Tolerance Break – The Survival Guide

tolerance break

Do you smoke frequently without taking a break? Yeah, me too sometimes. You may find that you’re having to smoke way too much weed to get high. This can burn a hole in your wallet pretty quick. Perhaps it’s time for a tolerance break (t break).

What is a Tolerance Break?

Over time, your body builds up a tolerance to cannabinoids (notably THC). Taking a break from smoking can bring your tolerance levels back down. Once your tolerance break is over, you will get higher off less amounts of weed.

The good news is marijuana is not physically addictive. This makes taking a break from marijuana much easier then harsh, addictive drugs like nicotine. Some may experience a psychological addiction that must be overcome. The other good news is that you are strong and you can do anything.

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How Long Should a Tolerance Break Last?

The proper length of time is going to vary among different people.

I suggest a minimum of 72 hours. The first 3 days after smoking is when THC is has it highest concentration. Waiting this long will typically give your tolerance a significant boost. The amount of time it takes for your body to detoxify can vary depending on weight, activeness, diet, and others. Longer is certainly better. Some heavy smokers may want to consider a few weeks.

Even if you don’t stop for the full 72+ hours, you can still boost your tolerance by taking shorter breaks. Do you normally wake and bake? Try skipping the early morning smoke. You’re afternoon/evening smoke will be even more uplifting.

Got any Tips?

You may experience a few withdrawal symptoms if you are a heavy smoker.

Loss of appetite and sleeplessness are the most common. Try eating light healthy meals, especially if you typically eat a bunch of junk food (I’ve been guilty for sure). Combat the sleeplessness with physical activity. Go for a hike or ride a bike.

It’s also important to keep yourself occupied. Take time to enjoy one of your hobbies or discover a new one. You just need something to to keep your mind off of smoking.

Use your tolerance break as a starting point for all around healthy decisions. Remember, cannabis is a wellness drug. Be well friends.

Do you have any tips for surviving a tolerance break? Let me know in the comments.

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  • ricko says:

    very accurate information. have been doing tolerance breaks for a a while and notice that if u start smoking everyday u will burn a hole in your wallet and stuff your lungs. smoke every 2nd 3rd day and enjoy it.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Wise words indeed. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Jay says:

      At the age of 17, smoking everyday for the past year without a tbreak (at 15/16 took tbreaks every other week) but then the chief life hit.nothing like waking up, toking, going through the day and toking on breaks at work, before bed, bored you name it. The last day before the t break i smoked 9 fucking blunts and couldve gone for another if i didnt work a 20hour shoft the night before. 2 weeks does the trick but im still young… Day 2 cant wait to rip a bong again.

      • tim says:

        i feel you bro me and my fiance blew through a qp this month and the last week of last month and its to the point that joints are like cigs but if i got the extra cash and im in city limits imma have weed on me

      • Carmine says:

        Hey man You are actually a mirror image of me right now. I’ve been smoking since I was 11 and I’m turning 17 in less than a month and this was the first I smoked a full year with no t/b doing the same thing as you as far as smoking schedule. Problem is Addiction runs in my genes as my dad is an alcoholic and most of his side of the family is. I’m having a really really rough time kicking the mental addiction. I’ve tried going on T/bs before but the 2nd-3rd day in I’m freaking out like I need it. Any suggestions? Desperately want to take one. I’m burning through $60 a day on it.

        • Mike Barron says:

          Hey man, look into Kratom. Kratom is a legal (for now) opioid. It makes your body feel really relaxed and euphoric. Kratom is extremely safe (similar to weed) and I find that it really curbs the weed appetite. On days I can’t smoke, or when I need to have a T-break and start freaking out on the 3rd day– the Kratom curbs that feeling. It’s almost like your high. Look into it!

          SoCal Red strains are very similar to indicas I find. Kratom pairs really well with weed too. It’s a natural pain killer apart of the Coffee family. I cannot stress the safety of it enough my dude!

          • Kratom says:

            +1 – I was recommended Kratom a few months back. I have suffered from pretty extreme anxiety/depression for as long as I can remember. I fell in love with weed because of how much easier it made social interactions and whatnot. This soon turned to me smoking every single day. I would barely get high at that point.

            Fast forward to me trying Kratom: It works incredibly for me. Smaller doses give me a lot of energy and a euphoric feeling. Bigger doses knock me on my ass/make me sleepy.

            I’m in the process of taking a T-Break now, and Kratom has made it much easier. I typically buy powdered white vein. You can drink it with tea, but I usually just mix it up in a glass of water and chug it. Careful though, if you’re a new user, don’t go all-out. I threw up a few times when I first started experimenting with it.

          • Drew says:

            So cut back to 20 or 30 a day that’s where I’m at

        • Same man, I’ve been smoking weed everyday multiple times a day for the last 5 years and even with my breathing issues and lack of energy I’m still just constantly trying to buy more even when I don’t get high off it. My mental addiction to it is soo hard to kick.

    • Jay says:

      This is the morning of day 2 of my tolerance break. I have been smoking for about a year now and i went from being a wone hit wonder to being able to snap an entire bowl no sweat with 3 or 4 lined up after it. I just had a very sleepless and i feel like i cant eat and evryone pisses me off somehow. I had tried starting this twice in the last 4 days but this is the first day i went without for a full 24 hours. All of the things i normally do for fun are so much less…fun! What are some things i can do to make this easier because god damn

      • Jay says:

        Sleepless nights*

      • Garrett says:

        Today marks 15 days since I took my last bong rip, and honestly it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I decided to take a tolerance break because I was smoking way too much weed which was consequently depleting my bank account and I wasn’t getting the full effect from cannabis. And yes, you can smoke too much! Anything can be a problem if you let it be a problem, including cannabis, regardless of what the problem might be. Don’t be afraid to quit smoking for a little bit until you get your shit together! It’s so worth it. I

      • molly says:

        Hey! I know exactly what your talking about. I’ve found that if I can take a two day break by day three the high is like new again, and I feel very in control of my life. I now take two days off every week, I don’t smoke during the day, and I’m starting to have a clearer head during the day as well as a better quality of life when I know I am not smoking. I used to smoke before every meal because without weed I didn’t have an appetite. Take small T breaks. That is my advice. Do not force yourself cold turkey or you will continue feeling bored and let down by your every day life. Slowly take more tolerance breaks as you learn to love things again without weed. It’s all a mental thing. I hope this made sense or at least helped!

    • Job Verwijs says:

      I’m currently on day 9 of my 2 week “tolly” as I like to call them. I sure can be hard but knowing other people persevered, I know I can too. Thank you all 🙂

    • Derek says:

      3rd day coming up appreciate the tips. I’ve been smoking since late 2017 and haven’t taken a t break. Bought a quarter of some platinum cookie and went through it in about 5 days. Granted I smoked with some of my friends but still no reason that much good weed went by that quick. Once I went out I just didn’t buy more. Really want a blunt rn though

      • Rolo says:

        I saw your post was recent so idecided to reply. I started smoking when i was 14…by 16 i was toking up everyday before and after school. I grew up in a culture of heavy blunt smoking. I found out in college that most people dont actually smome that much. Fast forward to now that im 37…and i can easily go through an 1/8 plus in a day.
        Last month i spent a grand on weed. I said thats enough, im on my 2nd day. I love weed i grow it also, but sometimes you just have to take a step back and take a break…its not as diificult as i was expecting it to be…but i am somewhat irritable so im staying quiet a bit more.

    • Anonymous says:

      This was very helpful. Thank you.

    • Jay Wayne says:

      I also use marijuana everyday for medical reasons and I noticed when I’m not using my mood disorder gets worse so when I try to stop using i get irritable very easily and very moody what do you recommed?
      Thank you

      • R says:

        I’ve also struggled with mood disorder and have used an anti-depressant, a SSRI (Venlafaxine / Effexor), before. Which helped but after a while I wasn’t comfortable anymore. I quit and started smoking again which also affected my mood again. My psychiatrist told me to try mood stabilizing meds to make me feel better. I was very reluctant, because I’m not a big fan of medication. He proposed Lithium and Depakine but I refused. Then he proposed Lamotrigine (Lamictal) which helps with depression. I am four weeks on it and really feel better, I wake up better and even decided to take a break or quit smoking for a while. Only have crazy dreams, but that will probably even worsen now I’m going for a break. I am 25 now and always struggled with my mood. I was used to drinking and partying from when I was 14 and later smoking. Only when I got into it and talked about it with people and later a doctor, I discovered it was not normal to feel that way. Meditation, good food and drinks, good people and exercise also help. In my case It got to a point that I felt so uncomfortable I wouldn’t even go outside during day time and smoke all day to make me feel better. But the high wears off so that’s why I’m going for a break. Try to eat and drink healthy, exercise and find a positive way of thinking. If you really have trouble with your mood, try herbs (like St. John) or talk to a doc/psych about it. Maybe he can prescribe mood stabilizing or anti depressant meds. Keeping a journal can also help if you like that. Or meditation. When I feel really bad I listen to “Louise L Hay – you can heal your life” audiobook on YouTube. It’s a 40-50 min meditation and it’s the best I ever had. Really works when you repeat it and get into it ( or find something u like that helps soothe your soul. Don’t be afraid to talk about your mood, you deserve to be happy. I hope this helps you and if you have questions feel free to ask

  • Benett says:

    In my eyes, it’s just a case of learning how to be happy again without the weed. I usually take a 2 week t-break (just when I’m broke) and I find it takes about a week for me to be truly happy again without weed. After the week I can sleep fine, eat fine and I don’t constantly think about how much better life would be if there was a spliff in my hand. But in all honesty a t-break is a good opportunity to get some mental clarity and sort out whatever problems you’ve got going on in life. I’ve sorted out a tram fine at court, arranged to pay off a big phone debt, organised a teaching placement for doing a PGCE at uni next year and got way better at this skateboarding. Right now I have 2 days left of my fortnight long t break, until I get paid and pick up. I am going to get sooo baked.

    • Mary Jane says:

      This is so well put it makes my head spin. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Ian K N says:

      This is so so true about me, I love smoking, I’m in Uni (3rd year) been stoned prettu much 89% of my time here in England, I used to take 2 week smoke breaks, but recently that completely eroded, used to gym and watch my diet but I guess its the winter but lately been smoking 1 gram every 2 days, but finally brought myself to taking my t-break not cause i’m broke or whatever, but I miss being a1 without weed, also been smoking a lot, and ordering out every night maxing around $250 a week on ordering out, but time to chill already feeling a little good but its hard coming off especially as a chronic smoker, but time to ‘re-find’ Ian, time to head back gym and give these lungs a break, your website been mad mad helpfull just in seeing everyone’s takes and resolutions to chill onn it. WE ALL LOVE WEEED WEED IS LOVE but it should be respected, it is important to respect the self as well, so mad love to all my 420erz #onelove

      • K Mwangi says:

        Ayyy bro reading this I’m in the exact same position rn just that I’m in 2nd year hahah, studying psychology exams in a few days and I can’t even remember the last time I had a day without smoking. Blunts to Lil Uzi, likkle puff puff pass before revision time etc etc. Been thinking about a tbreak for a while now so I can get AAA1 gradez. I feel like I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel sober and experience life full eyes open ffs. Tbreak starting today… tomorrow I mean, it’s 4/20 nigga Positive Vibes everyone

  • John says:

    I’m on a t break right now and it’s going ok as of today (day 4). I was smoking about a gram a day and I started smoking daily about 5 years ago and my rate per day has just kept rising as my tolerance does. I began thinking about taking a break at the beginning of the year when I was introduced to dabs, and discovered that they hardly do anything either. My tolerance is through the roof. I’m going for a month as that seems like the best option, but I might take a half way reward hit after 2 weeks and maybe get a little sample of what’s to come. I’ve attempted a break before a few times and they only lasted about 2 days (pathetic I know). But I’m determined now. I can’t wait for June 1st (:

    • Mary Jane says:

      That’s awesome! Best of luck. I know it’s tough, but its feels great when you’ve done it. Not only is your tolerance back to a reasonable level, but you’ve also proved something to yourself. Thanks for sharing!

