Interview with Rick Simpson – Oil that Cures Cancer

Stephen Calabria, the interviewer, is a New York City-based journalist and a media advisor for

Rick Simpson has ben traveling the world to spread awareness of the healing powers of cannabis oils. We got a chance to catch up with him, and learn all about the oils. You can listen to the interview through the Soundcloud link above or you can read the transcript below. Minor parts of the transcript have been altered to increase readability; however, the message remains unchanged. 

Stephen: So yeah, [] have me writing this piece, and I’ve read a lot about your work, and your product, and I think it’s an incredible story.

Rick Simpson: Well it would be more incredible if there wasn’t so many criminals involved with all this damn bullshit. I mean, it’s crazy. You know the oils. They do everything I told the public they did. If you really, literally, if you take different oils like good heavy indica strains, and you mix the extracts from those strains together, because the healing powers vary from strain to stain. But most of the sedative indicas are very affective in the treatment of cancer. But, others are better for pain relief, others are better for controlling ocular pressure for glaucoma, or controlling blood sugar. You know that type of thing. So, when you mix these extracts all together like 5 or 6 different indicas you literally have what’s a damn cure all.

When I was doing this in a big way in Canada many people were coming to me taking 24-30 pills a day. I told them all if you try to take these extracts along with all those poisons the oils are going to let you know. Usually they would. They would have stomach problems. So I always to him. I said, go to the doctor that put you on this garbage, and have him take you off it.

I was amazed. In 30 days, in so many cases, patients come back to me, and the only thing they were using by that time was the oils. There was even patients that went off heart medications without even consulting their doctor. They just took the damn oil, and replaced it all.

Then I realized the threat this substance actually posed, because if we’re all allowed to posses this oil and grow our plants that puts the pharmaceutical industry right out of business.

Rick Simpson Oil Interview

Photo by Danijela S. Simpson used with permission. For more information visit: – the only real Rick Simpson web site.

Stephen: What sort of medical studies have you seen thus far that back it up?

Rick Simpson: Oh, I don’t need studies. I’ve seen thousands of people that back it up.

This is what gets me right now at present. These damn governments. Oh, you know. All that stuff is on youtube – you should ignore that. Well all of these people that put those testimonial up on there had documented medical conditions. Some of these conditions were cancer and other deadly, serious illnesses. All documented, and all these patients are telling the world that look it was these extracts that cured them. But yet our government is telling us that should be ignored. There’s something wrong with that, isn’t there?

It’s all bullshit. There ain’t nothing to say. Human trials gotta be done. Well, I’ve got bad news for the government. Ever since I started this in 2003 we’ve been doing human trials. And tens- I can’t even estimate now – probably millions of people worldwide have awakened to the amazing healing powers of these extracts. So, there’s no stopping it, but the government is still going to try to regulate it. Assholes.

Stephen: Would it be possible for you to pinpoint approximately how many cancers you’ve been able to effectively treat through the use of your oil?

Rick Simpson: Oh, I mean, before I left Canada in 2009 I had already supplied oil to over 5000 people. Since that time I haven’t been able to supply the oils here in Europe, because I’ve been doing a lot. I’ve been to over 30 different countries in the last six years.

Still all the time at the Phoenix Tears website ( people are contacting me to advise them. We don’t supply the oil. I’m not in the position to, but I always tell them the same damn thing – this is really about self-reliance. Either go out and buy the material that you need, or grow the plant yourself and make it yourself. Then you know you’ve got the real thing.

My god. What’s out there on the market right now is just crazy Stephen. All these people claiming they’ve got the Rick Simpson oil. In many cases these extracts have little or no healing values at all. Then I get the emails. You know the complaints. ‘I bought your oil from so and so.’ Well it’s not my damn oil. I don’t know. People are so helpless. It’s just crazy.

Stephen: Can you walk me through the process that you use in order to make it?

