Can You Eat Raw Weed & Get High?

can you eat raw weed


The debate over eating raw weed has been going on for years. Both sides have been argued pretty hard, so I’m going to shed some light on the subject once and for all.

In short, yes you can get high from eating raw weed. BUT, it’s probably the absolute worst way to ingest marijuana if your aim is to get high. You are going to have to use wayyyy more marijuana to experience the same high as opposed to smoking or cooking edibles. You would probably need around an 1/8 of high quality bud to feel much of an effect. At that amount, you’re much better off using that 1/8 to last multiple smoke sessions instead of wasting it all at one time.

Now, this article is about getting high off eating weed. If you are interested in non-psychoactive effects of consuming cannabis then check out one of my other articles: Juicing Cannabis: Everything You Need To Know

To understand why consuming raw weed is such a waste we have to talk about the difference between THCA and THC. When a cannabis plant is growing it is non-psychoactive. This is because there is no THC – only THCA, which doesn’t get you high. If you take weed fresh from a plant it won’t do anything. THCA has to be converted into THC. Some of this conversion will happen during the curing phase; however, much of the conversion happens when the THCA is heated (e.g. smoking or cooking). So, when you just eat weed raw you’re losing out on a bunch of THC that never got converted.

One solution would be to heat the cannabis in the oven. This will help activate more of the THC and increase the effects. There still lies another problem though. Digested cannabis has to enter your bloodstream to cause an effect. Raw cannabis is difficult for your body to process so you end up with some of your THC simply passing through your digestive track and being expelled as waste. This is why people cook their weed into edibles. If you bond the THC with fat or alcohol it makes it much easier for your body to process and you get a much fuller effect.

There you have it. You can get high off of eating a whole bunch of raw weed, but I really can’t see too many situations (if any) where this would be your best bet. Not to mention it is going to taste pretty awful.

Have you ever tried eating raw cannabis? I would love to hear your story in the comments.

Update: Several people in the comments have stated that eating raw cannabis has made them feel sick. Just another reason it’s not a good idea.

Update 2: A commenter brought up a very good point. A lot of commercial growers are using pesticides, fungicides, ect. This could very well be the reason people report getting sick from eating raw cannabis. Thanks to everyone who comments!

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  • Chuck says:

    nice site…thanks

    • Mary Jane says:

      Thank you so much!

      • Dirk says:

        I think this is some good info but you left out how beneficial raw cannabis is when ingested. I searched this to find out how high you may get if you ate it but my real purpose is if I ingested it would that be better on a beneficial level rather than just get high? Found out that this is true. Consider adding to your article to make a more objective opinion since both sides of the coin are apparent here.

        • Mary Jane says:

          Yeah, juicing cannbis certainly has it’s benefits. I focused mostly on the high part because it’s a question I get asked ofter. I’ll try to update the post soon. Thanks 🙂

          • Dallas says:

            Make sure you wash the cannabis before juicing due to pesticides. Wash it in luke warm water to remove the bleach and other additives.

          • Darren says:

            Yup I started eating it raw and enjoy a pretty healthy high. I’m careful where I get my stash and I don’t get ill. I will chew on a small bud and feel some effects within 10 minutes and something more intense after digestion. I almost feel as if I’m awakening spiritually. Oh ya, I don’t smell like weed neither.

        • Anonymous says:

          Really good point..thank you..

        • Anonymous says:

          Love this post. Raw cannabis ingestion helped my grandma with her dementia.

      • K.Johnson says:

        Mary Jane
        Thank-you so so so very much for sharing your knowledge, intelligence, experiences, research, and personal thoughts on MJResearching mj on the internet, can lead to some pretty odd and idiotic just plain stupid spots.Thank the Lawwwd I came across your website.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think it tastes really good in salad but tbat is just me my family says I’m weird

      • mike says:

        I just had a raw bud tea and it feels good l eat the bud and it’s not bad

    • bubsie says:

      I have ingested a bud and had an unusual and nice high, The trick was to let it sit in my mouth in my cheek and absorb through the mucosal lining. ( similar method to homeopathy)
      I slowly nibbled on it to let it break down. It was in my mouth for likely a half hour before it was gone. The high snuck up about an hour later and lasted a few hours. It hasn’t always worked that way but that one time it did work well.

      • Anonymous says:

        I bought some buds from a dispensary and it didn’t smoked too well, so I threw it in my closet and forgot about for about 6 months. I was cleaning out my closet one night and found it. I ate about 2 grams and went to bed. I woke up with the biggest munchies ever and I was high as fucked! Eating works like a muthafucka!!

      • Bren says:

        You had a plasebo my friend, our mouths are not hot enough to convert thca into thc, so unless your bud was decarboxylated or covered in a cannabis oil that had gone through decarboxylation, I doubt you was high

        • Adam says:

          Hi Bren. Please do not delegitimise Bubsie’s experience. Thank you, Adam.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just so you know digestion is hot really hot our bodies produce heat at its resting state it’s like 98 degrees. So eating mj does work just try it

        • Anonymous says:

          If it had been curing in his cupboard some off the thca would have converted it’s self

        • Pammy says:

          I ate a pinch of fresh last night. Organic, from my garden. I chewed it really well and it took about 30 minutes and I had a wonderful experience. A mellow sense of elation, and a relaxed body. It was much better than smoking it. It didn’t level me out. I cooked dinner, cleaned up the house and had energy 5 hours later. The effects are still felt the next day.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, same here

    • Anonymous says:

      When weed grew freely and naturally plentiful, was when we ate it like herbivores.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just want to say that a few minutes ago I eat about a 10 gram bud. Even if I don’t get as high as I would of by smoking it 10 times it was deliuose !!,
      Hope to sleep well tonight.

      • Anonymous says:

        I grow my own and eat a bud in a smoothie almost daily. Pleasantly high all afternoon. In spite of what experts say.

    • win durha says:

      i can’t smoke..i ruined my lungs smoking many years ago. so when my friend brought over a nice big bud..we looked up “can i eat mj raw and still get buzzed”. you said “mix with fat or alcohol”. so i poured some olive oil on a piece of tin foil..crumbled some mj into it..put in toaster oven on “bake” for just maybe 30 it turn brown…took it out..ripped a piece of pita bread and dipped up the oil and weed…mmm..delicious..and shortly i was blown away. eating this way means a very little goes a long way. works great.

      • Mary Jane says:

        very nice. I haven’t done a tutorial myself, but if you look up ‘firecracker edibles’ on google you’ll see easy recipes for crackers. Most people use peanut butter, but I like nutella. Cheers!

      • J says:

        Coconut oil has a very high smoke point, so it would be the best at preserving the complex compounds while still letting it cook. Get refined oil if you don’t like the strong coconut taste.

      • Anonymous says:

        Great idea will try tonight !

    • Anonymous says:

      So are you saying eating weed is more effective than smoking it ? Wow that’s good to know

    • Bud says:

      I love the way weed tastes !!!

    • Eddyble says:

      I ate some rsw weed just now out of curiosity, maybe its placebo effect because i didnt know i feel buzzed but it did taste like fuit you know? Like sweet it was actually not bad.

    • WonderWoman says:

      I want to make edibles but I don’t want to decarbox the weed. If I don’t, do you think I would still fail a drug test? Right now, I buy CBD for back pain and anxiety and it works great but it’s expensive as hell so I thought I’d try to make it myself. LOL!! One of my friends gave me recipe cause she makes edibles.

    • Aaron says:

      I had a 6 foot plant outside. A plane circled over my yard 4 times. I panicked. I ate all I could. googled ‘raw cannabis ‘. found this page. Now im waiting to see what I feel like. Mostly sad.

    • Iago says:

      Out of pure curiosity, I just devoured about 5g and damn it feels good, tasted great sprinkled with kief too. Like, really great. As effective as edibles and smoking? I don’t know but I liked it. The high has been just a bonus really though, good god the aftertaste is divine. Ate some godbud in case anyone wanted to try it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I eat bud all the time because I can’t always smoke, or bake it. I eat 3 small buds and chase it with a shot of vodka. Does me right.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve found that if you eat raw weed with fats or alcohol, your stomach acids will do quite a bit of the decarboxilation on their own. I was in a hotel room wanting to get stoned, but I didn’t want to smoke up the room, so I went to 7/11, got some bread and PB and spread about a bowlful on a peanut butter sandwich. Took about 90 minutes to kick in, but really messed me up. I ended up drinking about 3 gallons of OJ and eating the rest of the loaf of bread in a horrible fit of cottonmouth. A few years later, I experimented with the same thing by putting it in a shot of vodka for about 30 minutes and then did the shot. Same result, though it kicked in a lot faster.

    • Huggerlady says:

      Listen, background is chronic pain, stabbing nerve damage. Naturalist, Herbivore. I smoke weed about once a month for fun. Prefer my pain relief from cosumption but it’s illegal here so I don’t very often partake- very low tolerance,

      In a pinch I’ll eat a bud raw when I just can’t move. It’s not placebo effect!
      * Here’s how: Rinse a nice fuzzy bud in hot water then place in your gums (like a chew). Allow it to break down slowly chewing and swallowing over an hour or as long as you can. The taste is not great. After an hour or so, you will have a body high and pain will be greatly reduced. You will sleep and dullness in pain will be noticed into the next day.
      Pay attention to your body. You cannot already be stoned, drinking or on opiates to notice the nice mellow effects and pain relief of raw bud.

    • Kim says:

      I eat raw buds. Yes it takes a bit it works fine for my fibromyalgia. I do get high but it’s different still good.