    • Emily says:

      I am curious if you made it a month? I average about a gram a day and almost convinced myself a 3-4 day break was enough until I saw your comment. Clearly I was doing some tolerance break research 🙂

      • Ganjaman says:

        Try hide all smoking tools peices skins etc, if you can’t see them your less likely to think of them, I’m smokin 3-5 grams a day and still feeling high, due a tolerance break though as feeling the high lessen each time, I’m a Cronik Toker everyday all day and have been for 10 years now (obviously had t breaks regular in that) but haven’t been on t break for a good year, gonna do the month break, wish me luck guys haha, we can do it!!

  • Maina says:

    I’m on day 2 of my unforeseen tolerance break due to temporary financial constraints. Yesterday I was so irritable but today I was relatively calm and didn’t eat as much as I use to. My brain feels kinda silent without the buzz and I noticed I don’t feel sleepy

  • Marsha Morak says:

    I have been abstaining during the week for over a year now. I find when I do that I enjoy it so much more on Friday. I’m trying to not do anything this weekend.

    • Mary Jane says:

      I had a job where I had to travel a lot and only got to smoke on Friday-Sunday. Nothing is quite like the first bong rip on Friday night after a long week at work. Thanks for sharing!

  • tryston says:

    I’m on day 3 of my t-break

  • N8 says:

    Starting my t-break tomorrow. Finally broke as a joke and smoke way too much. I don’t even feel high anymore, I just got so used to smoking when I’m bored. Trying to go at least 2 weeks. Hopefully more. I’m so out of shape (you wouldn’t know by looking at me) so I’m taking this 2 weeks as a chance to start eating healthier and get on an exercise regiment and find a new job!

    • Mary Jane says:

      This is great! Thank you for sharing. Sounds like you’re killing a whole flock of birds with one stone. I certainly wish you the best of luck (even though you don’t really need luck because you’re awesome).

      • Kags says:

        Starting my tbreak tomorrow – haven’t got a fixed number of days in mind, aiming to go for as long as I can but minimum 3/4 days. So helpful reading everyone’s comments, and to know I’m not the first to experience this! I first thought it was the strain, so hit up my guy, said it might be – but on reflection, having smoked for the last year (2020, need I say more?! lmao) it’s more likely my tolerance – didn’t even realise this was a THING until giving “why am I not getting high” a google search lol. Can easily smoke 3.5g in a day or 2 – I picked up 5g not too long ago, and it literally lasted me 3/4 days. When joints become more like cigs, I’m kinda glad our bodies respond like this bc maaaaan the amount of £££££, and my LUNGS Jesus – you don’t realise how much you spend on it??? The weed be smoking me at this point! Gonna have a final smoke tonight, but will let you guys know how I get on I’ve heard the dreams and insomnia are insane??? #sos

  • Lukas says:

    Ive decided to take a t break bc ive been toking before bed and to keep myself stimulated when alone, and yesterday i was seshing with my bf in hopes of upping my libido for some fun but nothing really happened to me (though he was gone lmao) Time give my mind and lungs a break

    • Mary Jane says:

      Good for you! Sometimes we find ourselves smoking for the wrong reasons. Smoking should be an enjoyable way to relax. Sometimes a little time off is all you need to gain some perspective back. Best of luck – even though I doubt you need luck because you’re awesome!

  • Mason says:

    I’m not a heavy smoker but I still take T-breaks, and I usually not smoke alot so my T breaks are somewhat short ( anywhere from half a day with lots of water and some excercise to one or two days.) Also thanks for the advice and happy toking 🙂

    • Mary Jane says:

      Thanks for sharing. Sometimes half a day can actually be helpful. I wake and bake often so just skipping that makes the evening session even better.

      • Duality says:

        Day 2 (and a bit) of what started as an accidental t-break, reading this gave me more clarity on the subject. Honestly, I didn’t smoke much at all, I could make 2 grams last 4 days (of bud) so I’m not what you call, entirely dependant. As you are enthusiastic, ofcourse, on this subject, could you name one or two things to ease the process? Personally, drinking tea elongates my break without the need for a smoke, not even a cig.

        I also wholeheartedly agree about skipping the wake and bake and going for the afternoon/evening toke, one hit of a bong and your eyes are sinking back into your head.

  • Lefranklin says:

    i’ve been smoking pretty much every day for several years. idk how to quantify how much i smoke, but its to deal with back pain and various other related issues. i’ve noticed my tolerance has been getting way too high, so the other day i bought a bunch of edibles and for some reason decided to eat them all to see how high i would/could get. 700 mg of thc, which is about a week’s worth for a normal person, and they’d be pretty crazy high that week. i ate it all in a day and nothing happened so i’m on my first ever t-break right now. i’m bored. but i think i’d be just as bored if i was high. i’m confused. i’m rambling. i’m tired.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Wow! 700mg is a lot of THC. I hope your t-break works out, and I hope it’s not causing you too much pain.

    • Meg says:

      yeah I think I’d be bored just as much if I were to smoke so I think that’s a huge sign to take a t break and go outside and enjoy my life.

  • Dayrius says:

    Friday was my last toke before I went to visit family in canada. Couldnt bring the green with me. Started smoking about a year and a half ago. I was in a very depressing and toxic enviornment which may have led to me to smoke a lot more than would what be considered recreational. But even when I got on my own, i was smoking more and more often. 3-6 times a day id roll a j, go into the car and play some dope music and just enjoy. This was all fun until i realized that I was staying high less and was smoking more.
    Its my fourth night without smoking, tomorrow is day 4 and I will be back the day after.

    I have major depression and anxiety because of the years of abuse my dad put me through(calling me dumb, ugly, stupid, worthless, etc)
    And on top of that i was a quiet kid in school always getting picked on, ignored by every girl.

    I want to continue to smoke because I feel inspired by the music i listen to, to one day make my own music. I enjoy smoking weed compared to using any other drug but the problem is I come from a family of addiction (father and uncles) and i know that weed isnt physically addictive, but i do sometimes feel like a slave to marijuana, Just as my uncles and father have been a slave to alcohol,which is actually a really addictive and harsh drug.

    I think my goal after day 5 is to try to manage my marijuana use. My university starts in three weeks so I want to shed a bit of the body fat i have accumulated before school starts and I want to do well im school.
    My life is and has been a struggle. sorry for the long post.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Sounds like you’ve got your head in a good place. Best of luck on your T Break! 🙂

    • Ian K N says:

      Duude I can I can totally relate, weed must be respected, you can’t leave life in a continuous haze, I’m also just trying to step out into some kind of clarity and use Marijuana respectably, weed intensifies emotions so if you feel shit and smoke, yes you feel ‘happy but thats just a cover… idk I just like this page cause I can relate with many of these stories

  • Nesto says:

    I’ve been smoking for about 5 months straight! I’d wake and bake then smoke before lunch and then after my workout! So in total I’d smoke about 4-5 bowls in the week to sleep and keeps me eating! Because without bud I don’t sleep or eat Lol But in the weekends I’d smoke all day and never get passed a certain level of high! Like you do when you get cheap weed! (Don’t lie we’ve all been there) so I’m taking a week break with my friend because we smoke together! I’m super active so I’m hoping 1 week is fine! I hope I get the high I used to get when I first started haha

  • Angel says:

    I’ve been on a break for about 3 weeks and it’s not the first, I smoke daily a little over a gram a day and my tolerance was just way too high (pun intended) anyways the first week is usually the worst,I can’t sleep or eat and I get really moody but usually after that it’s a walk in the park anyways today is gonna be the first time I smoke in 3 weeks and I can’t wait to get baaaked

  • ian says:

    Ive been smoking about 3-4 times a day for about 6 months and im on my first t-break right now and im on day 3 how long is needed to get my tolerance back low again?

    • Mary Jane says:

      well, you tolerance has already built up some so you would get pretty stoned if you smoked now. I personally like to do a week at a time. Congrats on your tbreak. You’re gonna be on the moon when you start back 🙂

  • Jason says:

    I’ve been smoking since ’95, and have taken a lot of tolerance breaks. I’m currently 11 days into one, and I thought I’d pass along a few things that have worked for me.

    Meditation – I don’t mean become a Buddhist Monk, or that you have to be spiritual in any way. I’m not, I’m an atheist, it’s just science. New Agers have taken it a step further, but there’s no denying the benefits of shutting down your brain. It’s a good way to shut off your brain (take your mind off of the smoking), make you feel relaxed (which is why I smoke to begin with), and just helps to clear the cobwebs. In many ways meditation can feel like a drug, it can be pretty trippy, but it’s not mobile. You can’t take that feeling with you to a concert or to your TV room. But the relaxation does last a while.

    Enjoy your “new” dreaming capabilities – Dreaming is one of my favorite parts of a tolerance break. Like many people, I don’t really dream much while smoking. It’s a combination of getting less REM sleep (a high mind tends to go into deeper sleep states), plus the effects marijuana has on short term memory. If you do dream, you probably forget it. One of the effects of quitting marijuana is the REM Rebound, where your mind sort of compensates for the lack of REM sleep and gets all it can. For many people, including myself in the past, it’s not always a blast. Nightmares and using dreams you wake up from, like you’re just about to score a big bag then wake up weed-less. But I’ve noticed, in myself at least, it’s all a matter of attitude. When I was younger and dreaded tolerance breaks (did not have a positive attitude about it) my dreams reflected that, but when I started to look at T-Breaks as an opportunity (for various reasons) I no longer had those bad dreams. Crazy dreams, but in a good way. Either way, it’s an interesting experience that we don’t get a lot of while we’re smoking our asses off.

    Hobbies – Which is probably covered in every T-Break “how to”. For good reason. It’s not enough just to take your mind off smoking, you need to apply it to something that makes you happy, that you can get interested in. It’s a good time to pick up a hobby that you may have neglected while smoking. For one thing it will probably give you extra incentive to continue your break. It can put you in a mindset of “I like doing this, and want to continue, but I probably won’t if I smoke”. Also, if it’s something you like to do high, it might remind you of doing it high, and you might not even enjoy it sober. For instance, if I’m not high I couldn’t care less about video games. In my current tolerance break I’ve been binge watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. A show I’ve been meaning to watch for years (although I’ve seen all of the original series), but for some reason never seems that appealing when I’m high. I always want to watch some stoner comedy or something, which I would definitely recommend you stay away from during a break obviously.

    Get some stuff done – Chances are you’ve been neglecting some things. Do some Spring cleaning, do those projects you’ve been putting off. You’ll be killing 3 birds with one stone. Staying physically active (to help you sleep at night), taking your mind off smoking, and just being more productive.

    Sobriety Is A Drug – For those of us that smoke all the time, and are more used to being high than sober, sobriety becomes the altered state. Many of us started smoking because that new state of mind was weird/interesting, sobriety becomes just as weird and interesting. Enjoy the way it feels to come out of the “fog”. I’m reminded of a Nick Swardson stand-up special where he talked about not smoking and how he felt like he had developed super powers, such as his increased memory. You’ll also be surprised how good it feels to get a natural night’s sleep. Waking up refreshed instead of with that foggy afterglow of the night before. Being sober after always being high is very refreshing, and unusual in its own right. Of course after a while I develop a tolerance to sobriety and it’s no longer that interesting, by then I’m usually good to head back to the herb though.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Your comments is probably better than my actual article. Thank you so much for sharing. The dream thing is soooo true. I have the most vivid dreams on a t-break. Thanks again and have a great day! 🙂

  • Sara says:

    I have been smoking about 2-3 bowls a session, about 5-10 times a day for eleven years now (well obviously the amount daily has increased over the years). My husband and I smoke together and are going on a family trip to Disneyland in a week. We decided to stop for our trip and then stay quit for a few months to up the tolerance and hopefully change it to an occasional fun thing, not multiple times daily. It’s hard cow so much of me doesn’t want to quit, but I know we smoke waaay too much =/ and look forward to starting again at a lower tolerance! My question is, when I get to Disney in 6 days (today is day one of t break), will I be okay or just miserable and wanting to smoke the whole time?

    • Mary Jane says:

      Congrats on your t break decision. Your Disney trip should still be fun. One of the things a tbreak does is help you realise that you can have fun without smoking. No worries – you’re going to the happiest place on earth!

