How Much Does Weed Cost?

How much should I be paying for weed? This is a question that I get asked quite frequently. The question is simple enough, but the answer is much trickier. The truth is, there is no one answer that covers everyone. There are a lot of different factors that go into the price of weed. So, I’ll do my best to break it all down for you so you can have a better idea of how much you should be paying.

You’re going to need to know how to much you’re actually getting to know if you paid the right price. I highly recommend picking up a digital scale on Amazon – they’re less than $10.

You can use the links below to skip around the page, but I hope you’ll enjoy the entire article.

Factors Affecting the Price of Weed
Time of Year
Recreational vs Medical
Price of Weed by Quantity
Gram – 1.0
Eighth – 1/8 (3.5 grams)
Quarter – 1/4 (7 grams)
Half Ounce – 1/2 (14 grams)
Ounce – O (28 grams)

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Factors Affecting the Price of Weed

The following factors can have a profound impact on the price of your weed. The more of these factors stacked against you – the more money you’re going to pay. After we talk about these factors, I’ll break down the price according to quantity.

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This factor is obviously huge. I live in Colorado so finding inexpensive cannabis is no problem. I recently picked up a terrific eighth of bud for $23.25 including tax. Of course, prices vary. You’ll see some dispensaries charge $50+ for an eighth. If you live in an area where marijuana is illegal then don’t even think about getting prices this good. If you live somewhere it’s illegal you have to realize that whoever is selling to you is going to markup the price based on the fact they could go to jail for selling it to you.

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This is an obvious factor, but still worth mentioning. The truth is, crappy weed isn’t nearly as prevalent as it once was. I remember in high school smoking what we called regs. It was gross weed grown in Mexico that was full of seeds. Is that stuff still around? I hope not, but let me know in the comments if you’ve come across it recently. For the purpose of this article I am only going to talk about good quality weed, because I just don’t come in contact with the regs and mids of yesteryears.

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The more people who are selling in your area the better deal you typically find. That’s why smaller towns with only a few dealers can charge more. The closer you get to a large city the lower the price – typically. The same is true with dispensaries. 

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Time of Year

Outdoor cannabis plants are harvested starting around September and for the next few months depending on the climate. Around this time, you may notice a significant decrease in the prices of weed. The priciest part of growing cannabis inside is the cost of electricity for lights. Since outdoor cannabis costs much less to grow so it can be sold at a more competitive rate.

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Recreational vs Medical

I saved this one for last because it only affects the few states that have legalized recreation marijuana (hopefully the number continues to rise). But, I did want to quickly note that prices for medical marijuana are significantly reduced compared to the prices that recreational dispensaries charge.

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Price of Weed by Quantity

Please remember that prices are going to vary so I’m going to use number ranges instead of exact amounts. Also, these are the prices for good weed. Lesser quality weed could cost much less.

You’ll notice that the more you buy the cheaper the prices get. Weed is just like most goods – you get a discount for buying in quantity. Also, dispensaries have deals all the time to get weed much cheaper. I’m listing full retail prices without deals considered.

These prices are for the United States since it’s what I’m familiar with. If you’re from another country I would love to hear how the prices match up. The dispensary prices are based on Colorado recreational dispensaries.

If you aren’t familiar with the weight measurements used below make sure to check out my article about marijuana weights. As previously stated, you’re gonna want to pick up a cheap digital scale so you can make sure you got the correct weight. 

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Gram – 1.0

This is typically the smallest amount of weed that you’re gonna buy. Because it’s considered a small amount you’ll end up spending more. At a dispensary, you’re looking at $10-15. On the street, you’re probably looking at $15-20. In all my years of smoking I’ve never paid more than $20 for a gram.

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Eighth – 1/8 (3.5 grams)

At a dispensary, you’re going to pay between $35-50 per eighth with select strains costing more. On the street prices typically run between $40-60. If you have enough of the before mentioned factors against you then you could be looking at up to $70. Any more than that is too high of a price as far as I’m concerned.

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Quarter – 1/4 (7 grams)

Dispensaries are normally around $70-90 for a quarter. That same quarter is going to run $80-$120 on the streets.

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Half Ounce – 1/2 (14 grams)

This is the point that you typically start seeing bigger discounts. This is also the point that you have to live in Colorado to purchase this much from a recreational dispensary (visitors are limited to 7 grams). Update: The laws have changed in Colorado so visitors are allowed to purchase up to one ounce from a recreational dispensary. 

Some dispensaries charge the quarter price all the way up, but many give you a discount. Expect to pay $120-150 at a Colorado rec dispensary. On the streets it’s typically around $140-180.

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Ounce – O (28 grams)

You can find dispensary deals for $99 ounces, but it’s typically pretty low quality. A good ounce in a dispensary will typically cost $200-300. An ounce on the street usually runs $250-$350.

There are plenty of other measurements like kilos, pounds, half pounds, etc; but if you’re looking to buy that much then you should already have a solid grasp on the prices in your area.

Terms like dime bag, nickel, and dub have mostly become antiquated terms, but some people still use them. For a more detailed breakdown of the dime bag check out one of my other articles: How Much Is A Dime of Weed? + Dub Sacks and Nickel Bags

Let me know in the comments how these numbers stack up to your experiences. As always, I encourage everyone to use fake names and email addresses when leaving a comment below.

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  • J says:

    In Australia prices are similar
    15-20 a Gram,
    1.5 gms 25,
    3 gms 45-50,
    Quarter 75-100,
    Half ounce 150-190,
    Ounce 250-380

    • Mary Jane says:

      Thanks for sharing. It’s awesome to hear from around the world. Cheers!

      • Db says:

        City rats begun the last 5 yea to charge 10-20 a gram. Too much for my blood, but the country rat gets 1/4 for 25-45 for gagger. The 25 isn’t dirt weed, still delivers. Oz, 90 for decent weed. Smoke, turn up yA jam, I luv u

        • Steven says:

          I give 30 for a quarter 45 half ounce 90 a oz and 5 a g

          • Daisy says:

            So what state are you in…..that’s an incredible price! Wish you were local. DAMN. Not easy to get where I live.

          • Anonymous says:

            Lol shit weed? Or u snoop or some shit

          • Anonymous says:

            Lol he got some reggie

          • Punkybrewster says:

            You can do that if you’re buying pounds & have a large customer base (that’s typically reselling that shit or you’re one of the last people still buying dirt weed from Mexico, lol.) I’d have to see it too consider buying it & might cross state lines… Lol, though anyone buying/growing a pound can ‘say’ they’re selling at those prices… Market is 2400 a lb shipped from Oregon and that’s still 150/z, not that I get this price. I’m still down steam. Think it’s moving up to 90‰ of all cannabis in the US is domesticity grown now, even if you don’t have medicinal or recreational legal in your state. Vermont the Dispensary is $55 1/8th, $100 1/4 but less on the street…
            Descheduling this cannabis only makes sense as there is no difference in the term recreational verse medicinal, every human body needs cannabis. It just depends if you need an indica hybrid or Sativa hybrid…. This whole movement to ‘extract’ cbd (basically, high grade hemp) or use high cbd low thc cannabis is absurd… Yeah I’m looking at you Floridah!

            • Fragulator says:

              Hey, are you still in Florida. How does the local law enforcement handle the casual use of cannabis. I plan on staying there this next couple of months.

          • Anonymous says:

            Really ?

          • Crystal says:

            Hi. I have a question for you?

          • B says:

            Yeah pretty sure your full of shit

          • Anonymous says:

            What kind tho

      • Bobo the nono says:

        I know a guy that sells 14g for $140 it ain’t no Cali or Colorado type shit,but this is new York, we don’t exactly have the worst street shit

        • Matteo says:

          Nah bro here in long island its 10 a g and u do the math plus some dealers r my boys so discounts

          • Shellie Lee says:

            Thank you all for the help iv been living in Brownsville texes with my wife and buying brick weed lot’s of seed some time get little bit of seed but it takes me to to smoke so much but yeah prices but I get my money Worth but I miss the weed in California they have shops they have edibles they have everything neighbors people on the street you can get it all over the place in Cali they got it all dabbing everything LOL ok

      • buuby says:

        i live in ohio and i can get 3 grams for 20 bucks and it is really nice weed

        • Meme says:

          I have stage 4 Cancer and puke every day. I live in VA. It’s not legal and never having been around pot I cannot seem to find it anywhere…..much less at an affordable rate. Everyone says….’I can ask around but the stuff I get is good sh@t so it’s expensive’. Which in my opinion is crap. If I go a while without smoking…..which I HAVE TO, then I’m going to feel the effects. I’m too broke to drive to DC to get it legal and if I ask ANYONE for a dime they laugh at me and say no one will sell me that small an amount. I have a seizure disorder too and smoking helps that. If I smoke I don’t even need those nasty anti convulsant meds. I’ve got Degenerative Disk Disease in my upper spine, arthritis all over, PTSD….the list goes on and I’m only 39. I lost my ovaries last year and most of my breasts 2 months ago (started off as estrogen-based Breast Cancer. Marijuana could help with almost every one of my ailments but I just can’t even find a source for when I CAN afford it. Someone with cheap prices whp can mail it needs to help a girl out! I’m only 39 and just started smoking last year per my doctor’s request…..but he’s not going to help me get my hands on it. I can trade some awesome art but that’s all I have to offer until after the new year. Sigh.

