Rolling Paper Depot Interview & Review

rolling paper depot

I got a chance to chat it up with Jay Smith, the CEO of We talked about their company, their favorite strains, and of course – we talked about rolling papers. Afterward, I got a chance to try out some really cool products. You can check out the products below the interview.


Mary Jane’s Diary (MJD): Can you tell me a little about the history of Rolling Paper Depot? How did the company get started?

Jay Smith (JS): We started in Scottsdale, Arizona. We had already spent a few years in the smoking industry with an emphasis on tobacco and cigars. We’re entrepreneurs by nature and have focused all of our ventures online. When we spotted the roll-your-own trend, we realized just how many options are available for smokers and thought it would be cool to bring them all together in one space. We’re continually amazed by all the new products that come out year after year.

MJD: What’s the biggest challenge to running the company?

JS: That’s a really good question. There are a lot of challenges. But the biggest is just staying up to date with all the changes the industry has gone through in the last five years and will continue to experience for the foreseeable future. It’s exciting and fast-paced and that makes it difficult to keep up!

MJD: Who is your typical clientele?

JS: No one is typical, haha! We get people from all walks of life. Anyone from rich, poor, famous, ratchet. You name it!

MJD:  Why should someone use Rolling Paper Depot as opposed to going to a convenience store?

JS: There is no convenience store on the planet with our selection. Plus, once people find out how fast and discreet our service is, they usually stop making the trip to the convenience store.

MJD: What is your favorite rolling paper to use right now?

JS: Raw and Elements are always great. But I really only use 2 papers most of the time: Juicy Jay’s Super Fine Blueberry and Raw Natural 300’s.

MJD: Which do you prefer – indica or sativa?

JS: Depends on the day and the situation. But overall, Indica because it tends to help me with anxiety.


rolling paper depot gear

Rolling Paper Depot carries rolling papers, but that’s certainly not all they carry. They sent me an awesome goody box with some cool products.

Raw Products Review

There was tons of Raw stuff which made me really happy.

  • The Raw/Santa Cruz grinder collaboration is sweet. It works great and has become my daily driver grinder. From what I understand, these are limited edition so if you can get your hands on one I would go ahead and grab it up.
  • They also sent the Raw Double Barrel. It’s a wooden holder so you can smoke two joints at one time. This may not be the most practical smoking device, but it sure is a lot of fun.
  • Raw Clipper lighters are always great to have on hand. They’re refillable, and you can replace the flint.
  • Next, we come to the Rawket. This thing is no joke! It’s a series of prerolled cones that get bigger and bigger. How big? Really big. Of course, you’re not going to sit around a burn one of these solo (unless Snoop is reading this), but it’s awesome for parties. The bottom picture shows a blunt for scale.


Cookies Rolling Tray Review

The Cookies rolling tray has turned out to be pretty clutch. It’s got a good size area in the main tray. We used the size tray for stem, but it would be good for multiple uses. They slots are good for holding pokers, cones, and clipper lighters. Most importantly, this tray is sturdy. I can’t stand rolling on a flimsy tray. Overall, I would recommend this tray to anyone who does a significant amount of rolling.

Jet Pack Review

The Jet Pack is a simple, 3-compartment container. It’s not the type of product that is going to blow your mind, but it had already come in handy. It fits easily in your pocket, and get’s the job done.

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