How Long Do You Stay High After Smoking Weed / Edibles?

How Long Do You Stay High?

Wondering how long does it will take to get sober from being high? It’s a popular and seemingly simple question. The answer, on the other hand, is a bit more complex because it varies based on several factors.

For instance, the amount of time you stay high for the first time is going to be different than someone who smokes frequently. So, before I give you a range of time I want to quickly go over the factors that will influence the duration of your high.

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Factors Affecting Time For High To Wear Off
     Amount Consumed
How Long Do You Stay High From Smoking?
How Long Do The Effects Of Edibles Last?
How To Get Rid Of A High?

Factors Affecting Time For High To Wear Off

Every situation is different so take into account all the factors below before trying to determine how long your high will last.


How often do you smoke? If you smoke often then you probably already have a good idea of your tolerance. If you’re just starting out then assume your tolerance is very low and your high will likely fall on the lengthier side of the spectrum.

Amount Consumed

This should go without saying, but I want to be thorough. The more you smoke, the longer your high will last. If you’re a beginner then start very slowly. Take one hit at a time and wait a minute or two between. It’s better to take your time and know your limits then to create an uncomfortable situation for yourself.


Not all cannabis is created equal. High-grade weed will contain higher amounts of THC than low grade. So, potency needs to be in your mind when considering how much you should smoke.

Okay, that’s the super quick rundown. Now I’m gonna give you some ranges. They are broad ranges, but they have to be since situations vary so greatly. I’ve also broken it down between smoking and edibles since they produce different effects.

How Long Do You Stay High From Smoking?

Typically, you will stay high for 2-3 hours. If it’s your first time then it could last longer. People who smoke habitually could stay high for as little as 30 minutes. So, I guess the full range would be anywhere from 30 minutes up to 4 hours, but 2-3 hours is typical for a casual smoker.

Let me know if the comment section how long you typically get high for. 

How Long Do The Effects Of Edible Last?

Edible are a totally different story from smoke. Your high from edibles is going last longer. Typically, you will experience a 4-6 hour high from edible. Of course, the high depends on the same factors as smoking (tolerance, amount consumer, and potency). A recommended dose for a first-timer is 10mg. Remember, it can take up to 2 hours for the effects to even start.

How To Get Rid Of A High?

Truth is, time is really the only thing that can truly get rid of a high, but here are some suggestions for things you can do to make yourself more comfortable and lessen some of the effects:

Drink a glass of water. Some people suggest a glass of milk because it helps absorb the THC. I don’t think it would hurt, but I haven’t found any evidence this works that aren’t anecdotal. The water will help, though. It hydrates you which will lessen cotton mouth if nothing else. 

Get some fresh air. If you’re smoking inside then get out of the cloud of smoke and breath some good old oxygen. Take some calming deep breaths. This will do more than you think. 

Take a shower. BUT, but careful that you’re not going to fall or slip since, after all, you are high. A hot shower feels good, but a cold shower wakes the senses. Try both. 

Eat something. You probably have the munchies anyway. 

Nap it off. Just snuggle up with your favorite blanket and nap the afternoon away. The effects will be gone or at least lessened by the time you wake up. 


If you take it slow and learn your limits then you shouldn’t have any problems. Also, make sure you are leaving yourself enough time to sober up before having to drive or do other hazardous activities.  

Now, most importantly – I need you all to let me know how long you stay high for. The more people who respond, the better idea we can get for an average. Try to include info on tolerance, amount consumed, and potency. Just leave me a comment below. As always, I encourage you to use a fake name and email address.  

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  • Yogirl says:

    About1.5-3 hours

  • Dat Boi says:

    My tolerance isnt very high, Im usually chill all day after a wake and bake at 6AM, but the high only lasts til mid day 12-1PM

  • Jay says:

    I recently tried edibles for the first time. I took 5mgs and I was high for almost 9 hours.

  • tishim says:

    30-45 mins off of a .2 and im an everyday smoker, when i first started a .2 bowl would leave me high for 3-4 hours, been about a 2 year transition

  • Ditziie says:

    I have smoked daily for the past 4 or 5 years, with the exception of a few months when I was getting drug tested a couple years ago, and a month last spring when I quit for personal reasons, so my tolerance is fairly high. I only smoke, I’ve never tried any edibles, so I don’t know about that, but for smoking, depending on the quality of weed, I stay high anywhere from 30 or 45 mins to about an hour and a half…never really much longer than that.

    If I’m smoking loud, I still feel mellow and chilled out for about an extra 30 or 40 minutes but I wouldn’t say I’m still high, just very relaxed. God, I miss the days when I could take a few hits and be blown away for an hour or two, giggling my ass off, raiding the fridge and eating everything in site, then taking a nice nap. Blahhh, stoner problems lol.

    I don’t think water sobers you up at all though lol. Water is the only thing I drink, and yeah it helps with cotton mouth, but it literally doesn’t change my high at all.

    But taking a shower def helps. I don’t think I’ve ever been so stoned that I would pose a risk to myself by taking a shower so I think that’s good advice :)
    And definitely eating, for me, that is about the only sure way to sober up fast. Even if you’re not completely sober after you eat, it will kill your buzz enough for you to be able to hide it.

    Happy smoking xx

  • J. says:

    I’ve been smoking a tenth of a gram daily for about four years now, and I tend to be lit for anywhere from an hour to two. Sometimes it last longer, but I chalk that up to variance in the bud. I stick with the reggie because a) I’m not looking to get baked out of my gourd, b) that other stuff is way too expensive, and c) I worry that the expensive stuff could be doped with something else to make it so potent. I like it natural and cheap, basically :)

  • T M N says:

    I was first diagnosed with Lupus, that was changed last year to Fibromyalgia. After nothing else worked, I tried edibles with the help of a friend, but now have to smoke. I use a “pinch hitter.” I have smoked infrequently- about a year- hoping that limiting my use will make the effects on my pain last longer. Taking One or two pinch hits, inexpertly loaded I’m sure, pushes back my pain about 2-3 hours. A few times better herbs have lasted longer, one time about 4-5 hours on one rolled toke.

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