Rick Simpson: Well, the first time I made the oil was in about 1994. I tried to make some oil. I followed this damn book called Cannabis Alchemy. You know, I’m a power engineer by trade, and I work with distilling equipment, and all kinds of hospital equipment. I followed what the book said, but I knew damn well that it just didn’t sound right. Sure enough the end result was that I had garbage. I put about a kilo of the highest quality bud you can imagine through this process, and in the end I wound up with nothing. It was just garbage. You couldn’t even get a buzz out of it. That was before my injury. When I was doing this I was looking at it and I thought what if I do this or what if I do that? I had it in my head another way of doing it, but after ruining a kilo of good bud I didn’t have much incentive to go on.

About two years after I was injured – I was injured in 97. It was in 99 I was getting really desperate. The only thing that ever helped me. The pills the doctors are giving me that just causing more and more damage. But I was smoking a little bit of cannabis and that was giving me more relief than anything else, but I still couldn’t sleep, because my head injury causes this damn ringing noise. Actually I still have it all these years later. Without the oil the noise takes over your life, but with the oil you can deal with it.

By 1999 I was in a pretty desperate situation. I was getting suicidal. One day I got to thinking about it. If cannabis helps what would happen if you washed that part that’s giving you these effects off the plant material. It was common sense. So I went down to my doctor’s office. Of course I’ve been asking them for prescriptions, because in Canada we have the Marijuana Access Program, but they wouldn’t give me a prescription. I asked the doctor. What would you think if I produce the essential oil from that plant and ingested it as opposed to smoking it? Then he looked at me. You could tell it kind of startled him. But then he looked at me and he said, ‘Well that would be a more medicinal way to use this substance or plant’. I went home, and he still wouldn’t give me a prescription.

**The connection was briefly lost, but Rick Simpson picks up where he left off.**

The first time I produced the oil using my own methods was in 1999, and I have to say the oil came out perfectly. But the damn problem was due to all those warning the doctors had given me I was afraid to use it. I thought, well yeah I knew it would be sedative because that’s what I needed to sleep, but what else would it do? Will this stuff kill me, because it’s a concentrate? I had no medical background concerning this type of thing. Anyway, the oil sat there for, oh shit, almost 3 years.

It was late 2001. My doctor called me into his office one day. He said there’s nothing more we can do for you. You know, we tried all our medications. None of them work so you’re on your own. And again I asked him for a prescription. I mean, the doctor all knew the only thing that was helping me was cannabis. I was trying to do it legally. I’d worked for the damn system for 32 years, and 25 of those years I had worked through really the government, because I worked in a hospital. None of the doctors would provide the prescription.

In desperation I went home and the only thing I had was the oil. I started taking small doses of it about an hour before bed. Over a period of 2 to 3 weeks I upped the dosage to the point that I was taking about a third of a gram at night before bedtime, and man that stuff was just knocking me out.

When the medical system was done with me through the damage and the chemicals my thinking processes were so bad that I could hardly even remember my own name. These medications just kill you inside. It’s hard to describe it. But, I get on this oil, and all of a sudden all the arthritis in my knees just disappeared. And then I started losing all this weight. The higher I took the dosage up the more sleep I got, and that’s exactly what I needed. Then my blood pressure came under control. There’s a whole array of wonderful things that it did for me.

It was about a year later in 2002. That’s when I had those lesions. I had one on my right eye by the side of my nose, one on my cheek, and one on my chest. I had already suspected them. I’d had them since the 1990s, and I strongly suspected they were skin cancer. So did the doctor when he looked at them, but he said he wouldn’t know for sure until they got the pathology report back.

It was early January, 2003 when they sent me to the hospital. They had this one close to my eye removed, and then they were going to do the other two at a later date. So I went in and had the operation. It’s not a pleasant experience.

It was about a week later. I was sitting at home, and I was looking at where they had operated with this magnified mirror. Of course they made a mess. It was infected – the usual with what hospitals are like today. It was right at that moment that this study I’d heard back on our local radio station around 1975. It plopped back into my mind, because I was leaving work that day and I just turned on the local radio station and this idiotic announcer was on there laughing like a fool. He said that a study that had just been conducted in the U.S.A. had proven THC, the active ingredient in marijuana had been found to kill cancer cells. This popped into my mind, and I had the extract right there. It’s full of THC because my oils are usually in the 85-90 percent range THC – very, very strong.

