from ,what it looks like, all over the world. I’ve been to different parts of the world and by far the best way I’ve seen is SAVE YOU SHAKE for dry days. Get you resin and roll it into resin. Repeat process 2-3 times folding in to give chance for the resin to be completly coated

  • Wolf says:

    So I was smoking some resin…tasted like crap and googled about it….found this post and now im worried i just coated my lungs with tar and cancer……stopped smoking the resin

    • Mary Jane says:

      I’ll agree that it’s not good to smoke, but don’t sweat it if you’ve smoked it in the past. You should be fine, but IMO it’s certainly a positive step to smoke smoking it.

  • Alex420 says:

    Thanks for this article! It was very open-minded, clear and concise. Even has a great chain of commentators. I will definitely be visiting this blog again!

  • Triston says:

    When you boil your pipes you dont have to wait for it to dry. Take a paper towel and just press it on the resin balls a little bit and your good to go. Work smart not hard.

  • Jesse? says:

    I usually put a piece of bud inside my chamber in my metal pipe so it gets resin all over it. I personally notice the difference. I think resin is more of a head high than weed. In a different way. I’m a pro at scraping anything, check I just got done scraping my bowl just now. I’ve been smoking resin for bout 15 years and I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think of it as an investment. Metal pipes pretty much save you money if you know what your doing. Or conserves your bud. I’m even bold enough to say I’m the grand master at scraping bowlz.

  • Sep says:

    Abit of Lynx or wat ever spray u got around works perfect in gettin off ya skin and clothes if you get on shit

  • pj says:

    Ok for all of you out there that don’t know about this there is a better way of vaporizing your resin bud and or extract its called spotting (hot knives) Its what we do here in New Zealand.

    METHOD: heat two knives on the oven element or gas and wait until they become hot enough to vaporize your product by scooping it up between them and then pressing them together under a funnel which you breath through. It may take some time to get the temperature right and the squeezing and scooping techniques. p.s be careful using oils and extracts as they will vaporize VERY quickly and you may not have time to breath it in, using a needle to hold sticky product can be easier than scooping it off a flat surface an can be held under the funnel. usually this technique requires two people the driver and receiver but if your a pro you can do it your self.

    As a side note be careful dry hitting a piece with a lighter you are consuming more gas emissions and your pipe or bowl will heat up a lot faster.

  • Myth says:

    I want to create a variation of hash from resin and kief. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do so?

    • Mary Jane says:

      Not sure about resin, but kief can be pressed through small screens using a hair straigtener. They sell the screen bags at bubblebag.com.

    • All figured out says:

      I have done this to be honest.. All I did was collect trichromes(kief) onto a surface or however you would like to do it. Get enough of it and then acquire a small amount of resin. Very small. Not even pea sized and make sure it’s wet, then start running that through the trichs and get enough to where you can start squishing it and making your finger hash. :}

  • Jim says:

    An alternative to resin & what I do first. I save all my bags…sticks seeds & all. Take a bag & roll it up tightly. Then roll it vigorously in your hands being careful not to lose the contents. Do this over a table. Take out or break up any sharp sticks as they may poke a hole thru the bag. Roll it vigorously for atleast 2 minutes. Then empty it thru a cooking screen. You might get some nice powder from the sticks & stems. Use the same bag until no more powder goes thru the screen. I swear I’ve got powder from bags I’ve done this with 5 times or more. Don’t overfill the bag. I’ve done this many times & everytime I do I get at least a good bowl full.

    Saving your bags can help in dry times. I just did this with 3 old bags & now have a bowl full. Sure some is probably ground up sticks but there is some pot there too. Better than resin but still a bit harsh. If you find a bag you’ve not done this with you might be surprised how much powder you can get even if the bag doesn’t look like it has much in it. You will get off from this powder. Hey it’s worth a try right?

  • Jordii says:

    Just needed to say,
    This is both very insightful, and has great humour.

    Nothing other than that. Just positive feedback.
    More people need to write like this!!!

  • N says:

    All I want to say to this comment section is thank you thank you, and if you haven’t heard it from the angel on your shoulder, thank you, because I’m smoking resin. IT WORKS, PEOPLE! Although I still haven’t seen anything convincing about its health effects. If you have lungs, and it’s once or twice, I think it’s safe (ONLY IF YOU HAVE LUNGS THOUGH).

  • Maine Yankee Dave says:

    This article is cool Mary Jane.
    I thought to give out a sneaky trick tip that I do when in a pinch.
    I like to put my pipe in the freezer for about an hour before I scrap it out and get the resin all froze up.
    Then the resin comes out in chunks vs that nasty soft resin. Also I get most of the resin out because it does not stick to the pipe as much… Happy Highs
    : )…..

  • Greenbreds says:

    If you want to clean resin without saving it, the safest, cheapest, and most effective way is salt and rubbing alcohol. Period. Just pour salt into your piece, add rubbing alcohol and swirl and shake it around. The salt works as an abrasive unit. You’ll be amazed at how cheap and effective this is. It won’t leave your pieces looking cloudy either, but rather brand new. I’ve only tried this on glass too by the way…

  • Nickolas James says:

    I only came on here because I was scraping and got curious, its rare that I only have to go to one site for all answers to all my questions, personally I’m not a fan of resin bit hey it’s better then nothing, and I actually learned a few things so thanks

    • Mary Jane says:

      Thanks! I’m really glad you enjoyed the article. And yeah, we’ve all been there. Find me a habitual smoker who says they’ve never smoked resin, and I’ll show you a lier. Thanks for stopping by and joining in the discussion. Cheers!

  • Hooter-rezz151 says:

    hey people on here so i was just Experimenting on a glass hooter (home made) and heating my knives red hot and i made some liquidity rezz from some bud i pressed against the glass and made a brown spot well lots of brown spots as i finished up the bud I put the glass hooter in a fridge and cooled it off for about 10 to 15 minutes maybe more and as i grabbed my glass hooter i used a straw to scrape off all those brown spots i used a twist tie those lil skinny metal looking stuff anyways and used that to get the rezz off the straw and i rolled that rezz on the red hot knives and got good high and i was just wondering is that safe to smoke?

    • Mary Jane says:

      It’s about the same to hot knife as it would be to smoke it out of a pipe. Every now and then won’t do too much damage, but I wouldn’t do it habitually.

  • Uhhh says:

    What is resin…

  • mayflower gang says:

    yo how much b4 must yall get a good buzz on

  • Anonymous says:

    I smoked res from a bowl a few weeks ago. I took about 4 or 5 hits and was so high that I thought i was watching a movie but it was real life. I laughed my ass off, screamed at plants, saw bugs and snail smile at me, and things seemed farther away. My friend and I had to go into the woods so we wouldn’t get caught by our parents. I really want to experience it when I can listen to Pink Floyd or the Grateful Dead or maybe Jimi Hendrix and watch TV. Hopefully someday, but any way, enough with my life story. haha

  • Mr. Green says:

