Is CBD a Weight Loss Fad or Does it Work?

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When the benefits of CBD are seemingly endless, it’s unsurprising that claims have also been made that it can aid in weight loss. The natural health remedy, found in the cannabis plant, does not give users a “high” like its sister compound THC, but still gives many of THC’s well-known medicinal benefits.

The debate about whether CBD can actually aid weight loss is ongoing and extensive. In short, not enough research has yet been carried out to establish to what degree CBD can help people who are dieting to achieve their weight goals. However, certain evidence suggests that CBD can help with weight loss when paired with healthy eating and a consistent fitness regime. Read on to learn more about how CBD can be used to achieve weight loss results.

CBD as a weight loss aid- how does it work?

All human bodies have natural cannabinoid receptors, called CB1 and CB2 receptors, which control everything from our immune systems to pain sensation, memory retention, mood and appetite. CBD that is ingested causes our body’s natural cannabinoids to interact with these sensors, altering them to the benefit of the body, relieving stress, strengthening the functioning of internal organs, and reducing pain.

The body’s CB1 receptors have been linked to obesity- it seems that people who are classed as obese have a higher density of active CB1 receptors in their bodies. It is thought that CBD can switch off some of these receptors, which may help with weight loss and the functions of the immune system.

Will CBD help you to lose weight?

The simple answer is no. If you purchase a bottle of CBD gummies and take one a night, it is very unlikely that you will see any noticeable weight loss once you’ve finished the bottle. CBD is not some fix-it remedy that will solve your weight loss issues overnight.

However, that’s not to say that, combined with a good diet and plenty of exercise, CBD can’t help you to lose weight in the long run. As well as its CB1 deactivating abilities, studies have found that CBD can reduce appetite, and convert bad fat into good fat, break down fat, and reduce the likelihood of metabolic disorders. It is clear that there is plenty to suggest that the herb is beneficial to someone who is looking to lose weight- so long as they are willing to make a lifestyle change, too.

Things to consider

All CBD is the same, so if you’ve found a CBD product online claiming to specifically aid weight loss- and its price tag is heftier because of it- it’s a better idea to save the spare cash and buy yourself something else. No CBD products works better than others for weight loss, so try not to fall for the scams that claim to do so says

In all, CBD can not be seen as a sole treatment for weight loss. It’s best to look at is as a complementary therapy, to be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise. Bradley from Sensei CBD said “If you’re unsure about using CBD for weight loss, your GP should be able to discuss with you how to use the herb for your specific needs.”

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