THC Detox Pills: Do They Really Work?


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When it comes to choosing a THC detox system you’ll notice there are an overwhelming amount of choices. Drinks and pills litter the internet, but are all the choices equal? Do they work on the same principles? The quick answer is no. Not all detox are created equal. Let’s talk about the 3 main categories of detox products: diuretics, masking agents/additives, and permanent detox.


This is the category that many of the detox drinks and some pills fall under. Put simply, a diuretic is a substance that increases the volume or your urine (diuresis). This is also the reason most of those drinks require you to drink exorbitant amounts of water in addition to the detox drink. Water all by itself promotes diuresis. The general principle here is if you urinate often before the test it will dilute the sample to fool the test, or al lease attempt to. Many people assume THC is water-soluble so it can be flushed out which is completely inaccurate. Truth is, THC has extremely low water solubility.

Now, if you’re sitting here thinking that diuretic detox doesn’t do much more than drinking lots of coffee and water then you’re pretty much right (caffeine is a diuretic). So, while a diuretic detox drink may be more helpful than nothing at all, it really isn’t the mysterious cure-all that many people portray them. Really, a diuretic should only be one part of a complete detox regimen.

One important thing to remember about diuretics is they are short-term solutions at best. This means, using a diuretic in conjunction with a water flush is only going to help you test clear for a short window of time – usually a few hours. This in only if you are already close to passing the test. If you’re a heavy user you can down a gallon of water and pee out nearly pure water, and still fail with flying colors. Plus the sample would never pass validity as it’s too diluted.

This type of detox isn’t actually cleansing your system. I’ll talk about permanent detox solutions in just a moment, but first I want to discuss masking agents and additives.

Masking Agents/Additives

Masking agents and additives gain their popularity from a much simpler time. A masking agent or additive is a substance that you add to your real urine to cover up the trail of THC. Using these are a really bad idea, and here’s why.

First off, drug testing methods have become much more sophisticated. Remember how I said this method came from a simpler time? Well, there was a point (like 20 years ago) that these substances could fool a lot of the testing methods they were using. This is usually no longer the case. Modern testing may include GC/MS machines. This stands for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. You know those machines they use on CSI that identifies all the elements and compounds in an unknown substance? Yeah, that’s the machine a lab may use to test your urine. If you added something that’s not supposed to be there you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll find it.

Even if a GC/MS is not used you are going to find yourself out of luck. Dipsticks are still widely used, but they’ve also become much more sophisticated. Dipsticks don’t just check for THC now. They also check for additives masking agents, preservatives, and synthetic agents in minuscule amounts.

Also, in most instances using a masking agent or additive is illegal. This means you could find yourself in a lot more trouble for trying to mask a sample than just failing it outright. It’s just not worth the risk – especially when there are better alternatives.

Permanent Detox

The last category is permanent detox, which is pretty much exactly what they sound like. This type of detox cleanses your system out completely instead of giving you a small window of time like diuretics alone. Most permanent detox requires you to take a supplement every day over a certain period of time depending on how much THC is in your system. If the product is a one-time use cleanser then it’s most likely just a diuretic.

So, what exactly are permanent detox supplements? Well, that’s a tricky question because each company uses a different formula. For the sake of this article, I’m going to use Green Gone Detox Pills to outline a permanent detox supplement. They are a highly developed supplement, which is made in the U.S.A. – something very few detox companies can claim. Without further ado – here’s how it works:

Overall, the product pulls THC metabolites into the user’s urine at a higher rate than usual to clear it more quickly over time. How is that accomplished exactly? There are 4 main mechanisms at play with the supplement.

  1. Increase the pH of your urine
  2. Provide a fiber and diuretic
  3. Induce liver enzyme production
  4. Decrease THC blood protein binding, so it can be more effectively cleared by the kidney

How long you need to take the supplements depends on many factors including how much THC is in your system, metabolism, body weight, and a bunch of other factors. For more information check or you can call and speak directly to one of their detox advisors at 419-455-1242. Tell them Mary Jane’s Diary sent you!

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