Finding 420 Friendly Accommodations when Visiting Colorado

Finding 420 Friendly Accommodations when Visiting Colorado

Now that recreational marijuana has been legalized a whole new breed of tourist are visiting Colorado. It’s pretty easy to acquire marijuana, however, finding 420 friendly accommodations is not so easy. It is not legal to smoke in public so don’t try smoking in the parks or on the sidewalks. Here are a few things to consider when planning your cannabis vacation in Colorado.

Hotel Accomodations

How do you know if a hotel is 420 friendly? Pick up the phone, call the front hotel, and ask. Be blunt (pun intended). If they say no then keep calling. Hotels have the right to decide if they wish to allow smoking, so you can be kicked out if you stay somewhere that doesn’t allow it. Many of the large chains are going to say no. Try to find smaller family owned places when searching for a 420 friendly hotel in colorado.

Private Residences

There are scores of locals who rent out a 420 friendly room for a reasonable rate. You can find these places through classifieds such as craigslist. Be very careful if you choose to go this route. Security is important so if a situation doesn’t feel right then bail.

Here is a list of some of the 420 friendly accommodations including hotels and private residences in Colorado. Please  call ahead to confirm a hotels marijuana policy as it may have changed.


Finding a 420 friendly campground in Colorado is more difficult than you think.  State parks are a big no no, and national parks are obviously out. This leaves private campground and many have policies against marijuana. Again, if you plan to camp you may want to call ahead.

*Many Coloradans claim that many campsites have policies against marijuana, but it is often tolerated as long as you are discrete about it. Use your best judgement, and stay out of state parks and federal land.


Do not smoke in a car. It doesn’t matter if the car was parked or not. This can easily cause confusion which could possibly lead to you getting into some trouble.


Consider giving edibles a try. They are much more discrete and can be consumed in any hotel room. If you have not done edibles before be very careful to take an appropriate dosage.

The laws are constantly changing, and can vary between cities. Always perform due diligence.

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  • Austin V. says:

    Some friends, and I will be camping in Colorado early October. I Was wondering if anyone could give us some tips on what to see/do. Any recommendations on 420 friendly campgrounds, or places to be would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
    -Austin V.

  • Hey Austin, late reply, but Canyonside Campground is a 420 friendly lodging with Cabins, Tents, and RV spaces. We are located in Poudre Canyon about an hour outside of Fort Collins, CO. Check out our website for more info…

  • Karen Bickerstaff says:

    Man, trying to reserve a friendly rv campsite for 4/15/20 thru 4/25/20, is proving impossible.

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