Nail Crown Review: Dabbers Gotta Have It


I was given a free sample of this product; however, I was not compensated for this review. 

nail crown

I got a chance to check out some more of the gear that the folks over at Cruz Culture are making. I recently reviewed their oil and wax pens, and interviewed their Founder, and CEO. This time, they sent me a Nail Crown. Its basically a silicone multitool for dabbers.

cruz culture nail crowns

The very top of the crown is great for holding your dabs. The sides curve up nicely which make it easy for getting dabs out. The height is closer to the height on a rig so getting a dab on the nail is even easier.

The peaks in the crown is where you can hold your dabber, or pen, or really whatever you feel needs to be held. Is it you? Do you need to be held?

The base comes off easily so you pick up a hot nail without getting burned. You can also store stuff inside the Nail Crown. Even the base comes in handy if you need a spare silicon surface. It comes in about a billion colors including glow in the dark.

Cruz Culture nailed it again (cheesy pun intended). If you dab regularly then you should seriously check out the nail crown. I can’t wait to find out what Cruz Culture is going to come up with next – I’ll be sure to keep you posted when I do.

Cartel Papers Review & Interview w/ Creative Director, Taylor


I was given a free sample of this product; however, I was not compensated for this review. 

money bills rolling papers

I got a chance to check out some pretty cool new papers made by Cartel Papers. These are not your average papers. In fact, just about everything about these papers goes against the grain of traditional rolling papers. After this review check out my exclusive interview with Taylor, the Creative Director over at Cartel.

Review of Cartel Papers

cartel papers

The print quality on these papers are incredible. Like really incredible. There are plenty of people printing on rolling papers but no one is getting this kind of resolution. The $100 bills really look like bills – except slightly smaller.

Cartel includes organic honey instead of the traditional ‘lick and stick’ style gum.

They also include a glass filter. If you’ve never used glass filters on a joint, I highly recommend them. They keep the joint from getting wet, and makes it easier to smoke as the joint gets shorter. Typically you have to buy these separate so it’s pretty cool that they include them.

Two papers, one tube of hone, and one glass filter runs $10. At this price, it may not be your everyday rolling papers, but they’re still awesome to break out for an occasion. If nothing else, I guarantee it will start a conversation if you bring a rolled up $100 bill to the smoke circle.

Interview With Creative Director, Taylor

100 bill cartel rolling papers joint

Mary Jane’s Diary (MJD): What has been the toughest part about manufacturing these rolling

Taylor (T): Manufacturing these papers has been the most challenging aspect of this business. Our company was the first company to develop a method of producing vibrant and safe images onto rolling paper. We started off by our Founder/CEO that holds an advanced degree in Computer Science/Engineering, wanting to create a revolutionary product in the smoking industry. So he set out on his journey to try to invent a way to allow an image to be relayed on a very thin rolling paper. After countless hours of research, he developed a prototype then began to start producing them to see if the demand was there. He found that people were gravitated to this product, so he began to find a way to industrialize his product. He traveled around the world, hand sourcing each ones of his suppliers in various parts of Europe and Asia. Then, he began constructing the custom manufactured equipment that costed an upwards of $1,000,000 to create a custom factory to mass produce these products . It has been a very long journey to create the product that is sold today. From the packaging down to every detail on the paper, each part of the product was carefully created to give our users the most luxury experience possible.

MJD: What is the process for choosing new artwork?

T: The creative process varies, but most of the artwork is chosen based off current trends in the world. We constantly update our products to try to give our customers the most relevant new smoking experience each time they smoke a Cartel. I would compare the creative process to creating a t-shirt that has a print all-over.

MJD: Does the added ink pose any additional health risks?

T: Our team of researchers are always analyzing every batch of papers that we produce to ensure that we maintain the highest level of safety possible. Based on our extensive research, we have found no further additional health risk at this time.

MJD: Why did you decide on the organic honey instead of the typical gum?