    I believe there are a few more methods of smoking the resin that make it a bit easier, or at least get the job done quicker so you won’t have to smoke a lot…(I didn’t read every post so I’m not sure if these methods have been posted) The first of these I’m aware of, are known as knife hits. This is a popular method for small compact buds as well as hash, but it works well with resin, and a 4 pack of butter knives costs like a dollar, so you won’t have to worry about dirtying up anything undesirable to do so. First, You may want to make what’s called a ‘freezer buddy’ by cutting the bottom off a plastic bottle, poke holes in the bottom, put ice in the top, and then put the bottom back in the top section UPSIDE DOWN, so that it creates a way to ‘catch the smoke’ and cool it. Then, heat the knives on a stove coil by wedging them between sections of the coil (You can also do this with one of those ceramic top stoves that have no coils, just put them underneath a pot with water in it, and boil the water.) and let them get red hot. Then put the resin on one knife and press down on it with the other, while attempting to catch the smoke (This is difficult with one person, though not impossible). The second method, is much easier to accomplish solo. It’s called the ‘Gravity bong.’ There are a couple methods to the gravity bong. The first, is the ‘Waterfall’ Method, which is the preferred method for resin, since it allows percolation, and kinda takes the edge off the taste, though keep in mind, this method doesn’t FILTER the smoke through the water. (Gravity bongs work like a ‘lung’) First, take a plastic bottle (1 or 2 liter works the best, and the bigger the size of the cap, the better) and poke some holes at the bottom. This creates resistance for the airflow, causing differences In pressure when you draw from it that will cause percolation, (Assuming you don’t go with the traditional technique of pushing down to create a compression pressure to force the smoke into your lungs) and take the cap off the top. Next you will need a Socket, (Not a wall socket, but a socket tool socket. Anywere from 8 to 10mm, or even up to 1/2 inch.) and a sharp tool to cut a square hole that should be smaller than the circumference of the selected socket. After that, take a lighter to the square hole to soften it up a bit (Make sure you are burning it on the TOP side by holding it upside down) and then jam the socket in the hole (Hex side should be on top) and let the plastic cool to create a wonderful seal. Make sure you put a screen in the socket, or this won’t work AT ALL, obviously. This part is known as the ‘headpiece.’ (For those of you who don’t like metal, you can use glass in a similar way, just make sure you’ve established a good seal. You can use hot glue to patch up any leaks) Lastly, take a 5 gallon bucket (Or something that can hold enough water to nearly submerse the entire apparatus [minus the headpiece of course] and fill it to that point. Then drop a ball of resin (Or buds, I’ve heard people call this the ‘microwave hit’ or ‘nuke’ hit, because cooks you up quick, like a microwave) in the headpiece, making sure that you don’t have it connected to the lung, otherwise when you attempt to put the apparatus into position, the compression will cause the air to force itself out of your bowl, and blow your stash into the water… not cool. Position the apparatus in the water so that there is hardly any air in it. Next put the headpiece on, and ignite the resin. Pull up on the lung to create proper suction to fill it with smoke. Take the cap off and inhale, and if you’ve used the waterfall method, you can pull the apparatus above water, continuing to inhale, creating percolation, which helps for resin (Or any other form for that matter). The other method of G-bong is the ‘cutoff’ method, where you just cut the bottom completely off. This provides zero resistance for pressure, and you can push down on the bottle (Without opening your mouth) to create compression pressure, then open your mouth (Making sure you’ve exhaled first) to force the smoke into your lungs. Either of these techniques works well, but BE WARNED. There is an immediate effect lovingly referred to as ‘Gravity burn’ or ‘G-lung’ which, as you’ve guessed it, is a near uncomfortable coughing period that can last for up to a minute.. but hey, you don’t get off till you cough right? The overall idea with this is to basically condense as much smoke as you can into one area and hit it one time. It should send you to mars… Metaphorically speaking of course. Either of these methods may still have a prominent resin flavor, but you won’t have to repeat the process much if at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    The best way to clean resin off your skin, clothes, or counter is by using baby wipes! Seriously, it takes it right off.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Great tip. Thanks for sharing!

    • Anonmyous says:

      This is the difference between the comment section on this particular topic and most other article comment sections. There were no racially offensive comments…no mocking of the techniques of others….makes you think!

      • Mary Jane says:

        The comment section is moderated. I’ve never blocked a comment for disagreeing or stating an opinion, but I do block comments that are blantatly hateful, disrespectful, or trolls.

  • David says:

    a friend of mine and I were bored one night so we started cleaning pipes… towards the end of the clean I noticed something ive never seen whilst cleaning rez… there was an ant that I had pulled out of his pipe covered in rez… so I picked the ant out and proceeded to get high as hell

  • matt c says:

    Here my idea I take shake and boil my weed pipe and yea it’s glass but instead of smoking it mix it up in my plants dirt is that good idea because it seems like it is hit me up

  • DeeperBeing says:

    I have to comment on here especially being a person who has asthma and smokes this medicine without any issues (I am living proof). I stumbled upon this blog after realizing why I was getting certain symptoms from smoking resin, which I basically consider tar. Happened to me twice recently. Once before my trip out of state, then again as I recently got back home. Now I didn’t completely smoke the resin in my pipe intentionally. My mistake was not cleaning my pipe thoroughly before my trip and after coming back home. So when I’d light up, I’d dump all the ash and resin from my bowl (or at least I thought so), sometimes digging it out with something like a toothpick. Then I’d refill with more herbs and then light up. Then first, I started getting a headache (which I rarely get). Night fall came and geez let me tell ya, it was NOT easy to sleep. Before my trip I couldn’t figure out what the hell it was and thought it was my asthma back from years ago. So yes, with these symptoms, I didn’t want to smoke anymore until my symptoms cleared out. Comes my trip, I suffered over there as well for a few more days not being able to sleep, dry coughing like crazy in the middle of the night, which led to some headaches for coughing so much. A couple more days past, not being able to smoke, I started feeling like myself again. More sleep, no coughs while trying to sleep. I noticed it was only whenever I laid down. I sat up, I was fine, I’d lay down, I start coughing and wheezing a little.
    So after my trip, I light up one day and was feeling good. Then the next day lighted up again, my symptoms returned. I recently went to a party after my trip and thought I got sick by drinking someone else’s cup I thought was mine. Yesterday, I searched online and saw little information on what I found called ‘resin sickness’. That’s when I gave a few thoughts and concluded that it had to be my wood pipe that I haven’t thoroughly cleaned yet. So I dumped what was left in it and well I couldn’t even see my metal screen filter (which I’ve read previous comments on here and will no longer use this pipe thanks to you all, so thank you). So not having anything to poke or scrape into my pipe, I straightened out a metal hanger since it was bendable and would fit my pipe. I managed to get my filter out,but before that, there was a ball of resin/tar that was halfway covered in black goop. I figured that had to be the reason why I was getting these same symptoms again. It was disgusting and honestly I’m not sure why anyone would need to smoke that stuff. Having asthma and as sensitive as my lungs are, the real deal doesn’t make me wheeze or cough up mucus, but does the great effects we all get. But when I saw this resin/tar after I dug deeper, I found my culprit. I’m aware that everyone is different and the effects are not all the same. But I personally believe people should avoid smoking that resin/tar stuff as it could effect you in the long run. Because the headache is the first sign to me that it’s not good. Also then came a fever, sweating randomly thought my day and still coughing except this time I’m coughing up mucus and spitting it out. Anyway I just wanted to make my comment on here as I figured it may be important for future reference. Especially for people who smoke herbs and also have asthma, very important to clean that pipe!…and wait to buy some more fresh herbs rather than smoking what I basically consider tar.

    • DeeperBeing says:


    • Mary Jane says:

      Great insight! Thanks for sharing this with such detail 🙂

    • All figured out says:

      hun, you are doing way too much and not enough at the same time. And I’m not sure what you were smoking to make resin that you thought made you ill.. But I wouldn’t be so quick to attribute a little bit of resin to flu-like symptoms. Sounds to me like maybe you just got sick. ?

  • KingTroup says:

    I tried to dab resin once, tbh the feeling was all right, but the taste was horrible lol. Thanks for some tips though! You deserve a Grammy lol but for Cannabis , maybe like a trophy full of joints , lol

  • Sadie says:

    Loved this and the great commentary. Found this link with scientific testing results on what they called reclaim ( = resin).

    • Mary Jane says:

      Hey Sadie,
      Thanks for sharing. It’s a terrific article, but reclaim and resin are two different things. Basically, reclaim is the residue from concentrates, and resin is the residue from herb. Reclaim is much cleaner and higher in THC than resin. Hope this helps. Have an awesome day!