          • Bin Gato says:

            I just read this comment; and it tottaly broke my heart. I know nothing about this since I dont smoke ( I didn’t enhale;) ). But I am shocked that no one commented on this young lady’s request and offered to help her !!! Is therecsomething wrong with you people ??!! Or are you all High ? How could you be so heartless ??? Is there a way to verify her story ( documents) and offer her help ? What can I do to help ? I am in California .. or i would havevpucked it up in DC and drive it to her.

            • Rich says:

              I’m sure you could find a cheap hook up in Kentucky or Tennessee. What part of Virginia? I know they are some good deals in the mountain towns.

          • Anonymous says:

            Wish I could help you

          • Christopher says:

            Are you, the girl in need, checking back here often? Look for RSO…Rick Simpson Oil…THAT is the type of cannabis product you desperately need! People have had crazy(tumors coughed up, melanoma gone), crazy success with it. Can ingest & apply topically. Sounds like you might need to make a trip, or send someone after it. Hope you look into it, and hope you are in a better spot & healthy!

        • Anonymous says:

          Bet not that shit cheap so that shit probably garbage if payin 20 for 3g

      • Tony says:

        I live in a remote part of Australia and it cost $550 for a ounce here. People sell a gram here for $50

      • IanM says:

        I can still get that old reg – Reggie around here, but I don’t smoke it that shut anymore ..if I had to guess the taste by the smell I would say it taste like cow shitLol

      • Nicolas says:

        Well its kinda different fot me since i live i a town (small one)
        And i don’t happen to have such prices given that i can bus weed and time i only bus a bit for a joint a day. In grams you get about ( 1 gram =10$) and it stays the same. So your prices are quit high! What do you thinl?

      • Pastoo says:

        In connecticut


      • Rob says:

        Im still able to get approximately $10 per gram ( 60 for almost 7 grams). Its one area of my life that I am slightly fortunate in.

      • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I life in Washington state and I can get a half ounce on the street that’s good for around 60$ to 100$.

      • miami fl says:

        got that right lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Most people in tacoma Wa will sell zipz for 130-150

      • Anonymous says:

        You smoking Reggie.

        • Nonya Business says:

          Wtf lol I buy good bud in cali for 60 to 150 an ounce 150 being indoor yall being ripped off but I will tell you this I’ve seen a pound go for as much as 3000 out here now I don’t know who’s more high me or the pound

      • Anonymous says:

        Y’all are d.a lmao I pay 10 for a gram 35 for an eighth 70 for a quarter 100 for a half 200 for a ounce and even get nicks of the fire that rolls up 1 L (all loud too meaning good weed lol)yah niggas getting robbed -NYC

      • Merrick says:

        Bro I’m from boise idaho and out here 10$=g but then comes 30$=1/8
        Then 55$=1/4
        And the weed is dank dank

        • . says:

          I can’t find how to leave a comment so I’m just gonna reply to yours with my comment cuz it’s relatively the same here in Massachusetts. On the streets 1 gram is $10. 30 for ⅛. Depending on who you get from should be $45-60 for ¼. Typically $85-100 for half. And $120-130 for full ounce.

          Idk where the person who created this whole thing got all their ridiculously high prices for everything but at the dispensary here whatever you’re getting is like $30-40 more expensive than on the streets depending on the strain. And being hinest I’ve gotten better weed on the streets than from a dispensary

    • Bryon says:

      West Bank B.C/high quality $8 – $10 gram. Hybrids $10 – $14 gram, exotic $32 – $44 gram

    • Anonymous says:

      In the uk the standard price for an 8th is £20 ($25 ish)

    • Somebody says:

      It is surprising that Australia goes by the quarter- half- and ounce system. I would have thought they would have used grams for everything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Back in the day, I paid $50 for a pound.

    • Anonymous says:

      I live in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. If ur from the states you probably won’t know what I’m talking about. But anyway I get 1gram from my dealer for $10. And as you mentioned the more I buy the less it is. So if I paid $50 I would get around 6-6.5 grams

      • Anonymous says:

        Which is .5 away from a Q

      • Anonymous says:

        This is what i remember, not to aweful long ago I could get 4.5-5 with out bag for 30-35. Ive never paid more then 180-210 for oz.and 80-100 for half of Good weed. I guess living in the northern n.y. woods has its perks… now no-one wants sell 1/8,1/4’s any more its either by the gram or half and full Z’s, come on ppl quit gettn greedy. The worst part is that any one who can take care of a house plant could grow there own, but we have to work, making it hard to keep a good dozen plants or so growing healthy…

        • xpmule says:

          I live in BC Canada now but years ago lived in northern’ish Ontario Huntsville / Barrie area.
          Point being is YOU CAN grow your own and “work” full time.. i did it (long ago)

          I was already sleeping in my living room all the time and lived on my own..
          What i did was pack my bedroom with plants (nothing else in the room)
          The start-up cost was doable because i knew a Door-to-door Marijuana salesmen who was kind enough to support the project with some bulbs etc.
          I split the reward with him and probably got a couple pounds if i recall of deadly bud.
          Even if he did not pony up the lights and dirt etc it would not have been too much of a cost anyway. (think about how much you spend on weed anyway)
          And yeah i said dirt 😉
          If you work it’s probably a better option than clay pellets / hydro etc.
          And dirt can give nice results.
          PH pen and watch them acidity levels etc and don’t use Miracle grow hahhaha
          You can buy a timer for the lights so they turn on & off when you are at work.
          All i can say is watch out for fire hazards.. if you are not home and it goes up you are screwed.

          Oh and soon enough the govt in Canada will pass laws making it legal to grow your own so hey.. why not right ?
          Hell the last time i grew weed i didn’t even smoke the stuff.. i did it because i was bored LOL
          I gave it away 100% later too..

          Prices ? i stopped smoking a decade+ ago but i think the prices are about the same here in Kelowna ..HI to my Westbank neighbor here who commented 😉

          I think $10 a gram was pretty standard from your regular dealer but $15 happens too especially if you just ask a random guy on the street.
          But i have known guys to sell the b-grade weed for $5 easily.
          People like cheap !
          And yeah it’s usually a bit cheaper the more ya buy.

          Some of the prices mentioned here scare me holy cow 😮

      • Mrs Greene says:

        Thats about right.

    • pseudonym says:

      I live close to a large metropolitan area in Canada, and reasonably close to where a large amount of illicit weed is grown for the province. Street dealers typically charge around $10 a g, and I’ll useually but Quarters for $70 or half ounces for $130.

    • Stony bugg says:

      I’ve never paid more than 5$ for a gram. Oregon is nice.

    • Dillon says:

      Southern Canada:

      Gram: $10
      Eighth: :$30
      Quarter: $60
      Half: $100
      O: $200

      Bud quality is usually high to very high! Great looking/smelling, usually out of BC.
      I never knew it was so inexpensive here compared to other countries!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have seen reg. As you called it Lately its really cheap, I haven’t brought any but my friend got some near Belton Mo. She got 14 g of it for like 30 I like loud but I settle for kisha(mids) sometimes.

    • Why? says:

      Over here near the boarder there’s a lot of Reggie usually half an O is like $25 and an O for 50 dro kinda the same price as in Colorado 10 for a G if someone charges 15 is usually somegood stuff but pretty much the same whenever I’m broke I buy Reggie it last me the whole week.

    • John Doe says:

      In my experience, the fact that marijuana is illegal in my state is what makes it cheap, since it doesn’t have to be taxed. I believe that unless you’re visiting a medical dispencery, or getting it through the black market, you’ll be paying a bit of a pretty penny for your flower. I live in Idaho and can get eighths for $35.

      • Anonymous says:

        In my area, we pay $500/ounce for the highest quality. Its so good it makes you poop the bed for days!

      • The only Irish Girl here x says:

        Just looking at all the prices of smoke here, yous are actually so lucky! Over here in Ireland we pay:
        • 1g – €25
        • 2g – €50
        • 1/4 – €120
        • 1/2 – €200
        • O – €350
        I used to smoke 7g within a day or two with one of my friends we’d go halves on it so we’d both have 3.5 for €50 each.. it was the best and cheapest way to get our weed..

    • John says:

      in philadelphia we call a gram dimes, here there $10 use dollar amounts 10,20 if a dealer sells nicks usally you can get 3 nicks for $10 thats 1.5 grams, if you don’t know and say give me a gram they can charge whatever they want like your a tourist, so keep that in mind. you should never ever pay more than $10 for a gram, even if it’s exotic. dealers usually just give you a little less than a gram if it’s exotic.we go by $ amounts for nicks dimes and 20’s, $5,$10,and$20, and just add $ amounts with weight,our quarter usually around $50-60

      • Bama says:

        Finna someone who knows #westphilly

      • Anonymous says:

        Nicks, Dimes and Twenties are reggie bro. Reggie usually isn’t sold by the gram that’s why they do that. 50-60 for a quarter of reggie is awful. I used to pay 60 for an ounce known people that payed 50. decent weed gram is 10, eighth is 30, quarter is 60, half ounce is 100, ounce is 200. dealers try to make a profit. if they think they can rip off, they will try

    • Gwyn says:

      In areas it’s harder to come by its this expensive, but in Australia not everyone pays 50 for only 3 gs.

      In my area
      (Also we call Things differently in the area I’m in)

      Gram: $10 – 20
      Threefa (3gs): $30-40
      Q (7gs): $70
      Half bag (14gs): $120
      Ounce: $220-240

    • Brandon says:

      Wow I feel like I’m blessed. I’ve always gotten good weed for just 10 a gram never more, for eighths tho it starts at 25 and the price rises as it gets better.

