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PenSimple herb grinder review

I’ve personally owned at least 20 different grinders. Of course, some are better than others, but most of them are pretty similar and work using the same technology used for decades. Meet the game changer – PenSimple.

What is PenSimple?

PenSimple is a grinder like you’ve never seen before. Like, for real. Forget everything you thought you knew about herb grinders.

The first thing you’ll notice is the shape. It doesn’t look like any other grinder on the market. It sort of looks like a marker or crayon – and that’s kinda the point. Instead of trying to dump a round grinder full of herb, you can simply point the tip where you want your herbs to go. The PenSimple will dispense exactly where you point it. This means you’ll never have to worry about spilling your herb again.

The design is also discreet. It doesn’t look like a grinder so it can be carried around without anyone knowing what you really have.

The unique shape also provides a larger grinding chamber, which lets you grind more, but also provides an improved and more consistent grinding experience.

Hurray, this means we can finally stop trying to collect carpet herb, because you know you never really get all the fibers picked out.

Oh, did I mention has an electronic dispenser? Just load your herb into one end, twist to grind, the press the button and watch your herb automatically dispense exactly where you want it. You still need to grind the herb by twisting like a traditional grinder, but from there you’re only a button away from loading up whatever you find clever. It only takes a second or two to load up your piece, papers, vape, or whatever you want to load your herbs into. The process is as simple and efficient as possible.

PenSimple herb grinder

The PenSimple also incorporates a storage area so you can hold extra herb. In fact, thanks to it’s modular design it actually has 2 different storage modes. ‘Standard mode’ will fit over 1 gram of herb. If, however; you remove the top and bottom grind teeth you enter into ‘adventure mode’ which allows you to store up to 3 grams of herb.

It’s awesome for on the go. Just toss some herb in and roll out. Then just press a button whenever you need freshly ground herb.

The push button operation also allows you to operate the PenSimple one-handed. Go ahead; try to use your regular old grinder one handed.

Wanna see it in action? Check out their video:

How PenSimple Got Started

PenSimple got a lot of its early momentum from a post on Reddit. After a huge positive response JAEB Designs, makers of PenSimple, knew they had something special.

They went on to do what I call the ‘Edison Test’. You know the story – it took Edison about 2000 tries to make a perfect light bulb. Well, the folks over at PenSimple went through hundreds of prototypes before they found the perfect configuration for this grinder.

It’s been a 3-year design process that has culminated in the world’s most efficient grinder of all time.

How to Get PenSimple

Buying the PenSimple is as easy as using it. Just head over to At the time this is written, PenSimple is now available for preorders, which will begin shipping December 2016.

Seriously though, I would go ahead and preorder, because these grinders are getting a ton of attention so preorders are going quick.

Final Thoughts

The grinder market has remained stagnant for far too long. For decades we’ve seen the same designs perpetuated across throughout every grinder company. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a company come in and turn the industry upside down. I am incredibly excited to watch this product blow up over the next month.

PenSimple herb grinder logo

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