5 Ways to Flirt During a Smoke Session

Everyone flirts. Let’s face it, flirting is fun, and it doesn’t seem to be the type of thing that goes out of style as you age. Even if you have a significant other it can still be fun to flirt with them. Life if full of chances to flirt and smoke sessions can present an array of wooing opportunities.

This is not a sure fire guide on how to acquire a mate. This is simple a list of observations made over many smoke sessions. The most important thing is to be yourself. If any suggestions don’t feel natural to you then don’t even attempt it. You are awesome, and there is no reason to change yourself to impress someone else.

With that said, here is a list of 5 things you may want to keep in mind next time you find yourself starting a smoke session with a guy/girl you are attracted to.

1. Roll a joint

Woman licking lips. flirt smoke session www.maryjanesdiary.com

A little symbolism can go a long way when it comes to flirting. Rolling a joint gives you the opportunity to lick across the paper. Can you see where I’m going with this? Don’t get nasty about it, but if done tastefully the ‘joint-lick’ can be sexy.

For the bold: Look him/her in the eyes while you lick it.

2.Set the mood

flirt smoke session candles www.maryjanesdiary.com creative commons photo courtesy of:https://www.flickr.com/photos/adulau/5416221717/in/photolist-9fBy24-jE8nzS-ddzjqz-9bJPDr-78MoeJ-jdwWRd-6psiby-7PVzv-eGG4cR-8KvCQJ-8QZLek-7PVB6-6pshD9-7ohVAD-62k9K3-4N3nPB-4qCFKC-axUJbK-2ibV4g-5Hpw5r-fgENxF-4DRA6V-7nyR3a-5HyETt-7ywVEQ-4fdubc-srR2-srR4-969Gpp-7ywVGN-NyBgR-biMCge-iAPUUh-7Y3k1J-99JAMt-6zHTL1-7vXqey-9cmbLU-6xHyi3-bP9wve-8xQKVv-id6jbL-7ywVKG-gr8Hkq-2FyYgp-dEBgoP-8PU634-bJ3HHB-8nNmj-8nNje/

Setting the mood for a smoke session can be rather similar to setting the mood for a much more intimate interactions.

Light a scented candle. Studies have shown that fragrance can have a profound impact on mood. Also, pot smokers have shown that fragrance can have a profound impact on how skunky the room smells. Additionally, candles cast a nice warm glow.

Turn on the right music. Music is an essential part of many smoke sessions. Take this opportunity to allow the music to help you woo. What is the right music? This is something you must decide for yourself. Everyone has a different style that works for him or her. The main point is to keep in mind that the music you pick is going to have an impact on the mood.

For the bold: Dim the lights down low. This one is a bit more obvious because it’s not necessarily typical for all smoke sessions.

3. The hand touch

Joint pass hand touch www.maryjanesdiary.com flirt smoke session

No matter what you smoke out of you are most likely going to be passing it back and forth. This gives you the opportunity to touch his/her hand as you make the exchange. It may not seem like much, however; it may help break the ice for more intimate physical contact.

For the bold: Let the moment of contact linger. The longer you hold it there the more difficult it is to play off.

4. Blow smoke rings

smoke rings flirt smoke session www.maryjanesdiary.com

This is something that you need to practice, and only pull out when you have it perfected. The ability to blow good smoke rings is simply impressive no matter if you are wooing someone or hanging out with friends.

For the bold: Suggestively insert your finger into the rings.

5. Handle your high

yield know your limit flirt smoke session

Know your limit. Nothing can kill the mood you have created like losing your cool. You don’t what to get so high that you lose your wit and begin rambling about nonsense.

For the bold: Just ask him/her out on a date. Smoking is a great way to meet people and get to know them, but you may be surprised at how desirable you can be without ever having to spark a joint.


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