I had been taking the oil then for over a year. I thought if THC actually killed cancer then why hadn’t it killed my cancer? None of it really made and sense, and I actually thought too that if there was really something this simple then the medical system would have been using it.

That stupid trust that people have in their government – what a bunch of crap.

Just to prove it to myself I took a couple of drops and put it in each of the cancers, put the bandages on, and I really never felt a thing. Four days later I removed the bandages, and I was shocked. Both healed. Just completely healed pink skin.

So I went out and I started telling my friends and neighbors what I had done. Of course they all basically laughed at me. Yeah right Rick. Marijuana cures cancer. You’re a nut. After a few week I was beginning to believe them.

Then, that cancer they had removed by my eye come right back. I watch it develop for the first few days. The same splinter in the face feeling, the bleeding, and the puffiness. So I just put a drop of oil on that, put a bandage on, and left it there for four days. When I took it off it was completely healed.

So I went down to my doctors office and got a copy of the pathology report. Right there it stated basal cell carcinoma. I told the doctors receptionist, who happened to be his wife, that I wanted to come back in the evening and have a meeting with the doctor and discuss something that I’ve been working on. She said, well what’s this about? I said, that cancer that was surgically removed came right back so I cured it and the other two areas with hemp oil

The minute I said hemp oil she just crouched. She went ballistic. The doctor will not go there. The doctor will not prescribe this. I’m standing in my doctor’s waiting room and there’s five or six other patients there, and this woman was screaming at me like a lunatic.

So I got out, and got in my vehicle. I was on the way home, and I kept thinking this is crazy. If I was a doctor and one of my patients had cured their skin cancer using something natural I think I’d want to know all about it. What’s going on? Something had a real bad smell here, and now we know what that smell is. These assholes – this whole thing is corrupted to the core. It starts at the top and goes right to the bottom from the legal system, medical system, all of it.

How the hell do these oncologists live with themselves? Ninety percent of them, if they had cancer, wouldn’t take their own treatments, but man they like to sell them to use don they? Really good hearted people.

Stephen: Can you tell me a little about the process that you use to make it?

Rick Simpson: It’s very simple. I just took high quality bud. I didn’t have any equipment to work with per se – not real equipment to work with. I just took high quality bud and put it in a 5-gallon plastic pail. All I would do is take the bud and dampen it with the solvent. Even with you dampen it with the solvent the bud will still break up. As long as there is no water the bud will break right up in most cases.

Stephen: What was the solvent?

Rick Simpson: The first time I made oil I made it with ether. Ether is a great solvent. I like ether, but it’s expensive and it’s hard to get. You’ve got to go to a chemical supply house. Then I tried the 99% isopropyl alcohol. It worked well, but the only problem with alcohol is it dissolves more of the chlorophyll off the plant material.

I was sitting there one day and I said something to my son. I thought, what would happen if you used something like naphtha. That’s pretty damn close to ether. So I went out and got some naphtha. I brought it home, and sure enough it worked wonderfully. Alcohol at that time was over $30 a gallon, but I could get the naphtha for about $12. I think the naphtha was actually a superior solvent.

You know, today I get all these, you know the solvent residue in the oil is so dangerous. Well I’ve been eating this damn oil since 2001. That’s 15 years. I’m 66 years old. I don’t think it’s done me any harm.

That stupid process. I’m almost embarrassed to show people how to make the oil that way, but I needed something simple. I used to use distilling equipment, but the royal Canadian mounted police were good enough to take that away from me in 2005.

Then I need a way to continue on, because I had many many patients under treatment. I was in Canadian Tire one day. I was looking at appliances and I picked up the rice cookers. I said, well rice burns easily, two heat settings, and it automatically turns itself onto low heat if the temperature gets too high. So I bought one and brought it home.

Sure enough it worked like a charm, but you’re wasting all the solvent. That’s the damn problem with it. But if you need a cancer treatment for yourself or a family member what the hell is a couple gallons of solvent. Blow it away and just produce your oil. The rice cooker provided a simple way that I could show people, and how it could save their lives. It’s done just that for countless people now.

I’ve got ways now of producing this oil no solvents at all. These oils are, oh boy. These oils are so much more medicinally active it’s unbelievable.

Stephen: How so?