    • I love raw cannabis. I have to eat it. I am hooked on it. I get extremely high on it. Plus I smoke it in blunts. I spend alot but I it is a necessity at this point. Just smoking it is not enough. I don’t really go for edibles. I feel that is a waste of weed. Pretty plants taste so good.

    • X says:

      I am an old guy who used to eat weed often, raw weed back in the ’60s when an ounce went for $20. The high lasted 4 hours, the amount was one level teaspoon.

    • Shawn says:

      I ate an 1/8 one time of some really good trees and I was super high. Its like edibles you dont realize your high because it comes on so smooth and slow but in like 45 minutes i felt tired but about 2 hours in I was forgetting how to use my controller

  • Stephanie Smith says:

    Yes I have! But only a little bit to nibble on, to see how it tasted. So I am glad to see this article because I always wondered about that. This makes perfect sense of course!

  • Dave says:

    Yesterday I spent 5 hours laying in bed experiencing the worst high of my life, all from one bud I ate in the morning. I eat raw cannabis on a regular basis to deal with chronic joint pain. I’ve been trying to find a strain work best for this treatment. Ironically, the cannabis I ate yesterday was known for a weak high. I would like to juice instead, but I don’t have access to the greens

    • Mary Jane says:

      Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Juicing has fascinated me as well. I would love to learn more about it.

    • Urinetrouble says:

      Let me see if I got this right…either that or I’m gonna feel like a huge fool. It’s easier or cheaper just to eat weed, than it is to purchase greens to make an equally beneficial juice from the greens? Yup, you may be high right now! 8) Much Love!

    • Renee says:

      I take a fruit roll up and cut into small squares. Then you put the bud inside and roll it up like a pill. Tastes great and a gram of flower helps with pain all day. I prefer RSO, but when I’m out I ingest the cured flower and have never gotten sick, but I also grow my own organically.

    • wannabeiber says:

      I have been eating bud for the last few months off and on to deal with back pain. I’m just now learning that cooking it or making hot tea works better. It’s a learning process for sure. Good luck with the pain relief.

  • Tushar Arya says:

    I have consumed it several times because i cannot afford smell when i smoke….. nor i can cook it….
    but i agree with u because it also made me sick for 5 days still running where i can’t understand what is actually happening….. nor i can go to seek medical assistance because its illegal… but i guess i will from now on stop taking it completely….
    so dont take it raw…..DONT

  • Bella says:

    laying in bed and decided to nibble a piece off a bud because I was curious about the taste. It wasn’t the best tasting.. And it felt like I had to keep chewing before I could swallow. Was curious to see if anyone else has tried it!

  • Juan says:

    Ive eaten it raw for years. The feeling terrible is usually from eating cannabis that was grown using additives and not properly flushed before they finished and was harvested. Some people have a weak digestive system and it just bothers them at first. Never really heard of it wreaking havock on anyones body not even crohns patient’s. But is true takes a lot to feel benefits. Cannabutter or good cannaoil best bet. Ive yet to read into or try juicing….

    • Mary Jane says:

      Yeah, juicing is interesting because it’s typically done with fresh cannabis which contains more thca than thc. Seems like it takes a lot of crop though.

  • J.KNIGHT says:

    Please help my cyber humans..

    My story….

    I started smoking at age 7. Mj. I have smoked it all my life as much as possible. Haze is my favorite. Kong bud. Arizona. Mango Pina. Purple haze. Kush. Taliban ak 47. The good stuff… No edibles ever. Some candies one summer. Really low thc pops etc.

    I normally smoked 3-6 blunts per day. Maybe 1-2 grams all together. Some times more. Sometimes an ounce every two weeks. Estimate.

    Now. Im 33 now. I had an accident in 2007. I have not been able to smoke since.

    I split a nerve in my brain. I have zero tolerance to mj. Zero. Im part of 3% of smokers that with head trauma; like after the nfl etc. Cant smoke!

    Last year. After 3 months of training, with second hand smoke. I managed to smoke. One baby bud. Ill explain. For 2-3 months. Six days per week. Id sit in a suv while my friend smoked a bowl. Maybe 3-5 minutes. Inhaled and got out of the truck. 3-5 times per day.

    After. I was able to smoke. (months later) one baby bud. Put together both index fingers. Plus both thumbs. Thats a superman bud. See that diamond space? Few mm’s? In the smallest weed pipe. Will have me high for 24 hrs! Think about how much i can save! My brain has no delay. Instant high. 15 minutes. Too intense. Im naturally hyper. Then at minute 16,calm nice mellow until day 2!

    Weed hits 9 receptors in your brain. Wow. So… My blunt smoking days are over.

    Now. I have such low tolerance.. If one of my clients is high at work. Ill automatically get a higher high than them.

    I stopped smoking for one year. Yesterday i ate. One leaf. 10 cmtr x 4cm. Felt cool. Buzzed a little tiny bit.

    Today is my day two. I ate a teeny tiny bit. Feel good. So far. A little above normal. Not loaded. Just feel medicinally medicated.

    All with less than a bud. Maybe 2.5 leaves. I plan to smoke one bud by January. My body cant handle any more.

    I get extremely paranoid. Anxious. Basically the total oposite of what i like. I even have heard voices. I think all negative and depression thoughts.

    Weed helps me eat. Relax my back pains. Helps me sleep and gather my thoughts. Also helps me artistically. Can some of you help my situation. Its very embarrassing. I dont know what to do sometimes.

    When I dont smoke. I still think about it all the time. Like my body functions better completely. All i know is that im part of 3%. But I need your help on this? Im inclined to eat it for a few weeks to see the effects. I will write as much as possible.

    Thank you all in advance and god bless. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I split the left main nerve in my brain. And i have 5 metal plates in my back. Im perfectly healthy. No drugs. Only beers. No hard liquors. I eat healthy and exercise normally. No drugs ever in my life. Only weed. And only medical marijuana. Not very strong. Just good herb.


    • Mary Jane says:

      Sorry to hear about the accident. In your case, I would highly recommend consulting a doctor about the best way to treat your condition. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    • Bender says:

      I’ve read through your comment, and I’ve deduced your a lot like me, minus all the head plate/trama stuff. “When I don’t smoke, I think about it all the time.” That sounds like addiction, I know, I experience those types of thoughts frequently.

      I’ve been sober for months now, I know it has negative effects on me psychologically, especially with anxiety and depressive thoughts. Pot isn’t good for people like us, it will lead to critical irreversible mental illness. I want to tell you to just stop, but I know it’s hard bc we’re psychologically addicted. It sucks to be us.

    • Paul and Tena Hopp says:

      Wow what a story dude..My husband and I was touched by Ur story.. Continue to experience bud differently..It is an AMAZING plant with many proprieties.we have partaked for over 30 years and as Herb changed in potency yes but still does what it needs to..Much love to you stay groovy and God bless

    • Emma Jean says:

      Hey, sorry to hear about your accident!

      First off, I’ll state the obvious, that I’m not a medical doctor, nor do I intend to give medical advice.

      That being said, I HAVE come across many promising studies/info about the role of cannabis on traumatic brain injury (TBI), though there’s clearly much more needed research to be done. I actually was pretty much the opposite of your situation, having never tried pot, even through college, until finally a couple years back a friend convinced me to try some edibles, and I was AMAZED… I’ve had a constant headache since as far back in childhood as I can recall (I was abused and suffered countless concussions/brain injuries, and now I’m so prone to getting a concussion I have to wear head protection all the time, but I’m still beyond grateful that my brain has been able to heal and function despite my cumulative TBI’s)… And after trying some edibles, my brain was just… BETTER. Not only is it the only thing that’s ever made my headache go away (and when I say constant, I mean literal, 24/7, until it was gone for a bit I couldn’t even be sure that I was really in as much pain as I thought I was, haha… For serious!)

      So anyways, I researched it, and tried to learn as much as I could. I know there is a correlational study that noted patients with TBI that were found to have THC in their bloodstream had a significantly higher rate of survival from their TBI than those that didn’t, which, like I said, is correlation, and there’s much more research needed, but the researchers speculated that the increased chance of survival was because cannabis is known to be effective in reducing inflammation and is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, therefore likely reducing the damage the brain often suffers after the initial injury, as it swells in the limited space of the skull, which can cause damage in various ways, such as increasing the pressure inside the skull (if the fluid inside the brain remains the same, and the brain takes up more space, the fluid meant to protect the brain ends up putting intense pressure on it), and/or by the brain swelling too large for the skull (it’s a closed system, unlike most organs, where if it swells it might protrude somewhere, the brain has nowhere to go if it swells too much, and it’s VERY fragile, so when your brain swells… It’s bad news bears!)

      I would encourage you to look up (even on YouTube), the “endocanabinoid system”, which is semi new science (the last decade or two, I think), but it isn’t taught as common knowledge in the medical field. Just as the circulatory system or nervous system occurs throughout the body, so does the endocanabinoid system; there are canabinoid receptors throughout cells in our bodies, not only in our brains, and that’s true regardless of if one ever allows MJ into their body! Our bodies actually make 18(?) different canabinoids within themselves… Cannabis, the plant, produces somewhere around 300+ canabinoids, which THC and TBC are just 2 of!

      I’m not quite sure about what your question is, though I realize I likely didn’t answer it, though it may help others with better information if you could clarify if you are seeking ways to increase your tolerance to smoking, or if you are curious about what stains might be most beneficial for you, or if you are unsure of if continuing your habit is healthy? It does sound like you are definately having some effects that are concerning, so I do encourage you to look into further information, and as challenging as it might be, it might help to find a doctor who you feel you could trust to hear you out and listen to your concerns.

