Nail Crown Review: Dabbers Gotta Have It


I was given a free sample of this product; however, I was not compensated for this review. 

nail crown

I got a chance to check out some more of the gear that the folks over at Cruz Culture are making. I recently reviewed their oil and wax pens, and interviewed their Founder, and CEO. This time, they sent me a Nail Crown. Its basically a silicone multitool for dabbers.

cruz culture nail crowns

The very top of the crown is great for holding your dabs. The sides curve up nicely which make it easy for getting dabs out. The height is closer to the height on a rig so getting a dab on the nail is even easier.

The peaks in the crown is where you can hold your dabber, or pen, or really whatever you feel needs to be held. Is it you? Do you need to be held?

The base comes off easily so you pick up a hot nail without getting burned. You can also store stuff inside the Nail Crown. Even the base comes in handy if you need a spare silicon surface. It comes in about a billion colors including glow in the dark.

Cruz Culture nailed it again (cheesy pun intended). If you dab regularly then you should seriously check out the nail crown. I can’t wait to find out what Cruz Culture is going to come up with next – I’ll be sure to keep you posted when I do.


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