    • anonomous says:

      in south yorkshire, i got 20 grams of some great weed for £10

    • CJ says:

      Here in Toronto Canada dispensaries I’ve seen charge $80 for a half Quarter, I pay $25, and another guy charges $30. If I get a quarter from my one guy I pay $50, the other guy charges $55.

    • Stephen says:

      Southern Ontario:

      Gram: $10
      Eighth: $25
      Quarter Oz. $50
      Half Oz. $100
      Ounce: $200

      (Street Prices, never been to a dispensary.)

    • And says:

      I germany its 8-12 euros per g but if you buy more (for example 10 g) you would pay like 100 euro and basically every dealer that i ever bought that much from gave me like 1-3 g extra, which is pretty cool i guess. There are also dealers that sell hq bud but for like 16-20 euros per g (but its worth the money the stuff is mostly fire). Also in my entire life of weed purchasing on the streets i have only got really bad weed 2 times, one with Seeds in it and the other time the weed wasnt really dry and it did not burn well.

    • Julz says:

      I live in the country in Small town Ohio
      1/4 is 45, 1/2 is 90, Oz is 180
      I will say the stuff I get is a pretty good buzz.
      Love your page MJ!

    • David says:

      in Florida a half oz is 110 & 220 for an oz -if ur dealer has a good plug

    • Jb says:

      North Alabama

      20 gram
      30 half 8
      50 eight
      100 quarter
      190 half
      350 oz

    • Highkeydoll says:

      In Boston the street prices are
      20 for 1/2 a eighth
      40$ for an eighth
      70 for a quarter
      120-140 for a hlf ounce
      270-320 for an ounce
      And the bud is Great quality nice and sticky gets you high no problem.

    • Brandon says:

      $400 oz of exotics. Unlimited variations below that.

    • Secret lol says:

      For me(live in Colorado) I pay

      Sixteenth= 1.75 grams=$10

      Eighth=3.5 grams=$20

      Quarter= 2 eighths= 7 grams=$30

      Half=2 quarters = 4 eighths = 14 grams=$40

      Once=An ounce = 4 quarters = 8 eighths = 28 grams=$50

      Pound=A pound = 16 ounces = 64 quarters = 128 eighths = 448 grams=$60

      This is also great quality but I get from family so that’s why prices are insanely good

      • Be Real says:

        You f’n retarded to make us believe you get pounds for $60.

      • Mastaroshi says:

        You’re a damn fool

      • Meme says:

        Secret Lol…..I live in the country in VA. (Hate it) I once paid 250 for an ounce. I had first planned to break it up and sell it to make back my money but I started smoking it and forgot. 😉 Now I can’t find it anywhere. I have stage 4 breast Cancer that metastasized to my bones. I only don’t have Cancer in my brain, feet and one tibia. I also have a seizure disorder, arthritis, a heart condition, PTSD…..list goes on. I puke every day. I need a good source. It’s sad when those who need it most can’t find or afford it. I rather be on it than my anti-nausea and anti-convulsant drugs that make me into a zombie.

    • Chaz says:

      I’m from Brighton, England, there are hundreds of dealers around where I live, so prices are usually decent.
      1g(10 bag) =£10
      2g (20 bag) =£20
      3.5g = 35
      7g (we call it a Q) =£60-70, depending who you’re buying from
      14g (called a halfy here) = £110-120
      Ounces ( called a Z here)= vary between £175-240
      And so fourth, most dealers weigh there bags 0.2g below what you are buying, as the market it very high. like most of us;)…
      Don’t know how long ago this article was written but hey ho, these are the prices in Sussex, England

    • Chaz says:

      Lemon Ami and Sour Diesal is very popular in the county where I live in the UK (Sussex)

    • Brokeass mother trucker says:

      In Japan it’s about $50 a gram. But that’s because it has the same legal status of coke or heroine.

    • Logan Downey says:

      These prices are ridiculous, in Ontario we pay 10/gram, 35/eighth, 60/quarter, 100/half O, 160/ full O

      • I Hear Ya says:

        Here in Humboldt County Cali prices vary. 800 a lb for low, 1000 to 1500 for stuff ” everybody likes”
        and I was offered highest quality for 2400. With money in hand someone offered me 11.5 oz of dank for 800. My guess is it depends on how close one is to the source and how well they manage their money and operation, how much they have, whether or not it’s pick up or some kind of logistics. It is so prevalent that I found these people with only a few hours of looking. Had I looked and tried harder-who knows?

    • getoboyz says:

      in metro detroit, street weed is a good price, and most of it is fire.

      Gram= 10
      eigth= 25-35
      quarter= 55-60
      half= 80-120
      ounce= 190-200

    • Lil Snoopy says:

      All yall who pay 30$ or higher eighth i feel bad for because i never paid over 25 for that Half O i paid 50-75 O i pay 100-150 depends on what it is lmfao i would say yall are getting riped off but different places have different prices

    • Tommie says:

      I hav been gettin this reg you mention in south Carolina, not by choice mind you, because it wuz all that wuz around

    • Unknown says:

      Im in b.c. Maple ridge and i get 20$ eighths 40$ quarters and 100$ oz and thats street prices and the quality of the weed isent bad ether

    • Anonymous says:

      Depends all on supply/demand. Small town Ohio, costs were up to $60/gram. Where I’m at now, $145 for a half.

    • That shits still out and goin around man….its terrible.

    • Lieutenant Dan says:

      Bro that’s so crazy!!!
      I live in the PNW or the us (Oregon) with my homie
      Dime 1g =$10
      Dub 2g =$20
      Eighth 3.5g =$25
      Quarter 7g =$45
      Half O 14g =$90
      Ounce 28g =$150- $160

    • Sam says:

      in fl every street dealer I have ever come across charges 10 a g and most sell eights between 30-35 and quarters between 50-70 if you’re paying that much you’re getting ripped off

    • John Smith says:

      I’m In NYC and I’ve gotten an ounce of really strong og kush for 200

    • Anonymous says:

      I am in texas and i actually do get brick reg. $10/g $25/q $50/h $100/o

      • OUTLAW says:

        Texas$5-10 @gram..up to $20 if u b!+ch
        3.5g =$30
        County touches harris/Houston and its A1 shit …..I10 runs thew the county and we all hillbilly rednecks everything grown indoors 20,000sf wheelhouse ((got to understand clients needs and grass not the only thing being supplied by plug/socket))

        Have not saw dirt brick weed since 2005 and mexico is close

    • Terry D Moody says:

      How much in Ajijic Mexico

    • Terry D Moody says:

      Here in Mexico about 400 pesos excellent quality. Converted to dollar about $24

    • Terry D Moody says:

      $23 for a oz. Good quality

    • snoop lion says:

      In Louisville Kentucky. You can get an eighth of drow for 40$ all day. It’s freaking awesome.

      My God this state would make so much money if it was legal… The economy would rival California if the big tabacco companies could switch to pot.

    • Jack Kora says:

      I live in a pretty rural city and only pay $10 per gram from my dealer who gets it from the dispensary. These prices in the comments seem grossly high.

    • Drew says:

      Up in New Hampshire I’m getting 100 halves and 190 O’s

    • Alex says:

      So I buy a quarter of loud for 80/90 but I only get 4 grams shouldn’t I be getting 7?? Even if it’s loud or not?

    • Frankie says:

      If you are paying that much in Australia you better hope you’re getting the best quality stuff here cos I would have a heart attack if I was charged those prices where I’m from in Aus

    • Patrick Cole says:

      Over here in the south east it’s been known to go for 10 a gram when you buy a single.
      Other prices range:
      Eighth: 30-40
      Half’s: 100-140
      Ounces: 150-300(you can still find outdoor grows and mids around here)
      Pounds range from like 1600 for ugly shit to over 3000 depending on how far it has to come and how much you buy at a time.

    • Boone says:

      in oklahoma today I found a ounce of weed for 115$. I pick it up tomorrow Gonna have it weighed cause thats cheap.

    • Abdi says:

      In sweden its 8$ per gram and 50grams for 310$ per 50 grams But only if youre a hustler otherwise it would have Coates 480$ and its not bad quality weed its moroccan

    • Jake says:

      I pay $3 per gram from my lp and $2.83 a gram from the dispensary for greenhouse bud, the lp stuff is over 25 % thc and not sure about the dispensary but it looks frosty.. i also get 9/10 stuff too at $6.50 a g and legendary 10/10 strains run me $10 and i have payed up to $20 a g only twice before.. the $3 lp stuff is alot better then everything but some of the 10/10 strains.. weed is not just “weed” it is priced on many factors including quantity of the sellers grow, potency, location, type of growing conditions, way you grow etc

    • sam sneed says:

      i just have to chime in – this is extremely backwards, at least as far as where i live (northern california). street prices are way cheaper/lower than any dispensary & have been for about the past 4-5 years. the same quality of the same strain per say that would cost $60 for an eighth at a dispensary can be found without a doubt for 20-35 from someone on the streets. everyone grows or knows someone who grows or knows someone who knows someone who grows mid-quality to high-quality weed now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Austin, Tx
      $15-20 G
      $45 1/8th
      $140 1/2

    • Your dealers rip you off says:

      How are you letting a dealer get away with selling you $15 grams? Street value on a gram of good stuff is $10 each

    • says:

      You guys are getting ripped off
      And by publishing this you are enabling others to get ripped off

      These are the prices for the Central valley of Cali on the streets (illegal)
      For top notch bud

      Pay no more than 10 for 1.0 grams

      No more than 25 an eighth 3.5 grams

      45 a quarter 7.0 grams

      60 for a Half oz 14.0 grams

      120 for a full oz 28.0 grams

    • Gibby says:

      I get my halfs for 90..quads fo 50…an 8ths fo 25….was good….sa town..210…dank shit over der

    • Chelsea says:

      I live in Florida,
      I typically pay
      Gram $10
      Half ounce $100
      Ounce $180-200

    • Selena says:

      Buying weed where it’s illegal has nothing to do w it. I live where it’s illegal and on the streets they go $10 a g $35 an eighth $50 a quarter and $110 halfs

    • Jackson says:

      10 for a g
      50 for a 1/4 o
      80 for a 1/2 o
      140 for a o
      500 for a qp

      • OG Carbine9 says:

        Dro/gas prices:
        $15 a gram
        2grams for $25
        3.5grams for $50
        7grams for $85
        Half’s for $165
        Ounces for $325

        Reggie prices:
        1.5grams for $5
        4grams for $15
        7grams for $25
        Half’s for $40
        Ounces for $70

    • Sam says:

      20 an 8th in Cali for some delicious blue dream or Afghani Romulus. Then again, I get it from a friend that grows, so that could be a discount.

