Pot Pocket Review and Interview w/ JoAnn Bellanti

pot pocket review

The Pot Pocket is one of those products that’s so simple yet so useful you can’t help but kick yourself for not thinking of it first.

I was given a free sample of this product; however, I was not compensated for this article. 

So, the Pot Pocket is a wooden joint/blunt holder. Each wood block has grooves on the inside to make a nice little cubby for your joint. The blocks are held together by a piece of elastic string. The have 2 sizes. The smaller is for your typical joints. The larger fits king size joints and blunts.Both fit nicely in your pocket. The larger one is about the size of an iPhone 5. Each holds 3 joints, so they’re perfect for going to festivals. 

Another great aspect is that this is an American made product. I got a chance to interview the President of the Johnny Road King Co., the company who makes Pot Pockets. Check out the short interview, and let me know what you think in the comments. 


pot pocket interview

Interview with President of Johnny Road King Co. (makers of Pot Pockets), JoAnn Bellanti.

Mary Jane’s Diary (MJD): What gave you the idea to start Pot Pockets?

JoAnn Bellanti (JAB): I use to make Pot Pockets years ago for my friends. Then my younger sister was diagnosed with cancer which was completely devastating to me. She was prescribe Medicinal Marijuana so I made her one. Unfortunately she passed away 4 years ago and it left me with a huge emptiness in my heart. Then at the suggestions of others – I started making them again to help patients carry their meds in since dispensaries would be opening soon here in Massachusetts. I thought it would bring a smile to anyone’s face that would use it. So it turns out that not only medicinal patients love it, your everyday stoner does too!

MJD: What has been the hardest part about running Pot Pockets?

JAB: I think the hardest part of running Pot Pockets is keeping up with the demand. However I have an awesome team behind me and we seem to be managing it nicely. I would be lost without them. They keep pushing me so it helps. I guess when you believe in something – it makes it all worthwhile. It is a fun item to sell too. Everyone loves them, We did a few big Cannabis Conventions at the beginning of the year, and we are scheduled for 6 others throughout the summer here in the New England area. It seems the younger people like the larger blunt size and everyone else like the regular size. Hey, a joint is a joint – right!

MJD: What does the future hold for Pot Pockets?

JAB: The dispensaries are distributing a lot of marijuana and for those people who still like to roll one – and not use a pipe — a Pot Pocket is a perfect item for them! So my current goal is to be in every dispensary in the next few years. People love them!

MJD: Which do you prefer: indica or sativa?

JAB: As far as preference. I like them both. I think people should really learn about the difference between indica and sativa and use it accordingly.

For more information, or to purchase a Pot Pocket you can check out their website: www.potpockets.us





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