  • Smokin&Ridin says:

    Resin is like a last resort
    If you only have to wait like a day then wait
    But it still isn’t that bad
    If you get high quality and save your resin for awhile you can make a nice thc ball and it’ll take longer to burn so its not like a quick one and done hit. Thick sticky resin is he best way to go. Harder chuncks wont stick together and won’t burn like the rest.

  • Indicablue says:

    Resin contains a good amount of THC(depending on what type of strain you filled your bowl with). I put my glass bowl in the toaster oven(not the microwave). An oven will work as well. I place the pipe in the heating source and heat it until the glass is a bit hot. (If it gets too hot, you will cook the resin to the pipe). Using a paper clip, I extract the sticky resin from the bowl, roll it into a ball and stick it in a bowl to smoke. A screen is recommended. I have heard that hitting an empty bowl isn’t effective or good for you.

  • Indicablue says:

    I thank you Mary Jane for the insightful writing. I enjoyed reading this.

  • NOmannersHannerz says:

    i’m curious as to the difference between low level resin inside the pipe, versus the black, dryer, harder, seemingly more the rich residue that forms on the inside of the bowl itself (directly where the bud sits). after using a razor blade/exato knife to scrape said residue, and smoking it, it seems like i get just as/nearly high as the when i smoke the real stuff. does heated up thc ooze onto the inside bowl area in-between hits? or perhaps it’s a result of packing weed into the bowl so tightly that thc sticks to the residue…

    JOINT method i’ve found successful, pinching a rolling paper on the scraped resin from the scraping tool (i prefer paperclips) all down the length of the R. paper. i then roll the the resin covered paper into a cigarette and smoke. tobacco helps mask the poor taste, if paper is too wet to confidently roll, roll cigarette first, then roll resin paper around cigarette. i find it to be much quicker easier to smoke and less hassle than trying to form a ball/constantly having to poke a hole in the bowl as the ball melts clogging pipe every other hit or so. hope this helps

  • Popps says:

    I picked up some bud that was very dry, like an idiot I put a few finger sprinkles of water in the bag and through it in the fridge, the next morning it changed the smell from dank to greeny, did I ruin the bud? Or can I dry it again and get the smell and flavor back?

  • Fatboysimon says:

    My buddy gave me 2gs of resin and I put it in a bowl. heated up a knife with a blow torch and stuck the red hot knife in the bowl and hit it got me so fried. Then I thought it was tar from the driveway because my dad paved the driveway and the previous night I said to my friend Sam here’s the blunt Samantha and he was like doI want to die. so my high ass got paranoid but it’s was justill resin.

  • Anonymous says:

    Think about it like this, when you smoke a joint, you smoke the resin too because the joint is the bowl…mannnnnn. So no harm no foul. If it’s all you got, BURN THAT $H!T SON!

  • Dont! says:

    Don’t smoke resin, I smoked res out of my pipe for about a week, and I started having major mental problems

  • Fanie de Villiers says:

    Well, I smoke a joint once a week. I smoke half, kill it, drink a few beers and barbecue meet, then light up the remainder of the joint, which is slightly blackened towards the filter – I assume that’s the resin. This second smoking gives me a great high, which I’ve always (wrongly, it now seems) attributed to the resin.

  • Jim says:

    I’m a 45 year old man with bipolar disorder type I and severe anxiety. Either bud smoke or resin smoke manage my symptoms way better then pharmaceuticals prescribed by my therapist. I highly recommend cannabis or even resin to anyone with mental health issues. For me, it’s been a godsend.

  • Anonymous says:

    Save stems you can use them for a screen and a warning that your resin is either gone or is about to pull through back into your pipe…if you taste stem pack more resin on top. the stems get stuck to the gooey res’ that melts down to the bottom and when your finished you can tap your pipe out into your hand or ashtray with ease

  • danny says:

    You know, I had a friend who thinks he’s so much smarter than everyone.
    But, I honestly didn’t know what resin was, and I believed him until reading this.
    But, when I was a well-accomplished smoker, I used to scrape my bowls and throw out the resin, but one day my friend said to me why scrape it? you can just smoke it. and he continued to say that the resin contains higher THC, and would, in turn, get me pretty high.

  • Eli says:

    So unfortunately I learned all about the resin by myself. I wish I would of read all this a long time ago. would of been helpful at that time. Anyways I have bud but the main point that is that I scrapped 8.3 grams of resin from 1 pipe. I’ve been looking at this massive thing sitting next to my dab rig and wondered what it would be like if I dabbed resin. I ddnt see that up in that section in this article. I have a titanium steel nail. It worked great. Of course the THC level as you said is not nearly as high as in the bud. But it works great. The taste isnt bad. . have u done or heard of anyone doing this. And any tips and pointersl or os it really that simple?

  • Doobietokes says:

    take the resin who’ll it’s still sticky but a little bit wet. And spread it into and even layer on a cigarette. Thickness depending on amount or your preference. I’ve spread it thick before and couldn’t walk. Shit had my dick in the dirt. And with the cigarette it makes the taste and smell not to bad

  • Jimmy says:

    I’d if anybody still comes here but another way you could smoke it (done it myself) you could roll the resin in a ball and smoke it like a dab through a rig. I wasn’t sure if resin was smokable through a bong so I had tried that since greater burning Temps and It got me decently high for the amount I used. I’d recommend it. But not recommend smoking resin lol… I could see lungs collapsing easily from smoking a lot of it. Tightens your lungs hard.

  • Mr.Red-Floyd says:

    Recently I upgraded from a reversible titanium domeless nail to a quartz banger.
    A couple of days ago I was out of weed and dabs and looked at the pile of resin I had accumulated.
    I thought to myself “I wish I had an easy way to filter it to dab on the old nail” then immediately remembered rosin tech.
    Put some res into an empty teabag and pressed it with my hair straightener… and poof, Dabbable res oil!

  • Some random old stoner says:

    I knew a dude who used to drink bong water. I imagine resin tea would be similarly puke inducing. If you have enough buds, you don’t have to worry about scraping your bowl for a long time, thusly, whenever you do scrape it, you get a whole shit-ton of goo. Take said goo and mix it with shake, roll it around, smash it, squish it, and eventually you have reefer-cake. Smoke the reefer-cake like you would buds or hash. If you smoke enough resin, you’ll get resin resin. Scrape and smoke accordingly. If you get any resin from this resin resin, it will be resin resin resin. By this time it will taste like coal, and will most likely hurt your chest if you smoke it. I wouldn’t recommend it, but, you know, how desperate are you? Is there a severe drought? Are you out of funds til payday? Or did you just clean your bowl because it was clogged? Do you still have actual buds? Yeah? Then what the fuck are wasting your time smoking resin for?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hasn’t anyone ever done smidgens, as we used to call them? Put a blob/chunk of resin on a piece of foil, roll up a dollar sized piece of paper for a mouth piece, hold lighter under foil and inhale that nasty ass shit. Blob will roll down the foil as it heats up. Gets ya fucked up every time. It is a harsh toke for sure, but when the stash has run out its better than nothing.

  • Skin1 says:

    What about using the reading to cook with? Canna utter, brownies? Just a thought. Haven’t tried but would live feedback please. Thanks.

  • Anonymous says:

    anytime I run out and resort to resin, i break out my 5 inch section of metal coat hanger with the tip flattened, scrape out my stuff onto a piece of glass, take some aluminum foil and mold it into a bowl (no holes, just use my thumb to wrap and curl the edges and leave some extra to hold onto) burn the aluminum to get any crap that might be on it, dump in the resin and heat it up from underneath with a lighter, and use my one hitter to suck up the smoke, works really good but the hits you get can be kinda big >.<

  • Lora says:

    I smoke resin at times. It is nasty, it also makes my head hurt. That said, have a great night.