  • Christian says:

    I started smoking every night (1-1.5 bowls) about 6 months ago, I know its not very long but I felt myself not getting as high so I opted for a T-Break. Its day 2 of my 6 day long break and its not that bad. I am only on this break because I promised my roommate but I hope to see results in 4 days! Good luck to everyone else!!!

  • Anne says:

    I’ve been smoking heavily for years to manage bi polar disorder. I stopped drinking alcohol about 6 months ago and the amount of weed I smoke has sky rocketed. My boyfriend and I easily spene over $400 a month on weed..we try to limit ourselves to a gram a day, but it rarely happens. We have been talking about taking a break to get some money saved for the holidays and in general just be able to have money to do more together instead of getting high. I know this is the best decision but I’m absolutely terrified of removing something that works so well to level me out, I know I’m going to be a psychotic moody bitch for the first few days and I’m not looking forward to it. But I would like to enjoy feeling high again, instead of smoking just to feel normal. This post and the comments along with it have definitely made me feel a lot better about it and I definitely have that first high at the end of the break to looe forward to. Thanks for your words.

    • Mary Jane says:

      I’m so glad I was able to help. I hope all is well, and you t-break goes smoothly 🙂

    • Sara says:

      Anne, I also use marijuana to even out my bipolar disorder. Currently on my 2nd morning of my t break and I’ve almost broken it several times.. I motivate myself to stick with it because the high I’ll get the first bowl back is going to be amazing 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      Hey, I use weed for my bipolar disorder as well. I am on day 5 of my 30 day tbreak. I have been so moody and emotional and have felt like crying all day. My boyfriend pointed out how irritable I am, but he’s not on the tbreak making it even harder. I’m a nursing student and have to pass my drug test while being watched so I have no choice but to take this tbreak. I have found that a clean diet and exercise helped me through my last 30 day tbreak but being the winter makes it so much harder for me. You can get through it!

  • Shayne says:

    I’m currently nearing the end of my 1-week break. I’m close but not all the way to being as addicted as you can get, and since I’m in post-secondary, visits to home such as reading week are a nice pause, and easy to maintain since I don’t have a choice to smoke. One word of advice for anyone else in the same boat: start three days early. The first couple days at home, I had one meal and two hours of sleep a day. It wasn’t really unpleasant, but I would much rather have gone through that back at school, away from my disappointed family.

  • kristen says:

    I do this periodically because i smoke for pain relief, its still not legal in ny to do so, and frankly its pricey. Not as pricey as an an ulcer or stroke from long term use of nsaids but pataki still says its safer to bring dogs to restaurants than to let people smoke pot in the privacy of their own homes. To anne who has found so much relief with bipolar disorder i wish you the best with your break.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Thanks for sharing Kristen. I certainly wish you the best 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Kristen…just wanted to point out that Pataki hasn’t been Governor nor in any position of authority in NY since 2006. I guess you made an honest mistake and meant to say Cuomo.

      As for me, after a week of a break, I’m going to take a single toke tonight and try not to resume until another two weeks. I feel proud, and I’d like to make it two weeks and eventually a month or more, but I have a big day tomorrow and need to sleep.

      I am in the job market now. I think if I don’t use habitually (every day), I can take a toke once a week or every couple of weeks and eventually it will be out of my system. It’s not like one toke will suddenly flood all the THC back into my system, right?

      I used to smoke about half an eight of Mexican per day. Honestly, I could take it or leave it at this point. I’m not going to say I’m going to give up on pot for good, but as part of my break, sometimes a welcome interruption and the dreams it brings are the best part.

      At almost 33, it’s time for pot to no longer be the center focus of my life but to be enjoyed like a fine bottle of wine to a non-alcoholic…rarely and in moderation.

  • Lizzie says:

    You can try this detox schedule: Stop Tuesday at 4:20 and pick it up on Friday at 4:20. That way, psychologically you only “miss” two days, but get 72 hours of detox time. Added fun and support is to detox with a friend and get together Friday for “Happy Hour.”

  • Trevor says:

    Day 6 of 40 day t-break. decided to stay home from school due to lack of sleep last night and didn’t feel like going. Friday might prove tricky as all my friends smoke and I’ll probably be hanging out with them…maybe I’ll have a couple drinks or something

  • ShishkaBerry says:

    I’ve been smoking for 18 years, daily for 14 or 15. I’ve reached the point where I’ll blaze through a 5 gram bag in 2 days, or a 5 gram vial of high grade oil in a week. At 5 grams of pot for $40…. It’s pretty much out of hand now. My eyes don’t get red anymore and I rarely get the munchies. I could probably be studied by scientists for this. I took a 1 day break I saw on a forum which recommended pomegranite juice, mangoes, and lots of water. It did nothing lol! I’m sure it would work with someone with a way lower tolerance. I’m planning on taking the month of January off, as I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the holiday gifts this month. My birthday is in February so depending on how good January goes I might try to push the end date to then. Thank you for this post, I’m sure I’ll be referring to it a lot in the future 🙂

    • Mary Jane says:

      I’m glad the post was helpful 🙂 Starting in January is a good idea. You can make it a new years resolution. You’re gonna love it when you’re done and that same 5 gram bag lasts you well over a week.

  • Euripides says:

    Wow! Lots of motivating stories. I decided to take a tbreak for multiple reasons. First off my windpipe and esophagus was killing me due to coughing from every damn hit. Ive been smoking for 4 years almost everyday. I attempted many tbreaks to no avail. I came into this tbreak with a postive attitude and it made all the difference. I was physcologically addicted but realized it was all in my head. This is the 7th day of my tbreak. I was using benadryl to sleep but i decided to stop and try to sleep naturally. Here i am up at 4am. My tbreak is for 19 days. I’m also organizing my life and attempting a diet. Lost a couple pounds so far! Money is more abundant and its only been 2 week. Ofcourse you think about it. I also have like an ounce in my jar and its sitting there. Im proving to myself i have dicipline and that im not a slave to it. I suggest everyone should head in to a tbreak as positive as possible. Restlessness is my only problem. Other than that tbreak is going awesome!!!! Peace from NYC!

    • Euripides says:

      I mean 1 week! Sorry lol!

    • Mary Jane says:

      Awesome! I’m glad your t-break is going well. Having the will power to resist that ounce sitting around is impressive. You’re a strong individual. Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Aaron says:

      During my breaks in the past I have had awful problems with restlessness. During my current break my throat was also killing me due to irritating it with smoking and getting over a cold. I’ve found that just taking a regular dose of nyquil kills two birds with one stone, your throat starts feeling better from the abuse quicker, and falling asleep is definitely not a problem. Only use for the first couple hard nights though cause you don’t wanna get dependent on that to sleep either.

  • Lucid says:

    Taking a forced tolerance break due to anxiety . Today is either day 4 or 5 . I smoked multiple times daily for as long as I can remember. Now I’m anxious to start smoking again. Maybe it won’t sit well with me. Any advice ?

    • Mary Jane says:

      My best piece of advice is to make sure you go back slowly. Many people are surprised at exactly how effective a tolerance break can be. Just take a puff or two then sit back and relax.

    • gerri newfry says:

      i am also forcing myself onto a break because weed has been making me anxious. i’m going to do the 72 hours and i really hope it doesnt’ make me anxious anymore. i get so many other benefits, and have gotten off so many prescription meds. i am still taking 100 mg rso of cbd at night to keep me asleep and i hope that’s ok.

  • Sam says:

    I’m a heavy dabber and I’ve gotten to where to big globs only get me high for like 30-40 mintues, how long will it take for my tolerance to go back down on my scale, I know it could be a couple weeks but I’d love some feedback

    • Mary Jane says:

      Dabs will definitely do a number on your tolerance. Any amount of time is helpful, but the longer you wait, the bigger the impact. I would suggest starting with two weeks. At that time, you can reevaluate your situation and decide if more time is needed. Best of luck on your t break. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • NeverMind says:

    I would like to add that looking into omega 3’s is an excellent idea as well. They will help repair the receptors in the brain, allowing your tolerance to “reset.” It’s not a short term solution, like a t break, but the results are long lasting. Google omega 3s cbd receptor

  • Leah says:

    I usually smoke twice a day for anxiety, so I’m using my time off from college to take a nice long t break. Usually I go for about two weeks, which is where I’m at now, but I’m trying to make it to a month. I’m so antsy without it, but I’m trying to tell myself it will be worth it.

  • John says:

    Hi! I’m on day 4 of my first break for 10 years. Do you know if a t-break will work if I still use CBD products with no THC? I’ve found that they really help with cravings etc but can’t find any information about this on the internet.

  • Cashew says:

    I’m on Day 3 of my break. I’m doing it more to change my relationship with the herb as I think I was becoming dependent on it for my happiness and entertainment. I didn’t smoke a TON or anything (probably a little less than an 8th a week) and mostly only at night and on weekends.

    Its been going okay. In the evening I’ve felt a little anxious or lost but Im getting through it pretty okay. However, I’ve been having terrible cold sweats the past 2 nights without MJ. I wake up so sweaty I need to change my clothes and then have trouble falling back asleep. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Yolande tyrell says:

    Today is my 1st day of tolerence break…been a daily smkr for 10yrs before then I was a evening smkr… reasons for the break… spending far too much and need to strt organising bills and pay them on time lol… Mary Jane I’m so happy Ive found ur page..u and everyone has great advice and tips.. ☺..

  • Tee says:

    I am glad to have stumbled upon this page. I have been a heavy smoker for about a year. I usually pick up a quarter every 3 days and honestly I had to be high 24/7. The magic went away about 4 months ago so I started dabbing. Soon dabbing didn’t do jack to me either, so I went to edibles. I was starting to burn a hole in my pocket because I had to eat upwards of 100mg of edibles to even feel anything. So far I haven’t consumed any weed in anyway for 3 days, to its pretty hard. But after finding this page I have see that others are going through the same situation as me and that helps to know I’m not the only one who has to take a break.

  • Destiny says:

    Does anyone else ever continue to smoke even though they’re already high after taking a t break? I seem to do that a lot but this last time I stopped as soon as I felt really good and my tolerance lasted even longer! 😀

    • Mary Jane says:

      I’m bad about that too. I find it helped to smoke bowls instead of joints (joints are one of my favorites). The problem is if I roll a join I smoke all if it even if I don’t need to. So, if I pack a small bowl I don’t have to worry about smoking too much.

  • Julie says:

    I’m trying a tolerance break now. Started the day after Pancake Day for Lent (not particularly religious but Lent is always a good opportunity for me to test myself). I grossly underestimated how hard this was going to be! This is harder than the time I gave up alcohol right at a time when a) I was a prolific social binger and b) every single friend of mine and their 3rd cousin once removed were having functions I had to attend.

    I don’t normally smoke that much – as recently as a few months ago it was as little as half a joint on Friday/Saturday and the rest of it the following day, with some weeks going by having not consumed any. However, that slowly began to creep up to half a joint every day/other day. Then, I moved out of my mother’s home in Dec 2015 (finally, at the grand old age of 27 no doubt) and suddenly there was less of a restriction (I’d normally have to wait for her to go to bed, then smoke it on my doorstep which was more or less directly on a main road – not exactly discreet hence the low consumption). Within a week I found myself smoking at least a full joint every evening after work, sometimes 2.

    On Tuesday just gone, the thought popped in my mind to try and go cold turkey for the full 40 day Lent period. It was partly inspired by my newly acquired voluntary poverty (i.e. bills and rent), partly because my living room was developing an odd smell and partly because I wanted to see if I could. I felt like my habit was small enough that it wouldn’t pose a huge problem, right? But it’s funny, I’m in my 3rd day and as it’s also Friday night, I’m actually suffering without it! I often get very introspective and serious and I find that weed takes the edge off those thoughts while helping me arrange them into something coherent and manageable. But these last couple of days, my thoughts have been loud and rather jumbled. I managed to distract myself with housework the previous nights but now I have nothing to do and all I want is a joint. This break has already shown me that perhaps my habit was far more psychological than I gave it credit for!

    So far, the only thing that’s stopping me from smoking one is that my best friend and I are meant to be supporting each other during this period; she kept falling off her diet wagon and decided Lent was an opportune time to get serious about it and try to lose a dress size in this period. We booked a trip to Amsterdam for after Easter, where we agreed to go all out! The guilt would make me feel really bad. But yeah, I just needed to vent. Hopefully I can stay strong, if not for Lent then because my friend trusts me to see this break all the way through.

