Thunder 2 Wax Pen by Zeus Review

Zeus Thunder 2 Wax Pen

My friends over at sent me the new Thunder 2 wax pen made by Zeus. Other than receiving the pen for free, I was not otherwise compensated for this review and these words are my own. 


The unit comes neatly packed in a custom box. The pen fits snugly into the foam insert while the accessories are stored beneath the tray. There isn’t a million things to say about the packaging. It’s just sturdy, attractive, and no bigger than it needs to be. It’s everything it needs to be and nothing more. 

What You Get

The pen comes with a pretty standard 510 battery, an atomizer, charger, silicon container, packing tool, replacement o-rings, and an instruction manual. It’s all pretty standard stuff with the exception of the atomizer which is what you’re really paying for. Without further ado, let’s talk about the atomizer – what they call the ‘Z-Wax 2 Atomizer’.

The Atomizer

Overall, I think this is a terrific atomizer for several reasons. Let’s start with the heating method. This is not a wire coil which tend to overheat and burn your concentrates. Instead, this pen uses a heated ceramic disc. What’s so great about that? The flavor, man. The flavor. 

Also, this is the second pen I’ve reviewed that uses a screw-on splash cap. I now wonder why all pens don’t come with them because they are awesome. Basically, once you fill up the chamber with concentrates you screw on a small lid with holes in it. This prevents your concentrates from splashing all around. 

I also really like the design of the atomizer, but I’m going to lump that in with this next section.

Zeus thunder 2 vape review


Overall, the design is exactly what I’m looking for in a pen. First off, it should be small and sleek so it fits easily in my pocket. Secondly, I like concentrate pens that look like regular vape pens. It makes them stealthier which is nice for a travel piece. The black and silver look classy to me, but I also think any cheese not in a slice is classy, so you can make your own call on that one. 


Like I said before, the battery is a pretty standard 510 thread battery. Five clicks to turn it on – you know the drill. As far as the battery life is concerned I have no complaints about it. Even when using it pretty heavily I haven’t had a problem with it lasting the whole day. I tend to charge my vape at night next to my phone so as long as I get a hard days work out of the battery I’m pretty satisfied.


The pen is currently listed at Toronto Vaporizer for 89.99 CAD (about $70USD) so it’s a little higher than some pens on the market, but considering the quality I think the price is justified. 

What I Don’t Like About this Vape Pen

Overall, I really like this pen, but I always like to list out any negatives. In the case of this pen I could really only find one flaw – capacity. This pen does not hold much concentrates compared to many of the pens I’ve used before. Of course, it’s really just a matter of repacking it so I certainly wouldn’t consider this a deal breaker. 

If you’re interested in getting the Thunder 2 by Zeus you can check it out on

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