      There’s also legal cannabis products (like hemp seed oil, it’s sold on Amazon!) which aren’t going to give you a high, but they may potentially help with other symptoms you would like to treat with cannabis, just note that, at least in the US, it’s illegal for them to make any claims about health benefits, etc (because the FDA hasn’t supported the claims, or something like that, I’m not sure), so you likely won’t see many products with specific claims, though they may say things like, “customers report [good things happening after taking it]”… I will say, I’m not a fan of the taste (it’s not bad, it’s just like… I don’t tend to wake up and want to eat a spoon full of olive oil, so it’s the same principle, lol… My dogs love it, and I think it’s really helped one of them)… I think there are pills with the oil in them, and there’s also a TON of herbal remedies for various health problems, you can just look up info on google 😉

      I think “Stanley Brothers” are the leading experts in hybrids of the plant for medical purposes, so depending on your needs (and budget lol) you may want to look up info on/from them (I’ve meant to look them up and haven’t, so I don’t honestly know much in that regard)

    • Jean says:

      Can you vape some of the concentrated oils?
      Or you could use the drops that have terpenes and high THC in them. They have them at distilleries.
      I have horrible asthma so I can’t snoke either.

  • J.KNIGHT says:

    I need your help. Any advice or insights. I dont like any prescription drugs. I preffer mj. But in society you are viewed as weak. If you can only consume low low doses. Any other question. Please post. I will check every night and try to post my progress. I feel a real low low mellow blend. Not high high. Just more mellow than normal.

    Thank you for your valuable time!!

  • Jaga says:

    It seems like an issue of tolerance. Some can smoke a gram and feel good, others eat a baked gram in a brownie and feel good or others like myself eat a micro amount of fresh cronnic and feel good. I found a great benefit by eating raw micro amounts. I just hope that the general consensus of heating it up is a matter of using 100% of the herbs potency rather than a matter of weather the fresh herb is commestible as is.

  • Sky High says:

    I’ve never nibbled, but I’ve gone a week without having a reduction in tolerance, and I generally take a month to smoke an oz, so it’s like, why isn’t my tolerance dropping? Do I have to take an entire month off? I didn’t think that I was all that heavy of a smoker, really.

    • Mary Jane says:

      A quarter a week is a pretty decent amount to smoke. It may take you a bit longer. I wrote about tolerance breaks. You should check out the article in the musings section.

  • Mick Mack says:

    I agree with all you stated.
    It may be that eating THCA treats some ailments that THC will not.
    Only time, research, and data will tell.

  • Imix says:

    Buenas tardes si he ingerido Weed cruda no hace sentir nada solo siente una sensacion de inteligencia y relajamiento

  • Shrewkin says:

    Reading this article reminded me of last Halloween with one of my smoke sesh friends. We wanted to get the full experience from a haunted house so we decided to roll a fat joint and smoke it together in the forest right next to it and then walk to the haunted house and enjoy it how it really should be experienced XD Anyway, we get our joint a pack of matches and head out to smoke, only bad thing, it was raining hella hard and matches didnt survive long, so we are there just wasting matches and matches to the point where we only smoked to half of the joint and had about a gram left in it, so we did what any sane person would do, we split the weed inside and ate it XD So here we are staggering to the haunted house and i really dont remember much, but i cant tell you that its better than any horror movie marathon cuz its fucking intense and hilarious. After reading this, im pretty sure we only got high from the smoked gram we shared, but we couldnt waste good Sour Diesel, so yep, thats my story, hope someone else has a funny one!

  • Raw Che Guevara says:

    I too have gone back to smoking the herbs after many years of not but now I’m not getting the same effects I was getting back when. Yes my tolerance is a factor but why the paranoia and depression etc issues there. I also get really hot and at times breakout with tiny white heads on my chin. If anyone else is experiencing this or knows why this happens please help. Thx to all n especially to MJ for such awesome blogs .

    • Mary Jane says:

      Try smoking less at a time. Cannabis has become much much stronger over the years. I’ve know some people who get the same way and decided to stop smoking. The truth is, cannabis isn’t for everyone. I hope you find the relief you seek. Thank you for the kind words. Drop me a comment any time my friend!

  • MC says:

    Hello, I am overwhelmed with what to take, how much to take etc! I have never smoked anything before but I have severe migraines with imsomnia and I have been to every different kind of Doctor. I have tried all types of medicine and nothing seems to work . A close friend told me to try CBD Oil and I did, it helped with the migraines but I have worse imsomia since I started the CBD Oil. I don’t know who to talk to about all of this. I don’t think I am ready to smoke mj but I think I am ready to try eating mj in brownies or some type of sweets. I really loved the use of the CBD oil because I travel a lot and I heard that this is not a problem to take on airplanes or airports. But agin I don’t know why it doesn’t let me sleep. Can someone please help me? I really appreciate it!

    • Mary Jane says:

      Baking edibles is a good way to consume cannabis without smoking, but you have to cook it properly. I haven’t done a tutorial on this yet but I should. For now, just try searching ‘how to make cannabutter’. Be careful, edibles can be quite strong, especially for someone who isn’t used to THC. Take very small amounts at a time to start, then you can work you way up. Best of luck.

    • Jon says:

      Mc…….there are many foods you can try that help you to sleep and also things you can do……THINGS YOU CAN DO
      1….Go to bed and get up at the same time every day.
      2…exercise mid afternoon.
      3…be on the cool side when you sleep.
      4….avoid computers/phones/tvs for at lest 3 hours before bed.
      5…Have sex before sleeping.
      1…Eat a small carb snack before bed*
      2…Eat half a banana 20 mins before bed abd take ages chewing it in your mouth…banana is the longest known digestible food to man,*
      3…Glass of warm milk.
      * your brain is twice as active when asleep compared to being awake…….carbs are soothing and relaxing…proteins are stimulating…hence good at breakfast……
      If you wake up in the middle of the night and cant sleep……or you have trouble getting off to sleep your brain is starving for fuel !…….a cream cracker with peanut butter and honey will knock you out as well…piece of toast with this……A combination like banana and milk can work together as well……..feel free to try one forst like banana for example.

  • Jason Stevens says:

    I have been smoking since my teen years and finally, i got tired of spending money on weed so i started growing. Few buddies of mine and i, were curious to know if u could just pluck a bud off one of my plants and still give high from it.. as i did some research i found that using a jucier is affective. Is that true? I dont know, but i planned on getting a jucier today to try this theroy. Keep in mind though that using everything on the plant and only the plant is wrong. U need a fresh un- opened coconut, and a few tangerines as well because the fatty acids in these fruits are what extracts the thc, or better yet, its what activates the thc

    • Mary Jane says:

      Juicing cannabis is no good for getting high. Fresh cannabis is almost entirely THCA as opposed to THC. Unfortunately, THCA won’t get you high. People who juice cannabis use it for the health benefits of other cannabinoids.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I saw the youtube channel about mixing raw cannabis juice with fat and citrus to activate it. I want to make a smoothy with hempseeds and cherries, see if that works

  • Andy says:

    I have back pains since I was little due to a slipped disk. At 16 I was a huge pot head, then in my late 19’s I had a bad trip with weed brownies, long story short I stopped smoking entirely and now when I smoke I get anxious. I want the THC in my body but not a crazy high, out of curiousity if I ate little pieces each day would I have the THC in my system?

  • Kenny says:

    I ate some once while I was trimming it and it was like eating something very spicy. I can’t say I’ve tried any since except for chewing on the stems.

  • Kenny says:

    I was wondering something on the subject of eating and decarboxilation. I have an old recipe from a seed catalog from gangaland. It’s for ganja lasagna since this is baked for a long time at 350-375 degrees does that decarboxilize it?

  • Passion says:

    Well i just ate some and and i feel nice

  • Jason says:

    Raw cannabis should not get you sick, unless it has non-food grade stuff in it like pesticides,miticides,insecticides,fungicides ect… Guess what? Most commercial growers use ALL that stuff. That being said, i wouldn’t attempt to eat anything like cannabis that you have not grown or watched grow. Thc-a is actually good for you and you wont need to suffer the “high” unless you like that.

  • Marc W. says:

    Just ate a mid-sized nug, I chewed if for a couple of mins but, as the article says, not much is happening. Better prepare some hot milk with the pot inside the hot milk. That’s a nice way to get high, tastefully.

  • Lee says:

    I tried eating some raw cannibals and it do anything for me. Maybe I didn’t eat enough. I ate about half a bud. I ground it up with my front teeth and didn’t swallow it until it was mush. I haven’t tried to eat since becaause I don’t want to waste anymore money.I concluded, as you did in your article, that cooking It is what causes the THC to be released . So,I am going to to make some cannibutter. High Times has videos ot the 4 best methods of making cannibutter and showed which one had the highest TaaHC. You can find them on YouTube.

