Pairing Wine with Weed Strains – Infographic

It’s probably not a great idea to get drunk and stoned at the same time. You know – the spins – we’ve all been there. On the other hand, only a glass or two of wine may not cause any harm (depending on your tolerance – I’m talking to you lightweights). If you do decide to drink wine and smoke weed you may want to get fancy and try experimenting with pairing wine with weed strains. We picked out some of the most popular weed strains and paired them with popular wines. Everyone’s palettes are different, but here’s a list to get you started.

pairing wine weed infographic

dry white wine - trainwreck marijuanaDry White – Trainwreck

Sauvignon Blanc contains great fruity primary flavors. With most dry wines, the more ripe the grapes are when the wine is made, the fruitier the flavor. Sauvignon Blanc, in particular, can have also have pepper and grass flavors.

The primary flavor of Trainwreck is earthy, but not too overwhelming. This helps to highlight some of the subtle aftertastes of Sauvignon Blanc. The high acidity of the wine pairs nicely with the lemon aftertaste in Trainwreck.

sweet white wine Northern Lights cannabisSweet White – Northern Lights

Our pick for sweet wine is Riesling, which has a great balance of acidic and sugary characteristics. Many Riesling, especially Australian varieties, contain a citrus flavor.

The citrus flavor in Northern Lights complements the acid and citrus flavor of Riesling. The sweetness of Northern lights compliments the sugary taste.

rich white wine pineapple express weedRich White – Pineapple Express

Chardonnay is an excellent rich white wine with complex fruit flavors and rich texture.  More ripened grapes will have a pineapple taste, while less ripe grapes will produce a lemon taste.

The pineapple flavor that Pineapple Express is named after creates a perfect pair for chardonnay. The sweet and tropical undertones of Pineapple Express continue to compliment the complexity of the fruit flavors that Chardonnay has to offer.

sparkling white wine Jack Herer ganjaSparkling – Jack Herer

There are lots of sparkling wines, but perhaps none as popular as Champagne. Champagne is high in acid and low in sugar. Many people mistakenly serve Champagne with sweet foods (such as wedding cake), which is widely believed to be incompatible.

With Champagne, you will want to steer away from the sweet and fruity weed strains. Try pairing Champagne with a strain like Jack Herer, which contains strong earthy and wood-like flavors.


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dessert wine blueberry weedDessert – Blueberry

Port wines are incredibly sweet, and have become very popular with desserts and sweet foods.

I love a great piney weed, but for Port wine it’s time to break out the super sweet strains. For this, we recommend a Blueberry strain. Blueberry is sweet through and through with excellent fruity flavor.

light red wine Sour Diesel marijuanaLight Red – Sour Diesel 

A light red wine like Pinot Noir has a bold taste with fruity and earthy aftertastes. It should be paired with a bold weed that has similar aftertastes, such as Jack Herer.

If you have ever smoked sour diesel then you probably remember how strong it smells. This is one of the reasons some believe that the plants genetics may include an unknown skunk phenotype.  The diesel taste hits you hard then mellows out to include both a pine and a sour lemon.

medium red wine Strawberry Cough strainMedium Red – Strawberry Cough

A good Merlot has a taste of red fruit (black cherry, plum, raspberry) with a smooth finish.

The natural pair for Merlot is Strawberry cough. This strain contains an amazingly sweet strawberry flavor that expertly compliments the red fruit taste of merlot.

bold red wine White Widow cannabis Bold Red – White Widow

Cabernet Sauvignon is made all over the world, and therefore comes in many different varieties. Generally, Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied and contains dark fruit flavors and peppers.

Because Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied, you can throw a heady full-bodied strain at it. This is a job for White Widow. The super pungent and earthy flavors in White Widow may make White Widow one of the few strains whose flavor can keep up with a full-bodied red wine.

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  • Alan says:

    Did you actually try these pairings? I’m not calling you out. I would genuinely like to know. Thanks!

    • Mary Jane says:

      I’ve tried several of them when I was writing the article, but admittedly not all of them. I’m personally not a big fan of white wines. This post is a combination of terpene research and some personal taste testing. Let me know if you try some of these combinations. I would love to hear what you think. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Miss Lisa says:

    I am sitting in a wine bar right now drinking a Monterey County (CA) Pinot Noir (Hahn) with a nose so reminiscent of marijuana I don’t know if I’m buzzed or high! It’s a beautiful Pinot , but the aroma is so distinct! Who knew??

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