T: The Cartel always does stuff a little different. Our products are designed for the most luxury smoking experience known to mankind, so we wanted to eliminate glue on our papers to allow our papers to burn more even and to give the ability to not having to use the entire rolling paper for one joint. This allows greater more creative control, and to let our Cartel Members create works of art.

MJD: Which do you prefer – indica or sativa?

T: Sativa. I find its the best creative stimulant.

To learn more check out Cartel Paper’s Website.

Santa Cruz Vape Pens Review & Interview w/ Founder, Ryan Okrant

santa cruz vape pens

I was given a free sample of this product; however, I was not compensated for this review. 

There is an enormous amount of vape pens on the market. It seems like a new company is popping up every day. If you’re going to enter the vape scene then you’ve got to find a way to stick out.

Santa Cruz Vapes sent me two vape pens: one for wax and one for oil. I reviewed them both, and got a chance to interview Ryan Okrant, CEO.

wax and oil vaporizer pens review

Vape Pen Review

Unboxing the pens was actually pretty exciting. The packaging is awesome, and makes for a really cool stash box.

Both pens use the same battery which is great. It charges through a usb connection located under a cap on the bottom of the pen. The battery life on these things is awesome. Even with regular use they lasted a few days on a single charge. The construction is solid with just enough weight to give it the right feel.

The wax pen uses a wickless double coil. I loaded it up with a nice glob of wax, and prepared to blast off. The whole unit is really sleek with a solid construction. It hits awesome.

The tank on the oil pen is huge. It’s made with bullet proof glass so you don’t have to worry about breaking it. Like the wax pen, it delivers a super smooth hit.

I use these vapes everyday. I’ve already dropped them both plenty of times, and still haven’t had a problem with them.

As a special thank you, Santa Cruz Vapes has offered all my readers 10% off by using the coupon code: 420 (This is not an affiliate code, and I do not receive any kickbacks if you purchase a vape pen.) Check out their website for ordering and pricing info. 

santa cruz vape interview

Santa Cruz Vapes CEO Interview

Mary Jane’s Diary (MJD): There are tons of vape pen manufacturers entering the market. What separates Santa Cruz Vapes from all the other vape pens available?

Ryan Okrant (RO): Santa Cruz Vapes, produced by Cruz Culture, can be distinguished from other vape brands in two major ways. First, our product itself is designed and constructed with every detail accounted for; from our coil and battery to our durability and style, we have invested endless time ensuring our design is what is best for consumers. While we are proud of the quality product we deliver, we know it isn’t enough to stand out in this over crowded industry. Our main differentiating factor is our consumer support. It begins with our detailed user manual which comes included with every kit. All vape pens require a user to have certain level of understanding in order to have a pleasant experience. We’ve taken the time to make clear step-by-step instructions to help customers enjoy our vape right out of the box. In addition, behind the scenes we are incredibly responsive to customer questions and concerns presented from every source, whether it be our toll free number, website email links, or any of the social media sites we host.

MJD: What has been the most challenging part about starting a vaporizer company?

RO: The most challenging part about starting a vaporizer company is how fast the industry is growing. When I began the company there were only a few major players. Now with so many different vape manufacturers popping up everyday, it is difficult for consumers and wholesale buyers to determine which companies to buy from. It takes time and research to determine which manufacturers provide quality products, are easy to communicate with and will stand behind their guarantee. We have been recognized for our consumer focused approach by Hotbox, a consumer review business focused on marijuana related products. In time, the Santa Cruz Vape brand as well as Cruz Culture will stand out as a leader in consumer support across the vaporizer and marijuana industries.

MJD: What’s next for Santa Cruz – any upcoming releases you can tell us about?

RO: Cruz Culture is about to re-release a product we first unveiled in Denver last April, the Nail Crown. It is a silicone safety tool for dab nails; it allows you to cover or carry your dab nail while it is still hot along with providing a slough of other universal functions. It will be available in 20 colors, 5 of which will glow in the dark and 3 will change colors with exposure to heat, letting you know your nail is hot. They will be available online at the end of April.

