Marijuana Stocks: The Future of Buying Weed

marijuana stocks list

The cannabis landscape is evolving. You no longer have to hustle weed on the street to make money off marijuana. Publicly traded companies, who specialize in marijuana related products and services, are quickly emerging. Changes in legislation around the world has allowed marijuana stocks to rise into the billions – yeah, with a ‘b’.It’s hard to resist examining the world of marijuana investing when such large sums of money is being gained – and lost.

Marijuana Research Stocks

The concept of legal marijuana is relatively new. Increased demand has increased the need for clinical research of cannabis. Here are a few publicly traded companies who specialize in marijuana research.

Cannabis Science (CBIS)

cannabis science marijuana stocks

Cannabis Science, Inc. focuses their research on marijuana’s ability to treat illnesses. Their advisory board and leadership team are both packed with Ph.D’s. Their market cap is under 62 million and shares go for pennies. Despite these low numbers, Cannabis Science, Inc. remains a constant conversation piece among stock traders.

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Nuvilex (NVLX)

nuvilex logo marijuana stocks

Nuvilex, Inc.  is developing cancer treatments based on live-cell encapsulation technology that protects living cells. Nuvilex also owns a subsidiary company called Medical Marijuana Science, Inc (MMS). MMS is focused on research and development for cancer treatments using various cannabinoids found in marijuana. Some researches criticize Nuvilex for having high hopes, but poor positioning for licensing to use cannabis for treatment.

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Medical Marijuana Stocks

Remember when weed was grown in a closet? Large scale growing operations were thought to be the proprietary workings of mafias and gangs. The companies in this section are publicly traded and actively cultivate, distribute, or process medical marijuana.

GW Pharma (GWPRF)

gw pharmaceuticals logo medical marijuana stocks

GW Pharmaceuticals Plc is striving to be a global leader is cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals. Their leading product, Sativex, helps treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Sativex is is approved or recommended for approval in several dozen countries. GW Pharmaceuticals on the London Exchange as GWP. It trades on the OTC market as GWPRF (shown below).

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Medical Marijuana (MJNA)

medical marijuana inc logo marijuana stocks

Medical Marijuana, Inc. lists several companies in their portfolio. Their goal is to create health and wellness products using cannabis and industrial hemp. They own a large range of products including CBD oil, hemp oil, and cannabis facility security – among others. Medical Marijuana, Inc. is considered a penny stock (see below for current quote), and has a market cap under 100 million.

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Unique Pizza and Subs (UPZS)

unique pizza and subs logo marijuana stocks

Unique Pizza and Subs Corp. franchises their pizza and sub restaurants. The have announced a plan to introduce a marijuana infused pizza sauce. The sauce could be served in bars and nightclubs throughout Colorado. Unique Pizza and Subs Corp. has close ties to Canadian Investors, and hope to introduce their marijuana pizza sauce to the Canadian market.

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Cannabis Sativa (CBDS)

cannabis sativa inc. marijuana stocks

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. is attempting to obtain the first patent for a strain of marijuana. The stock encountered a sharp rise after appointing Gary Johnson president and CEO of the company. CBDS has acquired the companies Kush and Wild Earth Naturals which produce various health and welness products that use cannabis and hemp.

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Marijuana Equipment Stocks

So, now we know that publicly traded companies are researching and growing marijuana. This has created a rise in demand for cultivation supplies. Several companies have created sizable and publicly traded companies that specialize in innovative models for providing cultivation-related products.

MedBox (MDBX)

MedBox Logo marijuana stocks

MedBox, Inc. produces and holds patents for automated marijuana dispensing. The technology is currently being used only in dispensaries and operate by personnel. In it’s current state, the MedBox machines are used for inventory and employee theft prevention. However, Medbox Inc. does hold patents regarding direct to patient systems. MedBox has incorporated 6 subsidiary companies. The companies range in a variety of marijuana related business including R&D, real estate, armored transport, management, investments, and banking.

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Fusion Pharm (FSPM)

Fusion Pharm Logo marijuana stocks

Fusion Pharm, Inc. markets themselves toward the organic and natural foods market. Their PharmPod product is a large metal container that uses patented technology for plant cultivation. The marijuana community has expressed interest in the PharmPod for growing indoor marijuana. Fusion Pharm has manufactured pods for nursery, production, and drying and curing.

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GrowLife (PHOT)

GrowLife logo marijuana stocks

GrowLife, Inc. provides a vast array of cultivation supplies and services for marijuana growers. They carry all types of cultivation from lights to nutrients and everything in between. They are currently serving 17 states with plans to expand into new markets.

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Hemp Stocks

New legislation is impacting industrial hemp as well. Hemp is capable of producing many different fiber products. Here are several publicly traded companies who specialize in industrial hemp.

CannaVest (CANV)

cannavest logo marijuana stocks


CannaVest Corp. is responsible for the production  of many industrial hemp products. They produce several different oils, health and beauty products, and have a heavy focus on CBD oil. CANV saw a the price of their stock rise to over in Feb. 2012, but has recently fallen dratically (see below for current stock quote).

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Hemp (HEMP)

HEMP-INC-LOGO marijuana stocks

Hemp, Inc. has a wide product range. They supply a full line of hemp skin car products. Hemp, Inc. also owns companies that produce marijuana related media, such as websites, videos, and software development. At this time, HEMP currently has a market cap under $50 million.

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Crailar Technologies (CRLRF)

crailar logo marijuana stocks

Crailar Technologies, Inc. started with a focus on creating fibers from flax. Recently, they decided to add hemp fibers to their selection. They supply the eco friendly materials to several large brands. At this time, CRLRF has a market cap under $30 million.

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Global Hemp Group (GBHPF)

global hemp group marijuana stocks

Global Hemp Group, Inc. is growing a portfolio of companies to deliver various hemp products to the market. They have a heavy emphasis on sustainable growing to preserves habitats.

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  • Rodrick Reynolds says:

    I have been investing in marijuana stocks for the last 18 months now! I have made money and lost money on some of the cannabis stocks listed above. Companies such as GWPH, HEMP, MJNA and CANV just to name a few.. Other companies in the cannabis space have been climbing their way up the list as Marijuana stocks to watch 2015; Companies like OXIS International (OXIS) a biotech/cannabis focused company, DirectView Holdings (DIRVD) a company that provides security and surveillance systems for the actual dispensary.

  • Mary says:

    I know this article is a bit outdated but they’re have been many other companies that have transitioned into the cannabis space since the start of 2015. With more and more states legalizing marijuana on a medical or recreational level. Companies like THCZ, OXIS, MJMJ have been on fire since 2015. Also a company that I have been following since the start of the summer has really put themselves ahead of the competition offering the purest form of CBD’s to patients with outstanding marketing abilities. Definitely worth taking a look at.

  • Olivia Harper says:

    What about this MJ stock, record breaking revenue has been reported each quarter this year

  • Donna says:

    I would like to ge a share could you send me the best popular share information please

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