How to Make a Sploof in 3 Easy Steps

How to Make a Sploof

Are you looking for a way to cover up the smell of marijuana smoke? A sploof is simple to make, and allows you to discretely smoke inside. This guide will show you how to make weed smoke smell like laundry in 3 easy steps (with 2 bonus steps for aesthetics).


Most of the materials you need can be found laying around the house.

Plastic Bottle -or- Toilet Paper Roll
Scented Dryer Sheets
Tape -or- Rubber Band -or- String
Scissors -or- Knife

Step 1

If you are using a plastic bottle, use scissors or a knife to cut off the top of the bottle.

If you are using a toiler paper roll, you may want to get rid of the bits of leftover paper; however, this is optional.

make sploof step 1

Step 2

Fill the inside of the bottle or tube with dryer sheets. You don’t have to pack them in very tight. Three or four sheets should be plenty.

how to make a sploof part 2

Step 3

Take a dryer sheet, fold it, and drape it over the end of your sploof. You can secure it using tape (any kind will do), a rubber band, or string. At this point you can go ahead and start using your sploof. Just blow your smoke into the open end of the sploof and your smoke turns from skunk to fresh laundry. If you care about the aesthetics of your sploof continue on to steps 4 and 5.

sploof step 3



Step 4 (Optional)

You may want to get rid of the excess dryer sheets hanging around the outside of the sploof. Just take a pair of scissors and cut off the excess for a nice flush look.

sploof hide smell step 4

Step 5 (Optional)

Make it your own! You can decorate or personalize your sploof as much as you want.

How to Make a Sploof

Your sploof will remain usable for several smoke sessions. Keep and eye on the dryer sheets. When they begin to turn dark it is time to toss out your sploof and make another one.

If you’re looking for something that is going to last longer you could buy a charcoal sploof for pretty cheap. 

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  • Maria says:

    But what about the smell coming from the pipe/blunt? Because I tried this & it smells wonderful, but the smell of burning weed from the pipe was the real issue :/ any tips?

    • Mary Jane says:

      Great question! My best solution for this was to use a bong – I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. Get a bong and only pack enough for one hit. Make sure you can clear it all in a single hit. If you can burn and clear all the smoke there is no residual/second-hand smoke. I also like loading single hit bong rips because it helps conserve weed. If I pack a full bowl then I’m probably going to keep smoking until the bowl is gone even if it’s more weed than I really need. If I do personal hits then I stop whenever I’m feeling good. I hope this helps.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know about the quarter but if you are using a pipe (anything with a bowl, really) you can hold a quarter over the bowl. Works fairly well.

      It always helps to have some body spray / aerosol on hand tho.

  • mufasa cureton says:

    Yea cant yhu make a Sploof out of a Chap stick Thing or ……

    • Mary Jane says:

      Ooooh, a chap stick spoof would be awesome for on the go. You would have to change out the inside more often, but still – that’s an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • Smoky McGee says:

    If you’re using a chapstick, check out activated charcoal (you can buy small flakes from pet stores, they sell it as an aquarium filter). In a smaller environment the absorption from the charcoal might be better than you get from sheets. Or use both, the smell from the sheets also pretty useful.

  • Carlos says:

    Hi! Your blog is really interesting, sharing stoner wisdom it’s always nice, but better if It’s shared as well as you share it. Cheers from Spain, I’ll keep reading it as much as I can!

  • Linda Churchyard says:

    Love your blog!

  • Big Red says:

    I’ve been doing something like this for 3 years now, My G/f isn’t a fan of 420 so I go in the garage to smoke, and I had a few bags of activated Charcoal from an aquarium, so I packed a 1 inch abs pipe with it and used a abs end fitting, on both ends drilled a few holes in them ( small enough the charcoal doesn’t come out and glued them to the end . They last for months and She’s never found out I smoked in there.

    Stoners are the masters of invention .

    I wish I could ad a photo

  • nohobobo says:

    I live in a country that doesn’t have “dryer sheets.” People just don’t own dryers here. Know of any good substitutes?

    • Mary Jane says:

      Can you get your hands on activated charcoal? They sell it at fish and aquarium stores here. If not, perhaps you could spray some perfume or cologne on a coffee filter. Best of luck. I would love to hear how it turns out for you.

    • Pineapple says:

      Ok so I once used toilet paper and air freshener, it works great but you have to replace it very often if you use the cheap type. I reccommend charmin ultra soft or bounty if that’s available but use the highest quality toilet paper. Use air freshener spray (typically glade but frebreeze is fine too) and a toilet paper cardboard roll. I’m not gonna go through the process but it works really well, lasted a little longer than th dryer sheets

  • FlorisKush says:

    Thanks its awesome to use the sploof. Greetings from The Netherlands. Love ur blog

  • joey b says:

    does it work well with keeping the smell odorless?$

  • Mike says:

    This is really helpful me and my freinds smoke alot, so we do it public somtimes but were getting a hotel and we dont wanna get in trouble so this is really cool thanks!

  • Olivia says:

    Hey i love this blog, valuable information for fellow stoners 🙂 have a great one man ill be checking up on this site!

  • TaoTao says:

    Dear MaryJane,

    Greetings from Nigeria. Right now, i feel like you have just saved my life. I mean…you are like my ‘facking Jesus’ right now! #NoIntendedBlasphemy.

    The only issue my fiance has with me is my long-standing romance with Kush. She soooo hates the smell, BUT NOT ANYMORE, thanks to you.

    I’m genuinely grateful.

    God bless you.


  • Anonymous says:

    I use a Gravity bong and a sploof in the bathroom with a towel under the door and my little window open and then running the shower hot and steamy use my fragrant shampoos to wash my hair (I find the smell stays there the longest on me) and then once the steam clear all I smell is the shampoo and I use some spray deodorant just in case and there is no smell at all

  • Butt Munch says:

    Loved the idea and the blog! Greetings from India 😀

  • Thanks I can smoke in peace with out my mom catching me now

  • Weedy McGee says:

    Awesome ideas! I just made my own little sploof and it works wonderfully. I recommend using a plastic bottle, so you can simply replace the sheets and reuse it. (The toilet paper roll may get moist overtime with all that breath in it.) Thanks for the DIY, I’ll be sure to spread the word!

  • joseph says:

    i love this blog and the sloof thanks

  • Nathan Christianson says:

    Does it work if you smoke poppers?

  • Honey says:

    I use a closet for a ‘smoking’ room. I put a bag of charcoal briquettes in there. That seems to keep the stink down!

  • Steph K says:

    To stop the smell from the joint or bowl, can I just put the bottle or the toilet paper roll over it to catch the smoke?

  • Kellie says:

    My sploof works awesome for the smell but I the dryer sheets seem to be melting when u blow through it little pieces of the sheets melt on my skin and clothes and its hurt and dont know how to get it off my hands. It doesn’t come off when washing hands or scrubbing with finger nail brush. It looks like plastic kind of. Anyone else? Oh and I have the sheets inside the tube cuz ir covers the smell and get longer use the using the rubber band at the end. Thank u

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