iRollie Phone Case Review

rollie phone case review


I got a chance to check out a new product called iRollie. It’s a plastic phone case that has a built-in rolling tray. Currently, they’re only offering cases for iPhones.

I’m not gonna lie – when I first got the product I thought it was gimmicky as hell. In some ways I still think it is, but I truly did find it useful after trying it out for a few days.

Of course, this case is really only going to be clutch if you find yourself rolling joints or blunts often.

irollie case with iphone 5s


Rolling Tray – Link I mentioned, if you roll a lot of joints then you’re going to really enjoy the tray. It’s perfect for on the go. It also isn’t completely obvious the case is designed for rolling. So, you should be fine carrying this case around grandma.

Smooth Design – I think the case has clean and smooth lines. It’s by no means sleek, but it is smooth.

Easy to Install – Getting your phone in and out of this is really easy. It’s a single piece that snaps in and out of place. Once installed it seems to have a nice snug fit against my phone.

Reasonably Priced – The different models are priced separately, but the one for my iPhone 5s currently costs $14.99 (I was sent mine for free from the company).


Bulky – This is perhaps a matter of perspective. I typically use a very slim case so my phone fits easily in my pocket. If you’re used to carrying an otter box or something like that then this case will be no problem.

Plastic – The plastic used to make this seems a little thin and cheap to me. Given the price, I would say it’s comparable to the quality seen in other cases in this price range.

irollie package and phone


I can’t really comment on how well it actually protects the phone. I didn’t drop mine, and I don’t really trust any case manufacturer to test it intentionally. It does have a small lip that extends slightly past the screen so I would imagine it could take a drop, but I can’t say for sure for now. I’ll update if I drop my phone.

Final Thoughts

Should you get the iRollie? If you’re an iPhone user who rolls a lot of joints then I think you’ll enjoy this product. It’s certainly not for everyone though. For me, it’s a great case I can break out for concerts and stuff like that, but probably not my day to day case.

If you want to learn more about the iRollie you should check out their website:

What do you think of this product? Let me know in the comments!

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