  • Punchy says:

    I just use a bubbler so when in gets full of resin, I pour the bong water though a rice strainer then I use a thin piece of wire to agitate the stem resin then, blowing firmly downy the stem dislodges the chunks of resin which I then refill the chamber and repeat the straining process.
    I then allow the ‘dregs’ today in sunlight on a ceramic plate for 15 mins.

    Then I scrape the wet resign onto a tablespoon and hold a candle/lighter underneath the spoon until the resin begins to cracke. You can do this in a microwave or under the griller but it’s stinks the house out and the spoon method lets you dry the resign without burning any off in the process.
    Allow spoon to rest, once dry scrape into your bowl and hammer away!

    PS. I sometimes mix a small amount of tobacco to help the resin burn hotter and none is wasted this way. I’m doing it now and tho I’ve had 5mgs of xanax I still feel pretty high off this method.

    Punchy, Australia.

  • Scott says:

    Back in the 70’s I had a brass chamber bowl, you take it apart and put a couple of Buds in, screw it back together and smoke through it like normal until you can’t draw through it or you run out of weed. Take it apart and the buds are gooey balls of resin and bud. don’t make any big plans, because you aren’t going anywhere for awhile.

  • Tracy says:

    Hey yall smoking resin isn’t delicious but it will most definitely get you ripped! It’s like a bonus high after you smoked all your weed! No sense in wasting it. Anyways I just wanted to say that if you decide to procure yourself some resin then it is gonna get real messy, real quick. I use rubbing alcohol to clean up afterwards (hands, scraping tools, surfaces). It totally breaks down that sticky residue and makes cleanup WAY easier. Just remember to rinse everything with water afterwards too because rubbing alcohol is flammable! Be safe and rip one for me!!

  • John T says:

    Well I’m in the minority here for ok dark rather than blonde hash is £35 for 14 grams… The taste and smell is IMO nice, sweet pungent aroma….It’s a daytime, early evening smoke…Yes bud is better all rnd, but I like having a mild lovely smelling with a fantastic sweet sticky taste… that is Inna spliff….But a gd clean small water bong is gd alternative although it can be harsh if u get too much smoke…
    Even given a green milder sativa for daytime use, I’d still have a little resin around as I do like it, especially some red leb or other quality product.
    Cheers….I’d like to start vaping everything, but I struggle at night….I smoke 25g a week, which I can reduce by halve if pushed….I’d like a prescription…. Thinking of going to Portugal and Spain so might be able to pick some up there

  • John T says:

    The 25g is tobacco…I smoke about 1g a night, sometimes more… Lol

  • Bob NoName says:

    Smoking resin is the stoner equivalent of hunting hits off cigarettes in an ash tray.

  • Matthew Jones says:

    I have been out of bud for weeks and was left with one huge resin ball, smoked pieces of it for weeks and i felt fine and was breathing just fine too. Question though, since resin is oil that wasnt consumed by the flame when we smoke, Doesn’t that mean every time we smoke bud we are also smoking the same oils that are in the bud?

    My dad has smoked +30 years and i have smoked for 7 years, smoked plenty of resin and bud and nothing is wrong with our respiratory system, in my experience cannabis made me feel better than how i felt on adderall. The resin and bud treats and supresses everything adderall did to me. I just cant see cannabis in any fashion or form being bad for me in any way.

    • Stycki Ycki says:

      Been a toker for 20 years, more than half my life. I’ve fallen back on resin a hundred times over the years, whenever the green ran out for this reason or that. I mostly smoke out of glass pipes, which are great for collecting resin because the resin doesn’t really adhere to the glass in the bowl and it slides right off with minimal effort. I use a paperclip to remove resin from the bowl; with a pair of pliers I make a tiny, acute-angle hook at the end of the paperclip and go in through the carb hole. The hook helps to gather up more resin faster. I transfer the resin to photo paper; its not the cheapest solution but you can take a 4″ x 6″ piece of glossy photo paper and tear a small strip off to hold your resin, that way a typical package of photo paper lasts through many, many resin harvesting sessions. I fold the strip of paper about 1/4 of the way down, and put the resin on the folder part, so you can set it down on a table or other surface and not end up with resin everywhere while you work. The glossy paper makes it easy to get the resin off when you are ready to smoke it. I almost never bother to dry the resin but dry resin does indeed smoke better. A super simple process to harden a ball of resin is just throw it in the freezer for awhile; doesn’t evaporate any fluids, but it freezes hard so it’s easier to manipulate and it burns better. But I hardly ever even do that anymore; when I smoke resin it’s ’cause I am out of green and wanting to catch a short buzz *right now*, ain’t got time (patience) for a lot of processing effort. Mixing resin with tobacco will make it burn more slowly, but I quite smoking cigarettes some years back and hate the taste of tobacco now so I don’t do that anymore. If you are a cigarette smoker you can take gooey resin and smear it on the outside of a cigarette then just smoke it like normal, used that method a bunch of times when I was younger to get a quick, easy resin high. Just be gentle when smearing on the resin or you’ll rip the cigarette. But with that method, you lose some resin smoke to the air and the rest passes through a filter, meaning a lot of the THC ends up not in your lungs. Its quick and easy, not efficient. Smoking resin from a bowl is the most effective way I’ve found. Holding the bowl sideways while you burn the resin helps to prevent the hot resin from just vanishing right down the smoke hole. Another trick if you want to get the most out of resin is to put cigarette ash in the bowl first, then put your resin ball on top. That’s an old crack smoker’s trick to make crack last longer too (don’t ask how I know that, but I will stipulate that I was a pretty stupid and wild teenager once upon a time). The resin mixes with the ash and hardens instead of dripping away into the pipe. You can smoke a ball of resin for a loooooong time on a good bed of ash. Again, I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore so I don’t bother with that trick these days, but that is hands-down the most effective way I’ve found to get mileage out of the resin. In my opinion its best not to think too hard about what you are smoking, no smoke is ever healthy and smoking almost straight tar is certainly a bad idea, but when you want to get lifted you want to get lifted and that’s that. As many people have also commented, mixing resin with weed or weed dust enhances the quality of the experience, but I have hardly ever done that, when I resort to resin it’s cause every trace of green is gone! And if you feel a little shame-faced about smoking the black shit in the bottom of your bowl, trust me folks there is nothing there to get upset about. You can sink a lot lower, trust me. Be happy it’s THC you are craving and not something worse! Also for you bong smokers, if you want to get really baked for a really long time, drink the liquid out of your bong after you smoke a few bowls from it. Sounds (and is) utterly disgusting, but it will continue to make you high for hours (long after the smoked THC has faded). I used to put liquids like chocolate Yoohoo or Kool-Aid in the bong instead of water; it gives the smoke a little flavor, but more importantly, makes the bongwater easier to drink (water does NOT hide the flavor of the shit floating in it that well!). In my opinion, smoking weed through a bong is not a good idea UNLESS you drink the liquid afterward, ’cause you are losing a lot of THC molecules when the smoke passes through that liquid filter. I never use a bong anymore since you get a higher concentration of THC in the smoke just blazing up with a regular pipe. The old saw about a bong being best because it cools the smoke and you can inhale more is ignoring the science: you can inhale more smoke into your lungs, but the smoke contains less THC, so it’s a wash compared to a regular pipe and regular-sized hits. There was an Australian medical study on weed that I read once that measured THC concentrations of marijuana smoke through a number of different smoking mediums; marijuana smoke that passed through water had the lowest concentration of THC, even less than smoking weed through a cigarette filter! Enjoy your greenery and toke on!