    • Mary Jane says:

      The good news is that you’re going to be over the hardest part of it soon. The first 3-5 days are always the toughest. That’s incredible that you’ve got a trip to Amsterdam lines up – totally worth the wait! Stay strong and keep us updated 🙂

    • Kate says:

      Me Julie, (Your Highness movie with James Franco Natalie Portman and Danny McBride)

      we sound a lot alike, how is your Lent/tolerance break going my dear? have you been able to hold out? Enjoy Amsterdam, I heard the rules for non-residents have changed since like 2009 but I would enjoy an update if you ever return to this page. take cAre and be safe homegirl.


  • DEE KAY says:

    I’ve used cannabis for about 10 years, and probably abused it for 3 or 4 years. I was taking regular t-breaks for a while, but that faded and I haven’t gone more than a couple of days without getting stoned for ages. I’ve been spending most of my days entirely blitzed and numb. I don’t drink, I’m fit and healthy, but the plant I love so much isn’t helping me like it used to. I suffer from social anxiety, and when I started smoking it helped me overcome a lot of fears, but these days I don’t want to get out much besides playing golf, having dinner or seeing a movie with my gf and occasionally having work to do for a client I can’t do from home. The years definitely go by quicker when you’re stoned and that sucks. I lost my father to cancer 6 months ago, and looking back, my secret habit helped strain our relationship before he got sick. I miss him so much, and would give anything to see him again and tell him how much I love him.

    It’s been 3 days since I last got high.This t-break kicked off with my girlfriend telling me she needed to be alone to face her demons connected to her past. I don’t recommend quitting the habit with a broken heart, but I need to face this properly, despite wanting to turn on my Volcano and forget about my pain. Why am I writing this? To distract myself with something that seems mildly constructive or cathartic, and maybe to help someone reading it. Here are some things I’ve learned during my recreational pothead career:

    >Don’t smoke everyday. It takes a good long while, but eventually it will catch up with you and you’ll screw it up for yourself. You can keep the magic alive by being a responsible user. Don’t make life about getting stoned everyday and you won’t need to worry about taking breaks. If you really must, the 4:20 rule seems an appropriate control (wake and bake is bad when its everyday, and no, its not always 4:20 somewhere in the world).

    >You probably don’t need to smoke right before bed. For a very long time I thought if I didn’t have a few tokes before bed I’d have a crap sleep and night sweats, particularly if I got high in the day. Weed was a wonder when I first started, giving blissful deep sleep like never before. The real problems for my sleep were sitting at a computer until late at night, and getting too hot under a heavy duvet. Once I realised those facts, and with a bit of practice, I’ve managed to develop decent sleep patterns without needing to get stoned late at night (even now on my t-break).

    >Your short term memory will suffer when you abuse weed, and you will feel like a dumbass when that happens around your friends or in a work environment. Paranoia is real too. Respect your body and your mind, it may be ‘safe’ compared to alcohol or tobacco, but you still need to treat it with respect.

    >Even a 24 or 48 hour break gives a big improvement in quality of the high. Try to remember though, its incredibly easy to get right back to where you were if you don’t control yourself.

    I’m glad to have cannabis in my life, but I do wish I never got into the routine I have, and that I focused more on things that were important in my life than on getting high. My goal is to control my habit once I’ve been off for a week or two, perhaps partaking every third day or only on weekends. Its great at managing stress, but if you’re so stressed that you need to get high all the time you should be probably looking at what is causing that stress instead of trying to sweep it under the carpet. Apologies for the long read, and if I’ve offended anyone with this. I’m a heartbroken pothead dieing for a bag of vapor, but I will see this through.

  • Anonymous says:

    thinking of starting a t-break

    • Andrew says:

      So I’ve been smoking everyday for 4 months. The last 2 months have been the worst. My daily consumption has steadily rose to above 2 grams daily. Most days as high as 3-4 grams. Wake and bake is usually 1 gram. Then I’ll smoke a gram at lunch. And 2 grams to my dome at nighttime. Tomorrow I start my t break. I’m going to try 10 days I think and see how my tolerance drops.

      • Mary Jane says:

        It may seem difficult, but I’m sure you’ll do great! If you have a chance, it would be great to hear back from you once your t-break is a success. Cheers!

  • Rayanne says:

    I’ve been smoking for roughly 5 years, I took a two month break the summer or 2014 and every since I started again its been an every day or every other day thing. Sometimes twice a day but usually just a night to help me wind down. I got to the point where I could take 6 big rips off of a bong and get kind of buzzed but only for 10 minutes. I weigh about 105 pounds, and me and my boyfriend decided to do a 4 day T-break. We last smoked yesterday (Sunday) around 9 PM. We plan to smoke again on Thursday as Thursday is our anniversary. I’m not sure if this is gonna be long enough, or work, but I hope it does! I’m pretty active, and I drink butt loads of water. Do you think four days could help me a little bit?

    • Mary Jane says:

      4 days will almost certainly make a difference if you’re a daily smoker. Best of luck on your t break and congratulations on your anniversary 🙂

      • Jerome says:

        thank you for all the tips on this page ”mary jane” seriously, i dont know how i could go through my t break without this page, today its been 4 days until i last smoked, im going to smoke tonight and after i read all of these comments, i dont feel as the only one going trought this… its really helping me making progress into living a more sober and healthy life after 1year of smoking pot every day… Thank you a lot for this post, it really helped me get through those days and now will enjoy smoking weed again in like 20min… cant wait… after that i’ll do the same for 4 days again until school restart and then will only smoke on week end.. Just wanted to thank you a lot for all the help your page has helped me go trough…. and all the anxiety and paranoia i didnt have much during my t-break.. thank you a lot, it really helped me:)

  • Kate says:

    been a heavy user of pot since I was 18, I’m 28 now and have smoked at least half a gram everyday except the ten days I spent in Madrid for Christmas cuz I could not find any! I could buy an oz of dro, roll up 14 drillos (2 grams per cigarillo) and smoke them all in one day, I adore weed. but Monday Feb 8th I ran out. then Ash Wednesday was the next day so I figured with the timing I might as well give it up for lent til Easter Sunday March 26, I love a challenge so I figured this would be a good test of my will power and at the very least be a 46-day tolerance break… but wow….the first two weeks were really pissing me off.
    I have constant access to beautiful green Danky dro so this 40 days and 40 nights thing has really been tough( I read in a couple different places online that during lent you are allowed to partake in what you gave up each Sunday? sounded shady to me cuz I promised God I would not smoke for 46 days AND I really want to get my tolerance down).
    now I’m in the home stretch it is now Tuesday at 11:52p and just W, Th, F and Saturday remain. I’m pretty positive I’m going to load a tiny very very small bowl and spark up around 12:02a right after midnight on Easter Sunday lol but who knows maybe I can hold out til after church on Easter and blow down before lunch!

    here is my experience thus far:
    -first two weeks everything pissed me off but I’ve yet to fly off the handle like I normally would. could pot have been ‘contributing’ to my moodiness?
    – I consider myself a normally articulate individual so I don’t feel like I’m any smarter or have been really thinking noticeably clearer since February 9 but I do notice I have it had the Inkling to sing much these past six weeks. I LOVE to sing… clarkson, lavato, Braxton, Houston, aguilera, Carey, Williams, all the big belter hits, you name it (even as a child before I touched the herb)and I have not even sung anything in my car. which is not at all like me cuz I am always singing something.
    -my sleeping patterns have not changed I still go to bed whenever I want and sleep in 🙂
    -my eating habits have not changed, I still eat whatever, whenever.
    – being straight is not some magical epiphany, it’s still as boring as it ever was when I was smoking the sticky icky.
    – haven’t noticed much change in memory short or long term I just remember how badly I want to toke up.

    — my dreams have been crazy. funny and weird. and I can clearly remember them when I wake up. the funny thing is that in many of my ridiculous dreams I have turned down weed cuz I’m trying to stick to the promise I made God and in other dreams where I did partake I was upset with myself for the rest of the duration of the dream for breaking lent lol. (I read somewhere that having newly weird exaggerated vivid dreams is a sign of the thc being out of your systems? something to that effect)
    — I’m looking forward to my super low tolerance
    — I can drive without being worried about cops smelling or searching my car should I get pulled over.
    –I set a goal and am super close to reaching it.

    –this has been the longest slowest most tedious six weeks of my life and I am definitely never giving up ganja for lent ever again I don’t think.
    –I’m not looking forward to stopping ever again to find a job “career” but my family owns real estate so I could just manage rental properties and make money and not have to get a piss test job at least not til I finish undergrad, which I am taking my sweet time with because the only thing I ever wanted to do with my life is be a Rihanna, AKA smoke and sing all day lol. that’s one bad bitch.

    –oh and I’ve noticed I’m kinda tachycardic as of late (my heart rate is noticeably higher) since I’ve stopped blazing. so it will be interesting to see if my pulse goes back down to previously normal levels. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings have not changed at all really, just my heart rate. I know this because I donate platelets and plasma to MD Anderson patients at least once a week and I get a breakdown of my vitals. GO ROCKETS #pursuit

    –and a few other cons I guess but it’s 12:25a and I’m tired, about to crash. so that’s it. toke on good people!!!

  • Dave says:

    I’m getting the symptoms without trying to take a t-break, I cannot eat at random times even though I’m hungry, and felling nauseous when I eat , I smoke 2-3 grams a day

  • Coz says:

    I had some friends from out of state visit for the weekend a little over a month ago, they brought some dabs with them and that seriously increased my tolerance. before they visited i could make a gram of bud last up to a week, after they left I was up to 2g+ a day. After a month it just started to get too expensive and I started developing a bad cough. So I decided to take a t-break.

    I started my 2 week t-break 5 days ago and the first 2 days were fine, but then i was up all night the 2nd night and throughout the 3rd day and i still had to take an Aleve pm to be able to go to sleep. had to take another last night as well. I don’t really feel energetic, but I never have been to begin with, just restless. It’s rough but I’m sure the 2nd week should be a lot easier.

  • Heugs:p says:

    It’s my second day on T break and I feel f** productive, it’s good to place shit back in your life. Makes u realize while higb you tend to forgot important stuff (cleaning the house man iz important etc)
    Im 18 been smoking 2 years every damn day non stop, kinda hard but i know i can do it, cant wait for 4/20!!!!

  • Wolffa says:

    Yeah so ibe been smoking at least 2 gs a day for the past year or so, i don’t feel shit anymore so I will take a tolerance break for a weeks(I’m currently 4 days in) the first couple of days were fucking hell but now I’m super chill. I’m planning to go to Amsterdam as soon as the week is over, is a week enough? This is my first tolerance break ever I thought it was gonna be worst but it’s not so bad.

    • Mary Jane says:

      A week will certainly make a difference. Best of luck. I’m super jealous of your Amsterdam trip.

      • Wendy says:

        Really glad I found your post. I quit smoking totally what I was younger because I couldn’t stop and was also alcoholic. I didn’t smoke for 24 years, until I was diagnosed with MS, after my third Time being paralyzed. Boy was that a blast first time I smoked again! Fast forward to six years later I am at the point where I have to smoke quite a bit to get a buzz and it’s not at all like it was. It still treats my tremors but is not working for my fatigue anymore. I took a break two years ago but only lasted a week and it was hard. It was a little better as far as the buzz went, but it was very uncomfortable to say the least. I am now at days 16 without any form of cannabis. The first couple days were hard and I was complaining to my husband, when he reminded me I didn’t smoke for over 24 years! LOL it’s hasn’t been that bad, I crave it at times. I have been dreaming again but I find myself very emotional at times. What I have learned taking this break is how much cannabis has a positive effect on my MS symptoms. I originally set a goal of 30 days, but I have decided to cut that back to three weeks because my symptoms are starting to get worse and my husband has been very supportive but has also pointed out that there’s no point in being a martyr if I am suffering. After reading the comments here I decided to cut it back to three weeks. I used to have a puff or two in the morning with my coffee and then not smoke again till my day was done so to speak. I am going to pace myself when I start smoking again. I also use an oil based tincture. In another week, I will have been sober from alcohol for 25 years, starting to smoke again will be a great way to celebrate! I wish anyone who is taking a break to accomplish what they need to do for themselves. I haven’t smoked cigarets for 19 years, but I definitely am still a smoker and the benefits of treating my disease, Will make this break even more effective. I sure am looking forward to that first puff again!