  • Phoenix_rk says:

    As a plant scientist, there is so much more research to do. I can comment that there is a “high effect” to be expected from eating any part of the cannabis plant but particularly the more potent parts of the bud (flower/seedbody). This would be expected to be reduced and “milder” to anyone that would be a regular user however. It is likely to be more efficient a method for those that do it rarely for a more mild “buzz” that lasts longer as it were. It is due to the fact that our bodies already are at a higher temperature. Running generally at 86 degrees Fahrenheit, we would sensibly have a heat extraction effect albeit less than the expected heat claimed to be required to do a full release of cannabinoids from the plant cell sheaf. Smoking is always the most efficient method as the blood barrier of the lungs is the thinnest compared to the intestine and stomach or mucus regions of the mouth. Keep in mind we are “omnivores” not “herbivores” so, not being herbivores specialized in plant breakdown, humans are only reasonably good in the breakdown and access to plant chemicals and nutrients. That’s why we’re always told to “chew your vegetables!”. Mastication (or sucking and eating slowly in the mouth) of any plant, including cannabis, will heavily increase the release of the nutrients and all plant biochemicals and thus any expected effectiveness. Further, the warming and heating effect in the mouth of body heat, again while less than that expected with a flame, along with the intense breakdown from masticating (chewing) increases the effect to be favourable. Thereafter, with an acidic environment of a pH of 4 in the stomach (natural stomach acids), the remaining breakdown and release of biochemicals from tough plant cells is nearly completed and with the continuation of a reasonably high temperature (86 degrees F) but over a longer period of time, release has been shown effective but milder – which may be ideal for many. For those I know that have done this well, very little seems needed, a mild enjoyable and quite relaxing effect is felt for a longer period and even the excretion of the plant the next day has the classic pungent scent of cannabis in the stool itself thus leading us to believe that the benefits of any chemicals released as CBDs may also help the intestine, as clearly they are passing through, should the flora and fauna of the intestine be out of whack or possible early stage cancer cells are trying to get hold. Research shows that CBDs topically put onto cancer cells are quite effective in stopping cancer. So, as an “internal topical treatment” for those, or any, nasty cells trying to take hold, eating in a more raw form may indeed one day well become a choice for internal treatment eventually. Only more research can tell! Take care and keep healthy in both body and mind.

    • Newt says:

      You’re a scientist and you think the body performs at 86゚F ???? I have eaten raw weed for 30 years, and not the goodshit. Does work and very welll. Eat to much and its a little hard getting out of bed next day. Fyi. Human body average is 98 not 86. 86 and you die

    • Josh says:

      @PHOENIX_RK if you were really a “plant scientist” you would know it’s called a botanist

  • El nino says:

    My opinion is the more potent the bud is the more ur ganna feel it. Im chewing on a bud of some O g cush rightnow!

  • Lee says:

    PHOENIX_RK, thank you so much for your insight. Based upon what you said, I will give it another try when I get some more. And after thinking about it, I realized that I had smoked that morning and may have had some lingering effects and might not have noticed the milder effects of eating it. It may be the best way of medicating during the day when you don’t want to be zonked out. I also like the idea of not reeking until you are on the pot. lol

  • Alana says:

    Just wanted to share. Not a big pot smoker but I used to be in my younger days. 🙂
    I’m now 53 and going through menopause. I had a friend suggest vaping at night to relieve hot flashes and get a decent nights sleep. So I bought a pax and started vaping at night and FINALLY got some rest. (About 4 hrs solid sleep). Last week I got the real flu….. So sick I couldn’t sleep…sore throat all that comes with the flu, after no sleep for 48 hrs I ate a bud. Omg I was so stoned and slept like a baby. So for the duration of my flu i nibbled each night before bed. Loved it

  • Jon says:

    One time I tried eating raw weed because my friends dared me to, I ate around half a gram and it tasted like shit but I didn’t even get high it was a total waste of good bud

    • yakub says:

      if it tasted like shit it may have had chemical additives or mite not have been that great to begin with. have been eating raw pot for over twenty years, homegrown w no pesticides usually tastes a lil bit spicy but otherwise tastes green n great

  • sean says:

    I routinely ingest cannabis. Although I have never eaten it raw. When using my vape instead of throwing away the vaped bud I actually save it until I have approx 14g to 20g of vaped bud. I then grind it into the consistency of medium cracked black pepper and add it to brownie mix. It yields about 20 standard sized brownies. Each brownie is capable of keeping me on my couch for an entire evening. I am a heavy lifelong daily user (25+ years) with what I can only assume is a very high tolerance. Granted I am in very good shape with very low body fat, so low I can pass a urine screen after two weeks of abstaining. THC is stored in fat cells btw. I have seen friends of mine who weigh 2x what I do with similar tolerances have similar highs from a similar dose as well. My guess is weight, fat content, frequency of usage only effect the high in a very minimal way. Hope this helps anyone who stumbles onto this post and the comment section.

    I was throwing my vaped bud away for years. I will never make that mistake again. The fact the bud was heated enough to bring the THC out is probably why I find it so effective. If I ever get around to trying this with raw bud I will post the results here and on Erowid as well. But that would be one expensive experiment.

    PS – I use medical grade cannabis only. Never schwag.

  • Dixiejohn says:

    High for two days after gulping down a good size bag while Rocky Mount deputy walked around motel sniffing. Yikes. A little queasy yeah

  • Jim Read says:

    I roll a bit up until it’s round like a pill. The I just swallow it with water. Then I eat a pastry if some sort to bond with it. It’s more of a body buzz to me. Instead of the intial quick buzz, it sneaks up on you. It’s not as fleeting as smoking, longer buzz. Of course I smoke before. Lol

  • Deltadave says:

    Can you tell how to separate between indica and sativa, it’s not legal in my country and I can only find in crushed form.. So would tasting(not smoking) it help me find out. I want indica as I Suffering from insomnia and I heard it’s good.

    • Mary Jane says:

      The taste can be helpful, but I think the best way is just to smoke it and analyze the effects. Remember, a lot of contemporary strains are hybrids. I hope this helps.

  • Betty Lu says:

    I love eating raw weed! Add it to a salad for an added flavor, it is an herb after all. I recently made chocolate dipped strawberries and sprinkled raw bud on top, tastes delish!

  • Alexis78 says:

    Hi MJ great blog, I can feel the love here in the UK xx

    I’m fascinated to read about different methods of taking weed in this comment thread, especially since I quit smoking a couple of months ago! I wouldn’t like to eat large amounts as it doesn’t taste that good raw to me but I tried leaving a small piece next to my gum inside my cheek, that didn’t work for me but maybe I didn’t use a big enough piece. I’ve nibbled on a stalk to no avail and its driving me crazy now but I really don’t want to start smoking again. I looked at the apple pipe with interest but then that is still smoking and I worry that if I smoke pure weed I may start using tobacco again! I’ve been a casual weed user for many years and I just need a little high 2 or 3 times a week without tobacco being involved. Mark W posted in here on Dec 21st about using hot milk.. . . does this really work? Do I just add the bud to the milk and stir then drink? Phoenix posted an interesting piece but didn’t mention what sort of amounts and exactly how to ingest it. I have a vape to help wean me off tobacco but its too complicated to make the weed oil to put in the regular vape and the smell would blow my cover! I might just end up trying the old fashioned pipe and hope it doesn’t lead me back to tobacco, can anyone help? Want to get a little stoned again x

    • Mary Jane says:

      Hey! I’m so glad you like the blog. The mild does work to some degree. I’m actually working on an article now about using milk to make a tea. There are lots of great resources online for making edibles. Check out High Times’ youtube channel – they did a great series on different ways to make cannabutter. Another easy edible is firecrackers. It’s another one I need to do a tutorial on. Pretty much just crackers, peanut butter, and cannabis. Try doing a search for ‘cannabis firecracker edibles’. I hope this helps. Thanks again!

  • Alexis78 says:

    Ok so I read the high times stuff and watched a few videos on youtube, some great stuff on there and very informative so I have to thank you so much for that. I need to practice making edibles and will start by having a go at hot milk to start with as that looks the easiest to do (I am not a great cook btw) but in the meantime I have to confess to smoking a very small spliff tonight! I have always smoked weed mixed with tobacco but 3 hours ago after 3 weeks of no smoking whatsoever I rolled a tiny spliff of pure ground matured weed . . . . . and it has been the most amazing trip ever!!!! I am still smiling 3 hours later so I think that has shown me the benefit of a short break from cannabis and what it can do, its easy when you are ill to be fair! Obviously I have greatly reduced my tolerance threshold with 24 days of abstinence but I am still pleasantly surprised and delighted with the high I am currently experiencing! I sincerely hope it doesn’t lead me back to tobacco smoking and I am also enjoying vaping (not weed vape) to combat that particular addiction. I intend to experiment with the apple pipe method that I saw on this website tomorrow and if I can enjoy a high 2 or 3 times a week doing that I will be happy so long as it doesn’t lead me back to baccy as I said. Hopefully if I can learn to make edibles competently that will reduce my need to smoke weed further but I am in a much better place than I was a couple of days ago so thank you MaryJane from the bottom of my heart for your kind advice and your wonderful website, I will let you know how I get on if you like, sending you peace and love from the United Kingdom xxx

    • Mary Jane says:

      Glad you enjoy the blog. Have you ever tried making firecrackers? They’re really simple and work great. I haven’t done a tutorial on them yet, but you should be able to do a quick search and find some stuff on it. Cheers!

  • Alexis78 says:

    No I haven’t tried making the firecrackers just yet, its a bit complicated as I share a kitchen with 3 of my house mates and none of them indulge unfortunately lol I couldn’t even try the hot milk tonight as planned but I am patient. I will have a try making the crackers as soon as I can though. Can’t wait to read your milk tutorial too x

    • Mary Jane says:

      Yeah, that can be a bit complicated for sure. Hopefully it won’t be long before the milk tutorial is ready (it’s actually being written by a friend). Cheers!

  • Jizzabelle Lipscum says:

    Sooo I tried it eating it raw stuffed into an already cooked brownie (I knew it had to be cooked with fat bc THC connects to fat right? or something like that) but I just wanted to try it bc my options were limited being that I had the flu and strep at the same time while still living with the parents… I was in so much pain I was relentless to find a way… but lo and behold to my demise it did not work. Also, I really didn’t taste it and it didn’t make me want to puke it up.. I’m still sick and I’m still in pain so any proven ideas would be greatly appreciated! I wonder how bad it could really be for your throat if you smoked it though? I think I’ll search that right now lol.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I’ve heard of mixing it with whole milk to bond the thc to fat, but I haven’t personally tried it. I have a buddy working on an article about it, but I suppose that doesn’t help much right now. Get well soon!