MJD: Which do you prefer – indica or sativa?

RO: It really depends on the situation; if I’m about to hop on a 5 hour plane flight, I’m going for an indica for sure. Whereas, if I need to stay up late and power out some design work, I will stick with sativas.

Santa Cruz Vapes are moving up quickly in a pretty cut throat market. I’m super excited to see how far they can push this industry.

Do you ever use vape pens? Let me know why or why not in the comment section below.



MassRoots IPO – Interview with Issac Dietrich, CEO



MassRoots is a social media app built specifically for the cannabis community. The company started less than two years ago, and they’re already going public!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Isaac Dietrich, C0-Founder and CEO of Mass Roots. We talked about expanding the company, scaling the mobile app, shareholders, and favorite strains. Check out the interview below for a behind the scenes look at a cannabis related company that is commanding the world’s attention.

Mary Jane’s Diary (MJD): MassRoots is a young company, but has already seen some pretty explosive growth. What has been the biggest challenges of leading a company through such rapid expansion?

Isaac Dietrich (ID):The greatest challenge in scaling a company like MassRoots is being able to generate accelerating growth in all areas of the company. We’re scaling our development team, network, shareholder base, legalization initiatives and public relations, simultaneously, so we’re constantly pulled in multiple directions. Our philosophy is that everyone should focus on the most important at any given time that will take the company to the next level, instead of getting distracted by things of minor importance.

MJD: What are some of the difficulties associated with scaling the app?

ID: We initially designed the App’s infrastructure to support hundreds of users; now that we’re up to 275,000 people on our app, things are starting to break. During peak hours of the day, there is literally too much demand for our product, which is a great position for any business to be in. We’re just now starting to bring in serious development talent, so we’re starting to build an infrastructure that can scale to millions of users.

MJD: What do you consider the biggest benefit of going public?

ID: Access to more sources of capital and the ability to build a broad shareholder base, which is another competitive advantage and barrier to entry against any potential competition.

MJD: Do you think shareholders will impact the app?

ID: What I’m most excited about is giving MassRoots’ users the ability to own a piece of our company and invest in a legitimate opportunity in the cannabis industry. I can’t guarantee we’ll be successful and there are thousands of ways MassRoots can fail; but I can promise that we will work tirelessly to build MassRoots into the leading app and software brand for the cannabis industry.

MJD: What is one piece of advice you would give to entrepreneurs getting started in the cannabis industry?

ID: Do something unique, don’t try to copy something that’s already been done.

MJD: Which do you prefer: indica or sativa?

ID: Sativa for the wake and bake, Indica for the late night chill sesh.

The cannabis industry is quickly maturing. MassRoots future may still be full of risks and obstacles, but they’ve pushed past difficulties before. In February of 2015, MassRoots (along with the help of an incredible community of cannabis supporters) successfully changed Apple’s policy against cannabis related apps.

You should check out MassRoots for iOS and Android,  if you haven’t already. I think they’re doing big things, and I certainly wish them the best.

What do you think about MassRoots going public? Let me know in the comment section below.

Weed Etiquette: 10 Rules for the Smoke Circle

weed etiquette


Over time, a code of weed etiquette has emerged. This code forms an unspoken set of rules to keep order amongst the smoking circle. The following have become practically universal among smokers. 


1. No Peer Pressure

If someone doesn’t want to smoke they shouldn’t have to. Also, if someone has smoked some but doesn’t want another hit them you shouldn’t pressure them into it. Live and let live. Plus, the less they smoke, the more you get to smoke. 

2. Try to Contribute

We all have times where we can bring bud to the circle, but you should still try to contribute. A bag of chips and a two liter is a great way to say thanks and it only costs 3 or 4 dollars. With that said, if you offer to smoke with someone you shouldn’t expect anything in return. Just remember all the times you were helped by friends when the well ran dry. 

