How Dry Herb Compares to E-liquid for Vaping

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Have you ever wondered how dry herb vaping compares to e-liquid (or e-juice) vaping? How are the two practices similar? How are they different? This short video from will help clear the air, and then fill it with vapor. is a leading online retailer of electronic cigarettes, vaping mods, vaping tanks, and e-liquids. The vape gear we sell, from $20 vaping starter kits to $300 cloud competition devices, is designed to vaporize e-liquid and deliver nicotine and flavor to the user. Here at, you’ll find a wealth of information about a different type of vaping – Dry Herb and Wax vaping.

None of the devices sold at MyFreedomSmokes will work with dry herb, oil, or wax dabs, and likewise, devices like dry herb vaporizers and wax pens won’t vaporize e-liquid. And unlike e-juice vapers, who use their devices to get nicotine, dry herb/wax vapers are after a different chemical: THC. The two different types of devices covered in our video – e-liquid vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers – are designed to deliver the best possible experience from these two substances, nicotine and THC.

Unflavored nicotine is easily soluble in propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), and these two viscous substances are what the majority of e-liquid is made of. Inside a heated vaporizer coil, the e-liquid boils and creates lots of vapor, and the suspended nicotine is quickly and cleanly delivered to the user. That’s how an e-liquid vaping device works.
This a lot different than a dry herb or wax device! Boiling and burning is the last thing a dry herb user wants. Igniting and inhaling dry herb works in delivering THC, no argument there, but dry herb and wax vapers are after a much cleaner experience than burning dry herb provides. A good dry herb or wax device will bake the herb or wax at a constant, preset temperature, or it will use convection (superheated air) to vaporize the material and get THC.

Our video will show you some common E-Liquid vaping and Dry Herb devices, as well the substances these devices use to vape with nicotine or with THC. We’ll take a look at how these devices operate, and we’ll give you some facts and debunk some fictions about both eliquid and dry herb vaping.

If you’d like to know more about e-liquid vaping, or if you’d like to try out a vaping device, visit, where you can chat with a vaping expert in real time, get recommendations for your first device and liquid, and learn about the best e-liquid vaping equipment available anywhere. And if Dry Herb vaping is your thing, you’re already in the right place! Maryjanesdiary is a treasure trove of expert reviews, advice, instructions and information about the dry herb vaping revolution.

Thanks for taking the time to watch our video, we hope it was informative. And remember: Vape On!


  • Julio says:

    Is it safe to use dry herb vaporizers? I only use simple e-juice.
    Thank you.

  • Jacob says:

    But when you be high , all the time? If you vape the product

  • Janjuko says:

    Can you guys please do an article on the difference in high from vaping to using an ecig or if its the same thing?

    I used to use an easy vape and i can say that i did experience some unique highs but is it different than the e cig im using now? Its been years since ive vaped and i was wondering if you guys could do the experiment 🙂

  • Luke says:

    Wow, surfing the net and your simple statement delineating dry herb vapes from e-juice vapes and their respective smoke generation cleared up some of my confusion. I have a dry herb vape and want to maximize temp and minimize combustion so I pay attention to any visible clouds I exhale. I stay below 385F but still see some clouds upon exhale so I worry I’m nearing combustion. However , a lotta sources online say 450F is the point of combustion for herb so 1.) is visible exhaled cloud always a sign of combustion. 2.) Also, is using concentrates in vape form going to overall expose me to less combustion? Someone told me even using a dab rig with concentrates is effectively sparing me from harmful lung toxins and is like vaping. This doesnt seem correct because the nail gets so hot! Any insight would be greatly appreciated

  • Anthony A. says:

    many of my friends switched to vaporizers and they love it. The effect is better and you don’t so much material as usual. My favorite vapes for dry herb are the firefly 2 and davinci IQ

  • Aman magar says:

    Could the same vape kit be used for both purposes or we have to buy the separate for each one?for juicy vape and dry herb ..I am confused here

  • Harvey says:

    I always prefer dry herb vapes over e-liquid and I love the little high feeling I get from it. I loved the point of the video where you said “Dry herb vaporizer is smokeless because it bakes the material and not burn it”. Anyways, can you suggest me a good dry herb vaporizer which is not expensive(preferably under $100) and have good quality? I don’t want to go with untrusted brands as they have always been dangerous for me.

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