    • Jennette says:

      In PA (Pittsburgh Area) we have a few medical shops but you can get good quality stuff for a decent price.

      3.5 grams = $35 to $40
      7 grams = $70
      1 ounce = $145 to $220

      The ounce price ranges quite a bit, I am good friends with my dealer and he gets me really crystally stuff and it’s amazing. But I bought from someone else recently and he asked for $220. Stuff was about the same quality

    • Max says:

      I live in indiana where its not legal n the prices are actually pretty good, its like $10 a g usually $35 an 1/8 an $80 for a half

    • Anonymous says:

      It is going for €125 an 1/8 in midlands eir.

    • Scott Davis says:

      In Arkansas we have legal medical cannabis but street prices are lower and the quality of black market weed is usually better CO grown stuff that sells for $10-15 per gram…A 1/4 oz of black market weed is about $80-100 and $240 an ounce…Medical weed is pricey but top shelf flower goes for $14 to $15 per gram and $50 an 1/8th oz..$80-100 1/4 oz..An once sells for $250-300+ for top shelf high grade..

    • Weed lover says:

      10 for a gram
      25 for a 8th
      100 for 1/2
      180 for a full

      Maine prices

    • Anonymous says:

      This is flipped smh. Dispensary bud is typically more expensive then street prices no matter where you are. Think about taxes and dispo quality compared to no taxes and street quality

    • Tyrell jones says:

      I’m right next to Michigan an we go for 10 a g 20 a dub 35 an eighth (25 if u get it from the right person) 120 a half ounce and 175 an ounce ion know where y’all gettin y’all shii from buh my shii be exotic like cookies an shii an yall ova here talkin about expensive shii go somewhere close to Michigan an we got backwoods an name brand bud thass in the 45% thc level an higher

  • Michelle says:

    At least here in Oklahoma I feel the opposite about the city size to price ratio. The smaller the town, the more people that do drugs. The bigger the demand, the more dealers there are. We’re like halfway between Colorado and Mexico and there are SO MANY people that smoke weed. Unfortunately the only group of people big enough to outweigh the stoners are the super conservative religious types.

  • Anonymous says:

    Western North Carolina 320 for an once

  • Dport says:

    It’s stays steady out here in az at 10 a G and up to $100 half Os and 180-220 ounces. At least with the hookups I have. I also get wax for 600 an oz

    • DecentLady says:

      Prices are similar (if ur in the know) here, about 35 miles west of “The T-dot” (that’s Toronto, ON, Canada). You’ll pay $10 – $15 / gram… $40 to $50 for an 8th (we call them “half a quarter”)… $100 for a half oz… and $180 to $220 for a full oz

  • Michelle says:

    I’m from Ontario, Canada. Buying from a licensed grower is cheaper here than buying at a dispensary. The growers also offer compassion pricing which gives the client 30% off. On the other hand, some dispensaries have a $35 oz, edibles and gear. I also find the dispensary has more product and you can buy a half g to try out a new strain. A g at the dispensary will go for $10-$12/g while the grower will sell it between $5-$10/g

  • Jonny says:

    The price of weed I my area goes for:
    Dime Bag: $10
    Quarter: $25
    Half Ounce:$50
    1 Ounce: $100

  • david kescner says:

    I think I’m the first one to use my virtual reality helmet to read this article

  • nigz97 says:

    For a quarter in Sydney usually $80 for good quality

  • George says:

    In Texas, I’m paying $150 for a half and $30 per gram of wax.

  • Rustin says:

    You wanted to know….sadly, yes reggie or regs still exists…could just be where im located though. San Antonio Texas. But if you know where to go, you can find good stuff too. Hydro, chronic, kush.

  • Cowboy says:

    Metro Charlotte area $300-360 oz

  • Corinna says:

    Whoa… a quarter here in VA is $40-50. What a difference!

    • Mary Jane says:

      Wow, that is super cheap. How’s the quality?

    • pirate says:

      you’ve said this twice now and i’m pretty sure you’re mistaken and speaking of an 8th, lying, or have an amazing hookup (in which case your information doesn’t really benefit anyone else, and should AT LEAST be clearly marked as unobtainable to the kind of person who’d need to read an article like this)

    • Manchester, NH says:

      Nah he right. I get 45-55 a Q too.

  • Shazzee says:

    Dude you pay a lot! Dang…

  • Lisa says:

    I live in the Netherlands and prices per gram are generally around 10 euros, with some strains priced at 8 or 12.
    However I should mention that Dutch weed is notoriously strong and high in thc. When I buy weed in other countries, including America, I need a lot more to get the same amount of high.

    • Mary Jane says:

      That’s interesting. Of couse, quality varies greatly between areas of the U.S. Here is Colorado, you can find stains testing up to 30% THC. Thanks for sharing! It’s always so interesting to hear about differences around the world.

  • Anonymous says:

    I litteraly pay $10 by the gram

    • For sure says:

      Same here. I live in a small town in Montana (not leagle) and pay $10 per gram. The quality differs some what we call “rag” (shitty weed) or some pretty awesome stuff that gets bought in from bigger cities. Just gotta know the right people. Rag is $10 per gram and medical brought in or any other kind is $10 per gram. Have about 5 dealers to choose from in a 5 block radius. Options are plenty… So is quality.

  • BongHits4Christ says:

    I live in Northern California, and in the last 10 years or so I’ve never paid more than 140 an ounce on the street. 10 dollar grams are the standard street price too.

  • B Detenon says:

    do you believe it,when i started smoking a 1/4 was 2 pounds 10 shillings ,1 oz was 10 pounds that was in 1964..haven,t smoked for years….

  • Ankit says:

    Haha, prices wouldn’t really compare with India, cause weed grows in the wild so easily over here. Even though it’s illegal, it comes in pretty cheap when compared to the US. You can get about 30 grams of two different strains combined for about ₹850, which is like $13, and that isn’t even the lowest, you can get a good selection for any $10.

  • Stoner4Life says:

    I am 35 now and through the course of my life have grown up and lived all over the states. Seen lots of changes. Now I reside in La. Sad to say its messed up here. Reggie does exist here still. But good luck getting a straight deal. Dro goes for 20 a g here. The dealers here are totally ignorant of their strains and rip you off. Oh and they charge for the bag itself. The Reggie is crap here and goes for 60 an O. Would love to move to Colorado.

    • Mary Jane says:

      I’m guessing you mean Louisiana and not Los Angeles. Hopefully it won’t be long before national legalization and people don’t have to move in order to get decent prices. Thanks for sharing!

  • Uritay says:

    When I lived in northern California it was 10 a g 25 an eighth 60 a q 95 for a half and 220 for an ounce then I moved to Las Vegas and it is 10 to 15 rarely 20 a gram 40 to 60 an eighth 70 to 90 a quarter 100 to 160 a half and an ounce could be as little as 240 or as high as 340

  • Annon says:

    I live in northern maryland and it’s on the lower end, everyone has their hookup.
    10-15$ G
    2G for 20$
    1/8 30-40$
    Q for 65-75
    Half 120-150
    O 220-250
    Quap around 850

  • Birdy says:

    Your prices are pretty high for where I am. Calgary AB (Canada) an eighth goes for $30 and a quarter for $60. Depending on quality and your relationship with the dealer you can sometimes get a quarter for $50. I don’t usually buy more than that at a time, but I believe that a half is around the $100 mark and a full ounce is around $150-200, though I could be wrong about those two. Not sure how dispensary prices compare, I don’t have a medical card so only buy street.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Very interesting. I would guess the price difference comes from the fact that Canada’s laws aren’t as strict as most of the U.S. Where it’s legal in the U.S. there are really high taxes (usually around 25%). Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Blazey says:

      Should totally hook a sister up

  • Luna says:

    Interesting. Here in central Florida I can get 6g for $60 or better pretty easily. Didn’t think I lived in a cheaper area.

