4 Cool Lighter Tricks For Disposables

cool light tricks disposable bic grapic

We’ve all seen the cool lighter tricks you can do with a Zippo, but most people don’t carry a Zippo around. Why? Well, how many times have you had your lighter ‘pocketed’ by someone, or left it god knows where? Now imagine if that lighter cost $20+. For this reason, most smokers carry disposable lighters. Don’t despair! There are plenty of cool disposable lighter tricks you can do with a Bic and other disposable lighters.

1. Open a beer bottle

disposable lighter tricks open a beer bottle

So, you’re at a party, and a friend brings a six-pack of fancy imported beer. He passes out a brew to you and a few other friends. One friend tries to twist off the cap. It doesn’t budge, so he twists even harder. Although this is slightly amusing, you decide to save him from cutting his hand open. You kindly remind him, “These aren’t twist-offs”. He is slightly embarrassed, but these feelings fade as the group begins to realize no one has brought a bottle opener. What good is a bottle of beer if you can’t open it? No worries so long as someone in the group is carrying a disposable lighter.

Type of Lighter:
You can use virtually any disposable lighter for this one.

1. Hold the neck of the bottle just below the cap.
2. Place the plastic side of the lighter under the bottle cap.
3. Holdtightly on the neck of the bottle while you press down on the lighter.


2. Fireball in Hand

disposable lighter tricks fireball

Have you ever seen X-Men? If so, I shouldn’t have to explain why one may want to hold a fireball in their hand. This cool lighter trick is equally impressive as it is dangerous. Why is it dangerous? Again, have you ever seen X-Men?

Type of Lighter:
You can use almost any lighter with remaining fluid. Some electric disposable lighters may not work.

1. Form your hand into a chamber. Curl your pinky to create a cap on one end.
2. Aim the head of the lighter into your hand.
3. Hold down the button for the lighter for a few seconds. This will allow the gas to build up in your hand.
4. Strike the lighter next to your hand.
5. Open your hand to release the fireball.

3. Fireworks

disposable lighter tricks fireworks

The Fourth of July – BBQ grills, summer love, and fireworks. What a shame this comes once a year. I can’t cook you a burger or help you find love (although this may help), but I can show you a wicked cool disposable lighter trick that produces an impressive light show. This is another one of those disposable lighter tricks that looks awesome, but is incredibly dangerous. Why is it dangerous? Have you ever seen Backdraft? Seriously – this can easily ignite anything within range of the sparks, and the sparks have quite an impressive range.

Type of Lighter:
Any lighter with a spring and flint. No electronic lighters. This will render the lighter unusable so it’s best to use a ‘dead’ lighter.

1. Remove the guard, wheel, and get the spring and flint. If using a Bic you may want a small screwdriver.
2. Stretch out the spring
3. Wrap the flint up in the spring.
4. Using another lighter, head up the flint until it glows red hot.
5. Throw the flint and spring at the ground.


4. Super Tall Flame


This is not a prank! Turning up the flame on a lighter without them knowing can cause serious injury.

Why would someone want to make the flame on their lighter super tall? I have no idea. Perhaps you decided to recreate the giant joint from Cheech and Chong: Up in smoke (minus the dog shit – I hope). I suppose for this one, I don’t really know what the problem is, but I do have a solution.

Type of Lighter:
Any disposable lighter with an adjustable flame. The cheap acrylic lighters work nicely.

1. Remove the metal cover.
2. Adjust the flame all the way up.
3. Lift up on the small plastic ring to slip it off its gear.
4. Turn the ring all the way down.
5. Return the ring to the gear and adjust up again.
6. Replace metal cover and test the flame height.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 until the flame reaches the desired height.


  • Bernard says:

    Bic lighters used to last for ages.. now they have no flame control & and all are factory set to a relatively large flame they don’t last long at all…. that’s why I don’t buy them any more… you can get two off brand lighters for the price of a Bic and they last longer… stop buying them people.. let them know their reputation only goes so far if the product is CRAP. ..

  • Clubsodi says:

    Bernard what do you say bout 3000 lightnings do you think thats little when you buy one for 1-1.2$?

  • R smith says:

    This website is terrible for giving bad, dangerous ideas to risk-taking children.

  • PAUL LOWRY says:

    i think all children should be supervised. then they wouldn’t have access to this material. It’ all Boil’s down to parental supervision and accountability. ref to r smith,

  • Francisco says:

    #4 is my favourite! Back in the day the lighters had adjustable rings on them. In an attempt to ‘help’ my dad quit smoking, I would always turn the flame up very high to surprise and shock him. Worked every time. Also used to turn them up and roast marshmallows. Good times.

  • Boop says:

    very helpfull looked very cool thanks post more like this

  • Everyone in comments is sissy every kid in U.S has lighters, guns, knives, and more

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