5 Stoner Pokemon Every Pot Smoker Should Catch

stoner pokemon grass energy

I have no idea if the game developers smoke pot, but the inventors sure did develop some stoner Pokemon.

Do you remember the days when we used to trade cards in the lunchroom at school? Most of the kids who grew up with the originial trading cards are adults now, but we still love to think back on the good ol’ days.

New Pokemon are constantly being released. I decided to keep it original, and only use the first 150 from the trading card game.

snorlax stoner Pokemon

1. Snorlax – Just read the bottom of the card: “Very lazy. Just eats and sleeps”. Is this sounding familiar? I’m not always lazy when I’m high, but sometimes I smoke indica, so there’s that. 

koffing stoner Pokemon

2. Koffing – With a move like smokescreen you’re definitely going to want this guy on your team. Plus, he’ll totally understand if you go into a coughing fit during the battle.

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charizard stoner Pokemon

 3. Charizard – The fact that this is a foil card gives Charizard a bonus. Plus, he spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders. How’s that for getting the dab nail heated up in a flash.

oddish stoner Pokemon

4. Oddish – This Pokémon looks like a weed leaf. What else do I have to say? 

weedle stoner Pokemon

5. Weedle – You can’t spell Weedle without weed! This Pokémon eats it’s weight in leaves every day. Can you say munchies? Plus, it looks like it could work well as a dabber.

Gotta catch em all! Do you know any other Pokemon who should have made this list? Tell me in the comments. Maybe you know about a good one outside of the original 150. Let me know about that too.

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