3. Pass it to the Left

Keeping a proper rotation is important. Always rotating to the left makes it easy. So, just pass it to the left. 

4. Roller’s Rights

Whoever rolls the joint/blunt gets to spark it. Same goes with bowl – whoever packs the bowl get to spark it. From there, please review number 3. 

5. Respect the Space

House rules always rein supreme. If you are smoking at someone’s house please be respectful. This also goes for hotels, parks, or any other place you light up. If you aren’t being considerate then you’re giving all pot smokers a bad reputation.

6. Don’t get Down with the Sickness

If you’re sick do not bring it into the smoke circle. For real! Let the group know and you can smoke a personal pipe that won’t get passed around. 

7. Greens

A green hit is when you smoke a pipe and light green herb as opposed to lighting into a pile of ash and carbon. The first greens is discussed in number 4; however, if you hit a pipe lightly from the rim of the bowl you can leave additional green hits for others. This is always a polite gesture and proper weed etiquette. 

8. No Cigarettes in the Circle

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who would honestly claim that cigarettes are good for you, but that’s neither here nor there. If you do smoke step outside or away if possible. If everyone in the circle is a smoker it’s okay, but I still think you would be happier having that cigarette outside.

9. Two Puffs and a Pass

When smoking a joint or blunt you should only hit it twice before passing. Bowls and bongs are typically one hit then pass it. Of course, if the circle agrees to do it different that’s no problem. Just refer to number 1o. 

10. The Rules were Made to be Broken

Weed etiquette isn’t really rules at all – they’re initial guidelines. They are helpful if you are entering a smoke circle where you don’t really know everyone. Often smoke circles are close friends in which case they may do things totally different. 


Just be chill – that’s pretty much all you have to do to fit into a smoke circle.

How To Make A Snow Bong

snow bong

Snow days are pretty much the greatest thing ever. Nothing beats a solid excuse to ditch your ‘real’ obligations in exchange for a day of fun and relaxation. A few inches of snowfall was all it took to send me into stoner engineering mode. I wanted to see if I could make a working bong completely out of snow – no glass slide, no tin foil, no nothing – just snow.

So, is it possible to smoke out of something completely made of snow? I had my doubts, but keep reading. The results are nothing short of awesome!

Materials Needed to Make A Snow Bong:

material needed for snow bong


  • Snow.
    This is by far the most important thing. All of the other materials are negotiable. 
  • A bowl. (the kind you eat cereal out of – not the kind you use to smoke weed)
    This is going to give you something to build on. Alternatively, you could just build it directly into a pile of snow. 
  • Dowel.
    This will let you make the smoke chamber. You can use all sorts of other stuff if you don’t have a dowel. I bet you could make a shower curtain rod work. 
  • A skewer.
    This is to form the bowl. You could also use a small screwdriver, clothes hanger, small stick, etc. 

Step 1: Pile Some Snow Into the Bowl

how to make a snow bong part 2


Step 2: Insert the Dowel Into the Snow, and Pack it in.

Make sure you don’t push the dowel all the way to the bottom. Leave about 2 inches of snow between the dowel and the bowl. 

snow bong part 2


Step 3: Grab More Snow and Build It to Your Desired Height.

This is also your chance to show of your sculpting skills. I obviously have none. 



Step 4: Remove the dowel.

snow pipe part 5


Step 5: Use a Skewer to Poke a Thin ‘Downstem’ into the Chamber.



Step 6: Then, Use the Skewer to Carve a Small Bowl.

make a pipe out of snow part 7


Step 7: Pack it Up and Enjoy!

snow bong

 Does it actually work? Hell yeah it works! Well, kinda. I was able to get about 5 good puffs off of it before it melted beyond use. It’s quite a bit of effort for just 5 hits, but it sure was fun. You could certainly add a glass bowl and get a good bit more time out of it, but I wanted to see if you could smoke out of just snow – and yes, you can. Awesome. 


