20 Stoner Names for Your Dog, Cat, or Pet Rock

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Looking for the perfect stoner name for your new pet? I’ve compiled a list of various names that work well for any pet – no matter if it’s a cat, dog, or your iguana. For anyone stuck in the 70s, these will also work well for your pet rock.

Some of these names are subtle and some of them are anything but subtle. It just depends on how much you’re trying to keep on the down low. The first 7 are names of famous weed smokers/activists. The rest are a pretty mixed bag.

If you know if any good names I didn’t list then please let us all know in the comment section below the article. This list has 20 names, but if everyone comments we can all compile so much more!

1. Marley

Bob Marley is a household name. Not very many reggae artists can make that claim. His music is synonymous with Rastafarianism, the island of Jamaica, and, of course, weed – or should I say ganja? Marley is a perfect stoner pet name, and you can always just say you named them after the movie Marley and Me.

2. Snoop

This name typically works best if you have a pet dogg (see what I did there?) or perhaps a lion. But, hey, if you want a Snoop Catty Cat then far be it from me to try and stop you.

3. Cheech

Honestly you could use the name Cheech or Chong and they would both give off the same vibe. Better yet, get two pets and name them accordingly.

4. Willie

Willie is a good ol’ classic American name. It’s also the name of country music legend and world famous pot head, Willie Nelson.

5. Jimi

There are a lot of Jimmy’s so this one can be pretty subtle when spoken. But, when seen written there is an unmistakable connection to rock legend Jimi Hendricks. He was known for face melting guitar rifts, lighting instruments on fire, and smoking a whole bunch of bud.

6. Joplin

Janice Joplin joins Jimi Hendrix in the forever 27 club. She also joins my heart as an amazing musical artist and fellow cannabis lover.

7. Rogan

Does it stand for Seth Rogan or Joe Rogan? Does it really matter? They’re both famous entertainers who make no mistake about their consumption habits.

8. Sinse

This is where some of the names get a bit more abstract, but I kinda like them that way. This one is pronounced sin-see and it’s short for sinsemilla – a term for weed without seeds.

9. Smoke

This one is kinda obvious, but I had to include it because my brother used to have a cat named smoke. This was back when he was 10 and certainly not smoking, but it works either way. Best used on animals with gray fur.

10. Buddha

Buddha has been a long-standing term for weed. Honestly, I have no idea how it got the nickname. I always assumed it was in connection to the “laughing Buddha” statues that have become popular. Weed does make me laugh at things I normally wouldn’t – that’s for sure. Whether you’re a weed smoker, a Buddhist, or both this is an excellent name for your fish or ferret or whatever.

11. Mary Jane

A classic name that only gets better with time.

12. Kief / Kiefer

I went with kief because I think it makes for a better name than trichome, but I’ll let you be the final judge of that one. You can always play it off as if you’re just a really big fan of German painter/sculptor Anselm Kiefer.

13. Reefer (Reef for short)

No real need to explain this one. I feel it speaks pretty loudly for itself.

14. Bud

Do you remember the movie air bud? I feel like stoners who have a golden retriever have a sort of civic duty to name them bud. Bud in your pipe and bud by your side – dope.

15. Nug / Nugget

This name is perfect for pretty much any small animal. If you have a pet chicken then the name may seem a bit insensitive.

16. Blaze

Blaze one for blaze. This works great for a fast animal, but something about the irony of naming a turtle blaze sits well with me.

17. Mota

Mota is a Spanish term for weed. So, your geographic region is going to dictate how much slack you get for naming your pet this. On second thought, this probably isn’t a great name, but I’ve already written this much and I’m not going to delete it.

18. Puff

I’ve always told myself if I get a pet dragon then the name will definitely be puff. Bonus points if it’s a magic dragon. I would also settle for using this name on large lizards which are basically magical dragons in my opinion.

19. Doobie

If you name your pet this then there’s really no way to justify it other than your affinity for weed. Maybe Doobie Brothers, but I think that’s a bit of a stretch. This name if for the bold.

20. Zig Zag

This rolling paper company has withstood the test of time and has been immortalized by popular culture. Got a 3 legged dog that doesn’t quite walk right – this is the name for you.

Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think about these names in the comment section below, but also please let me and all the other readers know if you have a good stoner pet name that wasn’t mentioned – the possibilities are endless and I only named 20. 

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  • salpine says:

    This is cute. Back when my brother and I got baked we took in a stray that showed up, an orange haired tabby. He named her Kush after an epic bag of kush that was heavy with orange hairs. I always thought Kush was a great stoner name for a pet.

  • George says:

    Stop calling it “weed” please…anti marijuana advocates use that antiquated term…Cannabis, maraijuana -anything but weed…. we must educate

  • Arianna says:

    If you wanna be hella ovibous just name your pet Indica or Sativa I named my bearded dragon Idie (pronounced eye-Dee) and although the spelling doesn’t make much sense for the meaning it is actually an acronym I.D. for Indica Dominant which is my favorite hybrid strain

    • Angela says:

      I have 2 cats named Dewbie (doobie) and Dabs. I’m trying to name my new kitty the same way just haven’t figured out what to name her yet

  • Anonymous says:

    I have 2 dogs atm .First one is Highgrade and second one is Kush .I got a cat and also wanted a weed name so i googled it never knowing that i would get actual results so what shoulf i name her also my uncles cat was named sinsee

  • Donnie says:

    I have a cat named Dank and a dog named Dabby. Characters from disjointed.

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