Blunts vs Joints: 5 Major Differences + Blunts Wraps & Spliffs


Are blunts better than joints? That depends on who you ask. Many people have a hard preference and tend to stick to just one or the other, but I personally switch between the two depending on the situation. Here are five differences between blunts and joints which should help you decide which one is better for you:

1. Size

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that a blunt is much larger than a joint. The exact amount can vary greatly depending on how you roll it, but often a blunt will hold around twice as much as a joint – of course, we all know that dude who packs an eighth into a single paper. Also, there are different sizes for papers. A standard 1.0 paper is going to be much smaller than a 1.5 – or as I like to call them, blankets.

Side Note About Blunt Wraps

Let’s also take this moment to briefly discuss the difference between a blunt and a blunt wrap. A blunt is a cigar that you cut down the side and empty out the tobacco. Alternatively, you can buy just the wrap without the tobacco inside. Wraps are typically almost twice the size of a blunt so you can actually cut it in half and roll two with it. Some people still prefer blunts over wraps as they are easier to roll.

2. Tobacco Content

This one is really important. Blunts are made from tobacco. Tobacco contains nicotine. If you do not want to consume nicotine as well as the other chemicals associated with tobacco then you will want to stick to joints. So, what are joint papers made out of? Lots of things. Some commonly used materials are flax, hemp, and rice. Of course, you can find specialty papers made from clear gelatin and even 24k gold papers.

Side Note About Spliffs

A spliff is when you use a rolling paper but you mix your weed with tobacco. This is popular is Europe, but you may occasionally see it in the U.S. as well.

3. Flavor

The flavors between joints and blunts are very different, but there is a huge variety of choices on both sides. For the most part, a blunt is going to have a more robust and powerful taste, which is some cases may overpower the flavor of the weed. The papers will have a more subtle taste, but certainly noticeable.

Blunts come in every flavor under the sun. Some people still stick to the originals but many opt for fruity flavors. Swisher Sweets remain incredibly popular with smokers, as do White Owl, Garcia Vega, and a whole bunch more.

Papers are often made without additional flavors, however, there are plenty of companies who are making flavored rolling papers. Juicy Jays have been a staple in the smoking community. In addition to being flavored, they are also in various colors. While many standard papers are white, you can get lots of designs, and you’ll also see unbleached papers which are a tan color.

4. Burn Time

A blunt is going to burn much slower and for a much longer period of time than a joint. Use this to your advantage. If you have a big group of people and plenty of time then a blunt may be the way to go. On the other hand, if you and a couple of buddies are just trying to get in a quick smoke then a joint may be your better option.

Many people smoke blunts specifically for the long burn time.

5. Smell

When it comes to smell there are two things you gotta think about: the initial smell and the lingering smell. Again we see the blunt is going to come off as a more powerful smell. It may mask the smell of the weed just a bit, but I wouldn’t bet on it. If you’re smoking indoors then it’s the lingering smell you have to worry about. The tobacco smell is typically more difficult to get rid of than the weed smell. So, if you have to smoke inside and you’re having company over later then you may want to stick with the joints.

As you can see, there is not really a clear cut answer to whether blunts are better than joints. The truth is it’s best to be able to choose between them depending on the situation. Which do you like better? Let me know in the comments below.


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