Do Mangoes Intensify Your High from Cannabis?

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Trying to find a way to intensify your high? There are tons of myths out there so it can be difficult to figure out what really works. Eating mangoes is an age old adage, but is there truth to it? In this article, I’m going to break down everything you need to know about mangoes and THC.

Do Mangoes Really Get You Higher?

I’m not going to draw this thing out longer than necessary. The quick answer is ‘yes’ most people will get higher if they eat mangoes before they smoke. Many people report a quicker onset, more intensity, and longer lasting highs. If that answer works for you then you can stop reading and head to your nearest grocery store. If you’re anything like me then that sort of answer just won’t suffice. Let’s dive into the science a bit more.

Mango Myrcene

When it comes to getting higher off mangoes we’re really talking about the effects from myrcene, a terpene found in mangoes. Technically myrcene is a monoterpene, but that’s not very important for this discussion. What is important is the fact that mangoes are particularly high in myrcene. So, it’s not mangoes as a whole that get you higher, but rather just the myrcene it contains.

Myrcene molecule

Okay, but is there really any scientific evidence that myrcene actually get’s you higher? Actually, yes there has been several studies which have examined the effects of myrcene. A 2011 research study, which was published in The British Journal of Pharmacology, states”…myrcene is a prominent sedative terpenoid in cannabis, and combined with THC, may produce the ‘couch-lock’ phenomenon of certain chemotypes that is alternatively decried or appreciated by recreational cannabis consumers.”

It’s important to note that myrcene is also found naturally in most cannabis strains, as noted by this study. So, you’re really just upping your total amount of myrcene.

When to Eat A Mango Before You Smoke

An important and popular question is how long you should wait to smoke after eating a mango in order to achieve the optimum effect. Most people agree that you should eat the mango 45 minutes – 1 hour before smoking. However, the true amount of time depends on the individual. If you know you have a slow metabolism then you may want to eat it up to 2 hours before smoking.

You may still get an effect if you don’t wait the whole 45 minutes, but it will likely kick in late so you won’t get the full effect.

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Does Mango Juice Make You Higher Like Eating Fresh Mangoes?

If mangoes contain myrcene then mango juice should have it too, right? Well, maybe. First off, is it real mango juice squeezed fresh? If so, you’re probably good to go. If you’re using store-bought juice then chances are high that you’re getting a product with a lot of filler, artificial flavors, and added sugars. It’s also likely that the juice has been processed in a way that could degrade the myrcene as it is a fragile terpene.

If you’re using store-bought juice then chances are high that you’re getting a product with a lot of filler, artificial flavors, and added sugars. It’s also likely that the juice has been processed in a way that could degrade the myrcene as it is a fragile terpene. So there may be some myrcene there, but you are no likely to get the optimal effect.

In the end, I would not recommend using the store bought juice. If you really want mango juice that will help increase your high then you’ll probably need to make it yourself from fresh produce.

Do Dried Mangoes Have Myrcene?

This is similar to the juice. While the dried mangoes may have some myrcene they have been processed in a way that diminished the amount when compared to fresh mangoes. Overall, the best way to take advantage of mangoes interaction with THC is to eat the freshest and ripest mangoes you can get. This is when the myrcene content will be at its highest.

Are There Other Foods That Are High In Myrcene?

Mangoes aren’t the only source of myrcene. But, after looking over a list of other sources it’s easy to see why mangoes are the favorite source. They’re easily the most delicious source of myrcene that can be eating in large enough quantities.

Common sources known to be high in myrcene:

  • Mangoes – I know it’s already been said, but I had to put it on the list.
  • Hops – Yep, the stuff beer is made from is a terrific source of myrcene.
  • Lemon Grass – While most of us wouldn’t want to eat a big handful of lemon grass, it is a great herb to add to culinary dishes or for tea.
  • Thyme – this is a great source or myrcene, however, it would be tough to take in very much due to the strength of its flavor.

Less common sources known to be high in myrcene:

  • Houttuynia – a leafy herb native to Southeast Asia
  • Myrcia – flowering plant with over 770 varieties
  • Verbena – semi-woody flowering plant
  • West Indian bay tree – also known as the bay rum tree. This plant is native to the Caribbean.
  • Cardamom – an Indian spice made from several different plants.

What’s Your Experience?

Have you ever tried eating mango before smoking? If so, tell everyone about it in the comment section below. Many people experience a quicker onset, higher intensity, and longer lasting effects. How about you?



  • kamoze' says:

    high,hows it goin’ ?

  • High Ball says:

    How much should one eat?

  • Brion says:

    My high was longer and stronger

  • Johanna says:

    Me and My friend have tried it many Times, the First time we didnt get an effect but didnt think about it too much. But all the other Times we’ve definetly got an effect. Our weed wasnt the best ever but we got really High off of it With the Help of the mangoes!! We shared one big mango each time and tried to eat it around 45min before but it was usually 20-30min before and still worked!!!

  • Juan says:

    I took one mango and did the dango wango tango.

    I took two mango and I died and met the aliens.

    Worth it.

    Dango. Wango. Tango. Fo Shango.

  • Jo Dwight Fry says:

    Every thing in the article! It’s true, but this is an “edible” effect, so eat that mango 45 minutes before smoking. It’s sustainable, but it can get you a “diminished” returns on unripe mangos. Pick out the juiciest. Best with dabbing!

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