    • yakub says:

      depends on the pot but on two separate occasions i had a bag (not one seed) that actually soothed the throat when smoking. first time was hi-quality reggie bout 2000 and the second was hydro cost me hundred$ a qrtr, around 2008/09. so eventually such a strain mite b officially identified, one hopes ne way. after that the medical benefits we’ve since discovered came as no surprise

  • Finn says:

    I’m a regular smoker, mostly recreational but I occasionally medicate myself due to a slipped disc in my lower back that acts up every now and then. I was under the impression that eating raw cannabis wouldn’t affect me much, but my experience says otherwise. Some time ago I had problems with some plants, either pH or nutrient related, and they started yellowing and dropping leaves. As I had read about the positive health effects of raw cannabis, I decided to just eat some of the (yellow) leaves straight away. I can say that it did give me some stoning effect. These leaves had been growing under a light in a somewhat warm growing closet, which made me think that the THCA may have been carboxylated due to the heat of the lamp. Outdoor leaves usually don’t do much to me, except taste better 🙂 Ps. If anyone is into cannabis leaves from a culinary point of view, I’d recommend leaves from plants that have just started flowering, they are usually sweet and juicy. Just don’t fertilize them much in case you grow them for eating, it affects taste a lot.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Very interesting. It would make sense that the THCa on leaves that are exposed to high power lights would convert faster to THC. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Scot says:

    I felt like crap after I put too much oil in my smoothie the other night. I was f***** up!

  • dalibabba says:

    I’ve been eating bud for the last few months off and on hoping for relief from back pain. When I have to work, smoking and getting ripped isn’t an option but eating seems to be more of a body high to me. I’m just learning about the benefits of cooking and have been making hot tea with some nice blue dream bud in the am before work. It seems to help the pain. Thank you everybody for sharing all of the info.

  • Baba bouoile says:

    I’m thinking of eating a little bit of weed every day in order to help with Marijuana withdrawal symptoms. That way it’s in your system without getting you too high. Know what I mean? I’ll let you know if that works.

  • Fred says:

    I want to use cannabis medically a la RSO, but without having to go through the somewhat dangerous RSO extraction process. I know I could make cannabutter or cannaoil much more easily, but the problem with that is that if I really want to try to take the high dosage Rick Simpson recommends, I’d end up eating a lot of cannabutter every day, because he says you should try to eat about 1000mg of THC per day!

    So my question is, do you know of a recipe that would just let me add SOME oil to the bud that would be enough to aid absorbing it into the body, but no more than that? I know I’d need to decarboxylate it somewhere in the process, and of course I can just experiment to see how much oil added to the bud gets absorbed without out any excess oil left unabsorbed, but I thought, rather than “reinvent the wheel” I’d ask for information. (Whew! some long sentences!)

    • Mary Jane says:

      Have you tried checking out Rick Simpson’s website, He’s got a lot of information about how to make the oil. We just did an interview with him – you should check it out on our homepage.

  • Fred says:

    Sorry. Actually he recommends about 1000mg RSO, which at, say, 70% concentration, would make about 700mg THC.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Are you sure he recommended that much? 700mg is an incredible amount of THC.

      • Fred says:

        I know! It’s really a lot! But that’s what I remember from the film. And also, you can figure it out from this:

        He also says that you will need about one pound of cannabis bud to make the amount of oil he says to take over a 60 day period. So here’s some math:

        1lb * 454g/lb = 454g. 454g/60 days = 7.57g/day. If the bud is, say, 15% THC, then 7.57 * 0.15 = 1.14g which is 1140mg. Or, if the bud is 10%, then the figure would be 0.757g = 757mg.

        He talks about starting out slowly, to build up tolerance, with a first amount of oil about the size of 1/2 grain of rice and then building up a tolerance over the first several weeks. (It wasn’t clear how that fits into the 60 day time frame.)

        Also, here’s a quote from an article by Paul Morrissey, a man who said he cured his prostate cancer with RSO ( ):

        “The marijuana oil costs $2,500 to $3,000 an ounce in Toronto, Morrissey said.

        He said he thinks he could cure himself at half an ounce a week in 30 days, but couldn’t get enough.”

        So “a half ounce [of oil] a week” works out to 2g/day of oil. Go figure!

        Anyway, I don’t think I could eat that much a day, especially since I don’t even want to get high, but even if I weren’t to eat 7.57g in a day, suppose rather 1g/day. Most recipes I’ve looked at for cannaoil seem to work out to a tablespoon oil or butter per gram of bud. I guess 1T per day of butter or oil isn’t that much, but 7T would be a lot.

        So I guess it’s not that much oil if I were to use 1g bud per day, but I’d still like to find a recipe or two that just uses bud minimally soaked in oil and just eat it like that rather than go to the trouble (and probably a little waste) of extraction.

        Hope the above wasn’t too techni-nerdie, but I thought you might appreciate some of the math for RSO, as I understand it.

  • Joe says:

    Ive smoked bud straight from the plant plenty of times, and it definitely dose get u high

  • Crazy says:

    “You would probably need around an 1/8 of high quality bud to feel much of an effect.” Whoa, that’s kind of an irresponsible thing to write . I’ve gotten high as hell after eating maybe 0.25g, I’m sure eating 1/8 oz would make me waaaaay waaaaaaaaay way too high

    • Mary Jane says:

      That number comes from personal experience, as well as, the experiences of others. It seems as though you may have missed the main point of the article. In the article I recommend people don’t eat raw bud at all – several times. Don’t eat 1/8, don’t eat .25, just don’t eat any weed unless you turn it into a proper edible.

  • Anonymous says:

    Eating cannabis has been proven to reduce your chance of getting cancer and weed in general has been scientifically proven to slim your waist also.

  • Lynn says:

    I just found out that even though it has been touted for years you don’t get high from raw weed, its in fact not true, after watching a video on youtube, where a health nut chef made a green smoothie with just leaves, drank it and two hours later got high as a kite, I’ll try adding a link here, otherwise search for
    How I Got High for 10 Hours on Raw Cannabis Leaves you can watch the whole video, but I would suggest you start at 46m11s where he has a stoner friend drink the juice and get… well watch it.

    I tried make a smoothie today with a good handful of leaves, 1 lemon and some 1 tbsp coconut oil… and I got a very pleasant healing high for 6 hours… Using lemon was pretty harsh, I will try orange and coconut cream next time.

  • Stony in Cali says:

    I ate a a little less then a gram last night. I for certain was high.
    This morning I still feel it.

  • dix mcdundix says:

    You guys are all idiots. You will all burn a slow death from eating smarijuana you anal worms. Like, you can smoke it, cook with it, why would you do something as ignorant as eat it raw? Like, if you like getting high, smoke, vale, cook it. If you don’t and you want relief from pain, you guys know what c.b.d is hopefully? But anyway, enjoy wasting time and mary jane. Assholes.

  • Matt says:

    Been smokin since about 13 yrs old. Its all about cooking it…plain and simple…..theres the hard way and the easy way….easy is just break up the weed and throw it into some cookie dough (or other) and bake or do the whole process of making the butter qhich is harder and takes longer…..i have eaten a bud or 2 raw and got high i have eaten the eaay cookies and got high and ate some of the hard butter made cookies and got high. As others have said marajuana reacts diffrent to diffrent people. I personally feel that its a waste of time, money and weed to eat it.the butter is more consistent tho. I just smoke it, works best for me.
    (My gf juat read an article about the butter and she got all bitchy when i said that “ya dont need to do that.” Funny too she been at it alot longer than me and just NOW found this out…

  • Friendineeed says:

    I was recently pulled over for drug driving although I didn’t smoke cannabis that day. I foolishly ate the small amount of cannabis I had on me in attempt to get rid of it. I was asked to prouduce a blood test. What’s the likely hood of it showing up in my blood? The limit in the UK is 5mg per litre. I ate around 2gs of cannabis.

    • Mary Jane says:

      That’s a good question. I’m honestly not sure. I guess it would depend on how soon after you gave the blood test. THC only remains in the blood stream for about 24 hours.

  • Friendineeed says:

    I did the blood test roughly an hour after I had ate the small amount of cannabis. Judging by you’re response I’d say I’m facing a lengthy ban then….5mg per litre of blood is a fairly low limit I’m assuming.

    • Jeff says:

      I would fight it if you fail tell them you were not driving high you never ate it until they pulled over in fear of them finding it.

  • Josh Aden says:

    I’m a very diverse marijuana user, i’ve eaten raw weed after its dried and it is REALLY psychoactive but the down side is that it takes too long to kick in and eating weed either dried or not will accumulate in the apendix causing medical issues.

  • Moon says:

    I grew some weed from Mexican commercial pot seeds way back in the early 80’s in a garden plot behind my rural Arkansas house. It tasted pretty bad when smoked. Mixed up blender smoothies using about 0.5-0.75 oz of tops in 16 oz of orange juice. 8 oz of the beverage would get us stoned for 8-10 hours. About the same high as smoking a joint of that rank stuff every two hours. When smoked that home grown weed was the same high as the brown brick weed that came from Mexico and sold back then for $10-25/oz. Needless to say that weed today is much more potent and better tasting than that schwag that was the most commonly sold weed back in the 70’s and 80’s

  • Bull rider says:

    So I wasn’t sure so I took a dip of gaunge and it actually worked you do have to leave that in for a bit tho they’re are definitely better ways to do it. I like the sight it gets to the point which is really convenient.