  • Rob says:

    I have found before you load the next bowl but still a little green bowl just put it in a container new bowl you can also scraps your bowl and start a resin ball. You just mix it together and stash it… If you continue to do this in a few weeks or so you can have a decent size resin ball and with the weed you put in will help make the ball more potent hell while your at it spread some green in with it and as it cures it will all soak in.

  • Anon says:

    I never been so high in my life n i been smoking purple kush n og kush and 1 bowl of resin rolled in a left over hash cointainer got me baked as shit

  • Joseph Gregory says:

    The article starts with “…but have you ever thought about what exactly resin is …” Did I miss it or did they fail to explain what resin is?

  • Robyn says:

    I personally enjoy resin when I have no bud .. the bowl is nice and dirty…,, gets u high ive been doing it for years and im fine lol. Is a differnt high. Str8 haha.

  • cough says:

    well sitting here smoking pretty “choice” resin out of my favorite bong that could use a cleaning anyways and reading this i can’t help but bring up another facet. What about buildup of other chemicals? I’m not only talking about natural combustion products like ammonia, creosote, calcium compounds and leftover nutrients especially chemical salts, not that they should be forgotten. I’m just also talking about things you’d rather forget like additives to butane in lighters and dust from the air you sucked past the sticky stuff every time you hit it. I get we all agree resin is a last resort. This stuff outa my 2 footer might taste like grapes somehow but what i want to know is has anyone messed themselves up bad by smoking too much resin?

  • Anonymous says:

    I never comment on a post/article ever but this one was so great (especially the first sentence) i couldn’t help it.

  • C-Riz says:

    Freakin hater! If you really wanna smoke resin here’s the deal:

    It’s always a very body-high wavy feeling. It’s great. I call resin Poor Man’s dabs. It’s certainly what it feels most like.

    To collect resin, you need to carefully knock all the residue from your entire piece into a container and afterwards, separate the bad from the good.

    How I accomplished this was getting a big Pyrex pan and filling it with 90% isopropyl alcohol, periodically taking the piece out of the Pyrex, covering all holes and shaking it hard.

    After you get the resin out of the piece and suspended in the alcohol you need to filter it/ solidify it. There’s actually not much to it. To filter it just manually isolate the little pieces of ash with a spoon or whatever, drain the spoon at the edge of the container and dump the ash. Put the resin itself (the brown/black liquid alcohol at this point, with zero solids) into that flat container and the wideness of the pan will allow the alcohol to more quickly evaporate. Before it finishes evaporating, move the liquid into a smaller container or you’ll have a miserable mess. Now after it has finished evaporating off all the alcohol, get a flexible razorblade from an old school razor and just start scraping all of it into the desired storage, or just more tightly together in the container.

    It should be very waxy and sticky like glue, the absolute stickiest, stinkiest, messiest thing you’ve ever dealt with as far as weed is concerned. Throughout the process you’ll be able to tell what’s good stuff and what’s ashes, no worries.

    If anyone tells you resin is nasty, chances are they’re scrapers, that is people that don’t use alcohol for collecting resin and smoke all the ashes with the resin like they’re in high school trying to stretch out their midgrade shwag.

  • Sam Donaldsmoke says:

    I ball up a lot of it over time as it clogs the bowl and the knowledge that when out it’s good for a safety net of sorts and had led me to a great detox/ween off of the stuff. As an American or other that companies drug test or you just want to quit and keep buying more, resolve to stop and merely smoke the resin, it does the trick to get you high and over time you DON”T WANT IT ANYMORE. You notice it gets you less high, and eventually you just stop (or I do as that was the intent) and either shift to another poison (beer/alcohol to satiate) for the duration of the wacky sabbatical 😉

  • Fiend says:

    I’ve smoked my share of resin back in the day when I was unable to score. Its disgusting and tastes and smells awful and probably just terrible for your lungs, but it does the job when you’re truly desperate for a high.

    Its best when at least a couple of days have passed since you last smoked some actual bud, as your tolerance will be lower and the weaker high will go a lot further. If you hit some cones of resin hours after smoking the real deal, you’re probably not going to feel a whole lot.

    My own way of collecting it was pretty damn crude compared to some of the methids discussed here. I would would line the laundry sink with a chucks wipe, tip the bong water onto the wipe, and then use some scissors to gather the gunk on the wipe into my chop bowl. Then, I would use some scissors to scrape what had collected in the pipe out (I had a great pair with really long, skinny blades I’d use for this), and leave it all to dry.

    Its a very messy and dirty process however you do it. I would generally be washing my hands about five or six times in an attempt to get them clean, and god knows how much I left on door handles and the like.

    I always found it best to spin it up with something like tobacco before you smoke it. While that does make each individual cone even weaker than they already were, it also helps it burn a lot better and dry out faster.

  • KushKueen says:

    Funny ,im smoking resin now because I’ve been out for days

  • Goat Miserae says:

    You could just extract the hash. Tools are primitive. I take 99% ISO alcohol and wash the pipe, dumping the resin into a heat safe Pyrex dish which I preheat while doing good the wash. Using extremely low temperatures I boil off the alcohol and 1% water, leaving a beefy layer of resin on the Pyrex. After this I scrape the hash colored goodness with a razor blade and ball it up. Depending on how patient one can be, the resin can be further refined, but I normally just smoke it after the alcohol is gone. ( 91%-99% ISO is totally safe to use for resin extraction, many of my friends at shops use a similar process for extracting hash, butane/propane would work too but idk how someone would run that through a pipe lol)

  • Anonymous says:

    Boiling glass will actually weaken your piece overtime. I found when the resin is too sticky to really get out, stick it in the freezer for about 10 min. After you pull it out you GENTLY poke at the resin inside and GENTLY tap the bowl to knock out the “dust”. Once the resin warms back up it’ll stick and roll right back together. But do NOT take a lighter to the cold bowl. Or ANY heat until the piece has acclimated back to room temp. I’ve seen a lot of people shatter their frozen pipes. I’ve seen hot bowls get shattered by an idiot dropping it in the snow. Just had to add that note.

  • Anonymous says:

    Never knew it was tar though!!?? That changed my perception of smoking res forsureee

  • John S says:

    turned 65 this summer and started smoking weed as I had tobacco.
    Then quit tobacco years back, and needed this discussion to start me moving away from getting the effects from trad products of combustion,
    Keep it alive,

  • jon prentiss says:

    I am smoking resin. I had a one hit toker from King of Seeds. So i cut it open and inside is a metal lining to make it easier to scrape off.

    ” Smoking resin today ( 6 months of different types of pot ) …….It is gross but combined with a 6.5% IPA …..i taste no pain. lol Happy Toking.

  • Chris Awasis says:

    Thanks that’s really good to know. Thank you. I really got a kick out of the tea. “It got them really high, but they wanted to throw up afterwards” mint

  • Debi Briscoe says:

    I’m having a drug swab test tmrw. The only I have smoked in the passed 3 days was a little resin and that was yesterday. Should I be scared? And I don’t have the money to buy that swab test mouthwash or gum.

  • Teeber Jeebs says:

    I love resin … I think it gets you higher … it feels like concentrate … a lot of people refer to it as tar … if so I’ll be the first to say that smoking weed tar is great … exciting and it gets you “fricked” up fo realz!

  • That Guy Ryan says:

    Very interesting article, i love after all these years of smoking, I still ask myself if i could smoke my resin. My answer? Here to Science, Toke up my friends.

  • Anonymous says:

    Should do better research in a lab resin tested for thc cbd and few others found it surprisingly contains 12 percent thc around.09 cbd with those results puts it at average regs lvl in the states for people sick like me can be a life savor

  • Steve the stoner says:

    Nice article, can’t quit remember what I was looking up (due to a really bad memory, not being stoned lol) but I was just taking a puff of resin while reading this and wanted to say good job and thanks for trying to keep people informed.

