Santa Cruz Vape Pens Review & Interview w/ Founder, Ryan Okrant

santa cruz vape pens

I was given a free sample of this product; however, I was not compensated for this review. 

There is an enormous amount of vape pens on the market. It seems like a new company is popping up every day. If you’re going to enter the vape scene then you’ve got to find a way to stick out.

Santa Cruz Vapes sent me two vape pens: one for wax and one for oil. I reviewed them both, and got a chance to interview Ryan Okrant, CEO.

wax and oil vaporizer pens review

Vape Pen Review

Unboxing the pens was actually pretty exciting. The packaging is awesome, and makes for a really cool stash box.

Both pens use the same battery which is great. It charges through a usb connection located under a cap on the bottom of the pen. The battery life on these things is awesome. Even with regular use they lasted a few days on a single charge. The construction is solid with just enough weight to give it the right feel.

The wax pen uses a wickless double coil. I loaded it up with a nice glob of wax, and prepared to blast off. The whole unit is really sleek with a solid construction. It hits awesome.

The tank on the oil pen is huge. It’s made with bullet proof glass so you don’t have to worry about breaking it. Like the wax pen, it delivers a super smooth hit.

I use these vapes everyday. I’ve already dropped them both plenty of times, and still haven’t had a problem with them.

As a special thank you, Santa Cruz Vapes has offered all my readers 10% off by using the coupon code: 420 (This is not an affiliate code, and I do not receive any kickbacks if you purchase a vape pen.) Check out their website for ordering and pricing info. 

santa cruz vape interview

Santa Cruz Vapes CEO Interview

Mary Jane’s Diary (MJD): There are tons of vape pen manufacturers entering the market. What separates Santa Cruz Vapes from all the other vape pens available?

Ryan Okrant (RO): Santa Cruz Vapes, produced by Cruz Culture, can be distinguished from other vape brands in two major ways. First, our product itself is designed and constructed with every detail accounted for; from our coil and battery to our durability and style, we have invested endless time ensuring our design is what is best for consumers. While we are proud of the quality product we deliver, we know it isn’t enough to stand out in this over crowded industry. Our main differentiating factor is our consumer support. It begins with our detailed user manual which comes included with every kit. All vape pens require a user to have certain level of understanding in order to have a pleasant experience. We’ve taken the time to make clear step-by-step instructions to help customers enjoy our vape right out of the box. In addition, behind the scenes we are incredibly responsive to customer questions and concerns presented from every source, whether it be our toll free number, website email links, or any of the social media sites we host.

MJD: What has been the most challenging part about starting a vaporizer company?

RO: The most challenging part about starting a vaporizer company is how fast the industry is growing. When I began the company there were only a few major players. Now with so many different vape manufacturers popping up everyday, it is difficult for consumers and wholesale buyers to determine which companies to buy from. It takes time and research to determine which manufacturers provide quality products, are easy to communicate with and will stand behind their guarantee. We have been recognized for our consumer focused approach by Hotbox, a consumer review business focused on marijuana related products. In time, the Santa Cruz Vape brand as well as Cruz Culture will stand out as a leader in consumer support across the vaporizer and marijuana industries.

MJD: What’s next for Santa Cruz – any upcoming releases you can tell us about?

RO: Cruz Culture is about to re-release a product we first unveiled in Denver last April, the Nail Crown. It is a silicone safety tool for dab nails; it allows you to cover or carry your dab nail while it is still hot along with providing a slough of other universal functions. It will be available in 20 colors, 5 of which will glow in the dark and 3 will change colors with exposure to heat, letting you know your nail is hot. They will be available online at the end of April.

MJD: Which do you prefer – indica or sativa?

RO: It really depends on the situation; if I’m about to hop on a 5 hour plane flight, I’m going for an indica for sure. Whereas, if I need to stay up late and power out some design work, I will stick with sativas.

Santa Cruz Vapes are moving up quickly in a pretty cut throat market. I’m super excited to see how far they can push this industry.

Do you ever use vape pens? Let me know why or why not in the comment section below.

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