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weed etiquette

Weed Etiquette: 10 Rules for the Smoke Circle

  Over time, a code of weed etiquette has emerged. This code forms an unspoken set of rules to keep order amongst the smoking circle. The following have become practically universal among smokers.    1. No Peer Pressure If someone doesn’t…

snow bong

How To Make A Snow Bong

Snow days are pretty much the greatest thing ever. Nothing beats a solid excuse to ditch your ‘real’ obligations in exchange for a day of fun and relaxation. A few inches of snowfall was all it took to send me into…

Is Ebay Selling Pot Brownies?

I hate to break it to you, but no – Ebay is not selling pot brownies. However, the snapshot above was not photoshopped. Ebay really did release this ad. You can imagine how disappointed I was after being lured in…

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11 Marijuana Terpenes You Should Know About

Terpenes are exciting the marijuana industry. Labs are testing terpene profiles in controlled environments. This is all new and exciting in the world of cannabis, but people have been talking about terps for a while. Most plants (and even some insects) contain terpenes….

tolerance break

Tolerance Break – The Survival Guide

Do you smoke frequently without taking a break? Yeah, me too sometimes. You may find that you’re having to smoke way too much weed to get high. This can burn a hole in your wallet pretty quick. Perhaps it’s time for…

10 New Year Resolutions for Weed Smokers

  Every year, millions of people make new year resolutions. As you set goals for the upcoming year you may want to keep some of your weed habits in mind. Not all of these are going to fit your lifestyle;…

weed resin

Weed Resin: Facts, Uses, Tips, and Myths

To smoke or not to smoke? That is the resin. Many won’t admit to it, but almost every pot smoker has smoked weed resin before. You know the deal. Your dude is out of bud (or you’re out of money),  and…