  • Cathie says:

    Tbh i will if shits rough in the money dept, but I will add to my bowls sometimes, I like the high

  • Jenny says:

    DONT THROW IT AWAY! It’s medicine. Cannabis resin contains a huge amount of terpenes, the medicinal ingredient found in turpentine. Over 120 different terpenes and terpenoids have been isolated from cannabis, and many of them have medicinal properties of their own – for use as antiseptic, expectorant, antibiotic, antifungal, antiparasitic, for gastrointestinal discomfort, and pain relief.

  • Luis Romore says:

    I wonder if anyone has figured out a method to separate thx from tar

  • no one says:

    I would just like to add a tip I taught myself recently. if you do decide to smoke resin there is one important thing you can do to maximize the high. since resin is super sticky I will take some older or dry resin and use it to “clean” my pot dish, grinders, etc. I usually use a knife to push the ball of resin around until is it completely green. this is also a great way to smoke that hard to get to keef in your grinder. after i make 2 or 3 “keef balls” i put it in my bowl and spark up. let me know if you guys like this idea or not.

  • Nobody’s here says:

    I smear the oils on inside of fag papers then use them to make joints it seems to work ok

  • Omally says:

    I do this to lol I get terrible withdrawals when I don’t smoke but I think it’s got a lot to do with my mental health to I use buds to I don’t know like a security blanket I’ve been on so many medications and nothing works except buds but it also gives me negative affects to…. Anyways what I’ve been doing is lately I collect all my crud mix it with my blend of mug warts Californian poppy ummm has heaps of shit in it it’s actually called quit weed ( on ebay) oh BTW recently gave up smoking I chuck it all in my dedicated coffee grinder mix it all up let it dry and Whala…. Guys as stated it’s not a thing I endorse but it gets me over the line… Stops my nausea and loss of appetite witch is my main side affect

  • Omally says:

    One important thing I forgot is that I’m a Lil worried about mould spores and bacteria

  • Kirk says:

    I found that a streetsweeper brush works best. If you have taken walk and come upon a flat piece f metal thats hat is

  • Billy. says:

    Smoke resin like you would a dab. To me it’s the best method with a torch.

  • Moto Bob says:

    I’m in my mid 50s, so yes, I’ve been smoking resin for a long time. I love the stuff. Lately, I’ve been using a glass oil pipe or a dab rig attached to my new glass bong. Man, wish I had these glass pieces back in the day. In my opinion, resin is concentrated smoke. That’s all it is, and is as good as the weed it’s from. It’s the same stuff your inhaling from smoking, but just didn’t make it into your lungs cuz it stuck to the pipe, period. Now, this may change after applying heat to or burning it. But who cares, your only smoking it a few times a year. Gotta be honest, it’s a real treat to collect and smoke resin. It’s like a nice mellow hash high. You kids are majorly spoiled these days with all this high quality herb around. Back in the day (60’s, 70’s & 80’s), the “WHOLE” Plant was chopped up and bagged for sale, not just the buds like today. Yes, you’d buy an oz of weed, and you’d be lucky to find maybe 3 or 4 little buds in it. It was a bag of chopped leaves, seeds, and stems. You’d have to pour it out on a double folded LP record cover to tap out the seeds and stems. It was a chore, but something we did together with a few friends while we smoked. My, have times changed. Some of you have NO Idea…. That being said, smoking resin, was and is a treat for some of us old timers….

    • Jazzy says:

      Aha, I agree with this guy. In my opinion, if u don’t smoke resin everyonce in a while, what kinda stoner are you?! I love smoking resin. Scraping your favorite pipes is fun and gives you something to do. And u get something out of it. It’s like finally cleaning your room after the longest time and finding $$ or something awesome u forgot about. I remember one of my friends had this pipe. And he was very attached to it. He wouldn’t scrape it for the longest time, we would all be chillin in the woods smoking a bowl and after that bowl, we would pass the empty pipe around and dry hit the bowl to the point where’s it’s just right and you would get the narliest hits. We called it the magic pipe and let me tell you. When we were out. We’d toke on that thing alone and it got us baked asf. Good times.

  • BeerSlave says:

    Before ignighting resign..buy a YoCan evolve plus vaporizer.. online for < $50. You won’t regret it…After you do and you’re high as fuc..think about me in this article and say, mentally, “thank you..” and just know that my response would be a resounding.. “you’re welcome, bro”..

  • a says:

    comment: If your pipe is “metal; no plastic or glass”; put yer pipe in the oven; low heat; bake for a few minutes; the resin is liquid; I dry the resin then smoke resin:
    (do not use this method for plastic or glass); NOTE ASH IS POTAXSH; Potash is another name for POTASSIUM)

  • The daddy D says:

    Wouldn’t resin tea be just bong water like the black floaters in the bong isn’t ash it’s resin bongs actually make resin balls in time from constetly moving water in a circular motion creating a ball of rez and I hear countless story’s of ppl at party’s drinking the bong water puk and high af like so high u puk also

  • Winona says:

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    is legalized is discussed as wwell as nalyses on why
    Proposition 19 filed and what must happen for future redferendums to pass.
    Designers and people all on the world are designing clothes and using material
    having a view to guard the environment too. Thhe Hemp Network is a superb company whiich haas a
    unique twist the will allow themselves to produce a nichje in neetwork marketing.

  • UkReedY says:

    When we were younger we used to “toot” it on tin foil, kinda like how smackheads smoke heroin. Or put a bit of cigarette ash in your Chillum (bowl? I’m from UK, sorry) then pull it through a lung (top half of a 2l bottle with a plastic sandwich bag taped to the bottom) using a mini pencil torch as a lighter just doesn’t have enough heat to pull the smoke through on the first attempt. Inhale and choke on the dirtiness that is resin ha!

  • Jeff says:

    Baked cookies with it and got really high

  • Well, agree with the fact that too much smoking resin can get your body into real trouble, I guess occasional smoking will not hurt that much.

  • This website really has all the information I needed concerning
    this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  • Don says:

    I literally just smoked a bowl pack and found this on Google lol, I guess all stoners do think alike haha

  • KT says:

    HAND SANITIZER!! Lol. This is the BEST at removing resin from your fingers and hands or wherever else you might get it, not your clothes tho… Still looking for something to help with that haha. But yes!! Always have hand sanitizer. The wipes or the bottles of it!!

  • Willy says:

    Vodka in your bubbler will take almost all of the flavor out of the resin.

  • JourneyRider says:

    So how many more times has the author smoked the resin again, since this article was written ???

  • Anonymous says:

    resin gets you more high than weed I know cause taking 1 hit of resin Is like taking 3 weed hits. just gotta hot knife it

  • Anonymous says:

    Gravity bong is the best way for that lol

  • Nerf says:

    I know I’m necroing a post but since I didn’t see it I thought I’d post my little tip:

    When cleaning rezzie out… Keep a bottle of your favorite Perfume or Cologne nearby… The alcohol in it is stout enough to eat right through the rez while leaving your hands smelling good and not like you’ve been fondling a tar pit.

  • HairyWinkler420 says:

    We are all typing on here high lmao n smoking resin while typing gtoh I love flower but I got that nasty black ball in my bubbler right now!!! But now that I know it truly does contain thx I feel better like I’m not getting high from lack of oxygen

  • prufessa says:

    I have a method to get pure resin without any filters and mess involved. You will have to figure out a way for bowls because I just clean my one-hitter pipe this way. For the one-hitter all I need is a doob tube, stretched out bobby pin, alcohol and some sort of tray. I cut out the bottom of an empty alcohol bottle.

