Is Ebay Selling Pot Brownies?

ebay pot brownie

I hate to break it to you, but no – Ebay is not selling pot brownies. However, the snapshot above was not photoshopped. Ebay really did release this ad. You can imagine how disappointed I was after being lured in by the awesome ratings.

Okay, maybe I knew that the ad was haphazardly generated the moment I saw it, but I did find it amusing that they were bidding on these particular search terms. The search query that I actually typed in was ‘weed brownie’. According to Google Keyword Planner, the suggested bid is $.50.

The page it links to is super disappointing. A few cookbooks, and then a bunch of random junk.

So, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find an awesome selection of marijuana infused edibles on ebay, but maybe one day….

If amazon decided to sell pot brownies, I would totally pay for a prime account.

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