Rich Simpson: Years ago when I was still in Canada is on to this kind of. I described it on my website. If you look under and under what the medicine does, and how it does it. It’s still not under the right heading, but you’ll see the whole story there. It’s called super oils.

What happened is I bought one of these glass top vaporizers. One of those cheap vaporizers, because I knew that vaporizing is good for the lungs. I had all this high quality oil around all the time, so I started vaporizing different high quality oils in the damn vaporizer. After two months or so I used it about 3 times a week, and the bottle went all yellow. Then the droplets started forming on the inside to run it down.

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And now everything that I’d ever been told about this. They said that cannabinoids degrade quickly if they’re left in the light, and heat degrades them. Well the vaporizer had been turned on over and over and over, and the vaporized was sitting right next to a window so it always had light.

One day when the droplets were running down I thought it’s time to clean it. I’ve cleaned hash pipes in the past, but whatever you take out of that hash pipe is no damn good for anything.

Anyway, I took a little bit of alcohol. Just a small amount, and heated it. Then I took the bottle off the vaporizer and I just dumped it in and washed it out with my finger. I walked over to the door. I opened the door and I was just getting ready to throw it, and suddenly I stopped and thought, this oil had never really been burned. I wonder what would happen.

So I took it back and put it on the coffee warmer. I put it in a little stainless steel measuring cup, put it on the coffee warmer, and then about 20 minutes later the alcohol had evaporated off. When I looked at what was in the bottom it was only about 2 or 2.5 grams. But it was a beautiful amber oil. It looked like honey. You could see right through it, but it had a bit more reddish tinge than I’d seen in any other oil.

I didn’t know what to make of it, but I put a little bit on a joint . Jesus, when I smoked it. Two puffs and it just knocked me on my ass. I mean powerful. Then it did the same to a friend of mine.

At the time I had been treating a lot of people with skin cancer and things of that nature. At the time I had this guy under treatment, and he had bad skin cancer that gone right into the cartilage of his nose. I was giving him the oil and it was working. He told me quite often he felt these little tugging sensations. That’s what you’re supposed to feel because the oil is drawing the cancer tell to it. They’re killing the cells. That tugging you’re feeling is actually the healing that’s taking place.

I had a little bit of this new oil so I wanted to find out if it was so much better for getting high what would it be like for medicine? So I took some of this oil and I put it on his nose with a bandage.

The next time I saw him I asked him, how did you find that new oil? Oh my god Rick. An hour after you put that on there it was just like someone had my nose with a pair of pliers. He said the tugging was insane. As soon as he said it I just smiled and said thank you. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

I try to talk to experts. I know people like Dr. Robert Melamede, La Mer Denouch(?)  – some of the top experts in the world. I tried to talk about this to them, and it went in one ear and right out the other. I told them this is not normal oil. My oils are all decarboxylated, and that’s supposed to bring them up to their highest medical values. Now this oil is 3 or 4 times stronger. Now why? There’s something here we’re missing, but none of them would listen to me.

That depressed me. Then I looked into Shona Banda. She was treating her Crohn’s by taking oil straight from the dome of a vaporizer, and it saved her life. But when I looked into that it said that her oils were only in the 80% range. Well I already knew that my oils were in the 90%, so I was thinking what the hell is going on here.

It stayed on the back burner for quite some time. Then in 2013 it was supposed to go in my book, Nature’s Answer for Cancer, but that idiot (?) wound up stealing it and putting it in his book. What a winner. I made the information available right on the website.

These oils are truly beyond belief. The beauty of doing this is you can use raw resins too that were washed and dried. Just take the resin, put it in a big bowl and vaporizer dome, vaporize it off. With these induction hot plates they have today you could do this quite easily. Just set a bowl, and set the vaporizer dome on it, turn it on, and let it vaporize off.

I told the people there should be like an impeller inside to move the cannabinoids to the inside of the dome, so they’ll stick more readily. I said if you do that and you use different varieties like different indicas, resins, or oils from different indicas then you’re gonna end up with what I ended up with. These damn super oils. The beauty of this is anything that’s in the oils or the resins that isn’t a cannabinoid is left behind in the bowl of the vaporizer. All you’re getting is layer after layer of cannabinoids from different varieties sticking together. They’re cannabinoids in the purest sense of the word. You could not make this oil in a more pure fashion.