    With the doob tube and alcohol I clean my one-hitters pretty much daily. I have a road one and two that I keep at home. When I’m at home my road one is soaking in alcohol and when I’m on the road one of the home ones are soaking. Soaking is not completely necessary but it does make it a tad bit easier. Just remember the less you soak the more you will have to shake to get it completely clean. Sometimes you may have to give it a second wash if the resin was really caked on. Soaking will eliminate any possibility of leaving any resin behind.

    Once it’s finished with the alcohol bath I use the bobby pin to fish it out of the alcohol. Be sure to cap the tube right away to prevent any accidental spillage. From here it’s just normal cleaning of the pipe, cleaning the alcohol residue out of the pipe.

    I repeat this process until the alcohol residue becomes noticeably sticky when I’m cleaning the pipe. That means that it’s almost saturated in resin. At this point I let all the sediment settle to the bottom of the doob tube. After this I simply pour the alcohol off the top of the sediment until I notice the sediment starting to come off the bottom then stop. Depending on how much sediment it is I’ll either keep it in there or flush it out when it gets to be a lot.

  • Sandra says:

    I admit, I scrape my bowl but when I do, I ‘filter’ it with a paper towel over mouthpiece.

  • Danny says:

    Over the last 20 years, I have developed multiple theories about resin and smoke it exclusively for 1-4 days a year, around this time a year when it gets hard to find. I can buy any other drug known to man but weed right now. Here are some of those ideas:

    Smoking resin multiple days in a row will make you get higher when you go back to bud. (Could be mental)

    Bud to resin reminds me of cocain to crack. Shorter lived but more intense high. I don’t think it is mearly a simulated high due to suffocation as you are suffocating when you take a bong rip too.

    I believe most of resin is just spit mixed with unburned weed particles. I have been using og chillums for a few years now and when clean, you can easily see weed flakes sucked through the air hole, dampened by moisture from saliva and condensation, then soaked in pot smoke over and over again. It also wouldn’t surprise me if some bacteria got in there and started fermenting it.

  • Otterpop says:

    I googled this article because I’m cleaning a couple of spoon bowls and wondered if resin was worth keeping. I suspected resin was low in THC. In the past when I was running low on pot I’d clean my pipe before I ran out of weed and added the resin chunks to a bowl. Figured it might or might not make me any higher, was more pleasurable to smoke and it made my weed last a little longer. Nowaday, I figure why bother?

  • My brother is one of those non working, socially awkward stays inside his room doing computer stuff type of guy. He’s been smoking weed for about 15-18 years. His mom grew and still smokes and our dad just thought he would experiment and try his hand at growing… So my comment/question is…my brother scrapes his weed pipes and puts the resin into capsules and ingests them, he swallows them and says it works just as much as smoking a fresh bud….I know he’s wrong and I know it’s not good for him…seeking facts and dos and don’t for what he’s doing to get a buzz.

  • ^Wait…your brother puts his resin in pill capsules and eats them?

  • Mike says:

    Back in the day, we would fill our hookah with wine. Today I put Everclear in the pipe and smoke through it. Pour out the alcohol into a mason jar. Add to it in time. Keep it in the fridge. Take it out and use it with fresh unsmoke to make an tincture.

  • Raquel Candelaria says:

    I always knew that the black tar left on my bowl was resin that could be smoked, which I do smoke occasionally when I’m out of bud. My cousin told me it’s lighter fluid… Now I’m curious which true

  • Raquel says:

    My cousin told me that the black tar left on my bowl is lighter fluid and not resin??

  • Wolf says:

    How does resin contain tar…? If youre only smoking bud through a bowl, like i do, not mixing it with tobacco or anything, where does the tar come from? That doesnt make sense to me. Its all plant matter, im not sure what effect butane may or may not have. But what tar are you talking bro? Just cuz its black?

  • Jordan says:

    Personally, from experience I would say that hot knifing is the best method of getting the maximum high from resin. I have also made finger hash by mashing it with the THC I scraped from my buster. Once I left it in a rubber container for a few months and it turned gold, smelt and smoked like shatter. I have used resin as my first toke of the day and it does get you high, it’s a concentration high for sure.

  • Nicole says:

    Just wanted to add that if you’re mixing your weed with tobacco or anything else for that matter any harmful chemicals that may be in each will also end up in the resin I’ve had to do it before and I find it smokes better the fresher and gooier it is but not like wet just soft and damp. Combustion of any kind produces carbon water and heat this ends up in the resin there’s also oils from the plant it’s self THC CBD and other cannabinoids end up in there once it dries completely I find I don’t get as high when it’s damp soft it seems to work better although the other chemicals and impurities in the end result after the combustion of the original product probably isn’t the best for our health but desperate times call for desperate measures

  • Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to say that there is another way to smoke your resin. I think it gets you higher faster and it doesn’t seem like you need to smoke as much. We called them “hot knives” back in the day. It’s fairly primitive but very efficient. First you scrape little pieces of resin onto about a 2″x 1″ pc of aluminum foil or tin foil. You fold it up so the resin is in the middle and covered completely by foil. It should look like a tiny little square a little smaller than the width of the knives. You then heat up the knives on a stove burner or a torch or something equally hot. You will need a funnel of some sort or tube to suck the smoke through. I like to use a funnel or the top 1/3 of a bottle of water or soda or whichever as it allows you to get most of the smoke. You will then put the tube/funnel in your mouth and hold one knives by the handle, set the square of foil on it, put you tube over the foil, and then press the other hot knife directly onto the top of the foil creating a sandwich. Press firmly but you don’t need to overdo it. The smoke comes up fast and thick but you get super baked. Be careful and responsible. Happy High Times!!!

  • F*ckin?awesome things here. I very happy to see your article. Thank you so much and i’m looking ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  • Nania B Z'niz says:

    Tip a cig with it if you smoke

  • That guy says:

    Tar is harmless

  • JD Petra says:

    Im pretty sure 90% of everyone on here said something they feel is correct just to say their piece and be apart of someone else credit haha.

    unless you have a degree in it or are working for a in depth science research laboratory dedicated to the study and molecular biological breakdown inside the body all you’re doing is stating how you feel on a situation based off your own experiences. everyones sees experiences differently even if they are the same.

    fact smoking is bad, Fact weed is beneficial even if smoked medically but there needs to be a purpose to be using it otherwise its the same as anything else… your taking it cause you want a high or to escape something. resin does taste bad but lets be honest if you smoke you’ve smoked resin lol

    id love to try and have the contaminants in the resin catalyze to another substance so all your left with is the pure THC left in the Tar.

  • HitMan says:

    Dude, all I know, is that it’s going to be two weeks lol

  • Zamora says:

    Alcohol and coffee filtration is the only way I do it, but occasionally, I will put some alcohol or iodized salt water to boil and collect and freeze the resulting paste. I have a metal pipe set aside for smoking a rolled up ball. I live in Texas, so yeah, sometimes it has to suffice.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been smoking resin weekly for the past 3 years, I run out of bud at the end of each week so i rely on resin to make it through as im a daily bud smoker and need a high. I get a sore throat now and then but that is the only side effect i notice i have no idea about the long term effects, not yet anyway! I feel if you smoke through a bong you have 4 ways to get it; inside parts of your cone piece, inside the stem of your bong, the ash that goes through the bong and sits in the water and if you have a homemade plastic bong you can cut it up and scrape that. You will now need to dry it using whatever method you want (i use toilet paper). Be careful as the resin inside the cone piece or stem will be a lot more harmful as the thc just burns and you will be smoking only ash and tar however if you miss with tobacco it basically becomes as dry as weed and as easy to smoke as weed however it still tastes pretty bad especially if you dont mix tobacco with weed. Just my experience i felt like sharing

  • Gangagirl420 says:

    We like to save our keef (or however it’s spelled) and roll our resin balls in keef then smoke it. It assures that we get high.

