Phoenician Grinder Review



phoenician grinder review

The awesome folks over at Rolling Paper Depot sent me a grinder to try out. It’s a newer brand called Phoenician. It’s made in America, and overall I really like this grinder. They’re serious about making a medical grade product – it even comes in sterilized medical packaging.

I’ve been using this grinder for a little over a month so I think I’ve got a pretty good feel for it. Are Phoenician Grinders worth buying? Read on. I’ll tell you everything I know. 

Phoenician Grinder Aesthetics

I really like the way this grinder looks. The ridges make it look unique. In a world of grinders that all look alike it’s nice to have something a little different. They have a bunch of different colors. I got the green one (my favorite color). The multicolor rasta grinder seems to be a pretty popular option.

Like most high end grinders, the Phoenician is made of high quality aircraft grade aluminum. Its brush finished gives it a cool look that also has a great feel to it. They actually have an elite series grinder that is coated in 24k gold. Ever wondered what a $1500 grinder looks like? Click here to see it for yourself. 

They have several different sizes. I got the medium. You can get the large one with an ashtray and rolling paper holder built in. It looks pretty cool. Use the link at the end of the article to check out all the sizes. 

phoenician grinder

Phoenician Grinder Functionality

Phoenician is doing several things differently. For one, it’s locking system is different. Most grinders screw together. This grinder has a simple twisting lock system. It makes it really quick and easy to open the grinder. One drawback is it may not be as secure if you are traveling with it. Given that fact that this grinder is pretty big (and I just have the medium size) I wouldn’t be using this as a travel grinder anyway. The top is magnetized as usual. 

The teeth are also designed differently. First off, they’re super sharp. Not just on the side of the teeth, but also on the top part of the teeth. Secondly, they are space further apart than typical grinders. The result is a courser grind. I find it great for bowls, but perhaps a bit too chunky for joints. One trick to make it grind more fine is to hold it sideways so the bud doesn’t fall through as fast. 

The screens come off easily with an allen wrench so cleaning it is really easy. You can also buy replacement screens with different mesh sizes for the true kief connoisseurs.

The kief catcher on this thing is big and glorious. I don’t think I’ve ever used a grinder that had this much room for kief. I also don’t know if I could ever wait long enough for it to fill up, but I can dream can’t I?

phoenician herb grinder


So, is it worth it? I think so. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using this grinder. It sits on my desk so I use it pretty much anytime I’m on the computer (which is all the time). If you need something small that you’re gonna travel with all the time then you may want to try something else, but if you’re looking for a great table grinder then the Phoenician is great. I also really like supporting companies that manufacture their products in the US. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a Phoenician Grinder I highly recommend They’re a great group of people who really care about their customers. 


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  • Casual smoker says:

    I own the large one in brushed silver, with a pair of rubber rings. It’s the best-feeling grinder I’ve ever owned, although I’d still consider buying a new one if they release an XL.

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