Is Ebay Selling Pot Brownies?

ebay pot brownie

I hate to break it to you, but no – Ebay is not selling pot brownies. However, the snapshot above was not photoshopped. Ebay really did release this ad. You can imagine how disappointed I was after being lured in by the awesome ratings.

Okay, maybe I knew that the ad was haphazardly generated the moment I saw it, but I did find it amusing that they were bidding on these particular search terms. The search query that I actually typed in was ‘weed brownie’. According to Google Keyword Planner, the suggested bid is $.50.

The page it links to is super disappointing. A few cookbooks, and then a bunch of random junk.

So, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find an awesome selection of marijuana infused edibles on ebay, but maybe one day….

If amazon decided to sell pot brownies, I would totally pay for a prime account.

11 Marijuana Terpenes You Should Know About

terpene aroma taste cannabis

Terpenes are exciting the marijuana industry. Labs are testing terpene profiles in controlled environments. This is all new and exciting in the world of cannabis, but people have been talking about terps for a while. Most plants (and even some insects) contain terpenes. People have been testing and mapping coffee, wine, oranges – you name it.

So, what is a terpene exactly, and why should you care?

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are classified as organic compounds. Different strains of cannabis have a wide variety of smells and tastes. Many terpenes affect the aroma and flavor profile of your bud. By mapping out the terpene profiles, we can predict and manipulate them. Changing the smell and flavor is pretty cool, but it’s not even the most exciting part about terpene research.

Some terpenes have been found to have medicinal benefits. That means, there are non-psychoactive compounds that can be used to safely treat an array of medical conditions. There are a ton of different terpenes in cannabis, but here are 11 profiles you should know about.

Limonene terpenes lemon flavor

1. Limonene

  • Flavor / Aroma – Citrus.
  • Medicinal Uses – Limonene can be used to help promote weight loss, prevent and treat cancer, and treat bronchitis. It can also be used to make ointments and medicinal creams that penetrate the skin better.
  • Strain – Perhaps you know Super Lemon Haze gets it’s name partially from the aroma, but did you know the smell is present because it contain’s Limonene?

Myrcene terpenes marijuana


2. Myrcene

  • Flavor / Aroma – Earthy and musky with a hint of fruity flavors.
  • Medicinal Uses –  Myrcene has been shown to be an effective anti inflammatory. It also works as a sedative and muscle relaxer. This could possible contribute to the tired/stoney feeling often attributed to indicas.
  • Strain – A Swiss study found that most of the strains they tested contains high levels of myrcene. One strain they tested, Lovrin 110, contained over 65% myrcene.

Linalool terpene ganja


3. Linalool

  • Flavor / Aroma  Floral with a hint of spice. In addition to cannabis, linalool can be found in an array of flowers,mint, cinnamon, and even some fungi.
  • Medicinal Uses – Can be used as an anti inflammatory. It also helps to modulate motor movements. Another study found that Linalool could be used to help treat liver cancer.
  • Strain – A lab tested sample of Amnesia Haze showed slightly over 1% linalool.

chamomile alpha bisabolol terpene


4. Alpha Bisabolol

  • Flavor / Aroma – Floral. Alpha bisabolol is also found in chamomile.
  • Medicinal Uses Can be used to heal wounds, fights bacteria, and can be used a deodorizer. Research suggests alpha bisabolol has been effective in treating a variety of inflammations.
  • Strain – The Werc Shop analyzed a strain called ‘Oracle’ and found high levels of alpha bisabolol.

Delta 3 Carene marijuana terpene pine woods


5. Delta 3 Carene

  • Flavor / Aroma – Piney / earthy.
  • Medicinal Uses Studies have found Delta 3 Carene to be an effective anti inflammatory. It is also known to dry fluids like tears, running noses, and menstrual flows.
  • Strain – A research study examined 162 marijuana plants, which represented over 80 strains. They detected carene in many of the samples.