        • Mary Jane says:

          Thank you so much for sharing. Congrats on 25 years alcohol free and 19 years without a cigarette – that’s a huge accomplishment! Best of luck on your tbreak – not that you really need luck. Thanks for stopping by my blog and joining the conversation. Cheers 🙂

  • Kevin says:

    Welp, it’s been 24 hours since I’ve smoked and it’s not been easy. I’m usually asleep around this time and I honestly can’t really see my self sleeping tonight lmao we will see. I’m excited to feel high again . There was a comment up there that said they felt like being sober was almost like feeling high. I completely feel that. I hope that part goes away because it’s extremely uncomfortable and has been giving me worse anxiety. I’m trying to be positive about it and look at this as an opportunity to get motivated and get shit going to go for as long as I can until I feel like I can go back to it and smoke responsibly and recreationally . I smoke more than a gram a day (of flower) but sometimes I’ll binge smoke and smoke like a half O in two or three days. I miss the goofy funny high I used to get now I just feel normal when I smoke. Thanks for all the advice!

  • SALINNE says:

    I’m on the “too many dabs” boat.. it’s been about 4-5 dabs a day, each the size of a pea or bigger. I am my own worst enemy here, chasing a potential but unlikely high all while burning thru my wallet and stash lol. I have found even 24 hours changes things…but it could be in my head. I was wondering what your thoughts are? I’m almost 24hrs into what was supposed to be a 1 or 2 day t break and I probably won’t make it through the night… Do you think taking a smaller dab after waiting almost a full 24hrs will at least feel different than the sort of non-high daze I’ve been getting? Sorry if this is a choppy post, blame the lack of dabs lol.

    • Mary Jane says:

      I think any amount of time helps. When I go a day without smoking I certainly feel like my tolerance has gone down a bit. Of course, the longer you wait the more your tolerance will lower. Cheers!

  • Steve says:

    I have been smoking daily for a year, funny thing is I was 36 years old before I ever tried it. Been doing dabs and edibles, my magical butter made it too easy. Over the last month I found myself having to smoke 3 bowls to make an impact or eat way too many edibles. I am a week into my break and must say it’s been easy. I got really bored day three and almost packed a bowl but I did not want to blow the 3 days I already did. Going to try to make it for another 4-5 days until the holiday weekend. Looking forward to my first bowl Friday night. Going forward I am going to try to restrict myself to Friday till Sunday use and abstain during the week. Do you think 3-4 days on and 3-4 days off will prevent a tolerance build up? Plus I have an addictive personality so I think some self imposed limits will be a good thing. Loved the article and all the comments. Thanks!!!

    • Mary Jane says:

      3-4 days will certainly make a difference. It’s good that you’re able to identify some limits for yourself – not everyone has that much self control. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Cheers!

  • jonathan says:

    Wow amazing article!!!! (and comments)

  • Rachel says:

    Today is day one of my t break. It’s almost 1am, I’m not tired at all, and I think I ate less than one meal in total today. I’ve been smoking almost daily for about 2 years. I’ve taken t breaks before, but I’ve only done it for vacation. Never really had issues with breaks before because vacations keep you occupied and my tolerance wasn’t as high then as it is now. The past few months I’ve been smoking a lot more concentrate than I need to. My tolerance is through the roof. I went through 3 grams of wax and an eight of flower last week. And most of the time the high doesn’t even feel like I’m high. It just feels normal. I think I’m gonna take a week of nothing, and I’m gonna stay off concentrate for a while after that. Not sure how long, I just know I need to. Been getting headaches from overconsumption, and that is just not a way to live. I’m hoping the days get better after this because today was not fun!

  • Sierra says:

    I’ve always struggled with t breaks but I’m determined this time! I’ve been smoking for two years but haven’t really taken a break that’s longer than two weeks since I first got my hands on the ganja lol. But what I’ve found is that slowing down about a week or two before I intend to stay completely sober for my t break really helps, I go one day on one day off and make sure to only smoke one bowl either in the morning or noon, after the first few days off that I begin to feel content with the little highs, and it makes it easier to think “damn this won’t be too bad.”Then once it’s time to start the t break your tolerance has already been dropping and it’ll make the come back hit even harder. I started my 3 week long t break( lol baby steps) yesterday and I’m feeling confident, kinda irritated but good 🙂 after the first week it’ll be even easier the second week and by the third week it should be a piece of cake. Hoping for the best!! Haven’t taken a t break in a good year and a half lol but it’s much needed, and gunna be soooo worth it.

  • E. Brown says:

    I thought I’d share my experience after reading this post and the comments yesterday. My experience goes against what everyone else has written, but it may add value to someone!

    Weed is illegal where I live, so you don’t get to know strain names, THC content, etc. I got a batch from a dealer that seemed pretty weak, but then realised it could be my tolerance. I smoke 2 grams a day starting 18 months ago, first thing when I get up, last thing before I sleep. I work from home, and use the weed to boost creativity, and stop my mind wandering to negative things (I’m bipolar).

    I keep smoking anyway, and grab some bud off my other dealer as well. I smoke this too, have a miserable time and a shit day, not getting high at all. I start reading through these comments, and decide I probably need to take a T-break. But first I will ease down slowly, starting by only smoking after 4.20pm for a few days, then I’ll go cold turkey.

    So since the last two batches from two different dealers have only lasted 2 days, I don’t have any left for 4.20pm, so I go back to one of my dealers. She says she gives me a bit from each of two batches. I don’t care because I assume my tolerance is ruined anyway.

    The two batches/strains look totally different. I smoke a couple of one, and nothing happens. I grab some of the other stuff, smoke a bowl, and BAM. Baked like CRAZY.

    Turns out both my dealers have the same supplier, and they had a bad batch for whatever reason. I’d been smoking as much as possible, but getting no THC from this bad batch, detoxing and being miserable for a few days.

    Luckily when my dealer gave me two strains, she gave mostly good shit and only a little of the previous, weak batch. It’s hilarious to smoke one, and then the other. The weak stuff is like smoking nothing, I have no idea what happened to it.

    Now that I have some decent weed, I’m back to normal and getting high as always. I freaked for a little while, but it turns out I didn’t need a tolerance break like I thought (I will still take one soon anyway).

    Great article, great comments

    • Mary Jane says:

      This was a great story. Thanks for sharing. One time, I got a bag of some of the most beautiful weed I’ve ever seen. It had a terrific purple hue, good density, and looked crystally (I don’t think that’s a word, but whatever). But, no matter how much you smoked it wouldn’t get you high. It was the most frustrating weed I’ve ever smoked.

  • Roman says:

    I’ve been smoking on and off, but for the last 2-3 months pretty much daily. Now I don’t get high anymore and I just feel awful like my head is about to explode… My goal is to take a week off, I workout and drink decent amount of water so I don’t think I will need more. Anyways good luck to you guys!

  • IW says:

    Today is the first day on my tolerance break.
    Started smoking about 5 years ago, it was amazing in the beginning. Those nights when you could roll 0.2g and everything started to shake and feel like you’re flying.
    Then I got sick and started using it as medication for pain and sleep, worked really well.

    Fast forward 3 years and I’m smoking about 1.25-2g every day and not even getting any more than relaxed and happy, decided to eat 4g and the effect was… Amazing, but still not more intense than some bong rips with low tolerance.

    But I’m finally healthy again so It’s time for a T-break so I can start smoking for pleasure again, going to try 3 weeks first and see if that’s enough.

  • Pia says:

    Thank you Mary Jane for the great article, and thanks to all of the commenters who have shared their experiences thus far. It makes me feel better to know that I’m not alone. I have an absurdly high tolerance compared to literally every other smoker I know, and they make me feel bad about having to smoke so much to get high. It has gotten to a point recently where dabs weren’t even doing anything. NOTHING. Then just recently I got an ounce of bud, two different strains, and they also did absolutely nothing but make me cough my brains out after each hit. After a week of torturing myself with coughing and no high whatsoever, I said ENOUGH!! I want to get high again, and smoking with no result is a waste of time and money. I have begrudgingly taken t-breaks in the past, but because those breaks were mostly due to financial reason they were difficult to get through. Any tolerance I lost was quickly built back up by smoking more than I needed to. I am going to try really hard when I start back up, to only take a couple hits and wait a while before smoking more, and trying to wait until later in the day. I am starting this t-break with a much more positive attitude, thanks in part to this article and the comments. The other reason being that I am so looking forward to actually getting high like I used to once upon a time. It was easy to start this break, since it had been at least a week since I actually got high. I was smoking because I had it, and I was craving it, but I was getting nothing from it and it was disappointing. I was starting to feel like some kind of scientific anomaly until I found your article. I am going to try 2 weeks and see how that works, 17 days max because I want to smoke for my husband’s b-day bbq. I have done some other research and found a study doing PET scans looking at CB1 receptors, and it said that a few days off makes a significant difference, and after 4 weeks your brain returns to that of a non-smoker, so going longer than that is generally unnecessary. Here is the link:

  • Andy Dandy says:

    It’s inspiring to see how supportive the stoner community can be! Since January, I’ve been smoking every day (with a few exceptions), and two days ago I smoked a finely grinded bowl of wacky and wound up to no high. So from then on, I decided to lay off the bud for a decent amount of time. Thanks for all your guys’ tips and comments, and thank you especially Mary Jane for creating this article. However, I’m still fairly uncertain as to how long a decent time is for me. I usually go through a quarter a week, but the stuff I get is from a dispensary, and I’m still relatively new to smoking compared to a lot of other people (I’ve been smoking for two years now, pre-January I would smoke probably twice or three times during the week).

  • Scuderia says:

    Day 4 of t break am doing ok but craved bad today and still struggling to get a decent nights sleep. As mentioned in above comments I either can’t sleep as my brain seems too active and not sedated by some knock out indy or I wake suddenly to some mad dreams! Been smoking for around 15 years but much more frequently recently. Can get through around an eighth with my housemates on an evening, so definitely needed a t break generally for a bit of clarity but now can see a whole host of other benefits after reading other’s posts. The suggestion of keeping busy is a very important part of the break, also I find it alot easier to engage in some interests/hobbies/odd jobs that I’d either dropped previously or never got round to. Very useful comments and of course great article Mary Jane, keep up the good work! Still I’m really looking forward to a warhead in a week or so!

  • Sarah says:

    Taking a T-break because due to asthma, I’ve mostly been using concentrates since they’re easier on my lungs than smoking flower, but now my tolerance is through the roof. I have anxiety and have used weed to medicate for 3 years now, so taking a break is hard, but I’m tired of not really feeling the effects anymore. Today is day 4, and I originally wanted to take a month long break, but I’m not sure if I have the willpower. Thinking about vaping flower this weekend, which will have been a week long break, and seeing how it goes. I think a week will at least make a difference, and if I feel I need to take a longer break, I can certainly keep trying.

  • Azzy Azeez says:

    Currently on day 3 of my tolerance break. Those were the days when a one hoot would get me seriously baked. It’s not so bad, just can’t stop thinking about how much nicer things would be if I had a little green and been feeling quite restless and anxious so my doctor gave me some Ativan, I really hate taking them but it’s only for a month been ..counting down like it’s fucking prom.
    Really glad I found this website, it’s awesome! Like a support group for people who have to take T-breaks lol.

  • Josh says:

    I want to second the last person who posted. Thanks, Mary Jane. Reading this thread really is like participating in a support group — and a lot of that is your diligence in replying to the commenters, even with just a vote of confidence. I originally wasn’t going to leave a response, but I just wanted to say I bet there are a lot of people like me on this site who have been comforted by the article and comments and the sense of community they engender, and may not have left of a comment. I imagine you’re helping a lot of people!