  • Dr. Drey says:

    Guam (U. S territory)
    Grams go for 50
    Rarely see eighths in a deal mostly only “dollar bags” which we call it and it goes from 2-2.3 grams most likely
    Qtrs are 250
    Half’s are 500-600
    O’s are 800 up to a K
    Prices really vary like you said depends on the factors, me personally I get around 100-150$ off for qtrs and up, and more weed for cheaper quantities (it’s full on illegal here hopefully the bill they made for decriminalizing it passes) big prices to pay mostly when I try to smoke at least a few grams everyday

    • TheHappyOctopus says:

      Wow those prices are killer. If I had to pay that I would probably just stop buying and try my hand at growing. Here’s hoping for that bill to pass.

    • DoppleK says:

      Example from the south / midwest U.S. States:

      G of fire like Green Crack or Pineapple Chunk = 20, Quad=120, Half= 200+, Oz=350-400+
      G of Mexican Schwag = 5-10, Quad=25-30, Oz = ~90

      What a strange economy

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow come to Canada and you gets quarter for $60 an eighth for $30 a half ounce for $90-100 and a full ounce for $200-$240 and a quarter pound for $400-$800

  • Oregon Trails says:

    Outside the legal framework of Portland OR a half can run 80-100 and an ounce 150-180 depending on the strain. Often two or three strains on hand. Strains are named and usually accurate. CBD is rare but not impossible to find. Prices going down in the last year..
    For legal rec customers, a quarter is the daily limit per shop. Dispensary grams range from 10-16, eighths 30-60 and quarters 60-100 before tax (25%). Medical cardholders are tax free and can buy an ounce. A half runs 130-160, ounces 250-300.
    Dispensaries may have 10 to 25 strains, big selections, high CBD strains. Jars you can look at, some shops have little jars to smell. Budtenders. Menus with THC% & CBD% online. One shop (Zion Cannabis) even has the terpene profile of their strains. All strains lab tested, printed label for the childproof containers, sealed packages.

  • TheHappyOctopus says:

    I remember back when I first started buying instead of just mooching off friends I payed 40 bucks for a gram. That was several years ago and luckily I’ve learned my way around and know several dealers that can hook me up with ounces at 60 it’s great. Also in regards to regs the place that I grew up was near a ghetto that had its own brand of weed. This was honestly the lowest quality of weed I have ever seen in my life. Filled with seeds sometimes had bugs in the bag when you bought it just real gross stuff. However it was dirt cheap you could get a cut of this for 30 bucks

  • Anonymous says:

    Y’all tweakin Ohio got 60 an oz Reggie and 120 to 150 an oz loud

  • Arizona says:

    Az price is depending on strain and amount. If we got fire goes up out of state strains are doubled or tripled. Usually 10 for common. 10 20 to 50 a gram for higher potential or rarity.

  • Kmoney says:

    Nc coast is 140 half o and 270 a O.

  • Jersey Shore says:

    Jersey Shore
    Gram $ 15-25
    1/8 $ 40-60
    Q $ 70-100
    1/2 $ 150-175
    O $ 275-350
    All depends on the strains.

  • Jessica says:

    About the quality section of the article asking about Mids or regsomething whatever you wanna call it, that shitty brown weed. Anyways, my friends mom is the ONLY one I know that gets/smokes that shit. But answer to your question yes unfortunately it’s still around! !!!!

  • Rex says:

    In Toronto a gram is 10
    We call “eighth” half quarter which is 35
    Quarter 60-70
    Half ounce is 100-120

  • Nizzy says:

    I’m from New Orleans.
    For good quality weed
    Gram = $20
    3.5G = 50$
    Quarter = 100$

  • Bam says:

    It’s got way cheaper for mid-grade. And if u find it it’s pretty decent. $25 a 1/4 $45 a half about 90 ounce. The loud has taken over here in Alabama. $75 per 1/4 140 per half. When I was a teen regular weed,which is all the weed there was except on very rare occasion was 40 to $45 a quarter and so on. Yes some still grow seedy ditch weed in Alabama.

  • Anonymous says:

    In texas i bought 40$ worth of regs from some random dude. I was on vacation didnt know the area just happend to run into a dealer never again though.. Shall i find the most seediest bud tasted like tea when burnt and took a good 5 blunts to get me high no wonder dude gave me too much.

  • Anonymous says:

    in Newfoundland on the east coast of canada you can get a gram for 10$, half quarter for 25, quarter for 50-55 and halfbag for 95-100

  • Anonymous says:

    Maine is typically 10-15 a g, 35-40 an eighth and so on

  • Anonymous says:

    In Maine I pay
    Full Zip-$180

  • J2 says:

    J is pretty spot on with prices I’ve experienced in Australia,

    A gram (or a “G”) $15-$20,
    1.5g (or a “Tinnie”) for $25,
    3g-4g (or a “Fiddy”) $45-$50,
    7g-8g (or a 1/4) $70-$100,
    14g-18g (or a 1/2) $100-$200,
    28g-32g (or an Ounce) $250-$400

    Depending on the dealer, the season, the quality, the quantity etc. sometimes you’ll get stiffed a little, sometimes you’ll get bonused a little.
    The major issue with Australian dealers, that I have found, is when you ask what strain they’ve got you get one of two answers. The old “Bush” or “Hydro”, not Sativa or Indica, let alone individual strains. Makes it hard to get the same strain twice, even from the same dealer.
    Also a lot of regs still floating around down-under.

  • Bobby says:

    I typically get mine between $30 & $40 a quarter or 1/4 of an once here in florida.

  • Anonymous says:

    Puerto Rico

    Gram 8
    Eight 20
    Quarter 40
    Half. 75-85
    Ounce 150-190

  • Blue Coder says:

    Hello brothers and sisters, Welcome to Bangladesh!

    1g = $1

    • Mary Jane says:

      Long live Bangladesh! That price is super low. How’s the quality out there? Thanks for sharing. Seeing this prices from around the world is just so interesting! 🙂

  • Stephen says:

    Weed in Michigan (in most of the state) is about $10/g flat rate for almost every strain (but loud has taken over). $35 for an eigth, $60-70 for a quarter, $120 for a half, and $200-250 depending on strain for an ounce. I’ve paid $11 before for a gram but never more than that. I’ve heard of friends getting $15 grams (for mid) until I hook them up with someone else who’s cheaper. Not sure what medical prices are though as I don’t have my card.

  • Small Town Smokes says:

    I was born and raised in southeastern Indiana about an hour from the Ohio border in a very small country town. Back about 6 years ago the only weed there was was mids. That usually ran $30-$45 an 8th and an 8th of pretty high quality (chronic) was on average $60. Since then, mids has died out for the most part and what mids there are is about $30-35 an 8th and chronic is $45 an 8th or $15-$20 a gram. A quarter of chronic is $90-$100 and an ounce is $240-$300. A little pricey but that’s what I get for staying in this rundown town in Indiana of all places.

  • H says:

    In Pittsburgh prices are similar
    15-20 a Gram,
    1.5 gms 20-25,
    3 gms 35-45, also know as a cut or zip
    Quarter 75-100,
    Half ounce 150-190,
    Ounce 250-275

    • greenshoes says:

      Im also in Pgh Pa and regardless of that – a cut/8th is 3.5 g not 3, and is NOT a “zip” as u said – a “zip” is an ounce bro (and not just is pgh, but everywhere)
      Just lookin out man – anyone sellin u a 3g cut is shortin u a half g
      Here in steeler country, shit gets expensive unless u have a good plug…
      $15-$20 for a g of loud
      $45-$60 for a CUT/8th (NOT a zip)
      $80-$100 for a quarter
      $150-$200 for a half zipper
      $250+ for a zip

  • hellsbells says:

    I must live in the wrong area or talk to the wrong person or something because in a town near a bunch of big cities in Ohio, I pay
    And that’s the best deal I’ve found for stuff that’s actually medical quality and nice and green/sticky/stinky. There’s cheaper but it’s either mids or dirt weed.

  • Connoisseur says:

    I’m down here in Arkansas. Prices seem to vary about the same as most places here in the US these days. Back in the day I was bringing home quantity as well as quality for much better prices, sadly. Around here prices are usually like this:

    Good- Most of the “dealers” really have no idea what the qualities are, just that it’s “loud”
    -Gram $ 15-25
    -1/8 $ 40-60
    -Q $ 80-120
    -1/2 $ 200-275
    -O $ Not a clue, broke ass white boy can’t be paying that dang much, seriously.

    Reggie -Mid around here, anything with less quality is a “no-go” in my playbook.
    Gram $ What? Personally I have never bought anything by the gram, until just this past year. 🙁
    -1/8 $ 20
    -Q $ 25-35
    -1/2 $ 50-75
    -O $ 90-125
    -QP $ 240-280

  • Cooler when you get to know me says:

    Came here to price check because I have a history of getting swindled due to awkwardness and naivety and I feel better about myself now. 🙂 (I’m getting a decent price.)

  • anonymous says:

    in alabama prices are pretty similar for loud, idk about the prices for mid:
    $10-20 (sometimes you can squeeze $25 out of people) for a g
    $40-50 for 1/8
    $70-90 for 1/4
    $130-160 for 1/2
    $220-280 zips
    $750-1000 qp
    $1400-1900 hp
    ~$2750 for lbs

  • ME says:

    In central Africa and west Africa weed ain’t that expensive , unlike there in the states and Europe

  • G Money says:

    I live in Western NC. Anyone that comes here said our prices are high for everything.
    Gram=$20 minimum
    We are secluded from big connects so if you want anything the connect has to travel to get it. You’ll likely be paying for gas.

