How Much Weed Does It Take To Get High?


If you’re a first-time smoker, beginner, or just haven’t smoked in a while (weed has changed since the 70s) you may not be sure exactly how much weed you need to get high. Truth is, each person is different so it’s hard to give a really concrete answer that works for everyone. I’m going to break down the question as best as possible, but I need your help. If you’ve smoked before let everyone in the comments know how much it takes you to get high. As always, I encourage using fake names and email address for comments.

For the purpose of this article, I am going to refer to amounts for only one person. If you are consuming cannabis in a group these numbers will obviously change.

Before we start talking actual number I want to go over the 3 main factors that are going to influence the amount of weed you’re going to need. Once we get that out of the way I’ll give you some real numbers to work with.

Factors that Influence How Much it Takes to Get High

Potency – The potency of the weed is going to have a huge impact. High-grade cannabis could be 30% or more THC while lower grade could have less than 10%. Of course, most the weed on the market will fall between these two numbers. Unless it has been tested in a lab there is no way to know the true amount of THC.

Physiological Traits – Weight and overall size usually come into play when determining how much weed you need. Other biological influencers include metabolism, cannabinoid receptor development, and respiratory system health – among others.

Tolerance – The more weed you smoke the more your body gets used to it and it takes more weed to get high. I would imagine tolerance level wouldn’t play much of a factor for people reading this article. If you’ve smoked enough to build up a tolerance then you are probably already aware of the amount you need to smoke.

How Much Herb Should You Smoke?

If you’re smoking good old-fashioned herb then you’re probably only going to need a few hits if it’s your first time. The effects of weed can be felt anywhere from instantly to up to several minutes. If it’s your first time then just take 1 or 2 hits, and wait for a few minutes. If you’re still not high you can take another hit. Usually, beginners would not need to smoke an entire bowl or joint by themselves to get high. If the quality is decent then 3 or 4 hits total should get the job done. If you’re new to this I highly recommend checking out two of my other articles: How to Smoke Weed Properly: A First-Timer’s Guide and 7 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting High From Weed.

Remember, the more you smoke the higher your tolerance is going to get. Individuals with high tolerances may need multiple bowls or joints to feel effects. Some people report smoking so much they can’t get high anymore. If this is the case I highly recommend taking a tolerance break.

How Many Edibles Do You Need To Eat?

Knowing how much weed to use is about finding your own personal boundaries. With smoking, the effects are felt very quickly so you usually know when you’ve had enough. Edibles are a different story which is why you have to be very careful with them. The effects from edibles are typically felt 45 minutes – 2 hours after it’s eaten. This means you could take too much and not even know it until the rush hits you.

So, how much edibles is good then? The state of Colorado recommends a 10mg dosage for first-time users, and I agree. Edibles hit everyone differently. I personally don’t feel anything on 10mg, but I have a friend who can get lit off the same amount. This is why you have to find your own personal boundary. Make sure to wait at least 2 hours before eating more edibles, but ideally wait until the next day to up the dosage.

If you’re eating homemade edibles you may run into some problems since there really isn’t any way to know the potency of the edible. Have someone experienced try them first to find out their strength. Also, take a very small amount (think one bite or less) if you are unsure about the potency.

As a regular user, I typically take between 50-100mg at a time depending on how high I want to get. Let us know how much you normally eat, smoke, or vape in the comments.

How Much Concentrates for a First-Time Dabber?

Finally, we come to concentrates. The answer to how much you should dab is built right into the name – you only need a small dab. If it’s your first time then take the smallest amount you think you need and cut it in half. We’re talking about a small booger-sized amount. There is no need to try and show off as a beginner and you’re just going to look silly when you take too big of a dab and spend the next half hour coughing up a lung.

Extra tip: Don’t worry about holding in the smoke. It’s not going to get you any higher. It’ll just make you cough more.

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  • kJ Dogluv says:

    You missed the terpene conversation entirely! THC is only one of many cannabinoids that contribute to feeling high/stoned/pain relief, etc. . CBD, CBG, CBN are only a few. Then there’s the terpenes…. I have gotten more stoned off a 13% thc weed with high terpenes than from a 32% thc bud (alleged…. many labs consistently fudge numbers). Every person is different, too, in how they react to different terpenes. So, as a budtender in WA state, I can tell you that I ask a lot of questions whether I’m dealing with a new user, or a seasoned user. Terpenes are where it’s at, baby!

  • How do I smoke a weed?

  • Noah says:

    Well it really does depend. Sometimes I don’t smoke for a week and it will only take a couple fat bong rips. But other times, fit usually takes about 4-6 bong rips to get me high

  • Scroomp says:

    0.6 grams in a joint still does it for me after 20years

  • Tristin says:

    One nice blut will get me hi

  • Anonymous says:

    fuck man fuck I dont even get high anymore ive smoked to much weed. but it used to take 6 phat bong rips

  • vaporleaf says:

    I don’t smoke much, so a couple hits off of a bowl gets me high. Helps cut down on costs at least!

  • Luveen says:

    2 big fat Joints

  • Chérie says:

    I’ve been a smoker for years and take breaks to let my tolerance die down and feel the fresh euphoria when I pick back up. However sometimes I can still be a one hit wonder when I got the bowl once or twice

  • cannabis420 says:

    it usually takes me about 2 hits of a bowl to get super fucked and I’ve been smoking for a month now

  • MISTA THC says:

    I take a few hits and im good.

  • Dimon says:

    I only smoke or eat edibles about once a week. And my tolerance is very low.
    So I get high off of one or two hits or about 10-15mg THC in my edibles.
    Couple good hits or 20-25mg THC will get me lit af.

  • Merengue says:

    Honestly it seems to be a lot . Not sure but for about 20 years now about 7 g a day of home grown Canadian bud !

  • Johnny says:

    I have been smoking for a month and i feel as though my tolerance is pretty high at this point being high every night. Started out and me and a friend got high off one bowl. Now for me to get high alone i need a full bowl or more i would say if you are starting out a solid answer would be about .5 to 1g to see where you lie

  • SomeOldGuy says:

    I’ve been a casual pothead since the 70s… meaning I smoke regularly, but just to get a buzz, not to get so wasted I can’t function.
    My understanding is that a “normal joint” contains about a third of a gram…. if that’s true, I generally smoke about a third of that, or roughly a tenth of a gram, of good pot, through a water pipe, and I feel pretty good for the evening… a little more on the weekends.
    Smoking more than you need is a waste of weed and just builds tolerance.
    Also… keeping your “device” clean is very important… change those screens regularly.

  • JB says:

    CBD joints dont give you a high but if you smoke about 6 at one shot will you start feeling any high?

  • anonymous says:

    I usually smoke 2-3 bowls and that seems to do the trick, I also smoke pretty rarely since I don’t have it a lot of the time.

  • Anonymous says:

    Holy crap some of you are nuts… I have been smoking irregularly for about a year – picked it up almost nightly since the COVID-19 thing started about six weeks ago. I am a scientist and actually measure the stuff out with a jewelry scale because I was curious about this very question…

    I live in Colorado and only get the high grade stuff (THC ~30%). It takes 150 mg (0.15 grams) to put me in a great place. Much more than that and I start to lose it.

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