  • Ryan says:

    Ok i finally did it… i have to say that reading the article and the comments has really been the deciding factor of whether or not to take this t break on.. seems like nothing but positive benefits in the long run. I used to be really addicted to pain killers and remember getting sick when i ran out… this is 1000 times better… kida nice depending on how tyou look at it… seems like things are a bit different than last i remember.. life anyways… being sober kinda feels not normal so its fun in a way. I smoke about 1.5 gms per day and im on day 2 of my 4 day t break. Friday at 420 its back in and as that day gets closer it feels like Christmas lol. My dreams have been pretty dope thr last couple nights.. lookin forward to tonight’s journey lol. Good luck everybody.. thank you so much for the tips and encouragement… i see all my fellow stoners are goin thru the same sh&t as me.. happy blazin:)

    • Mary Jane says:

      Great to hear things are working out for you. I can totally relate to “being sober kinda feels not normal so its fun in a way”. It’s like, when you’re high all the time sober becomes the new high. Cheers!

  • Tony says:

    I had to take a multiple month TB because I was studying for some licenses for work. It wasn’t light material. Actually I guess calling it a TB is an accurate term. It was more a necessity for me to be able to pass the test but I digress. I was also burning a hole in my wallet. I had been smoking pretty much non stop for 10 years.

    I poured myself into the studies and needless to say I aced the tests. Of course I bought myself some lovely green as a reward.

    After about two Puffs on the vaporizer I could barely stand up it hit me so hard.

    I’m on going on a 2 week break now. Can’t wait for that first vape in a few more weeks.

  • Hank says:

    Love this! Good practical, positive advice. Going to try a tolerance break here. Going to go for a run in a second and keep immersing myself in some great books I’ve been enjoying. Even if my t break don’t last at the end of the day I’ll still be happy.

    Speaking as someone whose life has been greatly improved by medicinal weed and the lifting of stigma, it’s really really really nice to hear things like “you are strong” instead of “smoke weed and your life falls apart and high school kids glaring at you turns you into a couch pancake.”

    Changing a few words around really can make a difference. 🙂

    Keep it up!

  • Justin says:

    I needed to read this and the comments. I’ve been an every day smoker for about 8-9 years now and rarely take breaks – only on vacations so my mind is preoccupied and there is less focus the weed. Other breaks are if I’m sick with something in the sinuses or chest. Been going through about a gram a day maybe even a few grams on a weekend day at the house (yikes lol). So I’m on a self-prescribed t-break on day three until my primary plug picks up on Monday. First day is always the worst – nausea, sleeplessness, fidgety and irritable. Today is the first day I’ve not been about ready to put my head through a wall and somewhat enjoying being ‘clearheaded’ even though myself and others consider me an extremely high-functioning toker (work from home). I usually have no problem getting my weekly errands done but I was up at 5am this morning and got probably weeks worth of chores and errands done around the house. Very good advice and thanks so much for posting this!

    • Mary Jane says:

      I would go a step farther and say the first 3 days are the toughest. The good news is you’re obviously tougher. I’m glad you decided to take a break. It’s going to be sooooo worth it once you’re done and get the smoke that first bowl. Thanks for checking out my blog and joining the conversation. You rock!

  • Laura says:

    This is so helpful. I’m a colorado stoner so weed stuff is EVERYWHERE but I’m on day two of my T break. I’m not sure how long to make my break but I’ve been smoking so much this past month that I’m pretty sure I’ve been high for two weeks. I finally came all the way down yesterday but all I can think of is smoking.
    Definitely going to take your advice on trying a hobby

    • Mary Jane says:

      Yeah, I live in Colorado too so I know how tough it can be to t break around here. Glad to hear you’re looking at a new hobby. I’ve just started to learn wire wrapping to make jewelry. It’s cheap to start and so far not too terribly difficult. Best of luck! Cheers 🙂

  • Taej says:

    Started my T break a couple days ago. I was going to do a week but I’m thinking all I may need is a couple days?? I just started smoking regularly about 2 months ago and have been smoking every day since. I used to have insane visions when I closed my eyes and really strong body highs after only smoking like half a bowl. Now I smoke three a night and barely feel anything except a little fuzzy. I haven’t smoked for three days now and I definitely feel more clear. And I’ve been remembering my dreams which is super important to me! Experiencing some trouble falling asleep but nothing drastic. I may smoke again in a couple days instead of going the full week, because it seems like others have reset their tolerance in a week but smoke a couple gs a day, and I’m nowhere near that! Will keep updated on my next smoking experience!!

  • Rachel E says:

    Wow, I’m so glad I found this site! I’m on day three of a 5 day T-break, and reading your article and everyone’s comments has been so encouraging. I smoke an average of a g a day, pretty much every day for two years now. I was beginning to think something was wrong with me since I couldn’t get high anymore. I even wondered if maybe I WAS getting high, and I was just too high to realized it if that makes sense? Lol.
    Anyways, I have done T-breaks before for 3 days and felt no difference in my tolerance. So for smokers like me, push past 3 days!! This summer I went to Europe for 9 days and obviously couldn’t smoke. My best friend went on the trip with me, and we shared a joint the moment we got back to the states. We got sooooo blazedddd <3 haha it was incredible. I forgot how glorious it is feeling the weed settle into your body and give you shivers after just a hit or two. Weed truly is amazing, and remembering that feeling is what keeps me motivated to finish this break.
    I haven't abstained from weed for 5 days before, so I'll let you all know if it works me. I would love to take a week long break, but it's that time of month for me, and I really don't want to be sad/mopey and crippled from cramps this week.(sorry for the TMI, but I know there are other lady stoners who might relate). So honestly I might give in to get rid of my PMS symptoms, but so far so good!

    • Mary Jane says:

      Glad you found the site helpful. I definitely know the feeling of maybe I’m high, but I’ve smoked so much that high is more normal than sober. That’s the point for me that I normally start my own t break. Best of luck! Cheers 🙂

  • Luke says:

    Great read, both post and comments.

    Since the beginning of the year I’ve slowly but surely increased my cannabis use.

    I used to go through a gram every 5 days or so with the use of a dry herb vaporizer.

    Since I got a better dry herb vape (the Crafty) around 3 months ago now, it’s slowly increased to a little over a gram a day.

    I decided to take a tolerance break as of yesterday. I figured that if I just take a break for a week or two and buy a larger amount rather than a gram each day, it would work out better financially and the tolerance break would pay off.

    I can 100% agree the first day is definitely the hardest but I can already see that it does get better!

    Yesterday, all I could think about was how much I wanted to go ahead and get a bag.

    The stress and all the negative feelings felt really overwhelming, perhaps even more so for me due to having quite severe ADHD.

    The bursts of anger I was getting yesterday were crazy.

    I did give in to the tolerance break just a little, but I don’t really count it.

    Last night before bed I had a warm glass of milk and rolled up some ABV (Already Been Vaped) bud in a small rolling paper.

    (A warm glass of milk before bed helps the insomnia guys!)

    My ABV is very dark, so the high was a very mild body high, but definitely not something that would affect my tolerance.

    Today, I didn’t think about bud anywhere near as much.

    I admit I still got angry on a few occassions.

    One time in the morning before I had taken my ADHD medication, and a few times when it had worn off. This would happen to me before I used to blaze anyway.

    I think a big part of today being a better day was that I kept myself busy throughout the day.

    I even got in some exercise which instantly made me feel better (punching bag and push-ups!).

    I’ve been really tempted.

    The thought of feeling better and getting rid of all this negativity instantly crosses my mind a lot, but I’m determined to do this.

    It might not seem like a big thing to people that don’t smoke up, but if they were in our shoes they would know the struggle lol.

    I also noticed that I had a heck load of dreams last night, something I don’t really have anymore.

    I actually said to my girlfriend last month that I don’t really dream anymore and just the other day I found out that bud can actually prevent you from dreaming.

    I read that it’s very common to have dreams involving using cannabis when you take a break/stop, and this did actually happen to me last night haha!

    I was at a weed market. Like a fish market, but weed. Stalls full of weed gummy candies, oils – it was a pretty cool dream to be honest.

    Anyway I’ve written a long ass comment (probably so that I’m occupied), so I guess I better end it along here somewhere.

    Hope everyone succeeds in their breaks! I’ve never taken one before but I can just feel that it’ll be worth it.

    • Mary Jane says:

      The dreams, man. The dreams. It is one thing I dearly miss. Tolerance breaks are pretty much the only time I remember a dream, and they’re always really really strange.

  • AliBeckham says:

    First of all, I’m not a native English speaker, so please sorry in advance 😉
    Great website! Everytime I take a t-break, i visit you here, read all comments. And it helps!
    It’s my 3/30 day. Life is just so perfect during the day, but awful at night. Lack of sleep makes me feel agressive. But i know, that after 2 weeks of your t-break, you even sometimes don’t think about weed all day long. Thank you, NATURE, for giving us such a nice “drug”.
    I’m in Russia now. For people here in Moscow there is no difference if you smoke weed or take heroin. Both for them is 100% illegal and nobody understands me here.

    I’m so jealous sometimes reading comments from the States where in some areas weed is legal.

    Author of this article, respect for the idea creating this website. You help people much more than you think 😀 lol

  • Connor says:

    Hey had a quick question, I have built a very knarly tolerance to cannabis, like 4-5 dabs and 3-4 bowls an maybe a joint/blunt. Per session. I finish maybe a gram of very high quality nug run wax and usually about 1/8 to maybe a short mans 1/4 (6.5 grams). How bad is my t break going to really be? I just started today..

  • Mary Jane says:

    I have been smoking for 5 years everyday and Im finally taking a 7 day break I can honestly say it’s not as bad as I thought it would be except at night when it’s time to go to sleep but I eventually dose off. I’m really just doing it to lower my tolerance i smoke at least a 3.5 or more a day I wanna get back to smoking 1 or at least 2 grams a day I just be feeling burnt out.

  • The Green Gnome says:

    Currently on day 7 of my annual t-break. Every December, I like to start my break on the 1st, and troop it out till the 25th, aka Christmas. It not only allows me to conserve money to buy gifts for friends and family, but it almost brings me back to my childhood when I would get giddy and excited over the upcoming holiday. I find that on the evening of the 24th, I toss and turn a lot like I did as a child expecting presents, due to how excited I am to toke up the following day. You can guarentee it’s a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday.

  • Bradley Tew says:

    Hey. I live in England and we smoke weed a little differently. I smoke no more than 2 spliffs a day but most days it’s one. Roughly around 30-40% weed and the rest is tobacco because, well, that’s just the way it’s done here. I’m currently about 36 hours into a tolerance break. I’m just thinking because I consume a lot less than most of the people on here, I may get away with one more sleep and go for it again tomorrow night? Gonna drink lots of water today as well to help flush it out.

    • Mary Jane says:

      When you take a tolerance break do you also take a break from tobacco, or do you keep smoking tobacco without the weed? I’m curious because I would imagine it would make a tolerance break a little more difficult if you’re weaning off of nicotine as well. Best of luck, and thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Johnny Park says:

    I have been smoking everyday for past 10 years and have been a very heavy user. I want to take T-break partly because I want to take control of my life but also in order to get back things that I have lost in recent years due to excessive smoking. I am on my 2nd day t-break, gonna go for 5days. Gawd I just know my first bowls gonna fuck me up and can’t wait till that time. I will post another progress here and post it right b4 I smoke my first bowl and get fucking whambuzzled. Its so hard especially knowing the fact that I can reach out my bad and break it down and pack a bowl, but I am gonna hold it down 5 days no matter what. Its gonna be sooo fucking worth it.

  • Johnny Park says:

    I freaking did it, today I completed my 5 day t-break and im about to Smoke. Its Christmas Eve and boy I couldnt fucking sleep last night thinking about today.. it was like kid waiting on Santa on Chimney except this time chimney gonna be my fucking throat. Merry Christmas y’ll.

  • Zac C says:

    Hey guys I’ve been smoking for about a year and half literally every day since that first day, multiple times daily(4-5). I started out smoking just flower but it got to where i was smoking 4g or more. Day. My buddy met a guy with great quality shatter. Started dabbing, soon I found myself taking huge dabs but they weren’t doing anything like the flower was. I’ve beenam smoking for awhile without even feeling high, I just feel normal or something. I was probably smoking 10 or more grams of flower per week as well as at least 3 grams of shatter.
    And when I woke up this morning I decided I was gonna Tbreak. It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours yet. I haven’t eaten a full meal and I’m up at 2 a.m. and don’t feel like I’m gonna be sleeping tonight at all.. This shits gonna be tough. I want to make it at least 7 days. But I’m not sure what a good break would be for a daily smoker of one and a half years. I have to say though finding this blog and rea ding everyone else’s comments have given me alot of confidence. Thanks guys and I hope you all have a good TB aswell!!