  • ChubbRock says:

    Hey…ate about 1.7 – 2.0 grams in plastic bag due to cops. Was for my girl. I did tear the bag as i tried chew to swallow. It has been 3 days and hv test in two days counting today..June 1. Will I pass? 6’5 350…wat can I do? Een drinking water….lots

    • Mary Jane says:

      Have you tried taking a home test yet? If you just ate it raw then there wouldn’t be too much that would enter your system. That’s why people bond thc to fat when making edibles. Best of luck.

  • Jeff says:

    I use a food chopper to cut up my buds for rolling , i always rinse out the bowl with a tad of water and drink it always get a nice body buzz

  • mumbles says:

    I did take 3 tablespoons of raw weed and sprinkled it on my cereal once. About 2 to 3 hours later I got so high it wasn’t funny. I was in college and I ate the cereal before class. In the middle of one of my classes I started to feel the effects. It was intense. As soon as class was over I had to go home and chill. Too high for more classes that morning.

  • Jason says:

    My wife uses cannabis for pain relief right now. She hates the smell of it so bad that she gags or dry heaves. I have tried making brownies with canna-butter, but it still has the strong odour. So I have resorted to grinding the raw cannabis and making capsules. I use a coffee grinder and scrape out all the goodness and make capsules. She has less of a problem taking the capsules and the pain relief is pretty good. I was always wondering if her body was getting all the goodness out of the raw cannabis though. Whenever she birped, farted, or had a BM, it reeked of cannabis. If I baked or decarboxilated the pot before grinding and making the pills would she get more of the good stuff???? Overall, eating the raw cannabis this way seems pretty effective, but the amount is pretty high. Some days the pain was so bad that we were going through 1/2 oz every 2 days. That gets expensive after a while. Anyways, just saying.

    • Mary Jane says:

      If you mix the cannabis with some oil (any fatty oil with do) then put it on VERY low heat for 20-30 minutes. It will increase the effect dramatically. Be careful. They can get really strong.

  • ashley wright says:

    Got sick freaked out.

  • Asgard says:

    Ok, i eat it and it works..
    here is my thing (i am not native english speaker, just saying)

    i hate smoke and dealers, so i grow my own MJ organic, no pestisides, no fertilizers…

    i handgrind all the plant except for the seeds and branches… put all the MJ soaked in plenty of olive oil for 1 month (stir every now and then), then grind everything (MJ and olive oil) again in kitchen blender, let it rest a day or two..

    to eat it finally, pour a teaspoon of the MJ-oil in a clean jam-jar filled with yogurt and milk, shake well, very well…. get high for about 4 hours, relaxing effect endures till morning (i use to eat it Friday nights)…. no bad taste, no aches, no hazards…

    i think if you cook the macerating jar (with the oil and MJ) over boiling water for about 20 minutes, you do not need to wait for a month, and it is probably more potent….

    one thing to mention is, it only works if i mix the MJ-oil with yogurt, i have tried just eating the oil and the effect is close to none….

    Hope it helps for those who do not want smoke in their lives…


  • shawn says:

    I was cleaning the bottom of my bong with my finger nail got some on my nail and noticed it about 10 minutes later. Got it off with my finger nail could taste the wax. was a tiny bit but i have a walkin drug test tomorrow. Would I be fine? I have a detox drink but i have to stop smoking 24-48 hours before hand. I stopped smoking 4 days ago.. or should i just smoke till Sunday and do the drug test next week. employeer told me to take it as soon as possible

  • shawn says:

    Yeah I’ll just stop now and use the detox drink next week.

  • kendellpencilfingers says:

    we’z ate dem weeds once, iz was noice

  • Belzonyte says:

    Well I eat raw weed and I have been eating it for a while now. I opted to eat weed because I didn’t wanna smoke as nobody knows. Smoking gives you an immediate high that I cannot deny that but eating weed is much easier for me as I don’t stress about smelling or anything like that. The down side is that it does take a while to kick in, normally around 3 hours for me but I get high longer and well if I have some in the morning, it kicks in at work so the rest of my day is pretty chilled. I have just fallen pregnant am still quite early at 5 weeks but now Im not sure if eating weed will harm my baby. I have no problem stopping but if it is not gonna do any harm I really don’t want to. Please advise

    • Mary Jane says:

      I really don’t feel comfortable advising on something like this. My best advice would be to stop using until you can talk with a doctor who knows more about this subject than me. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your doctor about this subject try giving some doctors cannabis doctors in Colorado (or any legal state) a call to ask them. Congrats on you’re bundle of joy!!!

  • blown away says:

    I am trying to figure out the best way to use mj. It is still illegal in my state and I have heard it works for pain and mental illness such as ptsd, manic depression and others. However as a teen I smoked but now I have kids and I don’t want them to smell it on me. Any advice?

    • Mary Jane says:

      Try a dry herb vape. There are tons on the market. My favorite is the Pax 2.

    • yes, only activated THC, is on schedule 1 of DEA, THC under 0.3% is legal and all other chemicals, 100% of the other chemicals in Cannabis, are “Not On the Illegal DEA Sch 1” which is a legal point, you would never know and they will not tell you. So first find liquid oil, virgin olive oil is great, cook with a “Volcano Digital Vaporizers” at 192 degree F, for about four bags of capture. The remaining material has all the other chemicals but the illegal one has been removed. This will not make you high but it heal you. That is what you want, no illegal, no high and a protocol which could decrease the effects of a disease? This is how you could do it yourself and make pain medicine, you drink in Juices or Milk Shakes. You never smoke or vape the THC you extract off, you only use extracted cannabis which is 40% stronger than CBD cannabis results are in Potency. Same price too, get extracted THC from Cannabis, then all the rest is Super Food. It is another way to get Cannabis medicine without the psychoactive properties. Ingesting through mixing it with Fats, is very successful way to get Cannabinoids into you body.

  • Paul says:

    You can actually get a good high from juicing cannabis if done right. The key is to juice it with two other ingredients: Coconut meat (preferably from mature coconuts) and citrus juice (either lemon, lime, or orange).

    The fats and citrus help extract the ALL the cannabinoids to get you high. I tried it before and you only need a handful of cannabis leaves to make this work.

  • Marcks says:

    I tried eating about 2-3 grams put into capsules or so a couple years back. There was a very subdued high but I don’t see any reason to do it again.

    I didn’t get sick but I did get slightly nauseous. The worst part about it was the burps that happened afterwards; I can still taste them!

  • Anonymous says:

    So I got pulled over by a cop and had a bag of weed in the car and you could smell it so I got scared and I quickly ate the entire bag of weed in a matter of a minute just in time for the cop to check my licsense and regristration. The taste was terrible, and I vomited most of it. I got back home my eyes were blood shot red and I felt sick. It made my stomach hurt really bad. The effect it had on me has lasted two days already. I’m still high and my stomach is still hurting.

  • Joey says:

    I need to eat weed in certain situations like my kids are around in a hotel room. Sometimes difficult to sneak away. I need to smoke to sleep. That’s why some people eat weed even thou inefficient.

  • Bruce says:

    Hi just wanted to say something, i eat weed regurally and it works way better than smoking!
    However the first hour nothing happens, the peak comes around 2.5-3hours into it, and then sloooowly steps down, a normal high lasts 6-7 hours, smoking it is what is waste of buds not eating it!!!

  • dave the jew says:

    its very good but were are the jews

  • JV says:

    I can speak from personal experience and say that this post is inaccurate. I was able to consume a bowl-sized portion of marijuana and achieve an intense long-lasting high. I think the trick was to chew on the bud for about 2 minutes before swallowing. I also drank a light beer immediately afterward so that the alcohol could dissolve some of the THC and enter my bloodstream more efficiently. It took over an hour after consumption for the THC to take effect, but once it hit, I got way high and remained high for about 8 hours–off of no more than a bowl’s worth of weed.

  • Bekabam says:

    Hey MaryJane!

    Your article is about raw cannabis, but what about raw decarboxylated cannabis? There is plenty of information regarding decarbed or even ABV (already been vaped) cannabis and the ability to eat it directly, even use it as a dry seasoning, because the THCA has converted into THC.

    A fat can be used to make the process more efficient, but to say that you cannot eat raw decarb cannabis in even small amounts and not feel a substantial effect I feel is pretty incorrect. Thoughts?

    • Mary Jane says:

      You’re correct! This article is only regarding raw weed that has not been decarbed. You will feel much more substantial effect if you eat decarbed weed. With that said, it’s still better to bind decarboxylated cannabis with a fat or alcohol to get its full potential.

      Great comment! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • SkinnyP says:

    I tried eating cured, but un cooked weed, before doing a joint with mates. Not only was Dave pissed I ate about 5 grams, I had the worst time ever. It felt like my heart was going to burst. I sicked into the river and all in all not fun. DO NOT eat raw.

  • audy says:

    good website very good information. and i have eaten raw weed but it really give me pain in my lower belly for the times i did it. what ive done also is put raw weed in edibles and it really had a kick in it

  • Anonymous says:

    Tasted a bit of sap from a stem, of a plant i’m growing. Spicy as chilli.

  • Pasadena Polly says:

    I get effect from eating raw bud. I just kinda swallow it in little nuggets. I found this out for myself when I living in a place where I was unable to cook. I think people who are curious or in a similar situation might want to give it a try. Seems to me that everyone is different and the ease of eating raw bud is something to be considered. Medical patients need lots of options and switching things around a bit can be helpful.

  • Tabby says:

    Once I had a flight and couldn’t take the sizable amount I had left from vacation. I ate it mixed with peanut butter and milk, made it a bit easier to choke down. I started buzzing before I got on the plane but after security. It was a very nice flight ^_^

    It would have been much stronger if I had smoked it, but it was much better than throwing it away.