That’s the only argument that the pharmaceutical company could have: We could make it better than you. That’s bullshit. We’ve got a way to make it that they can’t top.

Stephen: So the oil can be purchased through your website?

Rick Simpson: No, I don’t sell oil. I never did. The information was provided so people could help themselves. I say that openly right on the website. I get emails all the time: Where can I get the oil? Well how the hell would I know? There’s tens of thousands of people on this planet making oil. Today, somebody might have the best oil on the planet, because they’re working with very good strains, but tomorrow the oil they may have could be garbage. So I can’t even send it to people. That the reason I always go back to make your own. Grow your own. Make your own. Save the money.

Stephen: So, the instructions are on your website?

Rick Simpson: Oh yeah, it’s all there. It’s been there since 2004. I just rewrote the whole site a few months ago, and it’s much more elaborate now. It goes into detail about all kinds of aspects of oil making.

Stephen: So there are a number of ways that would advise people to administer it, to use it. You could apply it directly to their skin if they have a skin issue. They could choose to swallow it. Are those the two principle ways?

Rick Simpson: Suppository. You can use it topically. You can vaporize it. You can ingest it by mouth or you can put it in suppository form and shove it up the other end. I just look at it like I want to get the oil as close to the problem as possible. If you came to me and you had prostate cancer I’d say use the suppositories. If you have throat cancer, stomach cancer, or liver cancer then I would say ingest the cannabis by mouth, because the liver is the bodies filter and that’s the first place the oil would go.

It’s mind-boggling. I don’t know if you’ve ever worked with these extracts, but baby I’ll tell you one thing: In a very short time when you start doing it all the mystery goes out of medicine. The healing power of this stuff is it own medical system all by itself is what it really is.

History calls this plant a panacea, and from what I’ve seen there’s every reason to call it a panacea. It is a cure all, and unfortunately that’s one of the main reasons it was outlawed. It’s all about the big money.

Stephen: In the past few years, have you seen any sort of movement on the issue that encourages you, or has it been mostly discouraging?

Rick Simpson: Oh no no. I’m making headway. I’ve always made headway ever since I started this in 2003. Just in the last few years look at all the countries that have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis. Well that has nothing to do with the idiots that are running around blowing smoke in peoples faces. It’s the healing power of these extracts that are getting the governments attention, but they’re not saying that. They’re just playing games.

It kind of alarms me. I see these things now, and you hear all this big bullshit about CBD. I’ve never met a cannabinoid I didn’t like. This whole CBD thing I think is just a distraction. The problem is they’ve got a lot of people that are running around dying with cancer who are looking for CBD oils. CBD may play a certain role. I won’t deny that, but what does the American Cancer Institute openly admit that it’s THC that is very active in the treatment of many types of cancers, and very effective in the treatment. They openly admit it.

The public’s attention is being distracted. These Sanjay Guptas and assholes like that they’re just providing a smoke screen. That’s all they’re doing. I’m so disappointed. High Times Magazine, NORML – what a bunch of crooks they are, even the people like Cheech and Chong. What are they promoting? Please tax us and regulate it. Go straight to hell.

No one has any god damn right to regulate this plant in any way. We grew it for thousands of years. No regulations. No restrictions at all. Did our world go to hell? Why the hell do we need regulations now? It’s all about god damned greed. The poor people can’t afford to play these stupid games.

If the pharmaceutical business gets their dirty fingers in this, which they already have, they’re gonna want a fortune for their treatments. And I’d be willing to bet you can make much better oil yourself right in your own basement, because these idiots are never gonna supply high quality oil because it does heal you. They don’t want you healed.

Stephen: Right. They don’t have an interest in the cure. They have an interest in the medicine.

Rick Simpson: What I’m hearing all the time now is they want to take the cannabinoids and mix it with the chemo. What a brilliant idea. Your going to mix the god damn cure with the poison. That’ll keep the cancer alive longer so you can squeeze more money out of them. It’s all horseshit brother.

Stephen: So they only encouragement really is the liberalization of cannabis laws?