  • Mary Jane says:

    Glad the article helped. I think a week is a perfect place to start. For some, that week is all you’ll need. If you decide that your tolerance is still a bit too high you can always take a longer break. Best of luck 🙂

  • Katelyn says:

    Hi everybody! I finally read through all the comments! I started last night but saved some for tonight because I really enjoy reading about everyone’s experiences. Today is only the second day of my three week t break, which is very sad 🙁 Yesterday was mainly spent doing nothing but being grumpy about the fact that I can’t smoke (even though this t break is self imposed).
    I decided to wait three weeks because I have been smoking about a dub everyday for about 6 months, and last month when I took a 10 day t break, I quickly regained my tolerance after a couple days. The first hit was nice, but not memorable. So, I have decided to wait 3 weeks. Can I do it? I wanted to wait a month so that my tolerance would be completely gone, but that is seriously daunting. Maybe once the three weeks are up it won’t be so hard to add another? We’ll see.
    Yesterday sucked and I couldn’t sleep, but today was ok, probably because I was busier. I made a list of 21 things to do instead of smoke yesterday to keep me busy since reading my textbooks just isn’t tempting. Embroidery, for example is just something that goes a lot better sober, so its on the list. If list making helps you I encourage you to also make a list of what to do besides smoke, and it’s easier if they’re things that you would actually rather do sober (“Like what?” I ask myself) but they definitely don’t have to be. On my list is also yoga, reading, and art (but come on making art is so much better high).
    I am scared of this t break because weed helps me manage my social anxiety, and I have been smoking weed since I was diagnosed with depression last April (plus anti depressant). Although I know I can certainly manage without weed, my last t break left me more irritable then usual, but not any clearer in the head. I also just love the act and ritual of packing a bowl, lighting, feeling the smoke and seeing it as you exhale. How calming! Sorry if thats triggering though. Anyway I already really miss smoking out of my bong like normal nights 🙁
    But alas! As someone else said, it is important to be positive. I am going to list positives for my sake moreso than yours to be honest. T breaks let you do other things you need to get done. Not smoking is good for lungs and decreases tolerance. That bowl in three weeks will be amazing this time. I am excited to get there and I will probably check back in, because it is really helpful. Thank you all for the interesting, kind, and helpful words 🙂

    • Mary Jane says:

      I really like the idea of making a list of things to do instead of smoking. I’m going to do that on my next t-break. I know it seems really hard right now, but I promise it gets easier as more time passes. Thanks for taking the time to join the discussion. I love hearing from strong people who are taking action. You’re awesome! If you get a chance to come back and keep us posted on your progress that would be awesome. Cheers 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m back! Day 7, it’s been a week! The first week is definitely a struggle, but if you can make it past that I think it get’s a lot easier. The first 4 days I couldn’t sleep because I wasn’t tired, and would go the whole day without eating something till I got home in the evening. My appetite has returned now, but I’m eating like half of what I normally do. Not that I encourage this but stopping smoking has definitely made me lose weight. 2 more weeks to go! I think it will be doable, and the end result will be wonderful. Keep going everyone 🙂

        • Mary Jane says:

          So great to hear back from you! I’m glad it’s getting easier for you. I think you’re going to be really pleased when your t-break is complete. Cheers 🙂

  • Mollie says:

    Hi everyone! I’m currently on day 5 of 7! Never thought for one second I’d make it this far. I smoke about a gram a day and have been for the last year and a half but I was no longer feeling the effects and it would make me feel angry at myself for once again wasting my money, when I know how high my tolerance level is!
    I’ve coped by keeping myself busy. Taking up drawing again (cant draw whilst high, not sure why lol)
    I find I’ve been quite pissy and blunt to everyone these last few days….have hardly slept or eaten either. I’m looking forward to chilling with a (small) joint on sunday. I don’t want my tolerance sky rocketing again soon after, it’s burning a massive hole in my pocket. I miss being able to have 2/3 tokes on a joint and be high as a kite, having munchies, giggles and then eventually just passing out asleep lol. Thanks for this article, it’s given me the willpower to keep going , and I know it will be worth it! Thanks!

  • Genry says:

    Ok. I took 1-month break in order to reduce the tolerance and meet my demons (I visit Gestalt therapy for 1.5y). Yesterday I’ve made a small joint (like 3 times smaller than before a break) – OMG 2h I spend somewhere between Iron Maiden and Kool and Gang with my headphones on. I’m glad that I made it. Was not so easy and was not so hard.

  • Steph says:

    Well its 6am.. day 1 of t-break!!
    I cant even remember my last break lol. Been smoking for 10 years, with some good breaks here and there. I know ive been a freight train esque smoker all day everyday since thanksgiving

    I miss the amazing clarity that comes with a t break
    I do NoT miss the sleepless nights lmao and fully expect to be lying in bed wide awake like a tweek the first few nights. I always do, but i also know that gets better soon! Watching youtube, playing video games and benadryl help.
    Im very busy at my work so helps pass the time. Exercise , running in particular helps give a good natural high

    Wish me luck! I want to go a week or more. I am darn tired of buying a 20 every day or 2. And im sure my dude is sick of me too haha. I hate feeling like a pest, always looking for green, dealers are always complicated, im tired of it all.

    Good luck to all you folks 🙂 ive already tried to prepare by not smoking my last one so late at night (skipping the usual right before i lay down for sleep is that really even necessary?) Haha and as a result actually remembered a dream or two i had. I never remember any, smoking before bed.
    I know the dreams are about to be real off the wall as the thc leaves me too . How exciting 😉

  • Ted Friend says:

    I have a friend that has been smoking 1g a day for 14 years. morning til night. One time he was complaining to me, no matter how many hits he takes he doesnt get the dank high.

    He is 6’1 185lbs. He told me hes going to need to take a t break. It’s his 11th day of no dank. Is one month enough, cuz his initial goal was 3 months, but he admitted he cant do that, be away from dank that long. He has taken maybe 1 t break in 10 years for a week. How long does it take for the cob webs to go away and have a clear mind. His doctor told him after 21 days dank is not in the body anymore.

  • ND says:

    I’m from New Delhi. Have been smoking everyday for more than two years. Hash & weed are quite thrifty in India and hardly burns a hole in pocket. When I started smoking up in the year 2014, four-five tokes were enough to guarantee a strong high. I used to roll a J after coming home from work and blaze it up in the backyard. In no time my mood was uplifted and I was transformed into a happy man. I really needed it at that time and it really helped surviving my marriage to be honest. Those were testing times. A single J used to last 2-3 days. Anyway, with passage of time I started taking first few tokes in the evenings and on holidays it used to be around afternoon till I pass out. So far so good. However, I thought of a TB after struggling to get a decent high for several months no matter how much I smoked up. It became so mundane and boring. Today is my second day of a four day TB. Been 48 hrs already. It was really difficult to catch some sleep on the first night. I tossed and turned all night long. I had called my dealer 2-3 times this evening. Luckily his number was switched off. I called it providence and have resolved to take a 4 days break and then for a month after this Sunday. I was trying to find out how other stoners have dealt with their breaks and in the process I came across this article which is quite helpful in itself. All the comments posted were motivating as well. I believe a TB isnt that difficult if one can keep their mind off weed. I needed this short break to analyse if I can survive without it for few days. This short break is helping me prepare for a longer break and seems like a good way of boosting my self belief. Someone has stated about benefits of meditation. I havent tried it for this first TB but would like to during the marathon break. I spent lots of time reading and visualizing the reads. It helped me killing time and by the time it was dark I only had to tell myself that its just a matter of few more hours and the day’d over. I think its all about testing yourself and finding happiness through other sources/ hobbies.

  • Thomas Jay says:

    Interesting to read of different peoples experiences with t-breaks. I’ve been dosing daily for 17 years multiple times a day for medical reasons (neuro. deficits from strokes and ms) with an occasional short t-break. Prior to that I smoked recreationally for 30 years, ranging from daily to only a couple times a year.

    I’m on day 3 of a break now because last sunday I had no commitments and decided it would be fun to feel really stoned for a change, so I ate 8 50 mg medical gummies, took a couple rips of Jack Herer and walked over to spend the day on the beach, anticipating a near psychedelic day.The Jack Herer gave me a 5 minute buzz and I never felt ‘stoned’/’high’ at all from the 400 mg of thc in the gummies . Time for a break

    Here’s how my t-breaks usually go:
    Days 1 &2- when I self assess how I feel throughout the day- I still feel cannabis effects , including feeling somewhat ‘stoned’ I put all my goods out of site so I don’t just reach for something out of habit,rather than need.

    Day 3(today)- My cb1 receptors are starting to complain a little bit, I may be a little anxious and irritable, but really no more than if I don’t have coffee in the morning. This is the day when a little willpower is needed,and having a drink or two helps a bit, though i normally don’t drink.

    Days 4&5- I’m feeling pretty good cannabis free, the urges from day 3 are gone, this is no big deal

    Day 6- headaches are back, my left hand is starting to get a tremor again and my muscles feel really stiff.

    Day 7 Screw this-t-break over! The first vape is amazing, not like 1st time amazing, but still.

    Rinse and repeat in 90 -120 days as tolerance rebuilds

  • trrish says:

    I’m about to do another TB. So funny how I really don’t want to. It’s so much easier not to. However, I do it to clear the cobwebs and smoke out of my mind. The benefits are enormous. This time, I bought two helpers from Amazon – Cannitrol capsules and Quit Tea. The QT is meant for nicotine smokers, I think. I’ll report back on my experience. Getting to the decision to just start the break is my biggest problem. Once I make it through the first night, I do pretty well. I notice that my TB’s have gotten shorter and less frequent over time. I don’t really like that aspect of using weed -the seductiveness. I fight myself on it and finally the part of me that wants the clarity wins. I do my best to stretch out my non-using weeks but damn, the-wants-to-feel-good side of me fights it. I end up delaying the detoxes much longer than I really want to (I think these two parts of me need to have some negotiations.) I don’t like when it starts negatively impacting things I have passion for. I have MS and starting using weed shortly after it was legal here – about 5 years.

  • jay ajay says:

    yeah tb can be annoying but they save money if ur real broke do what i do only smoke on the weekends. usually (if my boyfriend isnt around) i can make 80 bucks worth of weed last a whole month because i only smoke on saturday sunday and sometime wednesdays cause the middle of the week can be stressful

    and doing it this way means my tolerance is almost always low. im what my BF calls a “light weight” i dont know what that means other than it saves me cash. yes its fun to be high 24/7 and i used to be but then it got expensive. so now its 80 bucks and saturday sunday wednesdays

  • Shay Murray says:

    I have been smoking for 3 years. Have taken a few 1 week breaks. My tolerance is out the roof, I took a week break about 6 months ago and my tolerance was back up within days.

    Lets try this again

  • Jason says:

    Microdosing is awesome. Check it out. I’m taking 36-48 hour breaks when I notice my tolerance going up, and then the third day only take 3-6 hits throughout the day. Then the next day, continue taking small doses until you feel it, and then stop. Then the next day resume as normal. Works great.

  • Shaun says:

    Heavy smoker here for close to ten years. Haven’t smoked for 16 days but what I am wondering after my tolerance break will the withdrawal symptoms come back if I don’t want to smoke as much regularly like say for example every few days because the symptoms were pretty harsh?

  • LasMaryBella says:

    Starting my tbreak today. Haven’t done this in years, I literally can’t remember the last time when. I mean I’ve been on vacations for a few days to a week where I couldn’t smoke and I felt the difference as I was more irritable, anxious, talkative (like in an nervous kind of way) headache, etc. and as soon as I got back home I smoked. So I am really hoping that though I am not on vacay I am going to act like I am. I plan to keep myself busy but I am hoping that I do not feel mood shifts & depression that makes me just want to sleep. I usually smoke a few time a day. It used to be when I got off work and before bed but now that my work isn’t 9-5 (it can be but because I have the flexibility I surely take advantage of it) I smoke once or twice in the morning/afternoon and then again in the evening and before bed. Which is usually a totally of 2 rillos split into sessions. Anyways I am rambling. Wish me luck. My target is 2 weeks! I hope to have decreased my tolerance so I smoke less and get more accomplished.