Borneol terpene earthy weed


6. Borneol

  • Flavor / Aroma – Earthy and camphor.
  • Medicinal Uses – Borneol can be used as an analgesic, anti-insomnia, anti-septic, and bronchodilator.
  • Strain – Dr. Mariano García de Palau claims that haze strains such as K13 contain high amounts of borneol.

Alpha Pinene Beta Pinene terpene cannabis


7. Alpha-Pinene / Beta-Pinene

  • Flavor / Aroma – Pine. This is, of course, partially where pine trees get their scent from.
  • Medicinal Uses – Pinene has been shown to have anti inflammatory properties.
  • StrainOne study examined 16 marijuana plants and found all the strains contained notable amounts of alpha-pinene and beta-pinene.

Eucalyptol terpene marijuana


8. Eucalyptol

  • Flavor / Aroma – Spicy. Eucalyptol is used as a cooking spice and fragrance.
  • Medicinal Uses – Eucalyptol is used in a variety of products including cough suppressants, mouthwash, and body powder.
  • Strain – Some cannabis strains contain eucalyptol, however, it is typically in very small amounts. An analysis of super silver haze showed .06% eucalyptol.

Terpineol terpene clove cannabis


9. Terpineol

  • Flavor / Aroma – Pine, clove.
  • Medicinal Uses Studies suggest cannabis-extracted terpineol contains antioxidant properties.
  • Strain – A marijuana testing lab claims terpineol is a unique terpene found in Jack Herer and Jack crossbreeds.

Caryophyllene terpene marijuana


10. Caryophyllene

  • Flavor / Aroma – Hoppy. Cannabis and hops are basically cousins.
  • Medicinal UsesStudies suggest that caryophyllene may help treat anxiety and depression.
  • StrainGreen House Seeds tested a hydroponic and a soil grown specimen of Train Wreck. They found the soil grown cannabis contained .33% caryophyllene. The hydronic only contained .07% caryophyllene.

Cineole terpene marijuana


11. Cineole

  • Flavor / Aroma – Herbal.
  • Medicinal Uses – Cineole is all about anti – anti inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral, antinociceptive.
  • Strain – A lab tested strain of Super Silver Haze contained .18% cineole.

 How to Increase Terpenes in Marijuana

There is no shortage of ideas on how to manipulate terpene profiles. Some methods include using horticultural molasses, slightly stressing your plant regularly, or using any one of the commercial products available. Most of these come with mixed reviews.

In my opinion, what we need most right now is research. Once we have marijuana strains mapped out we can begin to breed plants in a way that produces more of a certain terpene.

The Future of Terpenes

There is still so much to learn about terpenes. Researchers will continue to map out different strains. Once terpenes have been identified researches can extract them and test clinically. Just thinking about the possible medical benefits is incredibly exciting. Get ready, because you are going to hear at lot of buzz about terpenes – if you haven’t already.


Review: Roll Uh Bowl, Day Hiking, and the Beauty of Nature

roll uh bowl

I was sent a free trial of the product; however, I was not compensated for this review. 

I’ve smoked out of a lot of pipes in my day. The thing is, there is no perfect pipe for every person/occasion. If you’re doing something active your options become pretty limited. You don’t want to take your glass, because there is a good chance it could get broken. You can roll joints or blunts all the time, but sometimes you might want something more substantial with you when you’re kayaking, camping, snowboarding, or surfing.

I’ve always loved to hike. Mostly I just do day hikes, but sometimes I’ll do a few days on the trail. So, you can understand why I was excited when I received my Roll Uh Bowl.

The Roll Uh Bowl Arrives

The pipe arrives in a very small package. The whole thing is made of silicon, and wrapped up small enough to fit in my pocket. I remove the band, and the silicon springs into shape.

A plastic downstem and metal slide are included. The downstem has a floating ball that keeps you from blowing into the pipe and shooting water into your bowl. The slide is spring loaded to clean out ash easily. These are neat features, but it’s the silicon that really intrigues me.

