A Pot Smoker’s Guide To Life – Infographic Series

A Pot Smoker’s Guide should be simple. I firmly believe pot smokers have this world figured out. We’ve learned to cut through all the bullshit. I’m not trying to say that all pot smokers are alike. We are certainly a diverse crowd of individuals, but sharing a common interest in marijuana has created an unique shared culture among us. In this series of images I tried to capture pieces of pot culture, and portray them in a simple, no bullshit series of infographics. I hope you enjoy.

Vending Machines:

pot smoker's guide vending machines infographic

The inspiration for this one goes back to my college years. I stayed in a dorm that housed a lot of pot smokers. There was always certain items that sold out almost immediately after being stocked – Skittles and Peach O’s. We later found out that one person was buying all the Peach O’s at one time so he could hoard them all to himself.

Choosing Lighter Colors:

pot smokers guide lighter colors infographic

Almost every pot smoker is familiar with the white lighter superstition. Most smokers would take anything except a white lighter. “Oh, all you have in stock is white lighters and some black lighters with human feces covering them? I guess I’ll take the black one.”

Smoking A Bowl:

guide to smoking a bowl infographic


Using the carb on a bowl is rather simple. But, for some reason, it always seems to turn into a catastrophe when you smoke with someone for the first time.


pot smokers guide dealer time infographic

How much time have you spent waiting on a dealer who said he would be there in 5 minutes. Well, pot smokers sometimes abide by a rather complex set of encrypted time intervals know as ‘stoner time’. This goes true for non-dealers also.  How many times have you been the one who made someone late because you got too high?


pot smoker's guide cleaning infographic

Just keep spraying! If you smoke pot indoors then Febreze is a must. Make sure to get it everywhere – couch, carpet, cat, etc. For real though, don’t spray your cat with Febreze.

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  • Cody says:

    I have a white lighter whats the pronlem with them?

  • Cody says:


  • Kitty Pierce says:

    I was at a party, an without thinking pulled my white lighter out. An oh my god so many people with their comments. Its adorable, but I also remembered I was not only with a bunch of stoners, but musicians who are absolutely superstitious. So for everyone asking about the white lighter superstition. To stoners and musicians white lighters are bad luck. Its a myth however most people believe very famous and amazing musicians / stoners in history died at age twentyseven with a white lighter in their pocket. Yes some of the celebrities did have one in their pocket but janis Joplin, Hendricks and a few other did not. White lighters were not made until after their death. I have to say I do not believe in this superstition. But I don’t judge anyone who believes in it. An take great pride in allowing them to rank on so much about something so tiny that’s very trivial during party or hangout sessions.

  • stuff house says:


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