  • LitAF says:

    Damn i feel lucky! Here in Denmark a gram of high quality weed is like highest 7$… and thats top

  • Sara says:

    The prices are about the same overall as the posts from Okla and Missouri. There’s a LOT of crappy smoke around here,seedy and I wouldn’t even call it mid. I don’t like it,refuse to buy it,I’ll do without first.I like Michelle’s comment from Okla about smokers vs religious types,lol,so true. You can get really good stuff for $20 a gm, but it’s harder to come by. Thanks for the article. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Thanks! The whole mid thing used to piss me off back in the day. People would show up with the crappiest stuff possible and call it mid. If that’s mid then I don’t even want to know what they’re regs would look like.

      • Mississippi says:

        Here in Mississippi, Reggie is still pretty popular. Idk about south, but north ms the most popular we have is loud. In smaller towns where there’s only 1-2 dealers, Reggie is predominant and is $5 a g. Then dime for $10. where I get mine from, I pay $10 a g for loud because I personally know the person. Most people will pay $20 for a g of loud though. Anything better quality than loud is usually in bigger towns or shipped in and bought up in a matter of days, so it’s not as common. I do know a lot of people around here invest in dab though.

      • Mississippi says:

        I would also suggest that anyone vacationing in the south that doesn’t try bringing their own, be VERY careful getting it on the streets here from someone you or your people don’t know. A lot of weed sold down here is from dealers who also sell a shit ton of other things and is most likely laced and over priced. Buy smart if you’re buying illegal, especially down here.

  • OregonicGrown503 says:

    PORTLAND area
    Legal here, but still easily found on the streets.
    1/8th- 30
    O- 150-180

    I’ve only paid 180 once, and it was fire. Worth it. ✌

    • Doja says:

      Suburban Pittsburgh 15 miles from city . A lot of people have their own opinion of what “high quality” weed is. In my experience if your getting anything less then 45/50 a cut it’s probably shit . To many people claim they smoke “loud” but the shit is compressed/ hard as a rock and gets you high for 20 minutes. Shit wouldn’t impress your father who blazed in the 70s . In a non legal state like pa and most east coast . Prices are gonna be high as fuck for quality bud or your getting your fathers quality shit priced like REAL loud unless you have a damn good plug that gets a shit ton sent in from legal state .

      Quality loud here: 15/20 g
      45/50 cut
      80/100 a q (100 is rare)
      150/170 a half
      300/350 a zip

      Bunk loud: 10 a g
      30/35 a cut
      70/75 a q
      100/125 a half
      200/225 a zip.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can get you some regs for about 25 a quad.

  • B says:

    I get 7 grams of weed for 55

  • Betty Sue says:

    I’m San Antonio I can get a gram for 10 and a half O of og for 100. Exotics cost from 12-15 a gram and a half o would run me around 150-170

  • Amanda says:

    In northern, ohio you get a J for $5 when people are willing to sell like that otherwise it 1g for $10 1/8 for 20, a quarter for $30, half for $60 an for most people a O of good mids is $125. I use to get mine for $100 ,good customer discount and all 😉

  • Jp says:

    In NW Ohio
    g $10-25
    1/8 $35-$45
    1/4 $70-100
    1/2 $130-160

    All depends on the dealer. Funny thing is the dealers here get their stuff in a town 20 away and the dealers over there get their stuff here.

  • Tooms Darli says:

    Obviosly depending on quality etc but here in my part of aus

    Gram is 10-20
    A q is 70-120
    half bag is around 200 give or take
    a bag is around 350 – 400

  • Hutch says:

    Reggie in southern La. Is not like the old boarder brick weed back in the day. Nice tight buds green with a nice smell and taste. 80 an oz. 50 half 30 a quarter. Hydro is 60 and upwards a quarter. The Reggie will get you pretty zoned. Good for allay chain smokers like my self.

  • Nepali Johnny says:

    The prices here are ridiculously expensive. Here in Nepal, high quality weed from the foothills can be easily obtained for as cheap as 10 cents per gram. We can see a lot of foreigners enjoying it brought straight from the wild.

  • Best strain says:

    I live in nj a dub which is a gram cost $20 which is 1.2g an eigth is $40 3.5g an quarter is 80$ which is 7.0 g and a half cost $150 an ounce $250

  • Anonymous says:

    Up here in Canada, that’s the prices I pay for on the street, I’m surprised it’s not cheaper there. Plus I can get 5 grams for 45$ and it gets mailed through Canada postal delivery, how’s that for service.

  • ChicagoJ says:

    Northern Canada

    So the dealers make $1180 of an once from where I’m from.
    A pound would make you $17,000+ and would take about a month to sell

  • Pedro says:

    Heer in Livingston Scotland u will pay £10 for gram..and up to 200 once..cheese and loads others that aren’t bad smoke ..

  • Zach says:

    I live in Ontario. Although it was supposed to be legal by now, it’s not. It’s $10 a gram here and that’s the price it should be anywhere else. It can change, you just have to get to know some dealers and talk to them about not just pricing between the two of you but with everyone else. It used to be $20 a gram here but it changed cause we realized it was bullshit.

  • Tulsi says:

    I’m in India, and weed seems extremely pricey everywhere else from where I stand. I have a dealer who gets me good-quality indica for about a dollar a gram. I’ve heard tell from other stoners in my city of guys who will sell you good weed for about $2 an ounce, but I find that quite hard to believe. I’m heading to an area where cheap weed is prevalent today, though, so I’m going to see what the lowest price I can get is.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m in Halifax, NS, Canada. My old dealer ran me about $10/g with better bulk deals (I think it was around $200 for an oz, and just run of the mill, B grade product. Currently I order off of sites like budbuddy and cannabismo (only within Canada) and now I pay less than $5/g (I usually order around an oz to get a better deal) for AAA grade AND it comes right to my mailbox. Wish I’d known about it for years!
    Couldn’t imagine paying anything more than $10/g, maybe if it was really good or I was really desperate. Paying that much on a regular basis would be enough for me to reconsider.

  • 420 blaze it says:

    I live in San Antonio TX yea illegal here but I get Shit from Colorado and the west coast from my guy 10 a g and good deals to an eighth for 30 quad for 60 a half for 100 and a oz for 220

  • Oktobot says:

    Unfortunately regs are predominant in my town in South Texas. We call it Reggie or dirt, but its total sh*t. Dealers lace it with w/e the f*ck they want, we’ve seen literal sh*t, p*ss, legal synthetic weed (sh*t f*cks you up and not in a good way. Like an ER trip way), cocaine, it’s bad here. $5- $10 a g for that stuff so people buy it the most. Bad news fr

  • MOJO says:

    Shit in Burque you get top notch bud for $10 a gram, $60 a quarter, $100 a half, & $190 an ounce

  • Rando says:

    Here in DR (Dom Rep) the reggies go for dirt cheap, cause its practically dirt hehehe. I can get about 2 oz for around $80. But i don’t smoke that shit cause its just carelessly grown weed by people who have no clue what they’re doing. I get my shit imported from Cali and because of that I pay a pretty high price, but I get excellent quality, always highs. For that I’m paying around $400 an oz. Got a call today to go check out some white rhino that just arrived 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Here in Ohio, people actually charge $60 a g.

  • Stefan says:

    In Panama prices are WAAAYY cheaper!!
    1g is around $5-$7
    3.5g -> $20-$25
    7g -> $35-$40
    14g -> $55-$65
    28g -> $80-$95

    In very rare cases, $100+

  • Cathy Pierre says:

    WTF yah must be stateing pricing for high grade weed I live in miami almost everything i see is $10 to $20 off most prices i see

  • Joe says:

    I live in Cincinnati, 99% of the time I buy quarters. In my area for low quality you should expect to pay some where in the area of 35-40$. For the good stuff I pay about 80-90$. I really wish Ohio would just make it leagal already.

  • Joe nae says:

    I live in central Maryland, in a pretty rich area. I used to pay 20 a g, 60 an eighth, and 110 a quarter. After getting to know dealers that aren’t in high school, I get eigths for 40 and quarters for 75.

  • Capt Puffnstuff says:

    Been getting $10/g no matter the weight, grade…in Montana

  • For sure says:

    Montana bud… No matter what the quality is, from “rag” “dirt” “skunk” (all typically shitty weed) to some top notch stuff… $10 a gram. Small towns are good for having the lowest to the highest quality within just a few block radios. Everyone is always trying compete But prices never bounce over or under $10 a gram… Unless you have some home grown, dry, shavings… Then you’ll get like 3-5grams for $10. Its illegal here still… But not hard to find at all.

  • Nick says:

    Texas ive never paid more than 10$ a gram.if im lucky and o know the dealer about 8$ a gram

  • Anonymous says:

    Last time I got any was about a year ago, but I stopped when the supplier went out of business. Here in Ireland he had been charging €50 (around $55) for about 2.8 grams of nice bud.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good lord some of these prices make my pockets upset!! If you are paying more than $200.00 per zone(ounce) or more than $10.00 an ounce than you’ve been duped.. store or street. Now if your buying on different scales then you are looking at different pricing. Lbs should typically go for $1,200.00-$1,600.00 anything more is absolutely unacceptable.

  • Jackboy butter says:

    I get mine for free …rob the plugs and keep my money and sell it straight profit

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m buying 3G and the person selling it to me is getting it from a Cali dispensiery he’s also geting me the bong and papers and charging me 40 I was wondering if that’s a good price he’s only charging me 30 for the actual weed

  • NJ says:

    200-250- ounce
    Long beach island area.