  • Bob says:

    Well The body likes to keep its core temperature steady at about 100° F., which is when the best digestion occurs so the reaction you speak of does happen inside your stomach so yes you can eat raw weed and get high.

  • Mijo says:

    It doesn’t neccesarily make you sick from the pesticide, I ate a few buds of my own baby few years ago and she was all natural (i only defoliaged it a few times and turned it into a little bush)… but it gives you the same feeling when you smoked alot of it, I believe everyone is familiar with a term ‘cotton mouth’….and yeah it worked for about 2 hours of non-stop laughing and then both me and my friend puked (near the road and there was just an ambulance near by to ask us if we need help) 😀

  • SwampMamma says:

    Just tried eating raw/cured? Out of desperation for major toothache while stuck sitting at hubz’ workplace. After several doses of otc pain meds by mouth as well as grinding a few and burning the crap out of my guns I decided to grab a teeny bud from my bag and poulterize the tooth and see if it helped. I got it all nice a full of saliva and chewed it a good bit and packed it on/around the tooth. Near immediate numbing of the area, I believe use to the spiciness of the bud and of course the nerve was then covered from exposure. Got a lil sidetracked reading forums for about an hour and pain is gone and I am decently relaxed. Almost my usual high state from smoking a bowl. After this hour I don’t know whether I want to swallow or spit. Don’t really want to get high due to long travel home. But really don’t want to waste or abc it either. Lol.

  • Dan says:

    I eat weed raw every day and I get high every time. An 8th will last me about 3 days. I eat a small bug each time.. About a bowl for 3 people’s worth. The secret, as previously mentioned in an earlier comment, it’s that we must chew, or more accurately- masticize the bud for several minutes. There is a chemical reaction that takes place in the mouth via certain digestive enzymes present in saliva- and you can feel the psychoactive compounds being released after about 1 minute. The entire process takes about 5 minutes

  • JLA says:

    I once took some weed and stuffed into a muffin. One I didn’t know how to smoke or get a rello from someone. Second I never smoked weed before. After like a couple minutes(30min) It really hit me hard. I felt tingling and everything was like so calm felt like I was floating on air. I was so panicked I ran to my friends and they told me to calm down it was normal because I was litterally bawling my eyes out. I was also scared to go to sleep because I thought I would die. Lol. Now that I’m use to it. Its such a breeze no more panicking.

  • Jack Dee says:

    Being very Naive, But has anyone tried getting a whole plant and actually putting them through a Juicer. I know it probably be a waste of a plant but surely someone has done it.

    I know a bit about juicing and that it can get into your system almost instantly. looking for someone to answer this!

  • Smusí says:

    Once I ate about 1/3 piece of raw pot and then I ate very very spicy food.. Can that spicy food affect the process of getting high ?? because before I believed that fact that you can’t get high from raw pot but I was extremely high af.

  • Sam says:

    Eating a little of those loose leaf bits from the bottom of a bag tastes alright, but I do mean a tiny amount. I’ve never eaten a 2g bud!

    I’ve never tried edibles either, but from what I can gather, it’s a totally different high, right?

    • H.P. Picasso says:

      Right! Edibles generally will last longer too. For me, when I eat, my brain is much more foggy and watching a movie seems more realistic than reading a good or doing anything that requires thinking. But I eat a lot. Usually between 100-150 mg all at once. If you are curious about edibles, start small. Take 10 mg, wait half hour/an hour, see how you feel and take another 10 if you need to.

  • I work with chemicals, from studies and White Papers, tell me will slow or stop or cause Glycolysis of the Obligated Anaerobic disease to stop producing nutrients to feed the disease. One of course is Cannabis. Three years ago, a Doctor, told me I had to find a way to get level, I was overweight, hyper, ADD and PSA +PSA Fluid, were borderline, I was 60 years old and my older brother develop Prostrate Cancer. So the future was Bad, I distrust all of Traditional and Orthodox medicine, for they feel Cancer is Genetic and it is Metabolic. They miss the point, that dealing with Cannabis, helped, me to understand “Pyto” and “Endo”, how Cancer is either “Pyto” or has not reached “Pyto” with good Krebs Cycle working but a “Pre Selected Cancer Cell” is waiting for that “One Moment” to gain a hold and mutate. This “One Moment we Cause it from Lack of Education about what is Cancer, how does it begin within a human cell and how are “We Causing our own Cancers”? Now, does some formulas of Cannabis eliminate some forms of cancers, skin especially, yes. Over and over, could this same result occur if you only were to get the Cannabis various chemicals, from an IV Injection? Trans Dermal? Nano Particles? Yes, if the dose is correct for each “Unique Patient”, this article mentioned this one hard Learned lesson, never is any two people’s diseases, going to react the same necessarily. So, we bring, (8) chemicals, all known to stop the Metastasis, in six hours and stop the production of lactic acid, totally over the first 12 hours. So, why and how don’t you know? Good question, I found this all out, in three years of having Prostrate, I tried Non Psychoactive and Psychoactive Cannabis, smoke, vape, extracts, processed and dissolved in Milk Fats. Every possible way, suppositories and oral membrane passage. Even have some future for “Cannabis Eye Drops” because if you drop in your eye, inject straight to Blood Stream, you need 100x less and dosing is everything. Now, how is this done, Test reports of a “Quantity” and “Percentage of Chemical” in that “Volume”. So if they test 1 gram 1000 mg, it is 17% THC that is 170 mg of THC and if CBD is 3%, then 30 mg of CBD, is what the Test Report will tell the Doctor. When eating, it is “If No Decarboxylation or Decarboxylated”, this is critical. Then either way, the effects will be different, depending on the mixture of CBD with amount of THC, THCA and THCV, left, activated or not activated. If marijuana, is left alone, only cure slightly, then made into flour, you are “Super Food without High” and more potency due to not degrading the volume of potency, from decarboxylation. What do I mean, if you started with 2 grams or 2000 mg of weed, if you decarboxylate, the THCA 2000 mg will convert to 20 mg of THC ready for making Psychoactive effects occur. That is a 200 to 1 ratio from Raw to Decarbo, so while if “Buzz is the Focus” Decarbo but if medicine, to the target areas in your body for healing, “Do Not Decarbo”, Juice it with something with a Fat in it, then the Fat will “encapsulate the cannabis” and when the body digest the Fat, the chemicals in cannabis, will be activated and Psychoactive Effects will occur. Caution, Delta 9 could be digested by the Liver, if this is true, then Delta 9 can convert into Delta 11, 20% more, just because the Metabolic conversion by the liver into the blood stream converts it to Delta 11, so edible can be longer due to liver conversion but then 20% longer duration due to Delta 11, is 20% more potent. So, with ingestion, through Fats over Alcohol, is our choice. Summary, Yes you Eat Weed and Get High, If it is Processed to have Psychoactive chemicals ready to release. However, you can also eat weed, which has not been Activated and or Decarboxylated, having little to no effect, from psychoactive properties. Paradox is both is True and both can be False or one true and other false and vise versa.
    To be Decarboxylated or Not to be Decarboxylated, that is the Real Question?.

  • Droid says:

    I ate a nug of weed to avoid being caught with possession, I was wondering where am I looking at on terms of cleansing my system to be able to pass a drug test.

  • Marcelo Matiello says:

    Ingesting weed or weed smoke will (or can) make you sick. I accidentally ingested smoke instead of inhaling it and it was the worst experience I´ve ever had with weed. Eating it causes an awful trip that lasted for about 2 hours that seemed to last longer. I had to lie down on the couch as I got dizzy and disoriented. For over an hour i had a free falling sensation. And then I had an awful stomachache followed by diarrhea, Do not eat weed kids.

  • Swim says:

    I eat raw cannabis every day and I do get high every day from it.
    I live in a South American country where it is illegal, so there is absolutely no quality control. I’m talking about cannabis you people from rich countries would not dare to call it real cannabis. Sometimes it comes full of chemicals. There is a legend (don’t know if it is true or not) around here that the drug traffickers in order to scape drug sniffing dogs pour ammonia in the weed so the dogs cannot smell it. So, a lot of weed we get around here smells literally like some cleaning products. There is also a legend that the drug trafficker in order to save money just urinate on the weed and wait till it dries so the urine automatically turns into ammonia. Yes, it is some of the nastiest shit one can get, it really tastes like shit when you smoke it. So, what we do in order to get around this is boil the weed to get all those nasty things out, which in turns if you smoke it (after is dry of course) it tastes even worse than with the chemicals. Don’t get me wrong there is good weed around here, but it costs a lot and is hard to come around.
    So, what I have been doing to get around this problem is eating it and I do it raw. This is the process: I bring water to a full boil, throw the weed there and leave it there for 5 minutes, then I strain it and wash it with running water. Now it is ready to eat. I eat about 0.7 gram and it takes about 2 hours to hit me. For me it works perfectly as I eat it during my last break at work which is 1.5 hours before I get off. My commute back home is about 1.5 hours, so I’m stoned just about all the way home. I’m 38 and I smoked weed and cigarettes for years, so my throat can take it no more. As for the high it is a little milder but much longer lasting than when you smoke. I wish I had started eating earlier in life. As for the taste, well people, medicine usually doesn’t taste good right? Hope this helps someone, especially those looking for an alternative to smoking and an alternative to very low grade weed. P.S. Great thread MJ this really helps people.

  • I’ve tried eating all different kinds, so let me break it down:

    Yes, it can cause a tummy ache but it’s more of an ache from eating dry, stick laden bud. Prepared a bit it ain’t so bad.