I Gotta Give it a Try

It was here so I couldn’t wait to give it a try. It’s designed for the harshest terrains. My living room is a bit underwhelming, but I just couldn’t wait.

I add a little water, pack up something tasty, then fire in the hole. The piece roars as any self respecting water pipe would. I pull the slide and get a nice milky hit. So far, so good. The pipe works, but my current surroundings didn’t really put it through much of a test.

The Roll Uh Bowl’s Natural Environment

The weekend couldn’t have taken longer to get here. I woke up to the sun shinning beautifully. It was meant to be. I typically day hike with only what is in my pockets and a water/gatorade bottle. Slipping the Roll Uh Bowl into my pocket meant I didn’t have to change my routine.

A friend and I drive north toward one of my favorite spots.

During the hike I mostly forgot I even had a pipe in my pocket. We reach  a nice spot along the trail and I bust out the Roll Uh Bowl. We poured a bit of water from our water bottles and begin to pass the pipe back and forth.

I’ve smoked on trails many times, but there’s something about having a full size pipe that made the experience even better. I’ve smoked joints and handpipes on the trail, but this is new and different. We both sit for a while and just enjoy nature. After some healthy meditation, I roll the pipe up, and we begin to head back down the trail.

The Roll Uh Bowl was designed to be used in much harsher conditions, but it still worked well for my simple day hike. I’m excited to use it the next time I’m on an extended hike.

The Final Review

In the end, I really like this pipe. This pipe is perfect for the active smoker. Here are the reasons I liked it:

  1. Packs up small
  2. Lightweight
  3. Cleans easily
  4. Virtually indestructible

One thing to keep in mind is that the Roll Uh Bowl will collapse if you hit it when it’s clogged. Luckily, a few presses on the spring loaded bowl cleared it right up for me.

It’s also a fun conversation piece. I showed a few friends, and they were all pretty intrigued by the Roll Uh Bowl.  Whip this out after a mountain bike trek, and I’m sure your friends will be impressed.

Get more information about the Roll Uh Bowl here.


Tolerance Break – The Survival Guide

tolerance break

Do you smoke frequently without taking a break? Yeah, me too sometimes. You may find that you’re having to smoke way too much weed to get high. This can burn a hole in your wallet pretty quick. Perhaps it’s time for a tolerance break (t break).

What is a Tolerance Break?

Over time, your body builds up a tolerance to cannabinoids (notably THC). Taking a break from smoking can bring your tolerance levels back down. Once your tolerance break is over, you will get higher off less amounts of weed.

The good news is marijuana is not physically addictive. This makes taking a break from marijuana much easier then harsh, addictive drugs like nicotine. Some may experience a psychological addiction that must be overcome. The other good news is that you are strong and you can do anything.

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How Long Should a Tolerance Break Last?

The proper length of time is going to vary among different people.

I suggest a minimum of 72 hours. The first 3 days after smoking is when THC is has it highest concentration. Waiting this long will typically give your tolerance a significant boost. The amount of time it takes for your body to detoxify can vary depending on weight, activeness, diet, and others. Longer is certainly better. Some heavy smokers may want to consider a few weeks.

Even if you don’t stop for the full 72+ hours, you can still boost your tolerance by taking shorter breaks. Do you normally wake and bake? Try skipping the early morning smoke. You’re afternoon/evening smoke will be even more uplifting.

Got any Tips?

You may experience a few withdrawal symptoms if you are a heavy smoker.

Loss of appetite and sleeplessness are the most common. Try eating light healthy meals, especially if you typically eat a bunch of junk food (I’ve been guilty for sure). Combat the sleeplessness with physical activity. Go for a hike or ride a bike.

It’s also important to keep yourself occupied. Take time to enjoy one of your hobbies or discover a new one. You just need something to to keep your mind off of smoking.

Use your tolerance break as a starting point for all around healthy decisions. Remember, cannabis is a wellness drug. Be well friends.

Do you have any tips for surviving a tolerance break? Let me know in the comments.

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