  • Anonymous says:

    Smoking ANYTHING is, quite naturally, bad for you and your lungs. This is why the second-hand smoke argument is so lame. The difference between inhaling smoke directly into your lungs and breathing traces of it from a room where smoking is taking place, is not comparable. Smoking stems and seeds, or resin buildup from your pipe is not a wise thing. If you don’t have any more and you can’t get any – the best idea is to just do something else.

  • Username says:

    Ok so here is what you do…
    First to clean your piece get 91-99% isopropyl alcohol. Get a container that will allow your piece to fully submerge in the alcohol solution and slosh it around for a little while until it looks like it’s all dissolved into the ISO then take a coffee filter unbleached preferably and something else to strain the liquid into when you simply strain it out and what you’ve got left is all the good stuff left of the bad stuff and I found it easiest to strain using three to four layers of coffee filter and a bottle that you can squeeze or a turkey baster or something that you can extract a good amount of pressure with and for sit through it not too harder us or break and then you have a blowout right now I’m wondering if you can take the pipe resin do the iso wash and strain and then rosin press it and repeat and repeat and repeat until you get THCa isolate and then you can dabs that or add it to whatever or decarboxylate it and eat it……

  • J says:

    Wish weed would get recreationally legalized in New Jersey, so I wouldn’t have to smoke resin
    Go 2020 popular vote!!!!!

  • Redneckgirl says:

    Howdy…I believe a one hitter with a screen would work best.

  • Jason says:

    We all need to get out to vote. Pay attention to what people say find someone that knows the medical benefits of thc and cbd. As a Vet I use both but only one is legal in my state so far. That is unless you can afford a large dr bill

    That’s why we all need to pay attention to what’s going on in local government that’s how we can make any change at all.

  • Ur local frizzhead says:

    Wow! This was well stated. I smoked anyway but I appreciated the facts and the personal opinions. Thank you!

  • TheOGMARYJANE says:

    Kinda gross that it’s mostly tar but it’s saved me so many times when I run outta weed that I don’t really care lmao.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let’s not overlook the fact that the resin probably contains dozens (hundreds?) of hits worth of butane residue…

  • Derek Brown says:

    For me personally, I’ve never had any issue pulling out my stem and zippo and a and just heating that stem up for like 2-3 mins. And then I’d just get a piece a paper and a and scrape out all the resin onto the paper. And a little bonus tip. For me the is always like 3-4 times thicker cause it’s just covered in a ton of resin. And it’s hard to get the resin off the cuz it just leaves black streaks all over ur fingers. And it doesn’t come off the .

    Well, if u grab a piece of tissue paper and heat that paper clip up a little bit and you can just wipe the tar clean off the with the tissue paper. BTW i use a very tiny amount of tissue paper as in the amount u might use if u cut urself shaving.

    Then I pack as big a as I can with all the tar I had cleaned out of the stem and the tissue paper.

    Now in terms of how high ur gonna get off that tar. That depends entirely on ur set up and what you’ve smoked in it and how much and even what style ur pipe is.

    I can only speak to my own experience so 4 me I only Kush. Mostly OG Gorilla Kush. Cuz that’s really all I grow. In terms of my pipe, I use a foot and a half long water bong with a 1-inch wide bore. In terms of how much I in between cleanings I’d say probably at least an ounce but not more than 2-3 ounces.
    My bong is a beast but it also gets filthy like a beast and once I start getting around a quarter-pound or so my bowl just needs a bath. Also, I don’t smoke tar when I out of cuz I never am. I it cuz my bowl needs to be cleaned and there’s no point in just throwing the tar out when it will still get ya stoned as shit.

    Now, in terms of how high it gets me. As a dude that only kush. I feel like I just 3 or 4 s of bud.

    BTW the reason I’m here is cuz I just a phat of tar. And I am very very intoxicated, I’m higher than a kite. Off 1 .

  • Wanzewurld says:

    I wonder if washing out, say a hookah or blaster, with Everclear and then mixing it with OJ or the like for consumption would be dangerous?
    I really want to clean out my blaster (when I find it) and it must have GOBS of THC (No THC-A) coating the walls. I plan on washing it out with clear water and then, after it’s dry, swirling the 180 proof around to dissolve the precipitated oils. I’ll cut it about 5:1 with… GATORADE!
    That’s “Plan A.”

  • Unknown says:

    Hitting a dry bowl out of a pipe or a bong can be bad for you. Inhaling the fumes or the hot air from the lighter can be bad. Especially for the amount of time to burn the resin.

  • Lincoln Rombold says:

    Resin vrs. Plant material??? Really guys and gals. When you smoke anything your are intaking carcinogens. There are plenty of ways to ingest flower material im curious if you can do the same with resin. E.g. (THC-9) tycromes (E.T. finger) of you extract the material and heat it a a temp it becones physcoactive. Would you have to do the same to the extracted oil from resin. I can extract 99 percent of Thc from plant base material but extracting the oil from pre burnt material and filtering it im left with carbon material and a small amount of oil ratio of 4 out of 53. Whats the strength of the oil from the resin since im already dealing with 96% thc material to begin with?

  • Brandon Dickenson says:

    All these people talking about hot knifing is funny. I’m not old and ive only done it once myself (with oil not pipe resin ((also a better term to prevent confusion)). We smoked sitting on floor beside a table. All we had was kitchen crap to use, minus aluminum foil. But collecting the smoke under an upside down jar prevented horrible amounts of waste I’ve been sitting here imagining. Then we slid the jar to edge of table and pulled smoke from into our mouths using disposable straws….

    Greenbudha, smoking pipe resin is usually a broke/no money thing. It’s either that or a bad connection thing 100% of the time.
    Moonshine isn’t a poor thing. Liquor is cheaper. People desire is because it’s strong, like everclear, or saki, or because of the appalachia heritage that comes with good shine.

  • MisterJ says:

    My resin is very liquidy these days. I smoke a vareity of strains out of a small glass bowl with a screen. When i’m cleaning it, the resin will literally drip out if I hold it and do some poking with a paperclip. Most of it is super sticky though, but not rollable in a ball like my resin used to be. In the past I’ve had resin that i could roll in a ball between my fingers with little residue left behind or roll in some keif. This stuff is more like glue it just sticks to whatever it touches. I still smoke it of course because I’m a fiend but I was wondering does the smoking utensil change the resin type? or is it more determined by the type of flowers?

  • David says:

    Aside from being disgusting, I find resin to be more rewarding. Like, I made that. Its the closer a guy can get to giving birth.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve found that putting your glass pipe in the freezer for 10 mins will not only help in knocking it out but also really cut down on the messiness of it. Especially when your dude hasn’t had any and you’ve already scraped it a few times. This will help get every last bit out of your pipe

  • Marc Olander says:

    You are confusing the terms tar and resin.

  • Monica says:

    Interesting article, I have been smoking resin from previous 4 years.

  • An LA Smoker says:

    I sort of accidentally discovered resin and didn’t realize what I was doing. I used a pair of scissors because I noticed once I could get more smoke from scraping a mostly burnt out bowl. I don’t do it much, only as this insightful article says, when I’m out of bud or blatantly broke. I’m sort of done with weed right now for other reasons, but was feeling weak and wanted to light up. Thought about it while sober, and was like “thats not really bud anymore, so what is it?” Very good to know now what a worse-off version of me wouldn’t have cared about then. Thanks! And uh, smoke stems first I would argue.

  • buy cannabis oil says:

    Super interesting.

  • Aud1 says:

    The thin metal rod the street sweeper drops is a great pipe scraper. Though always gotta be careful sticking anything metal in glass pieces. Wish there was a good use for resin. I haven’t had to smoke resin in years and have literally ounces the stuff sitting in a tin. For some reason can’t bring myself to throw it away.

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