Rick Simpson: Well, the awareness. It’s spreading now. I mean, I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of interviews and shows. I’ve done lectures in many different countries with some of the top experts in the world. This information is spreading now at such a rapid rate that the government is going to try to control it because the simple truth is they never had the right to outlaw it in the first place and they know it.

I mean Christ. If you in Canada in 1923 they outlawed the Indian hemp plant. If you open up the pharmacopeias of that era it was wall-to-wall hemp. Almost every medicine had hemp in it. This plant had been used for 5000 years in medicine and here the Canadian government outlawed the medicinal use of Indian hemp. So tell me something. Who’s committing genocide here? Could it be our government?

That crock of shit they’ve got there now – that Justin Trudeau. I’ve told people in different interviews that he won’t do nothing, and sure enough that’s exactly what he did. He got elected on the promise of getting marijuana legalized. The he gets elected and starts saying that we have international agreements with the UN that make it impossible for me to do this. Hey. Doesn’t the health and welfare of your damn people override any bullshit agreement with the United Nations? He’s just a con artist. The same as the rest of them – Obama. These guys are just puppets for the big money and that’s all they’ve ever been. Every damn political party is corrupted right to the core, and that includes the green party.

Stephen: That takes care of most of my questions. Was there anything else that you wanted to say or that you think I should know?

Rick Simpson: Not so much. The message I’m trying to get out to the world is this is a God given plant. We all have the right to use it. It even states that right in the Christian bible. We have the right to the use of these plants. I always thought that God’s laws overrode any man made laws, and they do. Under common law growing cannabis is not a crime.

This whole thing is nothing more than a gimmick so I’m just trying to wake the public up so they’ll realize this is nothing more than a scam. It’s time to get up and tell our governments to go to hell, and it time for all these police officers and DEA and the rest of them to go soak their heads somewhere, because everything they’re doing is a damn crime, and by now they know it. There’s no question that they know it.

I’m really disgusted with the way things have transpired. What I’m seeing in the U.S. is just like a mad rush to make money. I’ve been involved with some groups in the U.S. that are actually trying to do this right. Their concern was for the people, but when the states went through the licensing process they were all ignored. Guess who got the licenses. They guys with the big money. Same old game. In North America, I think hemp is on the highway to hell, but I hold much more hope in other countries. I do see progress.

I was in India for 5 months last year, and we made quite a bit of progress there. The noise is being made, and were looking hopefully in the next few months to get something going to do further studies legally. That would be nice. I’m sick of going through all those damn raids believe me.

Stephen: I can only imagine.

Rick Simpson: I laugh at people, because I remember one night I was doing this interview with a guy. Because we were both on and people could hear me too. Tonight I’ve got Rick Simpson who made the brilliant discovery about this oil, and of course I started laughing. So then I came on the air and said yes it’s true. I really must be a genius. What did I really do? I took what was always known to be the most medicinal plant in the world and I used a solvent to was the medicinal resins off it. I then filtered the solvent, boiled the solvent off, and guess what you’ve got a cure all. If you think about the billions of dollars that have been thrown away supposedly on cancer research through the cancer societies and all that. Where the hell does the money even go?

My father told me this back in the 1960s. The only outfit that my father would give money to is the Salvation Army. All the cancer societies would come around and dad would just shove them out the door. One day I said to day, why would you give money to the Salvation Army, but not to the cancer society? Dad just looked at me and said, Rick they’re all frauds. The only ones who will do anything for the people are the Salvation Army, and that’s the reason I support them. When I look at it now, ya know the kidney foundation, the liver foundations, heart and lung association, and all that is bullshit that they use to bring money in. It’s all a scam. My father was right.

Stephen: Well sir, I really appreciate you talking to me and I really appreciate all the work you’re doing. If you have any questions or comments or want to speak with me again please don’t hesitate to touch base with me.

**Rick Simpson called back. He had this to add.**

Rick Simpson: The laws that are in place, and all this nonsense – none of them are legitimate. It’s all based in corruption. It’s time to take them, throw them in a trashcan, and start over. Make this legal for anyone to grow any number of plants that they want, and use it for whatever they want. We free the plant and we free ourselves, and maybe we can save this planet.

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