    The high is different depending on how you eat it.

    I first experimented by eating a nug. A nice big one. It took 25 hours to kick in. I was lucky someone else was driving when it hit. Holy shit!

    But since then I’ve ate shake, different kind of strains, and tons of edibles, etc.

    First warning: your either a weed smoker, or a weed eater. They don’t mix well. It can cause an intense high. It made me feel like I was having a heart attack. But my blood pressure was a perfect 110 over 75. My pulse was low too, but normal low. My head felt thin like turpentine smells. Very intense and not enjoyable. Only way to get past it is to get past it.

    That being said I love putting my weed in coconut oil or butter. Super simple to do. And DON’T THROW AWAY THE SHAKE AFTERWARD. It’s perfect as a sprinkled herb on salads or whatever. The weed, or shake, then is even stronger after processing your coconut oil or butter.

    For reference, I do not smoke it anymore after my bad experience. That and smoking weed, even vaping, is still smoking. That goes against my new, healthier lifestyle. Eating edibles and other prepped cannbis is the way to go. And the high is more like a fun, easy going glider that climbs higher and higher! Best part, it lasts all night.

    Last important tip: your body needs to be trained in consuming edibles or other forms. The cannabis THE processes thru the liver to activate and get you high. The first few times seems inconsistent and random. No worries though, your body will learn.

  • Brittany says:

    I’ve been eating it for about 8 months. I have medical grade and have used many strains. I have never been sick from it. Consuming this way truly helps with my back and hips pain, and I’m not acting silly. It does take quite a bit to feel it though. I do like gummies better so I feel a little head high with the body buzz.

    I grind it, stick it on a spoon, put it on my tongue then have huge drink to wash it down. Taste isn’t bad that way. I am going to try warming it with coconut oil. Grateful for this thread.

  • Chris says:

    You absolutely can. I will never forget an experience I had in high school for as long as I live. I was bored one night and had a gram sitting in my room. I was curious and decided to just eat it with a bowl of cereal. It was weird but I ate it all, a unique experience in itself.

    After an hour or two I felt absolutely nothing and called it a night, went to bed. But…

    When I woke up in the morning for school, the trip to my alarm clock was the most trippy it had ever been. I immediately freaked out. I was incredibly stoned but it felt way more like a psychadelic. I tripped balls that whole day at school. It was hands down the most fucked up at school I had ever been. My friends certainly remember that day too.

    Maybe it was the fats in the cereal milk? I don’t know, but it was insane.

  • Hi I’m Raymond E Johnson I have type 2 diabetes peripheral neuropathy in my both legs my hands my back my spine tingling on my fingertips and on my toes and my feet I have headaches I also have high blood pressure it helps me relax and it helps me sleep help me eat healthier make clear decisions I’m what I’m doing in my life it was from the earth God bless the Earth with the plant marijuana use it wisely and God bless you all

  • Yes I’d like to know how to get information on what type of weed helps with neuropathy and my legs and feet and my hands and fingers my head my spine my back and in my body and I also have insomnia cuz somebody send me a sample or a list of what types of marijuana medical marijuana that would help out with my condition enjoy your life peace to everybody lots of love God is Almighty in creating this beautiful medicine take care of each other and love one another don’t have no division in your eyes love people unconditional don’t / looking at colors because diet made some beautiful people no matter what color they are I love you again this is Raymond E.Johnson from Phoenix Arizona and I approve this message I’m 50 years old peace↪↪↪↩↩

  • Loaf says:

    curing weed in a hot ass tent + eating that cured weed (about half 1/8th) before bed= great sleep and sometimes I wake up in middle of the night high as fuk. I dont smoke anymore, just straight eat buds, n i dig it.

  • Dysfunkshunal says:

    Eating is the only way I get high and it does work really well.please do more homework

  • Lorie says:

    I had to eat raw weed twice in my life and both times I threw the hell up. I know I sound like an ass for eating it but it was my only option at the time. Weed wasn’t legal and a much bigger deal to get caught with at that time. So I will just say both times had to do with hiding it from the police. The second time I didn’t get to hide it so well because I ended up throwing the whole damn blunt up right at the officers feet. I just couldn’t hold it in anymore! ..Lol Thankfully the officer was a nice guy and he thought that me being violently sick to my stomach was punishment enough.Oh boy did he and all his buddies have fun joking about me. I’m sure I gave them a lot of comic relief that night. So he didn’t charge me for it …Lmao

  • Skye says:

    Hi, I have a lung condition so my only choice is so eat it – also, I’m a terrible cook. So, the other day I stuck my weed in a dry herb vaporiser for about 5 mins to activate the THC, and then I just tipped it out and ate it raw. It wasn’t too bad, I knocked it back with some water. It was about as much as the average person would stick in a spliff. Anyway, I went to bed straight away (I used it to get to sleep) – and when I woke up, I was absolutely trashed. I was supposed to drive to the zoo for a friend’s kid’s birthday and my boyfriend had to buy temporary car insurance because I couldn’t drive. The room was spinning and my eyes looked insane! So yeah, you can get insanely high off raw weed.

  • WarsaWasraW says:

    Back in the summer of1979 I would put about a joints worth of shake on my ham sandwich, usually in the mustard, about an hour later I’d have a very nice long lasting high, maybe from the herb being in a metal container left in my car out in the sun?
    and if eating it won’t get you high and you think it’s a placebo effect, why were my dogs totally stoned after eating a bud they got accidentally, my smaller dog kept spinning her head and then fall over and that lasted for about an hour, the medium size dog just sat there watching television with a smile on his face, I’m more careful where I keep my bud now, out of their reach.

  • Judyjudyjudy says:

    Oh yeah, the people who eat and get sick may not be getting clean herb, could be getting hemp, the kind that doesn’t do anything when smoked, and someone is spraying it with jw16 artificial cannabinoids – synthetic thc, to sell to unsuspecting public, also had a friend that let his son purchase it from friends for him and it was laced with who knows what, maybe pcp. having a reliable source like a dispensary with tested raw bud , makes a big difference, I made tea and drank it and got a small buzz, let that dry out and smoked it wow it was 4 times better than the stash I took it from, new experience, have access to about 4 acres of hemp quality herb, looks pretty but no high, unless you isomerize it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes a small amount can get you high, at least mine does, maybe leaving it in my car in the sun converted the thca into thc, they say the temp inside a vehicle can get to 141 degrees F or higher, and I used to keep about a pound in the trunk of my MG, that was back in 1979, I would cure it in paper grocery bags after picking it out on the side of a country road where I would throw all the seeds that came with the colombian gold and red, you could expect about a quarter ounce of seeds in every ounce, in Dec every year sense was available nice big buds we referred to as Christmas trees, it was primo stuff at the time, close to medical grade flower of today

  • Bradley says:

    I believe a lot of the people saying they ingested raw bud and get high are possibly on some kind of other drugs or they are consuming large amounts of some potent strain of bud to activate the high in marijuana it takes heat and even though your body carries a temp of 98.6 that’s still not enough to get the full use or high out of the bud so again I say most of these people either don’t know what a high is or they are on some other kind of drug or medication and by the comments about half of them need to be on some sort of smart pill to help with their ignorance

  • Andy says:

    Will eating a marijuana leaf, show up in any drug test, hair, urine, blood or saliva?

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve eaten raw weed three times. The first time, I ate it before I went to sleep and I was high as hell. While laying down, I felt like someone was pressing my body down. When I got up, I was still high and disoriented. The second time, it was the same scenario except, I was not disoriented but still high as hell. The third time, I ate it before bed and I woke up the next day high. For all three times, I was physically tired and mentally, I was not there. You can literally tell that I was high because my eyes were low.

  • Michael says:

    I grind my weed (girl scout cookies) & tried it raw.
    6 table spoons in a smoothie & it got me high as a kite and it lasted much longer than a smoke high.
    The next 2 times I did this I got no buzz.
    Any explanation?

  • Debora Lee says:

    I’m in the hospital throwing my guts up sick with the flu I had some pot so I broke it up and swallowed it, since I can’t smoke it up here ,am I going to get high and is it going to settle my stomach like it does when I smoke it it was about a gram

  • Diana says:

    Sometimes you had to eat it. Like if you get pulled over. But I live in Illinois and it’s legal now so ….don’t have to worry about that anymore.

  • Annonymous says:

    Ha! I thought so… I have grown and eaten raw, fresh buds and NOTHING happened. I mean if I smoked the amount that I ate I would be stoned for a week so I assumed that it needs to be heated and your website confirms my assumption.

  • Redhead says:

    Yes, I’ve had to eat some weed. I ate (about 1/4 bag) while in another Country and had leftover weed & no one to give the extra to (while on vacation). It had been in a very hot car (in Caribbean) and was eaten on the way to the airport very hastily w/ just water..We didn’t want to throw it away at the airport. (not tasty!) lol.. The only road to the airport was stopped for an hour because of a bridge bring “up”. Two of us ate that good bud while waiting on that road.
    By the time the bridge was finally opened, we weren’t allowed on the plane, because you had to be there an hour early. We went back to the condo., and had a screwdriver cocktail at a friends house. (Just 1)
    By then it was close to 2 hours after we had hastily eaten that really good bud. I suddenly couldn’t stop laughing and felt like I was tripping on purple haze. I blamed it on the one cocktail to my friends.. (older people that didn’t partake)
    Of course it was the bud!!
    I had zero chemicals in my body. The next few hours were very “trippy” and we sat by the water and enjoyed it.
    You can definitely get high from good bud, but I wouldn’t recommend eating this quality or quantity unless you had to.

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