  • james says:

    usually in nyc u can get a quarter for 90 or 80 my friends get it 70 but quality is not the same .. i paid 90 for good quality 😀

  • MOB2x says:

    Kush In Chicago
    .5 $10
    1gram $20
    eights for 45
    qs 90
    half 180
    oz 250

  • colombian anonymous says:

    I live in Medellin, Colombia
    a mid-low quality joint here is 70 usd cents.
    a ounce of mid-high quality can be found in the street for around $18 , this is good weed, a lot of kief in my grinder is very easily achieved.

    I’m happy.

  • Roger grazz says:

    East Central alabama lee county
    Mid grade (5-15% cannabinoid)*
    High grade (15-20% cannabinoid)*
    200/ whole
    *Estimation not lab tested*

  • Gudjon says:

    I’m a world traveller and live in Spain. Over here we can grow our own grass up to 3 plants per home. I wanted to mention the shitty Mexican grass with the seeds in it. That’s what you get in Costa Rica and for the same price as cocaine that I used recriasonly. If I remember correctly than the gram of shitty weed in Costa Rica costs $10 and it surprised me as the close to 100% pure cocaine was the same price. I do think recommend using cocaine though. I like my weedaughter but I did it in a few party occasions

  • Anonymous says:

    Scotland Glasgow
    1g £10
    2g (20 bag) £20
    3.5g half q £30
    7g Q £70
    Anything up to £200 an ounce
    Cheese is most popular here just now but a lot of shit weed going about known as (chinky weed) don’t even get a stone n yeah some with the wee seeds

  • Austin Robertson says:

    I have bought at most 7 ounces for a party and it was really expensive. Glad i used this site to help me deal and make money.

  • Taylor says:

    These prices seem pretty standard. I’m in MD and basically everyone does a G for $20, and most people will even do a dime-.5g- for $10. There seems to be some variation on the larger quantities, though we average $50 an 8th (3.5), $100 a 1/4 (7), and I’ve never gotten a half, but we get good O’s for around $250. Can’t wait for nationwide legality!

  • Alicat says:

    In Grass Valley, CA you can get
    $20 1/8
    $60 1/2
    $100 Z
    $1200 P
    But that’s because I’m in the middle of WEED CAPITAL 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Las Vegas NV
    We have some high prices on the street
    20 a gram
    45 an 8th
    60 a qtr
    140 a half
    200 a zip

  • J says:

    Reg is still around. I live 8mi from the mexican border, down here the only distinction between weed is reg and dro, no one knows the names and people guess at the strain. I can smoke for a month or longer on a dime of reg (granted I don’t smoke every day). I don’t mind it, but mainly because I’m not any kind of weed connoisseur, and because the price is so good.

  • Rick says:

    200 a zip on street Saskatchewan, Canada. That’s for really good top quality stuff too

  • unknow says:

    Here in west tn
    10 for gram
    25 for a quater
    80 for oz
    An good weed.

    An its illegal in tennessee

    You can get kush
    For around 60 oz

  • Ray says:

    The rigs you are talking about from your yesteryear are the only weed we can get in ma area(INDIA) well some say there are good quality ones but havent found any yet, prices are very cheap though :
    1/8 – rs40-rs200 – $1-$4
    1/4 – rs200-rs500 – $4-$10
    1/2 – no idea, probably $10-$20
    Oz – rs1000-rs2500 – $16-$40
    P.S thanks for the post XD

  • Anonymous says:

    I buy for 2$ a gram if you pay any more than that you a sukka 〽️

  • Annonymous Stoner says:

    I live in central KY

    I have to go through 2 tiers to purchase.

    Reggie costs 25-40 a qtr

    Loud (not sure of strain) I pay anywhere from $10-15 for about a gram, average is 12.50…. blows me away, but Im a light daily smoker with a sensitivity, 3 tokes and im blitzed. 4 grams lasts me on average of 4 to 6 weeks

  • Tyler says:

    Someone tried to sell me a gram for $40 like I’m some dumb fuck.

  • Marty says:

    I don’t understand most your stuff. I’ve been growing since 1972 in California. Ozs are going for 150. Halves 75. 8ths 30. Lbs are now 1200 to 1400. I won’t sell to dispenseries anymore. They pay maybe 1200. They sell at 1985 prices for all quantities. A ripoff. Now that it’s legal, I can’t get a license to grow because you have to have 5 acres minimum. I only have an acre and a half in the Santa Cruz moutains. I could grow 1000 plants but not legally. The street will alway be cheaper because of taxes. Support small growers like myself. Ganja supplies my family with money to make our mortgage payments. I’m 60 now and will grow even after I am dead. My will instructs my ashes to be deposited in the soil in a hole and a plant to be planted over them. Don’t pay the state to burn. Find a local dealer you know and trust. Buy from them.

  • XXX says:


  • La Loba says:

    Do ont by in the street….to unknow peuple. Always test the weed ..If résine and perfume stay easely under your nail.. good ..If nothing… stay away.. rates are so crazy in Spain …from 18e one gram in medicinal clubs…to 4e or 5e a strong sativa or indica…. only friends

  • I’m from Colombia South America and here it’s basically legal, and you came find good weed from 30 cents a gr, nice weed arround 75 cents a gram and an stunting weed from $5 gr. You could go to the growing places and find pieces from $10 a half pound!!

  • Sir Chief a Lot says:

    Y’all got crazy prices out there. Up here in the North Pole I buy my g’s for 250, quarters for 1000, oz for 2750 & lbs for 18 grand. But it’s straight Lava.. That 1HittaQuitta Shit, where a single puff make ya wanna slap yo own mama. Das Real Talk, we outchea come fukwitus

  • Chopper says:

    10-15 a g of premium gas like blue dreams grandaddy purpp and green crack half for 99 ounce for 200

  • Damn boi says:

    Nah i get good prices here in Texas. 10/g, 50/q, 100 half O & 190 for a zip. Shits loud as fk

  • G says:

    Out here in Ohio weed for me is really cheap I’ll sell 10 a gram of some pretty fluffy gas

  • Sandy says:

    All of those old slang terms are still used in SC where it is illegal. Oz can run u 90 for reggie/mid/trash with seeds and yard trash, occasionally you might find a string or a twig from a tree or plastic pieces…better quality, tho not medial grade by any means, can run you up to 15 a gram depending on who claims to have a specific strain. A lot of closet growers, some good, some horrible. You never know what you will get. It is thrown threw the window as a drive by so you don’t get to inspect the product unless you are buds with the current dealer. Dealers get busted regularly because when they get a deal with a legal state to land a score they get complacent because they forget its not legal here. The constant arrest of dealers causes the prices to rise when supply decreases. Mexican weed is still here too. It is the compressed block type that generally smells like oil/gas/grease or is molded. The hard ups still buy and smoke it. The legislative board has discussed legalization 3 times this year but have not come to an agreement due to recreational states. The # of people in my area with Internet is low, store owners complain if you use a credit card and 90% of the children live at home with no jobs or education until the age of 24 due to the lack of places to work in each of the small towns. Therefore, it is tough to find enough intelligent people to help make it legal here. They all still believe it’s a sin to talk about it much less help make it legal in a medical way. Now you know where to come if you want to step back to 1980s!

  • Hash man says:

    Here in england where im from a gram is £10 a 3.5 is a £30 a q (quarter) is around £50 £70 a half Oz is about £100 or £120 and an ounce is around £200 to £250 depending on the desler the quality if the weed is usually always the same sorta decent shit but its all what they weigh them st one desler can do a gram at 0.7 gram or 1.3 the most ive ever got a 3.5 usually is always 3.5 or very close to it a q is around 6 to 7 gram an ounce usually is 23 to 28 gram i dont know about where everyone else is from but here where im from the more you buy the more you get e.g you get an ounce youll most likely get more than 24 gram

  • Will says:

    I have a question now if someone pays $50 for less than 3.5 grams but is getting something like girl scout cookies are you getting ripped off?

  • Lil B-Rok says:

    I’m in Memphis, TN n I get my loud for these prices:
    $10 a gram
    $35 a 3.5
    $60 a quarter
    $100 a half
    $150 a OZ
    $400 a QP
    Ion fuck with reggie n Ian seen it for bout a year but from what I know it goes like this:
    $5 a gram
    $15 a 3.5
    $25 a quarter
    $45 a half
    $80 a oz
    $200 a QP

  • Steve says:

    Wow, I mean wow! Y’all come to Wv if you wanna get screwed. you’ll pay 60 dollars for an eighth of crappy brown mex. 400 dollars an oz. For someone’s “homegrown”that’s not much better. started growing my own, it’s better, but due to the climate, not much of a growing season.

  • tweedle dum says:

    in Georgia- where everything grows except that.
    I shouldn’t have to relocate for it, but in a city full of bible thumping strip clubbers. my square butt is lost. Looking at colorado, but no rentals allow smoking. This is crazy. Gave up cigarettes for vaping- cant buy weed anywhere in the state I live in. I don’t know what a dealer looks like or their hours. Im not a pill popper or needle neck, ptsd and its a real problem.