  • Anon says:

    Hey everyone. Extremely late to this post, but hopefully someone similar to me will benefit from this. I am currently on my my first tolerance break in 5 years. Because of my lifestyle, I was able to smoke about an 8th every day of top shelf buds (3-4, 1 gram blunts a day + .25g of wax a day) for 3 years, without worrying about the bank. Not having to worry of it as an expense never really gave me a NEED to stop smoking.I haven’t actually felt the effects of MJ since about 2016. This all came to a halt about 10 days ago when I packed an entire ounce in a Supernatural Raw Cone and smoked it all in one night (just between me and my girl). I was disappointed to say the least. My high never exceeded the point a normal 1 gram blunt would provide. This is when i knew i needed to make a change, and that my brain must be seriously fogged compared to the normal person.
    Also, i was smoking just to smoke. MJ provided no high to me, so it was the actual act of rolling/smoking i found myself glued to. After the ounce joint, I took time to reflect on how I allowed myself to get to this point. Why was i doing this all day, everyday, if it wasnt doing anything for me? The only answer i could think of was boredom. Not doing anything all day had allowed me to turn to the blunt as an activity. But then, i got bored with that too- and i found myself getting depressed, not being able to find happiness anywhere. I wondered, maybe being sober will make me happy, so i tired it, and it worked.
    It is now day 9 of my tolerance break and i can easily say this is one of the best decisions i have ever made. After overcoming the first 3 day of sleeplessness, anger, and boredom, the world seemed to open up. In the last 6 days, I have started an online school to get my HS diploma (im 20, dropped out at 17), I’ve COMPLETELY changed my eating habits (replaced cereal and junk w vegetables and meat), signed up for a gym, and have attended 3 classes at parkour training gym ( I found a new hobby that i absolutely love there!!). This new feeling of motivation and productivity has provided a stronger high than bud ever did for me. It would be a lie to say I haven’t thought about it. Im sure if i smoke a blunt tonight id go to the moon and back! However, i like this new state of mind. Im not done finding out what life is like sober. I wonder, if i was able to do all this in a week, what can i achieve in a month? Today, i found myself looking into colleges, something that seemed like a dream just a week ago.
    This is probably an extreme outcome, resulting from extreme use for a quarter of my life. I never had time to find out who i was without weed. The point i am trying to get across with this novel of a post is this: Taking a tolerance break could possibly be a life changing thing, especially if you forget what life is like without bud. As much as i loved weed (and trust me, i loved weed) i never knew what i was capable of until I stopped. This post isnt for the average user, this is for the people who feel as though they are chained to this plant, and are tired of feeling like they’re reliant on a plant for happiness. I really hope someone else that was in my position has the opportunity to read this and finds the inspiration they need to make that change. Im telling you, it is possible, and it is very much worth it.

  • Custard says:

    Day 7 of tbreak.

    Too much for too long messes with your own endocannabinoid system, until it cant homeostasis / balance. Tge wonderful thing is the repair is fast, all our down regulated CB1 and CB2 recpertors come back online after 48 hours, the balance takes a little longer, this causes moods swings and edgy feeling, rebalancing our endocannabiod system cause sweats, lack of appetite etc.

    My reason for breaking is fits of rage bascially flying of the handle for no reason, after 25 yrs heavy daily use and literally 6 months waking and baking organic traceable to seed dank as fuk herb..ummm after 25 yrs daily smoking i habe only one piece of advice respect the herb, respect your loved ones.

    Regardless I’m the same, i do feel pot led me down a route far from my projected outcome of a underachieving estate kid leaving school with no qualifications. LSD, shrooms and weed enlightened me and opened up doors i met good educated people I was helping out uni students and they influenced me to study, i started to read books, went to uni myself i got a great profession all the time the weed stayed with me.

    The flipside is its led to me making choices not to take opportunities too and its led to my notorious and unpredictable immature rages. I’m in my 40s have trained regular for 25 years in not a small child so thing get smashed and broken then im all guilty, and ashamed. Its so so worse for my OH, excelty what every other partner has said and she is ultimately my one and I refuse to let weed ruin it. I can clear my body in three weeks and my head its clear in four weeks, I’ve had a few T-breaks in the past.

    This time im going to break until Easter, with a view of never smoking again. I dont smoke tobacco at all so the physical side of abstaining isnt there, i find starting to dream again difficult has it wakes me up a lot at first.

    I do find Indica and kush much worse for anger but best for muscle aches and restlessness pls, etc

    I mean even most hybred, atm looking back through my notes and logs. Pure AK has been the most stable for me. Sativa dont really cause me anger as such but sync me out so much and I feel like I’m in speed and talking c**p all the time if i over do it. Also the come down is speedy too.

    I am convinced of the medical side and would like to explore micro dosing but not until Easter, the right now I’m over it and when Easter comes id like to switch of my lights for good.

    This isn’t too bad, i once made a oz last me a year.. I remember that year! Seriously though im at about a oz a week and it’s far too much, time to move on.

    The clarity of no weed is cool, i can try to learn lucid dreaming again which is by far the best trip ever, just takes a lot of clean structured living which is not a bad thing.

    So I’m here to support the idea that weed come down causes a massive dip in my MOA, (MAO’s?) This in turn leads to me losing sense of control and turns me into a tantrum throwing evil twisted and very hateful person.

    Its not like poisonous alcohol, cannabis contains over 100 cannabinoids each one effects our own physical cannabinod system, everyone is slightly different, every su spieces and even every strain interacts with ones own system differently, top that with smoking far far to much. Lets face it I know i can some a tenth of my standard bowl and still be toasted. I could go hours without another hit, but i just smash it to hell, work is intense and hitting a bowl is loverly, but its not worth the craziness anymore.

    Its hard, I’m here to say im throwing my lighter into the ring too. But if id being and I have being confronted with this from another person esp a loved one i may have gone boom.

    I don’t won’t this persona in my life, and I’m sure as hell my amazing fiancee doesn’t and there little more she will tolerate and fair play ive being awful exactly the same as the others on here.

    My ideal would be a selection that i have maybe smoke occasionally, maybe micro dosing, but right now it’s total break, i don’t know if I’ll make it to Easter with a completely clean sheet bug lets have a go.l eh?

    So maybe ill be back at Easter and hopefully clean.

    Goodluck, if in doubt give it 35 days and see how you feel, even if you hate the sharp jaggy clear world, you’ll have saved lots of stash or cash and that first hit will be like nothing youve smoked before.

  • 420tom says:

    If your smoking for medical reasons, one thing i do during the break is i eat a bunch of omega-3’s and take a bunch of CBD. The CBD helps speed up the receptor reset and the omegas really help with pain and nausea, as well as regulating the natural cannabinoids in the body. I usually eat about 90g of chia seeds a day even when not taking a break, just to keep up on the omegas. I used to be on anti psychotics and i found that most of my mental problems were do to overconsumtion, something nobody wants to believe is possible, but it is very real. High THC tollerance can cause psychosis, for some people. I.used to smoke an oz a week plus wax, just to keep myself from freaking out. Now smoking only a hit or 2 here and there I’m off all other meds and I’ve never felt so great! Remember that everything in the universe needs balance, too much of a good thing is never healthy!

  • Ziggs says:

    Idk if you still reply Mary Jane, but thats okay, hope you are still here on Earth with us.

    Day 3 of my T-Break..

    Just stumbled upon this thread.

    I have been smoking for 9 years (Age 14-23) almost 10 since i turn 24 soon.. I haven’t gotten high for a reallllllly long time. I mean ill smoke joint after joint sometimes just to feel numb. But never high.

    I won’t talk about my life cause life sucks. What i will talk about is why i came to this conclusion.

    A few nights ago i couldn’t sleep, i could barely breathe.. I don’t have asthma or anythin. But i knew my lungs were getting worse it was just that one night. I threw up some black tar like matter and I said. Thats it. No more weed for 90 days, after doing some research on repairing damage in your lungs caused by smoking cannabis.

    Idk if ill be able to make it to the 90 day mark as I have some good weed sitting in a jar and some really nice plants in the backyard – but still. I won’t settle for anything less than 2 -3 weeks. And after that, i will really be using it in moderation, maybe just smoke on weekends, or every other day. And just one joint a day.

    I need to fix my life though… I have been focused on weed for so long… I almost feel high as I am writing this. As if being sober is a drug now. I love cannabis. But I can’t live the way I am living forever.

    Thats why this “90-Day” t-break regardless of wether i actually make it there. Is so vital. I now respect the plant as if it is fire. No pun intended. Don’t get too close to it where you NEED to wake and bake every day for 9 years just to feel happiness.

    Anyone who is going through lifes tough obstacles, and constantly hides behind the smoke. I beg of you – take a few weeks off ATLEAST. and TRY to figure out what the actual issue is. It isn’t weed, but weed probably isn’t helping as much as you think.

    One Love.

  • Reed says:

    I took a break but felt better when got back on. Plus who likes a quitter. Only smoke at night though and a zip last me over a month so kinda lightweight

  • zigg zag says:

    so i just bought some weed today and i smoked it and diden get high at all, but im not sure id its bc someone might have sold me fake weed or if its the fact that i havent smoked in a month, and this was my first time smokin since then. but the weed was really tough and not soft at all but idk what it is?

  • Stacer says:

    I wish this idea had been around when I began smoking, back in the early 1980s. I’ve been smoking daily since I was 16 and I’m 52 now. I have never had some of the problems described by some users. Although I would smoke before school (and sometimes in the bathroom), I graduated high school with honors, went on to college (continuing my daily smoking), finished that with honors, worked for a few years and then went to graduate school and finished that. I took a six month break in my 30s because my then husband (now ex-husband) would not get off my ass about it. My dreams were crazy. I did not know about the rebound effect on REM sleep. I had Nazi’s chasing me through graveyards some nights and drinks (I don’t really even drink!) with old friends in my dreams. They were vivid as life is.
    I have a medical card in Florida, so I’m legal to consume cannabis. I recently started using tincture to get off my Prozac (which kills my libido). I’m close to two weeks off of Prozac and no side effects or withdrawal. I definitely don’t want to take a tbreak while I’m still getting off Prozac. The only reason I’m even considering a break is to help my lungs. I’m sure I have a tolerance, but I still actually get high when I smoke. My bf and I smoke small bowels. We rotate through strains (I have like 22 strains right now – not a shit ton of any, but I like variety). We stop when we feel high, regardless of whether the bowel is cooked. We don’t smoke a lot of joints, maybe one or two in a week and we always put them down before they are half way done (granted, these are strains like Holy Grail Kush with a THC level of 25%). I really appreciated this article and all the comments. Maybe my comment will make an impression on someone. Who knows? Stay healthy folks!

  • Some Bloke says:

    What if it’s been nearly five weeks since the last time you had a smoke, a drink, or even so much as a tylenol, but you still don’t get any more high than you were after a year of smoking more or less nonstop? Is it possible to build up a permanent tolerance? What is a person to do in that case?

  • Un-Stoned says:

    I’m on day 8 of my break and tbh the depressive thoughts are hitting kinda hard. I was at the point where I would smoke a gram of wax in 2 days by myself and not even get high. I dont remember the last time I was high… but I havent been depressed or anxious at all until I started this break. I’ve committed myself to not smoking for all of 04/2020. The further I get into this the less I feel like I’ll be able to pull it off. I cant sleep, I try to eat but my appetite disappears as soon as I have food, I have no motivation and to top it all off I kinda wanna disappear. Theres no denying I’ve developed a pretty serious addiction… I almost feel like I shouldnt smoke at all anymore if this is what I have to look forward to when I’m out of money. I feel so lost.

  • hallucinations says:

    i smoked 1 cigaret per day for 1 month .and quit . after 1 month .psycosis begin . its like your brain on fire. you going to be crazy .and only thing can calm you is alprazolam. and real and strong and dangerous ahallucination your driving and you cant see the road !!!!!
    horrible truce about cannabinoids is .when you on it .you can not realize your brain is shrinking. my fucking experience .go see the movie scanner darkly.its very bad thing.

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