Nail Crown All-In-One Review


nail crown cruz culture

A while back I had a chance to review the original Nail Crown. You can check out that review here. I really enjoyed that product, so I was super excited when the folks at Cruz Culture had come up with a new version that was packed with new features. It’s called the All-In-One and I’ve fallen deeply in love with it. So, what is it exactly? Read on my friend. You’re gonna want one of these for sure. 

It’s a Silicone Multi-Tool

At it’s core the new Nail Crown is an awesome piece of non-stick silicone for dabbers. The silicone is platinum cured medical grade. It’s got a great feel to it. You can get it in all sorts of colors including color changing. It’s shaped in a way that’s perfect for holding dabbers n’ such. 

nail crown all in one review

It Includes 6 Different Dabbers

This is one of my favorite additions to the Nail Crown. Each of the balls on the top of the crown are titanium dabber tools. There is a different shaped tool so you’re pretty much guarateed to have every type of dabber you could ever need. Carefull with the one that has the two spikes on it. They are seriously sharp. 

nail crown titanium dabbers

It’s a Concentrate Container

You can remove the lid from the top and it turns into a great little concentrate container.

photo 3 x

Then you can use the lid to hold dabbers or use as an oil slick. 

nail crown dabber holder

More Storage

The inside is hollow and can be used for a few different things. First, you can use it to hold stuff. I usually stash a couple different strains inside parchments. The other cool use for this is you can use it to pick up a hot nail. You can just grab up the nail, put the bottom cap on, and you’re ready to go. This All-In-One version also includes a slot for the cord on an enail. 

nail crown all in one

It’s a Carb Cap & Cleaner

That bottom cap I just mentioned also opens up to reveal even more tools. You get a flat carb cap with crowns stamped into the titanium. It works great on bangers. I’ve been using on my domeless quarts nail and it works every bit as good as the bulky ones. The other side is an antimicrobial cleaning cloth. 

nail crown titanium carb cap cleaner


I think I’ve made it pretty obvious that I’m a huge fan of this product. It’s one that sits on my desk and gets used every single day. If you’re interested in getting a Nail Crown check out Cruz Culture’s Website. What do you think about the Nail Crown? Let me know in the comments!



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