  • A Boogie says:

    In Detroit good crud is easy to find and cheap I’ve found some high quality shit for 10 on the street but also some bs for the same price you gotta know the right guy

  • Steve Banks says:


  • Freddie Mercury says:


    3.5g: $50
    7g: $100
    14g: $200
    28g: Can’t afford

  • D'Artagnan says:

    Just to let you know here in new Mexico on the streets we charge 25-30 for an eighth and for a quarter usually 55-70 and yes this is crappy weed I’m talking sticky dense nugs that taste like candy it’s some straight fire but just so you know a little more ✌

  • Blazinwoman says:

    I just got an oz of medical for 130. here in michigan u can get medical for anywhere from 5 to 20 a gram… but I’ve gotten some awesome stuff for just 5 a gram. why pay more for a fancy name? lol

  • Devil's Advocate says:

    East Tennesse prices for average [good] green (light on seeds, dry weight/not wet, midrange quantity of THC)

    gram= nobody deals in this.. Buy a 20sack yo.
    4 grams [no bag] = $20-$25
    q = $45-$55
    half = $60-$75
    O = $125-$150

    If you’re cool people, you MIGHT find a rolled philly/packed swisher for $10

    I get my half for $50 & O for $100 based on “friends of ours” relationships.

  • bird says:

    i live near dallas, tx, and everyone that sells here charges a flat rate of 10/g unless its primo shit, then its a flat rate of 15/g

  • Syn says:

    Where I live 10 for a dime, 20-25 for an 8th and for a quarters run anywhere between $40(may as well be oregan, though if your lucky it will be reg.) To $80. I get mine at 60 a Q and it’s decent, quality is above mids, but not that knock your dick in the dirt shit. But, the weed I get calms my anxiety issues, rather than exacerbate it. No way in hell I would pay over 30 for an 8th.

  • Bello says:

    Umm, all the dispensary prices is what if gotten in Oregon sometimes cheaper on the streets before and after the dipensarys came up. And 1 gram has always been $10 for me, always $10 per gram, 2 grams = $20. A 1/8th was like $40 quarter either $60 Or $80 Half in Oregon $100 And a OZ $200- 220 for delivery or if they didn’t like you, they liked you then you got it for $180. I miss Oregon

  • Cray says:

    Washington state, 5 for a dime, 20 for 8th and 25 for 5 grams

  • John says:

    I live in Texas (not legal).
    I would like to get some of the west coast good stuff.
    Is there anyone there that is honest and will ship across state line?
    I’ve read to much about Craig’s List as to how they take your money and send nothing.

  • It’s 50£ for an Oz of weed. It’s alright still, helps you sleep & it builds up your appetite.

  • Elaine says:

    Well i dont use it but i have been around it. I know they usually pay 5 for a gram here. For an 8th they pay 35. Then they pay 150 for an ounce. I thought 150 as high for an ounce but maybe not after reading some of the comments. Im from the lower part of indiana

  • Anonymous says:

    I pay 70$ for half an O

  • of the many ways to get good shit, the best way is to contact a friend who has given you a toke of some kick-ass ganga- find someone in your town who looks loaded a lot,and ask him or her if step one is not possible- frankly,as a VERY old timer 55 years and still toking, it should be very easy to spot a grateful dead or bob marley t-shirt and ask them- if stuck in a red state, be extremely careful so as to not buy from a narc or a rat(i.e informant) – John Sinclair, a Texan was given 20 years in the 60’s for 2 joints,reduced down to 10 years-John Lennon wrote a tune about John Sinclair,and performed it in toronto as Plastic Ono Band- DON’T GET DRUNK AND TRY TO BUY WEED FROM SOME ASSHOLE IN A BAR-see rat above-you cna get seeds from mail order in Amsterdam, grow yer own, in the back yard or better yet in s sunny window-Read hthisow to identify females from males, and party HEARTY- don’t get busted, wait until yer sure red state people- jay muggles

  • SeizuresSuck says:

    Im in the NJ Medicinal Program. The users who are really sick and are on Disability earning less money then a street panhandler per month have to shell out 107.00 + tax a Quarter!!!!!! this is almost 500.00 a Z. Nj don’t allow more then 10% THC in their dispensaries. You can buy Sour Desiel for about $250 to 300.00 from good sources on street. You can save a few dollars and buy shake in the dispensaries, but veteran smokers would have no use for that quality. We are supposed to go rec soon, what will a Z be, 1000.00? I see people with cancer in dispensaries who cant afford to buy an 1/8 of good bud for 50.00+ plus tax who really need it. They are forcing the real sick people to buy from street which is way cheaper. Corruption !!!!!!! Most states that turn rec give huge discounts to medical and best quality first, not here in NJ! They are bumping to 2oz buy a month to 4oz, so if a person want handpicked bud with the most THC of 10% they will need to spend 2000.00 a month to smoke medical pot. This is so messed up

    • Randall Robinson says:

      That is ridiculously high… Here the highest I saw in the store was 29.7thc and that was 20 a g they ripping y’all off

  • SeizuresSuck says:

    Sorry for typos, hands shaking from dystonia

  • Cetme says:

    In Spain weed cost like 4-5€ a gram

  • Anonymous says:

    Reading these comments got me geeking

  • Randall Robinson says:

    I’m on the Southside of Chicago a g is usually $10 bucks a gram…. eighth for $25… 7gs for $50..Just recently they opened a dispensary I bought a eighth for $60 exotic “wookie” but I mean that’s top shelf 29% thc

  • Timmy Turner says:

    I live in Seattle (North) and when I first started out I was told $10 a gram was the standard price. Sometimes I could get an 8 ball for $20. Now that I smoke more I never pay more than $40 or $50 for a quarter. If I’m smoking by myself I usually get 4 grams for $20. I’ve gotten an O once for $130 and that was a bit pricey because somebody else got it for me from the dispo and then charged extra. I know plenty of people at a university nearby (won’t be specific) who get $100 zips and $300 qp’s. And it’s not like it’s shit either, it’s some gas. It seems to me that the street prices beat shop prices here, contrary to what the author is claiming. Maybe that applies to other cities but I feel bad for all these people paying a small fortune for their bud. Stay dank y’all.

  • BMAC says:

    You should update this article for 2018… or once per year.

  • Kenzo says:

    Kensington north philly 25 a eighth and 200 a zip

  • Theo Morgan says:

    I’m in BC Canada, and the prices at the place I buy mine from (lowest price) is $2 a gram, $8.50 for an eighth, and $16.50 for a quarter and so on. Highest is $7, $23, and $42 ( g,8th, and q) I get mine online.

  • Snoopy says:

    Hell I can go get a gram of the good stuff rn for free if I really want to but I’m close with all the delears and also know like all of em and they know ima good costumer so they know ima come back and get weed all the time but hell I make deals were they I got some dealers owning me fucking weed where I’m at so idk ‍♂️

  • Kasey M Brown says:

    What should I be paying for a pound shipped from ca and is 250 to high to charge for a ounce

  • neil says:

    I live in Kentucky, I’ve been growing & smoking weed for 20 years, we grow the best shit in the country. An ounce here is 150-200 depends who it is.

  • Gucci says:

    If you are paying $700/oz your getting ripped off. Regardless. $350 in Europe is like $675 in the us. That’s a steep price to pay. I pay $275/oz on the east coast for exotic it is all that I will smoke and the price is alright for it.

  • Billygoat says:

    I would like to know how much .7 grams is.

  • Emilio Sánchez says:

    wow, I live in ecuador(south america) and here decent weed can run you around 1$ a gram, and if you buy in large quantities u can even get 45 grms for 30 dollars, and even the most expensive better weed is not more than 3$ a gram

  • a canadian teen stoner says:

    lol i just moved to alberta and i can get an o of rlly good, dense bud for 160. in pei i could get an o for 120 and it’s still really decent weed, but i had a personally close dealer, my best friends bf so i got good prices and always delivered. it’s cheaper to buy in bulk especially when you’re a heavy smoker. an o lasts me about a week

  • Anonymous says:

    I live in the North End of Winnipeg a.k.a the hood. Here it’s $10 a gram, $40 for quarters, $80 for halves, and $120 for ounces. I think this pricing is pretty standard??? EVERYONE sells, especially in my area, so I don’t think these prices are by all means like, exclusive. Quality is mid to high. I think quality is kill because everyone sells/smokes anyway? And it’s a major city. It’s so common. Just find someone solid, but don’t rely on one dealer.

  • Anonymous says:

    Where I’m from good or bad weed from the streets will cost you $5-$10.

  • Raul says:

    In NYC we have delivery service, I usually buy a half oz (14 grams) for $75-100, and a z (28 grams) for $175-200. Of course everything is determined on QUALITY. So basically you can get an ounze of some killer weed for $200, and then tip the delivery guy $20-$25. The best deal is booking a trip to Jamaica. They sell it on the beach, a strain called Lambs Bread, Bob Marley’s favorite strain, (some people call it Lamb’s Breath)…’s about $20 for an 1/8 Oz.

  • Chinky McChinkerson says:

    I pay $250 an O. It’s some top notch crystallized nugs of straight gas

  • Wayne Lester says:

    I’m from Manchester England
    I get a eighth for £30 a time. Always top notch weed and I have it delivered to my door.I love it!

  • weedmap says:

    very cheap expecialy from my online store
    Of course everything is determined on QUALITY. So basically you can get an ounze of some killer weed for $200, and then tip the delivery guy $20-$25.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hawai’i, here, specifically Kaua’i. Dispensary is 18-20 a gram. Street is 10 a gram. Most people don’t give discounts as you go up (unless you really good friends with them), however, the amount is more. And it’s mostly grown outside, cuz Hawai’i lol. They’ll typically put a gram or gram and a half more in your little sandwich bag. The people I buy from sell quality weed. I’ve compared to the dispensary. I think my dealer’s one is better.

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